prayer rug manufacturer turkey

Prayer rug manufacturer turkey.. 5 of Most Well known producer

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prayer rug manufacturer turkey

Would you like to know the best prayer rug manufacturer turkey ? Turkey is famous among the countries of the Middle East for its manufacturing of prayer rugs and exporting it to all countries of the world, especially the Arab countries. Through the Importing- House platform, you can learn more about this industry.

Prayer rugs manufacturer in turkey

A company that produces prayer rugs in Bursa exports prayer rugs to 4 continents of the world, mainly to Arab and African countries. prayer mat suppliers turkey that produces prayer rugs in Bursa exports prayer rugs it produces to 4 continents of the world, especially to Arab and African countries. While Africans prefer vibrant and colourful prayer rugs, Arabs show interest in pastel shades without figures.

prayer rug manufacturer turkey with the start of the Haj season, there is an increase in the sale of pilgrimage materials, and a company producing prayer rugs in Bursa exports to many parts of the world. Particularly Saudi Arabia, Iran, Dubai, Indonesia, Malaysia In addition to these countries, as well as African countries, Ghana and Mali rug-exporting manufacturer, is announcing Turkey’s name to the world.

prayer mat suppliers turkey
prayer mat suppliers turkey
  1. Sunday Akyar, the operating manager of the company that started textile exports and turkish prayer rugs for sale in 1960 and has been producing prayer rugs since 1995, said that the vibrant, colorful and figured He stated that he showed great interest in large turkish prayer rug. Akyer said that he prefers prayer rugs in pastel tones of the Arab countries, he said Turkey’s prayer leader in the production. Expressing that there is a great demand for prayer rug manufacturer turkey and Turkish goods in Muslim countries, Akyar emphasized that the export target of the company in 2007 was 3 million YTL. Stating that they have been producing prayer rugs in Nilüfer Organized Industrial Zone since 2000, Akyar said that they produce 10 thousand prayer rugs a day.

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Prayer rug made in turkey

Expressing that they export to Germany, Belgium and Holland from European countries as well as African countries, Akyar said, “Turkish prayer rugs have become a brand in the world. Arab countries also prefer prayer rugs with pastel and religious figures.

In our country, people buy pastel-colored and plain prayer rugs from turkey wholesale suppliers without religious figures. The preference for prayer rugs sold in Turkey and abroad varies according to the cultural characteristics of the countries. Akyar stated that the Far prayer rug manufacturer turkey East country China also took a hand in prayer rug production, emphasizing that people do not show interest in poor quality and cheap Chinese prayer rugs in the prayer rug industry.

Stating that they produce turkish prayer mat wholesale with state-of-the-art machines as a company, Akyar said, “China uses cheap machines as well as cheap prayer rugs. The prayer rugs produced in China are of poor quality and cheap because they are made with knit – velvet technology.

  1. Akyar emphasized that they have a fashion just like textile products and that they are preparing new creations every season, adding that they work with special design companies. Saying that they produce prayer rugs, Akyar said, “We have employees working to create new designs for prayer rugs. As a company, we attach importance to the patterns and figures of the turkish prayer mat online separately. According to the number of firms producing at least Türkiye’desecca also be differently kreaksiyon We have to create each season to stand in this sector. The prayer rug has a fashion like all textile products, “he said.

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Turkey prayer mat factory

  1. Silk Carpet

İpek Halı, which started its operations in 1972, is among the best carpet brands. Silk carpet models, which are designed to adapt to any home, can be used with peace of mind for many years with their high quality. The prices of turkish prayer rugs and silk carpets are at average levels as well as high quality. Information: Since carpet brands and prices include many factors such as product quality, marketing costs, after-sales services, turkish prayer mats price may differ from each other.

  1. Kuga Carpet

prayer rug manufacturer turkey Kuga carpet is a carpet brand that is mainly sold on e-commerce sites. Among the Kuga carpet models, post carpet models stand out mainly. Those looking for cheap sheepskin rug types such as round sheepskin rugs and post rugs may prefer kuga carpets.

  1. Sultan Carpet

where to buy prayer mats in Istanbul? Padişah Halı is another carpet brand of Erdemoğlu Holding, which also includes the Merinos Halı brand. 4,000 sales points across Turkey and Turkey’s possible to see models of the Sultan carpet at every point. Among the best carpet brands, Padişah Carpet models include carpet types such as home rugs and bedroom carpets.

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