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turkish rug importers…most famous 4 Turkish

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in turkish rug importers; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

turkish rug importers    

turkish rug importers become many in all around the world as turkey is very successful in direct importer and wholesaler. vintage turkish rugs considered from the most beautiful rugs in the world also finding Quality Products from Verified Suppliers, Get a Live Quote, Logistics Service, Most Popular, Production Monitoring and Trade Assurance. if you want to know many information about Turkish Rug just follow us in our website Importing house ……

import rugs from turkey

If you are fortunate enough to visit Turkey at some point in your life, it won’t be long after you arrive that you will be tempted, or more likely cajoled, into buying from amazing types of turkish carpets by a salesman skilled in the art of persuasion. Typical tourists think, ” this is a scheme to transfer our tightly held dollars from our hands to those of a Turkish rug seller.” And they would be correct.

there’s more story than it. They say knowledge is power. This is true in many, many cases. After you attend a Turkish rug demonstration, the knowledge you acquire may render you powerless to resist the opportunity to buy an original, handmade, kind rug guaranteed to outlive you. don’t buy that rug until you know a bit more.

types of turkish carpets
types of turkish carpets

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wholesale markets in turkey

ISTANBUL WHOLESALE MARKETS A city of fashion and designs, a city where old and new are merged together to shape a great culture, this the most famous markets in it:

  1. LALELI: is a wholesale district of Istanbul famous of rich assortment. The quality of goods fit the high prices. There are products for every taste, women’s, men’s & children’s clothes.
  2. Osman Bey: is a wholesale market, goods are cheaper to 2-3 Dollarsthan in Laleli but the range of goods is not so large
  3. 3. MERTER: The area is a wholesale market with a large collection of goods, different products and other Accessories.
  4. 4. ZEYTINBURNU: A famous place due to the production of outerwear and textiles. Assortment includes leather goods, sheepskin, fur coats, street clothing, and many more.

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turkey rug factory

There are four basic types of Turkish rugs: Hali, Kilim, Cicim and Sumak. The Hali is a thick, but the other three are all flat weaves made without knots. are often used as wall hangings and smaller rugs, there are classic & modern turkish rugs. for turkish rug importers their Top Turkish rug Manufacturers and exporters are:

turkey rug factory
turkey rug factory
  1. Erdemoglu Holding: (Merinos, Dinarsu Carpet)
  2. Kartal Hali: ( Kartal and Sanat Carpets)
  3. Yasin Kaplan Carpet
  4. Bade Carpet
  5. Merinos Carpet
  6. Ozkaplan Carpet
  7. Kaplanser Carpet
  8. Safyun Carpet
  9. Milat Carpet turkish rug manufacturersin Turkey there are regions keep this wonderful tradition alive; and also has many turkish furniture suppliers, for turkish rug importers this aregions of woven rugs: You can pay $5 for a Turkish rug or $50,000. It depends on a lot of things, mainly quality. You will might pay more for silk over wool. When carpet is more thin, it usually better the quality.
  10. turkish rug price
  11. Konya, Kayseri, Sivas, Hereke, Yagcioglu, Kula, Dösemealti, Taspinar, Isparta, Milas, Bergama, Canakkale, Kars, Usak, Gordes, Fethiye and Yahyali.
  12. Turkish rugs are made from only the most high-quality materials. Hand-spun wool and silk more valuable than cotton or wool-cotton combinations. You will notice a difference between a silk and a cotton rug immediately.
  13. 10.Grand Carpet for turkish rug importers, it is the very best in unique or custom,Turkish Rug, Vintage Rug, 3.9×6.8 ft, Wholesale Rugs, Oushak Rug, Muted Rug, You can get to wholesale rugs selection from turkish rugs wholesale etsy


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1. Turkish, Vintage Rug: 3.2×22.6 ft, Oushak, Antique Rug, Oriental, King Size, Runner, Herki, OVERSİZE Rug

Price: USD 800.00

2. EXTRA LARGE SIZE Rug: 12.6×14.8 ft, Awesome, Turkish Rug, you can also buy turkish carpets online

Oversize, Decorative, Living Room Rug.

Price: USD 7,600.00

3. Stunning Afghan Rug Kilim Runner: Size 201 x 82 Cm, turkish carpets istanbul, Black And White, Kilim Runner, Caucasian Kilim Runner.

Wholesale Price: USD 160.5

4. Turkish Vintage Rug, 3.9×6.8 ft, Wholesale Rugs, Oushak, Muted, Handmade, Bathroom, Wool, Bathroom Rug.

Price: USD 100.00

  1. cheap turkish rugs Decorative Vintage Turkish Area Rug, Oushak Wool, Handmade Carpet, Kitchen Floor, Boho Soft Rug, 2.9 x 4.7 feet.

Price: USD 57.00

  1. large turkish rug Kilim

Age: Antique, Origin: Armenian, City/Village: Karabagh,

Size cm: 307 x 225, Size ft:10’2 x 7’6, Price: USD 1495.0

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how much does it cost to ship a rug from turkey

Finding a reputable dealer is most important of course after all. They can ship the carpet (anysize) by Fedex and you pay around 35 Usd. per sqm. mostly can be negotiated within the price. At the end of the article, we hope we included all information about turkish rug importers. you can import from turkey beautiful rugs from trusted manufactures with high quality now.

rugs for sale in Turkey
rugs for sale in Turkey


Turkish rug suppliers:

Are you looking for Turkish rug suppliers, here you will know every thing you are looking for

Turkey is considered one of the best countries for manufacturing elegant and upscale carpets, and the demands for Turkish carpets have recently increased from carpet factories in Turkey, and through the Al-Mutawqid platform, we present the most important carpet factories and companies in Turkey. You are find wholesale markets in Turkey

Turkish carpets are one of the most common types of carpets, as they are suitable for small houses as well as luxurious palaces, and can satisfy any homeowner with its great diversity.

So if you want to work in the carpet market and win this large audience, you must know the names of carpet factories in Turkey, the most famous and ways to reach And distinguish between them and other unreliable factories, and with us you will be able to reach your goal, sobay more attention for more details.

There are many rugs for sale in Turkey.

Everything that is Turkish has become an essential part of the Arab world, from cooking utensils to furniture and furnishings, and the most important thing is Turkish carpets that appeared in the appearance of Arabs to traditional carpets that create warmth, and the matter began to open up to the distinctive light-colored carpets that became one of the most beautiful pieces in Homes. In this article you can know how to start a rug business


It was established in 2014 and operates in the carpet and rugs sector.


Founded in 2016, it operates in the carpet sector. It is based in Gaziantep, Turkey. You will find Turkish furniture suppliers


He worked in the carpet sector. It also works in the sectors of medical services – mental illnesses specializing in European production carpets, exporting and importing carpets, and buying and selling carpets. There are many cheap rugs


He worked in the curtain sector. It also operates in the sectors of carpets and home textile products. It is based in Istanbul, Turkey.


He worked in the carpet sector. It is based in Gaziantep, Turkey. This place where to buy a rug

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Turkish rug wholesale:

The carpet industry is one of the industries full of secrets of forming and installing, and its details are not known until now. Few are interested in this old, renewable industry.

And renewed ones are old with their inscriptions and threads made of wool and silk, new in their modern style and models, the overlap of colors and the mixing of modern synthetic threads. There are rugs online

 Pure and natural wool is used in manufacturing in carpet factories in Turkey and most countries of the world on the local materials available in each country, as it is manufactured according to drawings, pictures and inscriptions in which the craftsman creates a fabric in which colors and images are combined. There are cheap large rugs

Turkish carpets are distinguished by their bright, beautiful colors, and its Islamic decorative character, with some inscriptions in Ottoman letters.

And it is considered one of the most luxurious types in the world, as it is woven from silk, it is adorned with gold and brocade lines, Previously, pure wool or cotton used to dominate its materials. There are a lot of antique Turkish carpet

Soon, new materials were introduced to it, such as silk, while his drawings evolved from primitive to elaborate and elaborate figures.

The carpet industry is also one of the inherited industries in the region. All people import from Turkey

Rug wholesale are in a lot of places, today, many Turkish regions are making Turkish carpets, such as; Usak, Konya, Bergama, Isparta, Fethiye, Kirsher, Nigde, Herc, Gordes, Cola, Ladik, Sivas, Milas, Antalya, Kayseri.

  • China Custom Printed Pattern chenille House Floor Bedroom Modern Floor Carpet $5.00
  • Made In Turkey High Quality Wholesale Carpets $3.00 – $14.00


how to buy a Turkish rug in Istanbul:


Istanbul, the well-lit clean and modern Istanbul Handicraft Center is filled with wooden beams on several floors with woven Turkish carpets and woven kilims. It is a free standing store located on the main walkway leading to the Grand Bazaar.

After you’ve drunk your tea, the salesperson will ask what type of Turkish rug you are interested in – size, colors, and style – and enlist the help of supportive assistants, who project a series of rugs to get rid of the whips in your face. Here you will find modern Turkish carpet

Some will like you, others will loathe, but the Turkish will keep the carpet to come. Soon, you will feel your resistance ebb …

In case the Turkish carpets are not tempting you, you may be made of exquisite and precious designs in the jewelry store in the basement of Istanbul Handicraft Center.

You can buy Turkish carpets by importing or selling online or from places in Turkey.

To buy online You can buy what you need from Turkish carpets on the website of each manufacturer, and this method is characterized by being very low in terms of costs, but you will not be able to inspect your goods until after it reaches you, and the options in front of you are not as many as other methods. In Turkey you will find Turkish carpet for sale

Turkish rug suppliers
Turkish rug suppliers



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