Where to buy leather in Istanbul

Where to buy leather in Istanbul ? Here best 15

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Where to buy leather in Istanbul

Are you looking for leather factories in Istanbul? Here in importing house you will find everything you are looking for as we will show you where to buy leather in Istanbul and the best leather factories in Istanbul and the most famous leather market in Istanbul and you will get to know the places where leather goods are sold in Istanbul………

Leather market in Istanbul

The history of the leather industry in turkey dates back to about 55 years, and it is one of the most important export sectors in Turkey, with a total value of about $ 1.3 billion in 1533, which represents 3% of the total Turkish exports This is due to its advanced technology in the field of manufacturing machinery and industrial equipment, in addition to the production of about 50% of the chemical products required for this industry Turkey occupies an advanced position in the field of leather products industry, as it ranks third in Europe after Italy and Spain in terms of volume of production and seventh place in terms of exports worldwide and you will get to know the leather market in Istanbul…….

import from turkey
import from turkey

1- Grand Bazaar Market

It is considered one of the most famous leather and fabric markets in Istanbul, and as it is one of the largest covered markets in the world and not only in Istanbul, large numbers of visitors and tourists from inside and outside Turkey may flock to the “Grand Bazaar” on a daily basis.The Grand Bazaar covers tens of thousands of square meters. Perhaps the experience of visiting the Grand Bazaar is a very important experience for all tourists who go to Turkish lands, and the shops that sell leather such as Koç Leather & Fur…….

Leather has a very special character in the Grand Bazaar market where many sellers can tempt you with their products that they offer which are made of natural leather, but the Koç Leather & Fur store is very different from anywhere else in the market and it is worth noting that the shop was established in 1968.

From the beginning, the goal of its establishment was to spread widely and specialize in selling natural leather from cow, snake, crocodile, sheep, wolf and other skins. Leather, bags and furs are sold and bears the brand name Dolce & Gabbana and Armani and it is one of the internationally famous brands now if you are a fan of natural leather and furs Do not miss going to that special store.

2- Fatih Market

It is one of the most important places that contain wholesale leather shops in Istanbul, and there are markets in which people from all over Turkey flock to buy leather, and there are many factories that deal in wholesale, such as the Mono Amo Factory, and there are also fabrics that made it very famous, as it contains Shops, factories and leather markets sell wholesale in Istanbul, as well as shops that sell women’s fabrics in addition to wedding and evening dresses.

3- Marter Market

It is one of the most prominent markets in Istanbul where you can get anything you want, including a large number of shops and malls that contain more than a thousand showrooms, and it has a lot to satisfy all tastes, and everything you need in order to be able to shop leather from Turkey.

4- Zada markets

The leather industry is one of the most important industries in Turkey, and for this there are many wholesale clothing factories in that region, such as the Dominic Factory and also the Jan Camelot Factory, and there is also a wholesale clothing market in Istanbul in this region and there is a Turkish commercial translator.

5- Baghdad Street

Baghdad Street dates back to the Ottoman era, and is considered one of the most famous leather market in Istanbul, and this street is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, and is about 6 kilometers long, as it includes many shops as well as local and international leather, in addition to the presence of many small commercial buildings For shopping.

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Leather factories in Istanbul

Are you looking for leather factories in Istanbul? you will find everything you are looking for here, and we will show you the most famous leather factories in Istanbul………

Turkish leather jackets wholesale
Turkish leather jackets wholesale


It has been serving the leather industry for 30 years and has a wide range of leather products. It renders its services in line with clients’ demands. It exports raw lambs and calves hides all over the world. It provides its customers with competitive prices. The company has a trade route between 4 continents and 9 countries. Our philosophy is honesty, efficiency, durability and customer satisfaction. It also manufactures finished products as per customer request.


If you asking about where to buy leather in Istanbul? It is a wholesaler, operating in the velvet leather sector. It also operates in the plush sectors, textile fabrics, upholstery, suede and imitation leather


Is a wholesaler located in Istanbul, Turkey and works in the import and export sector of leather products. It also works in the sectors of carpeting and leather for curtains.


It is a wholesaler, working in the leather, supplies and accessories sector. It also operates in the men’s leather goods and men’s shoes sectors.


It is a wholesaler, established in 2003, and it operates in the leather and furs sector. It also works in sectors and untreated hides.


Only the finest materials, coupled with perfection to the smallest detail, can allow the manufacture of a unique “product” of unparalleled quality, and those are Caminati Leather scrap & stock Specializing in the purchase and sale of leather parts, waste and stored samples, the company is the product of the creativity of the past that heads to tomorrow. It boasts 35 years of experience and professionalism. Leather Caminati Ernesto ed Enrico in Forli

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It is the manufacturer, and it works in the suede, clothing sector. It also works in the sectors of animal skin leather buying and selling tanned leather and exporting of leather and tanned leather. It is based in Medellin, Colombia


BESTFOX UG is a wholesaler and operates in the carpets and rugs sector. It also operates in the sectors of buying and selling carpets and buying and selling tanned leather. It is based in Hamburg, Germany


The traditions of the historical Rino Mastrotto Group have been perfected over the years and since 1998 it has been a world-class brand from Italy to Brazil and Spain to China, which is anchored in ancient art and a strategic vision for the future This entrepreneurial model is based on a continuous commitment to reliability and merit in management, research and innovation with high taste, respect for the environment and financial management capabilities.

Managing its own production branches, supervised companies and structured in a network format, the Rino Mastrotto Group implements the full cycle of tanning, supplying carefully selected raw materials and even specialized production of products that meet all market needs

10- Soydan

The Soydan Company specialized in the field of leather textiles for shoes was established by Mr. Issa Soydan in 1947, and in 1971 the company added to its specialty leather textiles for clothing. The company also imports the finest leather from many countries of the world: America – Australia – New Zealand – England – South Africa – Spain – Italy. In 1975 the new generation of the company was taken over by Mr. Jean and Mr. Ismail Sweidan. The main headquarters of the company is located in Zeytinburnu, located in Istanbul.

11- Osmans Dre

It was established in 1969, the company started providing its services in the field of leather textiles, as the company offers its customers a wide range of goat leather textiles used in the shoe production sector. The company includes a competent and integrated work team to ensure an outstanding service to its customers. The main headquarters of the company is located in Basaksehir, located in Istanbul.

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Leather import from Turkey

Importing from Turkey and ordering leather does not require much effort or time, as it does not need a large capital and at the same time it gives a large financial profit and the profit percentage in the leather trade is increased over time, so the merchants began to attract to leather goods in turkey and import it from Turkey

and ordering leather does not require a great effort or time, as it does not need a large capital and at the same time it gives a large financial profit and the profit rate in the leather trade increases with time, so traders began to be attracted to importing leather from Turkey. Leather prices in Turkey vary from one company to another, but at the end the prices are suitable for customers and there are many markets that sell leather at the cheapest prices, and we have mentioned some of them.

leather jacket wholesale market
leather jacket wholesale market

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Leather shops in Istanbul

The leather industry is one of the important and necessary industries in our time and other industries, and Turkish leather and fabrics are the best types in the market because of its quality, so we will introduce you to the most famous leather shops in Istanbul………

12- Prens Leather

It specializing in selling leather in Istanbul has excellent and friendly service and its prices are reasonable compared to prices in other places. Leather has contemporary and classic


Founded in 1992, it operates in the men’s shoes sector. It also operates in the wholesale footwear and men’s shoes in suede sectors. Based in Karaman, Turkeyز-store shops in iICARET LTD STI


She works in the second-hand clothing sector. It also works in the sectors of leather skirts, leather trousers, leather clothes and leather clothes.


It operates in the leather bags sector. It is based in Adana, Turkey.

In conclusion, we have explained to you where to buy leather in Istanbul? and everything related to leather in Turkey, such as places to sell leather and leather factories in Istanbul, and after you read this article, it will be easy for you buying leather in bulk from Turkey.

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