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import carpet from turkey

You should import carpet from turkey , because Turkish carpets are one of the most comfortable types of carpets for the eye, as they are suitable for small houses as well as luxurious palaces, and can satisfy any homeowner with its great diversity, so if you want to work in the carpet market and win this large audience for this product, you must know the names of carpet factories in Turkey, the most famous and methods Access to it and distinguish between it and other unreliable factories, and with importing – house platform you will be able to reach your goal through our next article.

buy carpet from turkey

Everything that is Turkish has become an essential part of the Arab home, from cooking utensils to furniture and furnishings, and the most important thing is Turkish carpets, which appeared to be the look of the Arabs to traditional carpets, which gives rise to warmth, and the matter began to open to light-colored, turkish rugs , which became one of the most beautiful pieces in Homes, and there are a lot of carpet factories in Istanbul, which excel in producing Turkish carpets.

Turkish carpets are distinguished by their luxury and high quality just like the rest of the textile industries in this country and are mostly used to decorate the house and make it look better, and since the factories that manufacture this type of carpets and rugs are also many and widespread, we can learn how to import carpets from Turkey and everything related to this Command.

turkish rugs
turkish rugs

import from turkey depends on companies designated for this, or you travel yourself to Turkey to get carpets, but before importing you must do a study of the local and Turkish market, as the local will know what you will need from Turkey’s goods, carpets and rugs, and the Turkish market will pave you for choosing what you want and the best who sells carpets and the cheapest The highest quality and so on.

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– What do you need to know?

You must also get to know who are the most important sellers to import carpet from turkey ? and who are the most important traders dealing with factories in Turkey, and also know the size of supply and the volume of demand, and who are the potential customers. But what after completing the full market study and identifying the feasibility of selling carpets and rugs imported from Turkey?

Here you can start searching for the most important factories in Turkey on your own to get the most quality products from its factories, and also to reduce costs, and choose factories that offer products with high quality, various designs and reasonable prices that guarantee you selling at the normal market price and achieve a lot of profits for the Turkish carpet project, The addresses of factories, their quality and their prices can be known by searching through the Internet. You can rely on some opinions in the carpet industry in turkey that are said about those factories as well, because they are for customer experiences with them.

You can contact some importers in other fields to get some instructions and advice in general in the field of import carpet from turkey , you should also know that one of the advantages of traveling to Turkey is that travel costs are not so much that you can travel whenever you want. There are many effective methods that can be relied upon in the case of importing carpets from Turkey.

carpet industry in turkey
carpet industry in turkey

turkish carpet manufacturers

There are many Turkish factories specialized in manufacturing carpets in industrial zones and in the cities of Istanbul and Bursa, and all of these factories are working hard to produce a product worthy of export outside the country. The carpet industry in Turkey is one of the industries that have many secrets with secrets, starting with the formation and installation of the carpet, and it is always a renewable industry and many people do not know its secrets.

There is also a lot of ancient modern turkish rugs , and a number of materials that Turkish carpets come from, such as wool, silk, etc., and some may think that this industry is simple and easy, but it is not that and requires a lot of effort and accuracy in work. Carpet industry is one of the environmental industries that use pure and natural wool, which in most countries of the world depends on the local materials available in each country, where it is manufactured according to drawings, pictures and inscriptions in which the craftsman creates a fabric in his imagination that combines colors and images as this industry of carpet making in turkey is one of the traditional industries The ancient and associated life of nomadism and herding, which is an ancient industry.

– Markets of wholesale turkish carpets :-

Oriental and Arab carpets scored a summit in distinction and elegance with their drawings and design since the eleventh century approximately, and the carpet industry today is of great importance by the industrial and marketing circles at the global level. There are many carpet factories in the city of carpets in Turkey, Gaziantep region, which is the sixth largest city in Turkey, and there are about 350 carpet and carpet factories in this city, and it is an industrial city with many different factories.

In this city, there are very large carpets and turkish rug supplier with large factories reaching 70 and 80 machines, and small factories such as a Turkish carpet holder factory, ranging from 5 to 15 machines. Here, the supplier or customer can design the design or pattern that he wants to turn into a carpet with the choice of the color he wants as well as the specifications and size and send it to the factory via the Internet and then print it because carpets have become today among the things in which tastes differ with different furnishings between classic and modern, as well as The customer can design his desired pattern through Photoshop.

Carpet customers in Trabzon come from every place in the world, such as Italy, Iraq, America and the Kurdistan region, and each town has its own characteristics. For example, Italians and Americans import carpet from turkey and choose small spaces that do not exceed 250 by 350, and this size is considered in the Gulf countries and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a very small size and in Iraq Iraqi merchants compete in importing carpets with all the latest types of Turkish carpets with pictures, and one of the traders mentioned that most of the products in Iraq are from Turkey, he singled out carpets and rugs, as he says that carpets in Iraq have huge sales and the demand for them is increasing.

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turkish carpet suppliers in turkey

Carpet companies specializing in high-end and distinctive Turkish carpets are spread, and among those companies we will review together: –

  1. Ninovacarpet company

It is one of the most famous companies specialized in manufacturing Turkish carpets and has been operating since 1989 in Gaziantep, Turkey. This company offers customers all kinds of carpets that you can import carpet from turkey and imagine in all sizes as well, and it has polypropylene PCF carpets, thermal carpets, frieze carpets, shaggy carpets, acrylic carpets, Viscon carpets, and it is also making rugs and has been able to expand and spread to become The largest industrial company that has its products mainly carries out international trade and exports abroad.

 The company is distinguished by its infrastructure that makes it manufacture and produce an excellent area of ​​quality and of all sizes and different sizes suitable for furnishing all spaces. During the industry, the company relies on the use of a mixture turkish carpets for sale of traditional and modern tools, and modern machines in different stages of finishing such as design, weaving, dying and cutting in order to reach distinctive shapes and designs that vary between modern, modern, classic and elegant traditional, to import carpet from turkey a great diversity of shapes that enables you to import and sell all Patterned carpets in all shapes and colors.

– What are the types of turkish carpets in this country?

It has a wide range of carpets from classic antique carpets, Ushak carpets, exaggerated carpets, faded carpets, Turkish kilim carpets, and they also find they have a group of distinctive Turkish furnishings that coordinate in their design with carpets from cushions and Suzani fabrics available for display in their stores or viewing them on their website. The company allows its customers and dealers to express their opinions, observations and even reservations. The company provides the possibility to carry out repair and repair work under the supervision of the expert craftsman.

The company owns a customer feedback guide in order to receive any feedback about the processing process to evaluate your comments as a trader on each piece or deal, in order for this process to comply with the requirements of the ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Quality Management System. Their basic policies are to increase customer and merchant satisfaction with quality to meet their needs and meet changing expectations. , Which helps you, in turn, to satisfy your customers by selling products whose quality is undoubted, and to reach a successful and famous Turkish carpet project.

  1. Yasin Kaplancarpe Factory

You will hear about this factory a lot because it is the best carpet manufacturer in Turkey, and one of the leading places in the carpet industry, which was founded in 1983, and since its inception the company has sought to be the best carpet factory in Turkey, and through the support and encouragement of the volunteer work team, it has already become so. The company also always seeks to know the reactions of its customers about the carpets it produces in order to import carpet from turkey and satisfy them and to bear the responsibility towards customers and suppliers.

Yassin Kaplan Carpet has developed over the past 30 years to become one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality carpets in Turkey, and one of the most important factors in this development is product development by having 12 designers in the R&D department to develop new products and designs and 25 designers for coloring and sizing.

where to buy turkish rugs in Istanbul

To get a directory of carpet factories in Turkey, you can search through the Internet to find all the existing factories to import carpet from turkey, but the most important thing is to get the testimonies of previous customers who dealt with the best carpet manufacturers turkey to know their reactions and the safety of the products they offer even when selling prayer rugs wholesale.

turkish carpet price guide

The costs of Turkish carpets are somewhat expensive and this is due to the rise in the prices of raw materials and Turkey imports raw materials to import carpet from turkey and rugs to Saudi Arabia from the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC). The higher the prices of the materials it imports, the higher the prices for carpets and rugs, as the latest global machines for carpets and rugs are found in turkey carpet factory . The customer can print any drawing of all sizes.

The Hannover Fair is held every year and it is one of the most important exhibitions in Germany and the world. This exhibition that takes place in April of every year is the largest exhibition of industrial products in the world, including carpet factories and most carpet factories take care of and keep new carpets or new patterns as well as raw materials to be displayed and sold in this The distinguished exhibition, every year where more than a million people visit this exhibition, and factory owners display their products and gain new customers from different countries of the world, and the factory owners are interested in this important exhibition for them.

turkish carpets online

The buying from the internet is very scare process, and You may think that distinctive Turkish carpets cannot be tampered with and deceived, but in order not to be exposed to that, here are the best specifications to import carpet from turkey and how you can know the original ones. In the recent period, non-original types of Turkish carpets have spread and others made with poor materials and methods and are sold as original Turkish carpets, so to avoid all of this, you can identify carpets from these points. The original Turkish carpets are considered one of the best types of carpets, and they are exported to many countries around the world, and are classified into four types according to the drawings on it, including: –

There are four types of Turkish carpets according to the drawn inscriptions, namely: Kilim, Kekem, Sumak, and Hale 1, these types show inscriptions that are carefully hand-woven and vary between motifs, geometric shapes, flower and animal shapes, some of which are used for floors, and some are bought as a painting A mural to decorate the walls from the names of carpet factories in Turkey.

The original color of the Turkish carpet in the carpet factories in Esenyurt is not so bright and exaggerated, but rather calm, because it is distinguished by its delicate and calm colors, because in its dyeing natural colors produced of plant origin are used, which of course is not like the regular dye, while the carpets made automatically or adulterated, colors are used Industrial looks bright and vivid, and here you do not buy it from the names of turkey wall to wall carpet manufacturers.

The original Turkish carpets are handmade, and to identify it, you can tack the final knot of the threads in the carpet in contrast to the automatic carpets. Just turn the carpet over and look at its back, if there are some knots and minor defects in it, make sure that it is hand-made, because machine-made carpets do not show these minor faults and it appears as a single line without stopping to make it by machine. The original carpet does not burn easily and you can try it on a simple carpet thread from the names of carpet factories in Turkey.

Turkish carpet companies are spread everywhere in Turkey, which will enable you to easily reach your goal to get the original carpets, and you have many opportunities to choose what is best for you in terms of price and quality from the names of carpet factories in Turkey The names of carpet factories in Turkey.

how much does it cost to ship a rug from turkey

The cost of shipping carpets after you import carpet from turkey to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia varies according to the method of shipping, whether it is land, sea, air, or also according to the shipping company, and carpet importers in turkey

Finally, importing – house provided you with all the information to import carpet from Turkey, Good luck.


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