turkish kilim wholesale

turkish kilim wholesale… top 10 suppliers for turkish kilim wholesale

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in turkish kilim wholesale ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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turkish kilim wholesale

turkish kilim wholesale can be found so many different colors and they are usually bright and bold, Turkey have special prices for wholesale customers. Turkish kilim rugs are perfect for injecting a splash of color into a space. wholesale centers, best supplier with high quality and lowest price all of this information will know in Importing house platform just contact with us… Kilim rugs are very affordable, cheap kilim rugs, even at large sizes. If you have a tight budget for your rug purchase, turkey great place to start. As Kilims have no pile, there is no shedding rug on your hands. Less dust will be collected and so lower quantities of allergens also. Low maintenance rug for sure. If you want to know more information.

turkish kilim rugs wholesale

turkish kilim wholesale contain extensive collection of handwoven kilims and turkish kilim pillows, in a wide variety of designs and quality options, you can find new kilim area rugs with traditional Anatolian designs woven from hand-spun and vegetable-dyed fleece as well as high quality kilims of synthetic dyed machine-spun wool. also, online turkish kilim wholesale (antique and semi-antique kilims) give an idea of large and selective kilim collection.

you can tiered trade discounts, apply across the board wholesale discounts or special prices depending on the total purchase amount and product mix. Also, if you have specific design and size requirements, we offer custom weaving services, pile rugs, overdyed rugs, patchworking and other hand-woven rugs using a blend of highest quality wool and mohair.


turkish kilim pillows
turkish kilim pillows


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turkish kilim price

Buy turkish kilim wholesale from Suppliers at Factory Price. Get good Quotes, Logistics Service. Production Monitoring. Most Popular. Trade Assurance.

  1- New Contemporary Handwoven kilim rugs for sale

8′ 2″ x 10′ 4″ (98 in. x 124 in.), Vintage Yarn, wool, Cotton Material, Goat Hair

Weight: 33 lbs., Price: (Sale) $1479 USD instead of $2285 USD

2- Multicolor Neo Caspian Kilim Rug 9′ x 14′ 2″ (108 in. x 170 in.)

Weight: 44 lbs., Price:( Sale) $1897 USD instead of $3205 USD

3- Aubusson Rug – 10′ 3″ x 14′ 5″ (123 in. x 173 in.)

Weight: 51 lbs., Price:( Sale) $2889 USD instead of 3855 USD

4-Blue Handwoven Turkish new kilim rugs 6′ 4″ x 8′ 5″ (76 in. x 101 in.)

Weight: 20 lbs., Price:( Sale) $1297 USD instead of $1475 USD

5- New Contemporary Handwoven Kilim Rug: 5′ 10″ x 8′ 6″ (70 in. x 102 in.)

Weight: 20 lbs., Price:( Sale) $869 USD instead of $ 1335 USD

6- large kilim rugs from etsy.com: Anatolian, Area, Antique Turkish Rug :121,6×71,6 inches Tribal, Bohemia, Bohemian Rug, Price: USD 330.00


carpet companies in turkey
carpet companies in turkey

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turkish kilim for sale

there are trusted manufacturers of turkish kilim wholesale, you can buy your goods as follow:

1-BOZORGMEHR CARPET: Bozorgmehr Textile company (Shahab Carpet Co) this company produce more than 15 kind of many products such as 1200 Reeds Carpet, 700 Reeds Carpet, Kilim Jajim, Shaggy, Pictorial Carpet, Prayer rugs, Fantaasy Carpet, 3D Carpet in various color and designs.

2- HALICI MUHAMMED LTD.: is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Carpets, handmade industry. It also operates in the fabric upholstery work and turkish kilim rugs industries. It is based in Konya, Turkey.

3-SEMPATI HALISempati Hali: is a manufacturer and exporter of carpets. It is located in Turkey.

4-MISRA HALI KILIM VE EV TEKSTILI: The kilim company MISRA HALI KILIM VE EV TEKSTILI, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, founded in 2008, which operates in the Carpets, machine-made industry. It is in Istanbul, Turkey.

5-KILIM GRUBU KILIM DIS TIC. VE PAZ. AS: it is a Manufacturer/ Producer, founded in 1954, which operates in the Jeans and casual wear industry. It is in Istanbul, Turkey.

Other companies in the same industry:






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turkish kilim online

in the Turkish markets, its time of online shop. where you can find handmade Turkish carpets and Anatolian kilims all made up of wool, in addition to vintage products that we collect them for you from villages for example:
1-SIMERUGS: Creative siblings who love to investigate and to be innovative online.

 2- kilim-online.comYou can get vintage rugs come from different areas in Turkey and are all handmade. Most rugs are shaved and washed before they are laid out in the sun to dry. The rugs get cleaned then and some of them get a colour bath. Other wholesale suppliers in turkey form alibaba website:



5- Tianjin Ronggang Import and Export Co., Ltd.


Finally, I prefer import from turkey for anyone want to purchased turkish kilim wholesale, since they have better quality and unique designs. they are hand spun from original sheep wool and are naturally dyed from vegetable coloring.


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Turkey rug factory:

Turkish carpets are distinguished by their luxury and high quality, like other existing textile industries, the carpet industry it is one of the inherited industries in Turkey. On building Turkish carpets, it is considered one of the most famous countries in the country and it is simply an unrestricted sector with the old city of Istanbul.

 And for this reason most of the workshops produce the shape and color of traditional and modern Turkish carpets in Turkish cities and factories. And you see that the results are widespread in the carpet industry in various carpet factories. There are many of kilim rugs cheap and carpet

 There are two types of Turkish carpets In grocery stores, handmade carpets, which are more expensive with their high quality and various forms. And the other that are made in large factories and cheaper, and both are characterized by high quality, accuracy of manufacture, splendor and beauty of shapes and colors, and the city of Gaziantep, Italy, Iraq, America, the Kurdistan region, the United Kingdom and others where customers come from Different countries and among the most famous city companies, in Turkey kilim rugs online

  1. Yasin Kaplancarb factory:

1983 Founded, including Kaplan Yassin, one of the leading companies in the carpet industry because it is the best and bustling city full of the most luxurious factories in Turkey, especially in the company, since today it has not been difficult to search for a carpet factory in Istanbul and establish it across Turkey ‘aims to be one of the most famous carpet factories in Turkey.

 Encouraging and supporting development teams that provide the best solutions and recommendations for the development of this industry, the company is known for its high production abundance. kilim rug market there are in Istanbul

  1. Istanbulcarpet factory:

Istanbul Carpet Company is one of the most prestigious companies in Istanbul, which has gained international fame and has extensive experience in the wholesale trade manufacture, renovation and repair of handmade carpets and the Turkish carpet and kilim industry to become one of the best companies. There are a lot of custom size kilim rug

  1. KRC CARPET factory:

 This factory is one of the most famous and best carpet factories in Turkey, as this factory produces and manufactures the finest types of carpets in Turkey with the highest quality and the best price, this factory is based in Gaziantep, Turkey.

Turkey rug factory
Turkey rug factory

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Turkish rug manufacturers:

  1. MY HALI manufacturers:

 Is one of the most important and finest carpet factories in Istanbul, as it manufactures and distributes the best types of carpets at the best prices and with high quality, this factory is located in Istanbul, Turkey.

  1. EMAT manufacturers:

 Is one of the most famous and best manufacturers of carpets and household items in Turkey. It manufactures and produces carpets, carpet brushes and plastics and household items of the highest quality and best price. The headquarters of this factory is in Ankara, Turkey. There are cheap kilim rug

  1. ÖZKUL CARPETS manufacturers:

Is one of the most famous carpet factories in Turkey, this factory produces and manufactures the best and most popular types of carpets in Turkey, the highest quality handcrafted carpet sector, it produces the best shapes and materials from handmade carpets at the best prices, This factory is located in Manisa, Turkey. This place where to buy kilim rug

  1. ENSAR HALI SAN.VE TIC manufacturers:

Is one of the oldest factories, which is characterized by high experience, and the headquarters of this factory in Manisa in Turkey. There are antique kilim rugs for sale with wholesale price

  1. DEGER TEKSTIL manufacture:

And sells the best quality carpets, at Best Wholesale Prices Carpets And Home Textile Products, this institution is located in Istanbul, Turkey.

  1. Ninovacarpet manufacturer:

It is one of the most famous companies specialized in the carpet industry, which was founded in 1989 in Gaziantep, Turkey, manufactured and produced in excellent quality, in all sizes and sizes.

Turkish rug suppliers:

Turkish carpets are one of the most popular types of carpets, as they are perfect for small houses as well as luxury palaces, and can please any homeowner with their great variety.

 So if you want to work in the carpet market and win this large audience, you need to know the names of Turkey’s carpet factories, the most famous and ways to enter and distinguish between them and other unreliable facs. There are many carpet stores.

From cooking utensils to furniture and furnishings, all that is Turkish has become an integral part of the Arab world, and the most important thing is Turkish carpets that appeared in the appearance of Arabs to traditional carpets that produce warmth, and the matter began to open up to the distinctive light-colored carpets that became one of the most beautiful pieces in Homes. All countries import from Turkey

Turkey is considered one of the best countries to manufacture elegant and upscale carpets, and demand for Turkish carpets has recently increased from carpet factories in Turkey, and we are presenting the most important carpet factories and companies in Turkey via the Al-Mutawqid platform.



This worked in the sectors of tapestry carpeting (Qabati), tapestry service and tapestry business. It is based in Gaziantep, Turkey. There are vintage kilim rugs


This worked in the carpet and rugs sector. It also operates in the synthetic carpet, carpeting and oriental carpets sectors. It is based in Baspinar / Gaziantep, Turkey.

Turkish rug manufacturers
Turkish rug manufacturers

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