vintage turkish rugs wholesale

Plush 20 places of vintage turkish rugs wholesale

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in vintage turkish rugs wholesale; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

vintage turkish rugs wholesale

Do you want to import vintage turkish rugs wholesale ? Turkish carpets are distinguished by their luxury and high quality just like the rest of the textile industries in this country and are used mostly to decorate the house and make a better and more beautiful shape, and the idea of today is based on import turkish rugs where you as a normal person can import from Turkey of course.

but before import from turkey you must do a study of the market to know who are the most important importers and who are the most important traders dealing with factories in Turkey, to know the size of supply, the volume of demand, and who are the customers through importing house platform we’ll mention useful data you might need.

vintage turkish rugs cheap

You can pay $5 for a Turkish rug or $50,000. It depends on many things to know, mainly the quality. As you will pay more for silk over wool. Which The thinner the carpet is, the better the quality. The price depends upon quality, your own knowledge of what the rug might cost and therefore, give you an idea of what you might be willing to pay, especially if you going to look for vintage turkish rugs wholesale your ability to bargain, and so on, don’t expect to get the bargain of the century; many of the reputable carpet dealers are aware of pricing, and will only go so far with the price. certainly, there’s a great range of quality of all kind of carpets, and the more you know, the better off you are.

vintage turkish rugs cheap
vintage turkish rugs cheap

We did some minimal research and just went with our gut with something that we liked. (kilim) in Turkey, we bought a good-quality for $375.00. We felt like we did well by the sale which it cheap vintage rugs comparing to others out sources. If you needed to find a carpet for $50.00, you could; but also, you could easily pay a few thousand dollars. But learning what makes a quality rug will benefit you in looking for what you need with you budget, because there are countless rug dealers everywhere.

And to buy a Turkish silk rug that is tightly woven and intricately designed and is only a little more than a sheet, you may cost more than a wool rug the size of a living room. Turkish wool carpets prices start from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. If you find the rug you like, should you haggle? Yes, without a doubt, Take the first price you hear from the seller as a starting point, and if you’re a good negotiator, you can get the rug up to 40 percent less than the first price. While you are discussing the price, ask about shipping, insurance, and packing, and you may also need the seller to place hooks on the back of the rug if you want to hang it on the wall.

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turkish rugs manufacturers

Are you looking for great vintage turkish rugs wholesale factories and companies? There are many factories that were famous for exporting them to many countries to become manufacturers and exporters of the finest types of rugs, And these some of them:

turkish rugs manufacturers
turkish rugs manufacturers


A turkey rug factory, manufacturer vintage turkish rugs wholesale, they provide 1st class manufacturing, The Orient Bazaar is a continuation of a family business established in 1936. They have substantial experience specialized in Oriental and traditional rugs. their stocks include kilims, carpets all around Turkey, Central Asia, kilim cushion covers, kilim patchworks, carpet patchworks, handbags, saddle bags, silk, cotton suzani, and vintage rugs.

They offer a very authentic and professional service. they have been a registered trader in wholesale at Istanbul/Turkey address since 1994. The Orient Bazaar has launched his accessory branch with the brand name TOB Bags. TOB Bags designs her own designs and manufacture her designs with perfect quality materials. A turkish rug suppliers Their mission is supplying the best quality and unique designs with reasonable prices.

  1. Melikhan Carpet:

Melikhan Carpet providing turkish rugs wholesale and one of the leading carpet manufacturer vintage turkish rugs wholesale company located in Turkey, Gaziantep serving the carpet production sector with it 16 looms with different reeds and widths. Currently the company is exporting its carpets to wholesalers more than 20 countries in the world. the company distinguishes itself in the sector through the significant investment to Research and Development department in terms of the usage of different yarns and weaving techniques.

The company is continuing to invest machinery pact of the factory side to renew its production facilities to receive the highest quality defect free yarn. They have renewed their yarn production machines in addition to the purchase of the three-brand new vandewiele carpet looms we have just added to our production capacity. According to the export numbers issued by the foreign ministry of Turkey, the company is enlisted in the top part of the carpet exporters list. and the company is ready to serve all the customized customer needs by the professional and experienced staff and equipment.


They have been involved in collecting and trading of variety handmade carpets and kilims. They travel in Anatolia to collect premium carpets and kilims for producing their own vintage carpets, patchworks and kilims to have the rare or unique quality. their products are all unique and made out of natural fibers such as wool, cotton, hemp and goat hair.

They collect pieces originating in the villages of Anatolian region. Also collect, produce and deal vintage rugs, patchwork rugs, kilims and hemps. Their production is located in Amasya Turkey. they produce 2 sqm up to 20 sqm approximately 4X6 ft to 12X18 ft in variety of 25 different colors.


KOYUNLU CARPETS has deserved reputation in the Turkish carpet sector with its production capacity and fashion color and designs appealing to every culture. In their production, they use high quality wool and acrylic that are woven and served by KOYUNLU CARPET experience in natural colors and original designs. Their products are passed through Quality control tests at every process starting from raw material entry, including weaving, confection and packaging steps.


A manufacturer and exporter of carpets started its business life in 2005 and has been operating as a wholesale and retail manufacturer of Vintage, Patchwork, Isparta, vintage turkish rugs wholesale and other carpets located in Turkey. Generally, it exports to many countries including France, America, Australia, Germany, Dubai and England. Since 2015, it continues to exist in business life as wholesale or retail sales in its own branch. You can find there a lot of large vintage turkish rugs, they producing: Patchwork carpet, Vintage Rugs, Anatolian Carpets, Handmade carpets, Natural Wool carpets, Tulu, Anatolian and Turkish Kilims.

large vintage turkish rugs
large vintage turkish rugs


ALAS HOME TEXTILE, are the manufacturer company in home textile sector from is their web site that you may find further details about them, they are looking for importer and distributor company who may do business with them in his/her country their products is very suitable for marketing. They are manufacturer company; they hope that their price is affordable and contribute with your sales activity. Their products are also very suitable for retail supermarket chains because they have great experience to work with them.


The company is a Manufacturer and Producer based in Gaziantep, Turkey, which operates in the Rugs and carpeting industry. It also operates in the Turkish carpets industries.

  1. Istanbul carpet:

One of the most prestigious companies in Istanbul which has gained international fame and has extensive experience in the wholesale trade, Manufacture, renovation and repair of handmade carpets, and the Turkish carpet and kilim industry to become one of the best companies.

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where to buy vintage turkish rugs

The turkish vintage rugs are sold all over the country, but it is important that you buy it from a reputable agent, authorized agent so that there is no doubt about the material, age and source of the vintage turkish rugs wholesale in turkey. In Turkey especially Istanbul, the clean and modern well-lit Istanbul Handicraft Center is filled with wooden beams on several floors with woven Turkish carpets, woven kilims and vintage turkish rugs wholesale, it is a free-standing store located on the main walkway leading to the Grand Bazaar.

After you’ve drunk your tea, the salesperson will ask what type of Turkish rug you are interested in – size, colors, quality and style – and enlist the help of supportive assistants, who project a series of rugs to get rid of the whips in your face. Some will like you, others will loathe, but the Turkish will keep the carpet to come. Soon, you will feel your resistance ebb … In case the Turkish carpets are not tempting you, you may be made of exquisite and precious designs in the jewelry store in the basement of Istanbul Handicraft Center service.

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best vintage rug shops

The turkish rug is made from only the most high-quality materials. Hand-spun wool and silk are much more valuable than cotton or wool-cotton mixture. Here some of known shops in turkey you can visit too and inquiry for vintage turkish rugs wholesale:

best vintage rug shops
best vintage rug shops


Ruth Lockwood is the owner of Tribal Collections – a very pretty rug gallery in Goreme, Cappadocia in Turkey. And now with 30years of expertise in Turkey, her gallery has an established reputation for integrity and quality and is a leading choice for those looking to acquire and learn a beautiful hand-woven rug, flat-woven kilim or tribal weaving. Ruth can help you navigate the stunning styles, intricate designs and rich color palettes to find the rug that right for you and expresses you

She buys at source and chooses each of her rugs personally so you can be assured of their quality and authenticity, if you need help or advice when buying a rug and vintage turkish rugs wholesale yare welcome to spend time with her when visiting Turkey or alternatively shop at her store online. As she has a wide-open variety door policy and fixed prices: making it easy for you to compare, and most importantly you know you are with a trusted and respected professional in this field who is passionate about rugs. And there are the most known stores in Turkey too you can find there vintage turkish rugs wholesale:

  1. Rugs Turkey in Fatih/İstanbul,
  2. Vezirhan Carpet and Kilim in İstanbul
  3. Hazal Hali in İstanbul
  4. Motif Collection in Fatih/İstanbul,
  5. Ernemet Carpet Kilim Rug in İstanbul
  6. SUFi Oriental Rugs, Kilim and Handcraft in Fatih/İstanbul
  7. HİLMİS CARPET AND KİLİM in Ankara/Turkey
  8. Adnan and Hasan rugs in Fatih/İstanbul.

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vintage turkish rugs online

Are you looking for turkish rugs online? We had brought you the great sites for Buying vintage turkish rugs wholesale, here are some of them:

  • Etsy:

You can find there 6 Great Sources for Buying Turkish Rugs on etsy turkey:

  • Beni Ourain Carpets:

Beni Ourain Carpets on Etsy offers 6′ x 12′ rugs for around $900—which is still expensive, yes, but less so than other sources. The Etsy shop sells a vast array of vintage style rugs, including Moroccan, Beni Ourain, Azilal, and Tuareg rugs. If you’re looking for something affordable, you can find 4’8″ x 6’7″ rugs for around $599, or hallway runners for $300.

  • Decorative Vintage Rug:

You can find on Etsy, where you’re guaranteed some of the lowest prices and vintage turkish rugs for sale on the market, the owner is from Turkey. She has a passion for finding rugs directly from the women in Turkey who made them, and selling them to people who appreciate their vintage craftsmanship. You can find everything from 6-foot rugs for $600 to 8-foot nomadic rugs for $700 there.

  • Boho Flea Market:

In this shop you can find beautifully worn and faded rugs from Turkey, varying in all models, colors and sizes, and clocking at a relatively budget-friendly price.

  • VintPort:

Looking for a massive, 12-foot Turkish rug but aren’t mentally prepared to shell out six grands for your living or any room floor? VintPort’s wall-to-wall carpeting spanning rugs in around $2000, giving you a slightly more affordable for what you need, vintage alternative. Of course, that price will still be a major purchase, so plan ahead for this one.

  • Ancient Artdeco:

Vintage Turkish rugs that are seven foot long are only $300 in this shop, giving you to find perfect threadbare area rug for a relative steal. With over 200 rugs in stock and most of them around the $300-$400-mark, vintage rug lovers are sure to find something they like.

  • Turkish Area Rug:

With Plenty of vintage, handmade rugs in stock, Turkish Area Rug is a treasure trove of beautiful and expertly made carpets. for all houses room rugs and the dining room carpets, there is something here for every decorating need and a staple for every price point.


Kilim Studio offers an extensive collection of handwoven kilims, hand-woven new and vintage area rugs, overdyed patchwork carpets, pillow cases and furniture in a wide variety of many designs and quality options to the trade. They have new kilim area rugs with traditional Anatolian designs woven from hand-spun and vegetable-dyed wool as well as high quality kilims of synthetic dyed machine-spun wool.

Their online antique and semi-antique kilims give an idea of their large and selective kilim collection. The product line also features kilim upholstered benches, stool and ottomans as well as handmade solid wood furniture. They also, offer tiered trade discounts, apply vintage turkish rugs wholesale discounts or special prices depending on the total purchase amount and product mix. If you have specific design and size requirements, they offer custom weaving services for kilims, pile carpets, overdyed carpets, patchworks and other hand-woven rugs using a blend of highest quality wool and mohair, and cotton.


Alibaba offers more than 70 Turkish carpet products for wholesale sale. Provide you with a large variety of Turkish carpet options for wholesale sale, such as 100% wool and polyester. You can also choose from printed Turkish rugs for wholesale. There are Turkish rugs for wholesale from suppliers in East Asia. The highest supply countries or regions are China, Turkey, and the United States, which provide 50%, 37%, and 12% of Turkish carpets and rugs for wholesale sale.

In conclusion, we have mentioned the places of vintage turkish rugs wholesale in turkey and the excellent providers and rugs manufacture, also we informed you with some of vintage Turkish rugs prices and the other rug style you can compare with what you need to buy.


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