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7 factories to import luxury turkish rug wholesale

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turkish rug wholesale

Turkey is a beautiful country famous for its many different and varied industries like turkish rug wholesale as it the most famous of which is the manufacture of high quality Turkish carpets, and any traveler visiting Turkey must be on the schedule of his trip to get to know the Turkish carpet factories in it, as Turkish carpets are one of the prominent signs that distinguish the country of Turkey and it is one of the few elements that decorate Turkish homes, with importing house platform you will know the details to buy Turkish carpets.

turkish rug wholesalers

The basis of the Turkish carpet industry goes back to the Bedouin tribes, whose carpets industry was the main profession from which they made their livelihood, as it was initially made in a flat shape woven from silk or pure wool and it is believed that it slowly made its way to Turkey through the Turkish Bedouins who inhabited the ancient city Ktalhoek, before 7000 BC, and by the twelfth century, Turkish women were the ones who weave rugs istanbul turkey ,

 and the turkish rug wholesale became more famous in the nineteenth century as they were used to decorate the luxurious palaces in addition to that it began to be exported to all parts of Europe and today Turkish carpets are considered one of the Souvenirs that tourists take with them when they leave the city to serve as a souvenir that reminds them of this beautiful city, and today in this article we will introduce you to the beautiful Turkish carpets. Where can you import from turkey especially turkish rug wholesale?

import from turkey
import from turkey
  1. Senkakadife cloth manufacturer in Turkey

SinkaKadife started its work in the field of home textiles with its 30 years of experience,The company offers: luxury cadif fabric for upholstery. The company also offers a wide range of the prayer turkish rug wholesale with distinctive designs. The company has its own closed factory with a total area of 1,200 square meters, the estimated production capacity of the company annually 700,000 meters of cadife. The company includes a dedicated work team and integrated to ensure excellent service to its customers. The main headquarters of the company is located in Zeytinburnu, located in Istanbul.

  1. Royalhali, a luxury carpet manufacturer in Turkey

The RoyalHali Company was established in 2005, and the company started providing its services in the field of carpet productionThe luxury company offers a large variety of turkish rug wholesale in many designs and colors fits all rooms of homes. With the use of the latest technologies and the company includes an expert work staff. The company continues its distinguished work in this field. The main headquarters of the company is located in the shehit Kamel district in the city of Gaziantep.

  1. Atlashali carpet manufacturer in Turkey

Atlas was established in 1967, and the company started providing its services in the field of carpet production where the company offers its customers a wide range of rugs from turkey with many designs Zemmort – Sina – Gilva – Fire – Mosaique – Narcissus – Petunia – Serapi – Lokum with long experience and the use of the latest technology, the company continues to excel in this field. The company includes an integrated work team to ensure a distinguished service on a global level where the company offers a large portion of its products through its representatives to many regions in Europe. The main headquarters of the company is located in the Bakirkoy district in Istanbul.

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rugs from turkey manufacturers

In this part of the report, you will know the manufacturers of the rugs for parying:

rugs from turkey manufacturers
rugs from turkey manufacturers
  1. Isikkadife, a carpet and textile manufacturer in Turkey

Ishk Kadife started providing its services in the field of textiles, where the company offers to its customers:  Group of upholstery fabrics in addition to carpets: velvet fabrics – textures for carriage seats Prayer rugs – Satin fabrics – turkish rug wholesale. The company includes a dedicated and integrated work team. To ensure a world-class service to its customers. The head office of the company is located in the Bayrampasa district in Istanbul.

  1. Boyteks carpet manufacturer in Turkey

BoyTeks, one of the important companies in Turkey, has started its work in the field in a large production of carpets and home textiles, where the company offers: A wide range of carpets – Salon carpets – Carpets for Manama and Living rooms – Carpets for kitchens and bathrooms – office and villa carpets / In addition to bedding fabrics, upholstery fabrics, and upholstery rubber to buy rugs direct from turkey The company owns its own factory, with a total area of ​​112,500 square meters 60,000 square meters of covered area. The company has 1,200 dedicated staff and integrated to ensure a distinguished service at the global level to its customers. The company has a large external network that places it in the sixth place compared to Turkish companies. The head office of the company is located in Malik Ghazi, located in the city of Kayseri.

  1. Kasmirhali carpet manufacturer in Turkey

buying turkish rugs in istanbul means KashmirHali Company, it was established in 2005 and the company started providing its services in the field of carpets. The company offers a wide range of large and medium-sized turkish rug wholesale designs. The company owns its own factory equipped with the latest technology, with an area of 75,000 square meters in addition to more than 1000 sales centers in Turkey. The main headquarters of the company is located in Bahçelievler district in Istanbul.

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import rugs from turkey

Types of turkish rug wholesale that are created in Turkey are made of different materials such as silk, cotton and wool. Or it is a mixture of more than one type of thread. History indicates that the value of turkish rugs were known in Konya, Sivas and Kayseri, where they were manufactured from a variety of beautiful colors and decorations. Throughout the ages, Turkish carpets have taken a variety of different and varied shapes, so it is possible to find an attic like animals and flowers. And the decoration and by seeing the carpet texture, color and design, you can know from which region in Turkey these carpets come, for example, the carpets coming from the Anatolian plains are characterized by designs that contain plants and there are many carpet-making centers in Turkey, including Sparta and Milas And usak.

import rugs from turkey
import rugs from turkey

How to know the original rugs in Istanbul ?

Lately, many carpets sold in Turkey have appeared as original turkish rug wholesale, but in fact they are fake imported carpets. In order to make it easier for you not to make mistakes, we will explain to you how to know if the carpets presented in front of you are original or not original, look closely …

If the carpet fabric in front of you is handmade, it has the final knot of thread and is not machine-made, then it is an authentic carpet immediately. It is worth noting that Turkish carpets can take months or even years to manufacture, all of this depending on the size of the carpet. The larger it is, the longer it takes.

Another sign that will enable turkish rug importers to identify the originality of the carpet is the color because the factories use in the manufacture of carpets the industrial dye, while the original Turkish carpets are used in the manufacture of the natural dye that often comes from plants and flowers, so you find their colors somewhat muted and not As bright as the artificial colors that are very bright. You can also look at the back of the carpets, and if you see some faults, then these are the original Turkish carpets because these faults are caused by the human hand, but the machines are not mistaken.

There is also a final sign that will enable you to identify the types of the original turkish rug wholesale. When you are in the carpet shop, ask the merchant to burn a tassel of tassels hanging from the carpet. If it burns immediately, then this carpet is imitation and not original, but if it is not burned, this is the original Turkish carpet.

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buy rugs from turkey online

There are many places where you can buy different types of turkish rug wholesale, and one of the most famous is the Grand Bazaar, which contains a large variety of Turkish carpets, but it can be very expensive, but if you want to get the best rugs in Istanbul at a lower price, it is possible to leave the city And you go to one of the carpet weaving stores where the tourist tax is not applied. It is possible to buy from centers and online and factories that are supported by the government and you can bargain on the prices there until you and the seller agree on one price.

Turkey is close to export markets and turkey wholesale website , where most carpets are sold, and the largest importers of Turkish carpets from Arab countries are the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the diversity of turkish rug wholesale, and the beauty of carpets, which are made in Turkey, are among the most popular exports, the details of which are unknown, except for a few Interested in this old, renewable industry.

best rugs in Istanbul
best rugs in Istanbul

  1. City of carpets:-

And the most famous city that manufactures carpets in Turkey is called “Hereke”, whose women are skilled in weaving and making it by hand, which gives it the financially high value, which may reach one piece of it, to more than 10 dollars. Gaziantep, which is the sixth largest city in Turkey, is also one of the Turkish carpets manufacturing cities, as there are about 350 carpet and rug factories in this city.

And in some Turkish factories, the supplier or the customer can design a special pattern in it, or request a special color and special specifications, whether in terms of color or design, etc., and send them to the factory, via the “Internet”, and they are printed, because carpets have become today fashion and taste It returns to the customer, or whatever the supplier wants. The customer can design any inscription, send it to the factory, print it, and he can modify it, and it is private to the customer or the supplier, and it is saved in the client’s file, in the factory, and he can request it at any time he wants.

Arab countries also compete to import and sell turkish rug wholesale which meet with a wide demand from Arab customers, who realize the importance, beauty and originality of Turkish carpets, especially handmade carpets, with special decorations and colors.In Palestine, Syria, Egypt and Iraq, its merchants compete to import Turkish carpets of all kinds, as merchants say that their sales of Turkish carpets are enormous, and that the demand for Turkish carpets is increasing.

  • The average price of turkish rugs

It is noteworthy that some Turkish carpets are very expensive, due to the high prices of raw materials, the higher the prices of raw materials, the higher the prices of carpets and turkish rug wholesale as the latest international machines for carpets and rugs are in Turkey, and the customer can print any drawing, of all sizes.

Foreign tourists who visit Turkey often admire Turkish carpets, and they carry large numbers of it, whether as souvenirs or special gifts for them and their loved ones, or for commercial purposes, and many European photographers have painted them in their paintings, to show the features of the traditional environment, and many museums of the world, and Italian palaces For example, its ancient churches, still preserved precious ancient Turkish carpets.

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how much does it cost to ship a rug from turkey ?

Al-Manara Shipping Company is one of the best shipping companies from Turkey to Saudi Arabia to provide all kinds of freight services and furniture freight. Al-Manara Company is among the best shipping companies from Turkey to Saudi Arabia, where they offer you the best prices and the most distinguished services, only with them you get a full guarantee for all your shipments and goods, they are the only shipping company in Turkey that offers a full guarantee for the content of shipping rug from turkey at the same price as normal shipping, but at special prices More!

– Shipping prices rates from Turkey to Saudi Arabia:-

Al-Manara provides the best shipping rates offers from Turkey to Saudi Arabia according to the type and weight of the required shipments, but in general our shipping rates are within the following:

– The shipping price for packages and goods over 31 kg is $ 5.5 per kg.

– The price of shipping the container is 1200 US dollars and went to the ports of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • How can you choose the best shipping company:

The best shipping companies from Turkey to Saudi Arabia to distinguish in:

1- Shipping of all kinds of goods, furnishings and clothes.

2- They can receive all kinds of goods from anywhere in Turkey. We have cars of all kinds to meet all services through which you can receive from the place (purchase of the commodity) and ship to the place you want in Saudi Arabia to the site.

3- A comprehensive examination of all shipments to ensure their safety and the process of refilling and wrapping for free, and it comes in several stages:

– Checking the type of shipment, the destination of which it will be sent, and the method of shipment (land – sea – air)

– Securing the materials needed for their packaging according to their quality (furniture – home furniture – baggage – fragile)

– Recharge process to gain the best volumetric weight and thus get the best shipping price

– They have a team specialized in the process of purchasing and extracting customs papers.

– They work in checking the types of orders and making matches to the specifications and ordering a purchase from a place (buying the commodity).

4- Preparing all kinds of papers for customs clearance and all kinds of certificates of origin.

To here, we have explained to you the manufacture and types of turkish rug wholesale which we recommend that you buy even one piece for your home when going to Turkey.



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