Where to buy wholesale shoes in Istanbul

Where to buy wholesale shoes in Istanbul … the best 7 factories

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in wholesale shoes in Istanbul ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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Where to buy wholesale shoes in Istanbul

Are you looking for places Where to buy wholesale shoes in Istanbul ? What are the best markets in Istanbul ? Do you like to know the best manufacturing in Istanbul ?

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Where to buy cheap shoes in Istanbul

Shoes are the indispensable thing in every home and every person and in every country, so it is the most successful investment in the whole world and Turkey is famous for having the best shoe factories in Istanbul Istanbul shoes factory, which are considered one of the international brands of shoes that men and women of society and artists compete for due to their quality and beauty of their designs and differences.  And their reasonable prices, which are among the cheapest shoes, and in this article we will talk about shoe factories in Turkey .

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Shoe factories in Istanbul

Are you interested in importing shoes from Turkey or asking where to buy wholesale shoes in Istanbul?

Turkey is famous for its interest in fashion of all kinds, whether wholesale clothing market Turkey or shoes, so it has the most famous shoe factories that produce the best and finest shoes and the latest designs, which everyone competes to acquire because they are distinguished by sophistication, elegance and beauty and the most famous shoe factories in Turkey are the following:

1_  Naneciler

Shoe Store  Shoes is one of the most famous footwear factories in Izmir, which offers the best and finest types of Turkish shoes for adults and children.

2_  Fatih / İstanbul

It is a shoe store affiliated with the best shoes factory in Istanbul, and is distinguished by the quality of its materials, elegance and delicacy, and many people flock to it.

3_ Istanbul shoes

One of the most famous  shoe factories in Turkey :

LSü، Bahçelievler

Istanbul tofino ortopedim


Aksin company for men shoes manufacturer in turkey specialized in men casual shoes Turkish shoes.

5_ Turkazim

Turkazim company that manufactures sandals in Turkey, men’s casual shoes, men’s home shoes, and medical shoes in Istanbul.

6_ Vahapayakkabi

Vahapayakkabi company for the manufacture of men shoes in Turkey, a manufacturer of formal men’s shoes and men’s casual shoes.

7_ Relirs

Company Rekirs for the manufacture of men’s leather shoes in Turkey and men’s casual shoes and men’s

Formal shoes.

Also, you can buy the cheapest leather shoes in Istanbul Turkish shoes leather through the markets in Istanbul, the wholesale markets in Istanbul are one of the most popular markets in Istanbul and the best shopping destinations in Turkey that are undertaken by locals and tourists coming to visit the city and even merchants to get the best fabrics and shoes in all  Its brands, besides consumer and household goods, foodstuffs, etc., and we can mention to you the best and most famous Istanbul markets, cheapest shopping places in Istanbul :.

Osmanbey Market

Osmanbey Market is one of the best and cheapest Istanbul Sisli covered markets, as it is one of the wholesale footwear markets in Istanbul wholesale market in Turkey, and it specializes in selling, designing and exporting the finest and finest clothes, textiles and some other goods at wholesale prices, and the most important activities in the Osmanbey Market in Istanbul  :

During their visit to Osmanbay Istanbul, women can buy Turkish bags and shoes 2020 with various cosmetics at reasonable prices, in addition to evening clothes and headwear.

You can start with a quick tour through Osmanbey Istanbul market to get to know the best stores best places to buy shoes in Istanbul in terms of variety and quality of products and price offers.

And in your last tours in the Osmanbey district of Istanbul, you can visit the Osman Garshisi Mosque with a peek at the antiques and souvenir shops and sell perfumes on the street.

Merter market

Merter market in Istanbul is one of the most famous shoe market in Istanbul that sells shoes among Arabs, as it displays many high-brand shoes products, with veiled clothes, children and men with high quality and very cheap prices, and it is included in more than 2000 exhibitions selling Turkish products, and so on.  This wholesale market in Istanbul is distinguished by the fact that it contains companies shoes company in Turkey specialized in customs clearance, which helps merchants to facilitate purchase and shipment with minimal effort and cost.

Fatih market

The Fatih Market is called the Wednesday Market because it is held every Wednesday of every week and it is one of the distinguished wholesale markets in Istanbul, which includes the most delicious types of fruits and vegetables, not to mention clothes and buying shoes from Turkey. The Fatih Market is not only one of the wholesale markets in Istanbul, but it is located on Fatih Street.  It made it a first-class historical tourist landmark, as the most famous tourist attractions in Istanbul are located next to it such as the Grand Bazaar and Fatih Mosque.

Shoes shops in Istanbul

Are you looking for shoe stores in Istanbul?  Do you want to buy shoes and are looking for shoe stores in Istanbul?  Are you looking for the best shoe stores in Istanbul?  Do not worry, we will now show you the best and most famous shoe stores in Istanbul. Follow us :

1_ Beyler Ayakkabi

This shop is one of the most famous and best shoe stores in Istanbul shoes Istanbul taksim, it is characterized by its very reasonable prices in addition to the excellent quality of products, so it is considered the best shoe store in Istanbul.

  • Address: Turkey – Istanbul
  • Istanbul, İskenderpaşa, No: Pertevniyal Sk.  No: 16, 34080
  •  Working hours: 24 hours

2_ Turquoise shoes

This store is considered one of the best shoe stores in Istanbul and is characterized by the high quality of products, as there are Turkish shoes brands best shoes brands in Istanbul in addition to the great and appropriate prices.

  • Address: Turkey – Istanbul
  • Istanbul, Kilicali Paşa, Defterdar Ykş.  No: 22, 34433 Beyoğlu

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3_ Flower shoes

This shop is one of the most famous and best stores in Istanbul to sell shoes as it is characterized by high materials, reasonable prices and high-class information from the staff, and it also offers the best Turkish shoes for men.

  • Address: Turkey – Istanbul.
  • Istanbul, Mimar Kemalettin, 61 / C, Ordu Cd.  Laleli, 34126
  • Working hours: The shop opens at 6 a.m.

4_ Poletto shoes

This shop is one of the most beautiful and best shoe stores Turkish shoes in Istanbul as it is characterized by the quality and beauty of products and its prices are very great and suitable for everyone, as it offers Turkish women’s shoes  2019.

  • Address: Turkey – Istanbul
  • Fatih Caddesi, Mehmet Nesih Ozmen Mahallesi, Uzun Sk, No: 4 / A, 34000 Gungoren
  • Working hours: The shop opens at 8 pm.

5_Pied de bulkan store

Pied de Bulkan is one of the most famous stores in Turkey and specializes in selling shoes, clothes and bags with an old fashionable style, which dates back to the Ottoman era.

6_ Bimnebi store

 Bimnebi store is one of the most famous stores in Turkey, which includes clothes for women and men and shoes from various international brands.

7_ Katya

One of the best shoe dealers in Istanbul, which includes clothes from different ancient  import from Turkey and different eras, in addition to wonderful pieces of old-style hats, dresses, shoes and bags, which date back to the thirties and forties and other fashions that appeared in the old days.

wholesale clothing market Turkey
wholesale clothing market Turkey

Shoe manufacturers in Istanbul

No home is devoid of Turkish brands, due to good manufacturing and endless precision in manufacturing and there are many collections of Turkish shoes 2020 in very many shapes and colors, as well as keeping up with all fashion trends, and one of the most brands in the shoe trade from Turkey best shoes brands , which has a great reputation outside Turkey is  As follows:

Hammer Jack

And it is one of the best Turkish brands that are of international specifications, and you will also find that brand in Turkish shopping sites in abundance.

It specializes in many types of shoes, including sports shoes as well as various leather shoes, and it is the best Turkish shoe brand for women, girls, men, and children.

Also, that brand (Hummer Jack) shoes are located outside Turkey, and that is among many shops and that for agents, as well as providing the possibility to buy online through some e-commerce platforms, such as the famous (Souq.com) website shoes Istanbul online In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as in Egypt, as well as the Emirates and Kuwait.


Under the slogan that says (Good shoes for everyone), Polaris offers its own products, among the different shoes for adults as well as young people, with a variety of tastes as well as requirements as well as according to the financial condition, which is the best brand that can be bought in terms of wholesale shoe prices in Turkey. Likewise,They products are found in more than about 43 countries outside the state of Turkey importing from Turkey, and this is one of the branches of the chain of stores (Flo), and it is one of the most famous Turkish brands, as well as that specializes in the field of selling shoes, as well as it produces Turkish men’s medical shoes.


It is one of the most prominent Turkish brands as well as the most prominent Turkish brands in Turkey, as well as it specializes in the field of shoes, as well as women’s and men’s bags, as well as it has wonderful collections of sports shoes as well as official shoes in different designs as well as colors, as well as this brand is the best prices for soccer shoes in Turkey  Also, all the shoes in it are suitable for all occasions, as well as work, as well as various social activities.


It is the most famous brand as well as the most important in the world for leather products, and also the (Dairy Mode) company is specialized in selling leather shoes only Turkish shoes leather, as well as bags, and also coats as well as belts as well as many other leather accessories.

And be distinguished by the use of the original leather materials, which are of very high quality and as they are at competitive prices and that is compared to the rest of the world.

let’s look at the best maufacturers for shoes  in Istanbul :

1_ Zaremkids toptan

Zaremkids toptan  Enterprise COCUK GIYIM, is a wholesaler, founded in 2002, operating in the children wear sector.  It also operates in the sectors of wholesale footwear, children’s tops and natural phytotherapy regimens based in Istanbul, Turkey.

2_ Naneciler shoes

Naneciler shoes  is a wholesaler, founded in 1935, and operates in the women’s shoes sector.  It also works in the wholesale sectors and shoes.

 Istanbul, Turkey.

3_ Lavin toptan

The company Lavin toptan, is a wholesaler, operating in the women’s shoes sector.  It also operates in wholesale sectors and shoes based in Istanbul, Turkey.

4_ Newsocks

Newsocks ,  a wholesaler, operates in the stockings and pantyhose sector.  It also operates in the wholesale footwear, hosiery, and short socks sectors.

Istanbul, Turkey.

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5_ Cheveris group

The enterprise Cheveris group, is a multi category , founded in 2012, and it works in the sector of tour operators.  It also operates in the sectors of men’s thick jackets, men’s tailored clothing, fresh turkey meat, travel agents, and wholesale footwear.

Istanbul, Turkey.

6_ Sinya ayakkabi

Sinya ayakkabi , manufacturer / producer, operates in the women’s shoes sector.  It also operates in the wholesale footwear sectors, manufacturing shoes and shoes for men and women.

 Istanbul, Turkey.

7_ Jump

Jump, the manufacturer / producer, was established in 1980, and it operates in the men’s shoes sector.  It also operates in the sectors of men’s shoes and wholesale footwear.

Istanbul, Turkey.

Thus, we explained to you the most important places where to buy wholesale shoes in Istanbul and the best markets, shops , factories and the best manufacturing companies in Istanbul. we have explained the most import ways from Turkey.


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