carpet turkey manufacturers

carpet turkey manufacturers … Here are the best 5 carpet factories in Turkey

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carpet turkey manufacturers

Are you looking for carpet turkey manufacturers ? Do you want to know the most famous carpet factories in Turkey? Are you asking about the most famous carpet companies in Turkey to import from with best price? Are you interested in importing from Turkey and looking for the best way to import from Turkey?

Through this article and through our platform importing house,we will show the best and largest carpet turkey manufacturers factories, and we will explain the most famous carpet companies in Turkey to import from, in addition to showing the best ways to import from Turkey with ease, follow us:

turkish carpets wholesale
turkish carpets wholesale

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best carpet manufacturers turkey

Do you want to know the most famous carpet factories in Turkey? Do you want to buy carpets wholesale and are looking for the largest wholesale carpet turkey manufacturers factories?

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Do not worry, we will now show you the largest turkish carpets wholesale factories in Turkey, follow us:

  1. MY HALI Factory: This factory is also considered one of the most important and finest turkey carpet factory in Istanbul and the best carpet turkey manufacturers, as it manufactures and distributes the best types of carpets at the best prices and with high quality, and this factory is located in Istanbul in Turkey, and you can also search for the best types of Turkish carpets with pictures.
  2. ENSAR HALI SAN.VE TIC Factory: This factory is considered to be one of Turkey’s biggest, most famous and oldest carpet turkey manufacturers to buy turkish carpets wholesale, as it produces nineteenth-century carpet turkey, so it is considered one of the oldest factories with a high degree of experience, and its headquarters are located in Manisa, Turkey.
  3. KRC CARPET Factory: This factory is considered to be one of the most popular and best carpet turkey manufacturers, as this factory manufactures and produces the finest types of turkish carpets at the highest quality and the best prices, the headquarters of this factory are located in Gaziantep, Turkey, so you can import from Turkey.
turkish carpets wholesale
turkish carpets wholesale

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turkish carpet company

Are you asking about the most luxurious carpet companies in Turkey? Do you want to import carpets from Turkey and are you looking for the most famous carpet companies in Turkey to import through?

Do not worry, we will now show you the most famous carpet production companies in Turkey to import through them, follow us:

  1. Ret Dekor Company: It is one of the most popular carpet companies that you can buy Turkish carpets cheap for sale, which is renowned for manufacturing the most luxurious types of carpets and also operates in the carpet import and export market, both with the highest quality and best prices, and is based in Istanbul.
  2. Baykilim Company: one of the largest Turkish carpet and rug firms, specializing in the manufacture of the finest types of high-quality carpets and rugs, and distinguished by fair prices, with its headquarters in Istanbul.

import from turkey

Do you want to import from Turkey and are you looking for the best way to import from Turkey? Are you interested in learning about the easiest ways to import from Turkey with ease?

Do not worry, we will now show you the best and easiest ways to import from Turkey, follow us:

  • Importing by traveling to Turkey: It is considered one of the best import methods, since you will fly to Turkey and will have several factories, carpets markets, and rugs traders to import turkish carpets for sale, and you will pick the goods yourself and negotiate on the prices yourself, but one of its drawbacks is that it is costly due to the visa and residency costs.
  • Online import: one of the best ways to import, where you can shop and select carpets online and buy turkish carpets online, as I will pay through the Internet, and you can also negotiate with shipping companies through the Internet, but one of its drawbacks is that the quality of the goods cannot be confirmed by yourself.
  • Importing through an intermediary: as you agree with a shipping company in Turkey or Turkey office rugs or turkish rug importers to buy the products you want, it is one of the better import methods and will deliver them to you and help you get rid of customs procedures, but all of this for cash.

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import from turkey
import from turkey

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Through this article we showed you the most famous turkey carpet factories, as well as the largest carpet companies in Turkey, in addition to showing the best import methods from Turkey to easily import from Turkey, we hope that we have helped you and provided you with all the information about turkish carpets for sale that you are looking for.

Turkish carpet wholesalers

Turkish carpets are one of the most common types of carpets, as they are suitable for small houses as well as luxurious palaces, and can satisfy any homeowner with its great diversity So if you want to work in the carpet market and win this large audience, you must know the names of carpet factories in Turkey, the most famous and ways to reach them  And distinguish between them and other unreliable factories, and with us you will be able to reach your goal through our next paragraph.

  1. Ninovacarpet Corporation

It is one of the most famous carpet factories in Turkey in the manufacture of Turkish carpets & cheap rugs and has been operating since 1989 in Gaziantep, Turkey This company offers customers all kinds of carpets that you can imagine in all sizes as well, and it has PCF carpets, thermal carpets, frieze carpets, shaggy carpets, acrylic carpets, Viscon carpets, and it also manufactures rugs and has been able to expand and spread to become the largest industrial company with its products and Essential for international trade and exports abroad.

 The company is distinguished by its infrastructure that makes it manufacture and produce excellent quality space in all different sizes and sizes suitable for furnishing all spaces.

Throughout the industry, the company relies on the use of a combination of traditional and modern tools, and modern machinery in different stages of finishing such as design, weaving, dyeing and cutting to reach distinctive shapes and designs that vary between modern and classic and elegant traditional to create a great diversity of shapes that enable you to import and sell all types of carpets & Turkish rugs wholesale Turkish decorated in all shapes and colors.

They have a wide range of carpets from classic antique carpets, Ushak rugs, exaggerated carpets, faded carpets, Turkish kilim rugs, and they also find they have a range of distinctive Turkish furnishings that coordinate in their design with carpets of pillows and Suzani fabrics available to display in their stores or display on the rugs online site.

The company allows its customers and dealers to express their opinions, observations, and even reservations The company provides the possibility to carry out repair and repair work under the supervision of an expert craftsman.

  1. Yasin Kaplancarpe Factory

You will hear a lot about this factory because it is the best carpet factory in Turkey, and one of the leading places in the carpet industry, which was founded in 1983, and since its inception the company has sought to be the best carpet factory in Istanbul, and through the support and encouragement of the volunteer work team, it has already become so  The company also always strives to know the reactions of its customers about the carpets it produces to satisfy them and to bear the responsibility towards customers and suppliers.

Yassin Kaplan Carpet Company has developed over the past 30 years to become one of the leading manufacturers of high quality carpets in Turkey, and one of the most important factors in this development is product development by having 12 designers in the R&D department to develop new products and designs and 25 designers for coloring and sizing.

And following modern technology and owning the best machines to manufacture the finest Turkish carpets Istanbul, the company’s ERP system was specially developed, installed and managed by one of the largest software companies, allowing departments to follow their work and know the current situation instantly through the ERP system.

All the machines used in the factory are brand new and high-tech, and from the machines used Van de Wiele and Schönherr which produce high quality finished cheap large rugs with owning European production lines machines in the latest boiler industry. In the design department the latest high-tech Ned Graphics and Texcell devices.

Turkish rug suppliers
Turkish rug suppliers

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Turkish rug suppliers

Turkey is the largest exporter of carpets in the world due to the availability of raw materials for the manufacture of carpets in addition to the efficiency of carpet weaving workers and technicians who work on carpet machines, and Turkey is close to export markets where most of them sell carpets.

  1. Shalishkan Company

It is considered one of the best prayer carpets companies in Turkey, as Shalishkan Company for Industry and Trade Ltd Shalishkan Carpets Company started producing rugs for sale in Turkey in 1980, as it has a great experience in the field of carpet industry since 1987 to the present day, and has an experienced and integrated staff in this field, and has the ability to provide solutions with international standards based on customer satisfaction and accuracy in delivery dates.

Best place to buy a Turkish rug in Istanbul

Carpets are one of the most important domestic industries in Turkey, as they are accepted by tourists a lot, so carpets are always sold in souvenir shops, how many carpets they order from Turkey, there are now two types of modern Turkish carpet available in Turkey.

There are handmade carpets and this is more expensive in terms of price due to its quality carpets Made in the city of carpets in Turkey, and this is less expensive, and Turkey carpets and rugs are considered one of the oldest handicrafts in the country, and their industry has developed over the ages and took various forms, including flowers and geometric shapes, and in the fourteenth century it took animal shapes, so many Turkish carpets were imported.

If you want to import from Turkey you should know that currently, some Turkish cities are famous for making the finest types of carpets (Usak – Bergama – Konya – Fethiye – Antalya – Milas – Kayseri – Gordes – Kircher – Kula – Herc – Ladik – Nigde – Sivash – Isparta).

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