turkish carpet prices

turkish carpet prices… Reasons for the difference in turkish carpet prices from any carpets

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turkish carpet prices

Turkey has made a name for itself in the world of textiles, and competes with the world markets with the latest modern and classic designs with reasonable turkish carpet prices for sale. There are many companies through which it is possible to buying carpets for homes, offices and hotels. Over importing house platform you will know all the details.

turkish carpet prices istanbul

One of the most important information about turkish carpet prices is that it flourished during the Ottoman period due to; to control The Ottoman spread over all regions of the world, as it moved it to many places to decorate its palaces. As they used it in trade, as it was considered one of the most valuable appearances of wealth in ancient times. One of the most important of carpet wholesale information you should know is the material, which is the reason the main difference in turkish carpet prices.

There are many local Turkish carpets and raw materials such as silk, cotton, wool and viscose. You may find a different carpet made of material only. Or made of wool and cotton, and you may find it only made of silk or wool and other types. Turkey is well-known for the fact that the turkish carpet prices, it are slightly high, but when buying in bulk and choosing the Turkish best carpet dealer that sells at an affordable turkish carpet prices works to reduce the price of carpets. The price of handmade rug from Turkish factories ranges around 7$-18$ US. Turkish carpets are distinguished by their modern carpet trends .

and beautiful colors, and their Islamic forms, with some inscriptions in Ottoman letters, and it is considered one of the most luxurious types in the world, woven from silk, which is decorated with golden lines. You must first study the local market, and this is not only to find out if the product you will import is good or not, or to know floor carpet price but to find out whether the place you intend to market the carpets in really needs more speculators in this field, or is it sufficient, your presence will become useless.

turkish carpet prices istanbul
turkish carpet prices istanbul

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carpet companies in turkey

Turkish carpets occupy an important place among the most bulging local industries, and you can find them widely in the souvenir shops, where they are widely accepted by tourists. There are two types of Turkish carpets available in the market, handmade carpets that are more expensive due to its high quality, and the other is made within factories and large companies and has a lower price as:

  1. Royalhali: a luxury carpet company in Turkey. The Royal Company was established in 2005, and the Turkish rug trader started providing its services in the field of producing luxurious carpet making in turkey for sale. With the use of the latest technologies and the company includes an expert work staff. The company continues its distinguished work in this field. The company offers a wide range of good turkish carpet prices with many designs and colors to suit all full room carpet of homes.
  2. Isikkadife, a carpet and textile manufacturer in Turkey: A company started to provide its services in the field of textiles, where the company offers its customers: a group of turkey furniture wholesale in addition to carpets: velvet fabrics – prayer rugs – satin fabrics. The company includes a dedicated and integrated work team to ensure a distinguished service on a global level to its customers.
  3. Boyteks carpet manufacturer in Turkey: Boyteks, which is one of the imperative companies in Turkey, has its work in the field of large manufacture of carpets and home fabrics, where the company offers: a wide range of competitive turkish carpet prices such as salon carpets – carpet 2020 – carpets for kitchens -bathrooms – carpets for workplaces and villas. The company owns its own factory, with a total area of 112500 square meters. The company includes 1200 dedicated and integrated work team to ensure a world-class service to its customers.
  4. Atlashali carpet manufacturer in Turkey: Atlas was established in 1967, the company started to offer its services in the field of carpets production, as the company offers its clients a wide range of good turkish carpet prices with many designs with long experience and the use of the latest technology. The company continues to excel in this field. The company suggestions a large portion of its products through its representatives to many areas in Europe.

So if you wish to import from turkey in the right way that will bring you profit, it is necessary first to consider the local markets to know exactly what you need from the products. And you may have to choose a company to study the feasibility and find out how suitable your project is to the market before you submit to that import step, and even if it costs you some money, it is better than taking your step by importing carpets without awareness and then you find yourself in trouble.

carpet companies in turkey
carpet companies in turkey


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carpet factory in turkey

Turkey has a large group of carpet factories specialized in modern and unique designs, in addition to many factories and companies spread in various Turkish cities. The most famous carpet market in Turkey is in the city of Gaziantep, which is the largest crowd of workshops and factories in Turkey, where there are more than 350 carpet factories, and the size of the large factories reaches the possession of 70 and 80 machines, while the small factories range from 5 to 15 machines, when requesting carpets From Turkey.

One of the most advantages in this market is the supplier’s ability to design his own pattern or choose different specific colors and specifications, whether in terms of color or design, etc. They are sent to the factory through turkey wholesale sites and printed, because the carpet has become fashionable and tasteful. And the customer can design is, engrave it through different design programs, send it to the factory and print it, and it can also be modified and it is for the customer or the supplier and it is saved in the customer’s file in the factory, as he can request it at any time he wants. It is one of the most important carpet factories in Turkey:

  1. Yasin Kaplancarpe Factory: One of the famous manufacturers known for its huge production, the daily production efficiency of the factory reaches about 30 thousand square meters, at a rate of 750 thousand square meters per month, and 9 million square meters annually, which means that the production capacity of the spinning plant is about 1350 tons per month.
  1. Istanbulcarpet factory: Istanbul Carpet factory is one of the long-established factories in Istanbul, which has gained international fame, with extensive experience in wholesale trade, manufacturing, renovation, repair of hand-made carpets, carpets and Turkish kilims, to become one of the best companies.
  1. ÖZKUL CARPETS is one of the most famous carpet factories in Turkey. This factory produces and manufactures the best and most famous types of carpets in Turkey with the best turkish carpet prices. With the highest quality, it works in the handmade carpet sector and produces the greatest shapes and materials from handmade carpets at the best turkish carpet prices. This factory is located in Manisa, Turkey.
  2. MY HALI The factory is one of the most central and hand-picked carpet factories in Istanbul, as it manufactures and distributes the best types of carpets at the best turkish carpet prices and with high quality, and this factory is located in Istanbul, Turkey
  3. EMAT is one of the most famed and best manufacturers of carpets and household materials in Turkey, as it manufactures and produces carpets, carpet brush, plastic materials, and household items with the highest quality and top turkish carpet prices. The headquarters of this factory is in Ankara, Turkey.
carpet factory in turkey
carpet factory in turkey


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carpet shop in turkey

There is no doubt that Turkish carpet has a great situation among the Arabs for its many advantages in terms of wonderful designs, attractive and elegant colors, so many Arabs are interested in knowing the carpet prices and everything related to it in terms of quality, colors, and others. The Turkish market is one of the most well-known wholesale markets in turkey and the Middle East, and even the top quality. The process of buying wholesale Turkish products in Istanbul is a very easy process.

The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is considered one of the top places to sell carpets in Turkey, how it is one of the most famous places that you can shop through, as it is famous and best carpet shop for the existence of local products that are made with high international quality, and among the most well-known of these products is Turkish carpets, and among the most famous carpet stores in the Grand Bazaar:

  1. SISKO OSMAN Turkish Carpet Shop: This shop is considered one of the most famed, oldest and most luxurious carpet shops in Turkey for selling Turkish carpets. In the shop there is a precious collection of antique and modern Turkish carpets in colors and in many different shapes.
  2. Ethnicon Turkish hand-made carpet shop: This shop is also considered one of the most famous and best shops for selling handmade carpets in the Grand Bazaar. This shop offers modern styles of handmade carpets, and thus they are considered the best carpet dealers in Turkey.
  3. Dhoku shop: This shop is also considered one of the most important, most famous and best carpet stores in the Grand Bazaar, as it sells the handpicked handcrafted carpets at the highest quality and at the best turkish carpet prices, and it also sells Turkish carpets wholesale.

Machine-manufactured carpets are widespread in the Turkish market and are less expensive than hand-woven Turkish carpets. The finished tie woven by hand is different from that woven by machines. The color of the industrial carpet is brighter than the original handmade carpets. In addition to hand-turning carpeting, you can show some minor defects that result from hand-weaving, unlike industrial rugs that are usually free from these defects. There is also a final sign that will enable you to identify the types of the original Turkish carpets. When you are in the carpet shop, ask the merchant to burn a tassel of the tassels hanging from the carpet. If it burns immediately, then this carpet is imitation and not original, but if it is not burned, then this is the original Turkish carpet.

By searching on carpet turkey online and newspapers, you will find hundreds of turkish import companies and shops that provide import service from Turkey, while providing easy steps for import by submitting an application for the product you want for more than one company and you see how each organization shows how it will be and after you compare the companies in terms of carpet prices and quality. You can take the import step by making an agreement and signing a contract with the company that guarantees your rights as a consumer who wants to obtain carpets, or trader who wants to display and sell his goods after importing them.

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turkish carpet suppliers in turkey

The best suppliers of importing carpets in Turkey, There are many international wholesale suppliers in turkey to import carpets and deliver them to other countries, but each company has a set of advantages with best turkish carpet that make it shine among other suppliers, and among these:

turkish carpet suppliers in turkey
turkish carpet suppliers in turkey
  1. My home textile products manufacturer in Turkey

My Home turkish carpet supplier started its work in the carpet field more than 49 years ago. Its products have new and advanced designs: delicate carpets – Ottoman design carpets – classic carpets – wool carpets – thread carpets – leather carpets – distinctive rugs – hand woven carpets. The main headquarters of the rug company is located in Basaksehir, located in Istanbul.

  1. kasmirhali carpet manufacturer in Turkey

kasmirhali manufacturing was established in 2005, the company started to provide its services in the field of turkish carpet. They offer a wide range of large carpets and medium-sized carpet designs. The company has its own factory equipped with the latest technologies with an area of 75,000 square meters. In addition to there are more than 1000 sales centers in Turkey.

  1. Serzeminmarket company

The sales company has begun to provide services in the field of panels, where the company offers to its customers: a wide range of wooden panels with distinctive colors and designs. The company also offers a group of hand-made carpets in addition to room carpets and mosque carpets. The main center of the company is located in Al-Fateh district in the city Istanbul.

There is strong competition in order to provide the best brands of Turkish carpets to carpet importers from Turkey and to provide all services that would encourage residents outside Turkey to buy, through many carpet online shopping where you find carpet prices with pictures and details about the industry and the materials used, and in several languages, the most important of which are Arabic language to encourage purchase and ease of communication. The Turks have shined for long periods in the production and design of the best types of carpets, as Turkey ranks highly in the carpet industry in the world in terms of quality and volume of production, and the Arab public flocks to it from everywhere.

If the country you intend to import from is Turkey or other countries, then the best choice for you to get the best turkish carpet products is to travel by yourself to the country so that you have the capability to visit the largest number of companies, factories and markets and thus you have the capability to closely inspect the products Thus, you can also make contrasts between different products in terms of turkish carpet, designs and quality levels. But importing from Turkey via the Internet has a common thing and it is the most efficient of all import methods, but care must be taken to buy from a company with great ratings by sellers. One of the particular ways in the world of import is also dependent on assigning an import organization from Turkey to purchase the products it needs with the required specifications, so that the company works to import it and clear it.

In conclusion, Turkey exports many products around the world, and on top of these products the carpets tops these products, as many countries are rushing to import from Turkey because of the advantages that carpets enjoys that you cannot find combined in other rugs, so you will find many Models that satisfy all tastes all over the world.


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