Turkish carpets for sale

Turkish carpets for sale… best 3 factories in Turkey

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in Turkish carpets for sale; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

Turkish carpets for sale

Istanbul, this wonderful city that has turned into the magic lamp for many merchants to start a successful and distinctive new business, how many consumers are encouraged to buy Turkish carpets for sale immediately just because it is described by coming from Turkey, that means ensuring the quality of the product and the beauty of its shape and its strong industry. So, if you are one of these traders and want to start the carpet business and searching for Turkish carpets, then you are in the right place, Importing house will find everything you are looking for…

Turkey carpet for sale

The good price of the product is what every merchant is looking for during the search for factories and companies when he intends to buy carpet from Turkey, without the price coming at the expense of quality. And since carpets in Turkey are known for their relatively high prices, as it imports raw materials manufactured for it from abroad, and the fact that some carpets are handcrafted to become a unique and distinctive piece of art, which makes its price higher, but this problem can be overcome by going to many places. Which allows wholesaling and among the most famous:

best place to buy carpet in turkey
best place to buy carpet in turkey

*Carpet city in Turkey

Turkish carpets Istanbul are famous for being one of the most luxurious types of carpets in the world, as it is woven from silk and fed with brocade and golden threads, and its carvings are dominated by the Islamic decorative character, with some writings in Ottoman letters that make you finally get a piece of art that you are proud to own in your exhibition and trade in it for customers who love that Turkish carpet design. The most famous carpet market in Turkey is in the city of Gaziantep, which is the largest gathering of workshops and factories in Turkey, where there are more than 350 carpets and rugs factories, including more than one factory of prayer rugs in Turkey

One of the most advantages in this market is your ability as a merchant to design a special pattern or choose different specific colors and specifications, whether in terms of color or design, etc. and send them to the factory via internet and they print it because modern Turkish carpet have become fashionable today, and the customer can design any pattern through various design programs, sent to the factory, printed, and he can modify them and be specific to the client or supplier and kept in the customer’s file in the factory. He can request them at any time he wants

As for the colors, they are varied and bright and are manufactured by Bedouins and skilled workers in Turkey and it is called Anatolian carpets, and the knots per square inch range from 40 to 100 knots. What distinguishes hand Turkish carpets is the use of the makers of the bright red color of the whole carpet or a large part of it, as you find there are many manufacturing workshops Handmade carpets in Turkey All this makes Turkey the largest source of carpets in the world due to the availability of raw materials for the carpet industry, as well as the efficiency of workers in the city of carpets in carpet weaving and technicians who work on carpet machines, and Turkey is close to the export market.

buy turkish rug
buy turkish rug

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Turkish carpet factory

The most famous carpet factories in Istanbul Turkey is known as one of the best countries for manufacturing elegant and upscale carpets, as it is one of the most important sources of luxury fabric in the world, and the demands on types of Turkish carpets have increased in the recent period in order to meet the market’s need for it, and the increasing demand for Turkish carpets due to its wonderful inscriptions, which you will find only There, with the use of the best materials, precision and high quality of manufacture, where carpets are divided into handcraft that are made by the most skilled craftsmen, and another that is manufactured automatically in major companies and factories and that what make Turkish made carpets unique. There are many factories that were famous for exporting them to many countries to become among the international manufacturers and exporters of the finest types of carpets, and among these factories:

Turkish carpet suppliers in turkey
Turkish carpet suppliers in turkey

1.Yasin Kaplancarpe Factory

It is one of the famous companies known for its huge production. The daily production efficiency of the company reaches about 30 thousand square meters, at a rate of 750 thousand square meters per month, and 9 million square meters annually. The reason for the company’s fame is due to its long history, as it is a leading company in Turkey wholesale market carpet industry, which was founded in 1983, and since its inception, Yassin Kaplan has sought to be the best carpet manufacturer in Turkey. The secret of the company’s success is due to the encouragement and support of its development teams that provide the best solutions and suggestions in order to improve this sector, where Yassin Kaplan Carpet Company has developed over the past 30 years to become one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality and best Turkish carpets,

 and one of the most important factors in this development is product development by owning 12 designers in the R&D department to develop new products and designs and 25 designers. Using modern technology and owning the best machines through developing, installing and managing the company’s ERP system specifically by one of the largest software companies, allowing departments to follow their work and see the current situation instantly through the ERP system to become one of the most important competitors in the carpet market in Istanbul. In the design department, the latest version of Ned Graphics and Texcell and high-tech devices has a barcode system at every step of production, storage and shipping, every product item can be tracked in the factory with all the details and time / dates, and it is also possible to use international barcode systems And if you want to see the company’s production of carpets, know more details, and communicate with them, you can visit their carpet online shop

2.Ninovacarpet company

It is one of the most famous companies specializing in the carpet industry, which was founded in 1989 in Gaziantep, Turkey, which has the infrastructure that makes it manufacture and produce an excellent quality area of ​​all sizes and different sizes suitable for furnishing all spaces. During the industry, the company relies on the use of a mixture of traditional and modern tools, and modern machinery in different stages of finishing such as design, weaving, dying and cutting in order to reach distinctive shapes and many designs that vary between modern, classic and elegant traditional, to find a great diversity of carpet made in Turkey shapes that enables you to import the carpets. The company manufactures all kinds of carpets from polypropylene PCF carpets, thermal carpets, frieze carpets, shaggy carpets, and acrylic carpets, to become one of the leading and famous Turkish carpets companies, and it has been able to expand and spread to become The largest industrial company mainly owns its products and carries out international trade and exports abroad that makes it one of the huge Turkish furniture exporters.

It is also famous for producing the finest types of Turkish carpets in Istanbul from classic antique carpets for lovers of luxury and elegance and furnishing palaces in a royal manner, and it produces rugs carpets, excessive carpets, faded carpets, Turkish kilim carpets, and also you find they have a group of distinctive Turkish furnishings that are consistent in their shape and design with Cushion carpets and Suzani fabrics are available for display in their stores or view on their website, and it provides a service for repair work under the supervision of a craftsman. The company allows its customers and dealers to express their opinions, observations, and even reservations, and the company has a customer feedback guide in order to receive any notes about the processing “to evaluate your comments as a trader on each piece or deal.

Their basic policies are to increase customer and merchant satisfaction with quality to meet their needs and changing expectations, which in turn helps you satisfy your customers by selling products whose quality is undoubted. If you want to check Turkey carpet online you can learn about the company’s products and see their distinctive colors and shapes through their website, and also communicate with them via their site in order to make deals and find out the price offers they provide.

turkish carpet suppliers in turkey
turkish carpet suppliers in turkey

3.Istanbul carpet factory

Searching for companies to import carpet from Turkey at the lowest price is not difficult; Istanbul Carpet Company is one of the old companies in Istanbul that gained international fame, which was established in 1970 as a family company. Making it has extensive experience in wholesale trade, manufacturing, renewal, hand-woven carpet repair, carpet manufacturing and Turkish kilim, to become one of the best companies through which it gets the most beautiful pieces of carpet woven with care, precision and luxury. In 2012, the company decided to expand by launching a brand for retail as well and creating their website in order to better communicate with merchants from different countries, and export the best different carpets to sell in their local markets. The company can be contacted through their website.

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Turkish carpet price guide

As a merchant, in addition to searching for Turkish carpets with a good price and the factories that sell wholesale, you need a high-quality products so as not to expose the carpet fair project to the risk of loss, as the successful merchant with a good reputation and sophisticated is dealing with customers, and buying fraudulent or unoriginal carpets at the price of the original product puts you in big trouble with your customers.

Although Turkey is famous for making the best carpet in the world, there are many types of adulterated Turkish carpets, so you need to distinguish the original types from the adulterated ones, especially since Turkish carpets are known for their high prices, and among the ways in which they can differentiate before import from Turkey: Burn a tassel of hanging tassels or a string of carpets if it is burned immediately. This carpet is imitation and not original, but if it is not burned, this is the original Turkish carpet.

Handmade carpets have some small defects, so when you look at the back of the carpets, if you see some faults, then these are original Turkish carpets because these faults are caused by the human hand. Through the machines, you will notice it and know it also, it is different from the original handmade carpets. Note the final knot of the threads in the handmade carpet; it is the opposite of the automatic carpets. Handmade carpets are calm and not bright colors, unlike the factory, where dependence on natural color sources.

with wholesale buying and choosing the factory that sells at a reasonable price, the price of carpets will decrease, but there are a number of factors that lead to the change in the price of carpets:

*Handcrafted rug is more expensive than factory carpet.

*The name of the factory or store you are dealing with will differentiate the price

*The size and area of ​​the carpet leads to the change in price.

*Raw materials used in the manufacture of carpets, as they are made of silk or wool are widespread in the market are divided into salon carpets, silk carpets, Turkish textile carpets, Turkish patterned carpets, Turkish corridors carpets or what is known as walkers, lounge carpets, carpets Sitting room, kilim and rugs.

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Turkish carpet manufacturers

Here we’ll give a shortly some of the manufacturers and brand that you can find Turkish carpets at:

1.Step Halı

2.Angora Halı

3.Pierre Cardin


5.Koza Halı

6.Bahariye Halı

7.Else Halı

carpet manufacturers in turkey
carpet manufacturers in turkey

Turkish carpet company

Turkey exports carpets to many countries around the globe, but the largest importer of Turkish carpets in the Arab region is Saudi Arabia, and the reason is due to the diversity of carpet designs and the beauty of its shapes and colors, so it turned into the most important popular exports. All this in response to the need for merchants while shipping carpet from Turkey to the sales outlets they own in their countries.

1.Travel on your own

It is one of the distinctive ways through which you will be able to visit the factories that you have previously chosen, travel in order to visit it yourself and inspect the Turkish carpets that you have seen on the sites of those companies to make sure of their quality and will examine all forms of carpets and choose them carefully, especially if this is your first time in which you import, so you need to travel by yourself to make deals, inspect goods and agree with different companies so that they get to know you and become one of their most important customers and suppliers, and you become a priority. However, one of the disadvantages of this method is that it is more expensive than other methods, in addition to the problem of difficulty in communicating due to lack of mastery of the Turkish language and the need for an accompanying translator.

2.Online purchase

It is one of the easiest ways to buy and deliver, as you do not need to rely on companies to import Turkish carpets and look for other companies to deliver it to you. As many carpet companies and carpet factories in Turkey provide shipping and delivery service to the supplier, so each company creates a site to show their Turkish carpets in order to introduce its products, and communicate with merchants and customers directly without the need to travel, so you can buy what you need from Turkish carpets through The website of each factory or company, put the email, phone number, and specify the port of shipment from which you will receive it, so that the company can contact you and supply the products to you.

3.Reliance on shipping companies:

It is one of the best methods that you can rely on collecting the Turkish carpets for sale from different factories and companies, so that the shipping company then collects them in one shipment and re-packaging the products for safety and ensuring the integrity of the carpet upon its arrival to you without any defects or damages. Then the shipping company delivers the goods to your store door

4.Dealing with a broker

There are many people who work as intermediaries in transporting various products from Turkey to the place where you are, where they communicate with the factories which has Turkish carpets in order to bring and deliver them to you, so you determine the models of which Turkish carpets you want and assign one of the people who travels frequently to buy them for you and transfer them to you when he is coming From Turkey for a commission to be agreed.

So now we showed you how Turkish carpets for sale and carpet factories in Turkey have become a demand in the markets, you can now start importing it and establishing your project while you are confident of the guaranteed profit and carpet factories of Turkey.

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