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carpet factory…top 5 turkish carpet factories

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 turkish carpet factory

Many countries around the world flock to import from Turkey, because of the advantages that Turkish carpet has. There are many turkish carpet factory so you can import what you want with ease and in very simple ways. So you will find many shapes that please all tastes. Through importing house platform you will know all the facts.

turkish carpet factories

Industry in Turkey is one of the most economic and financial sectors that the Turkish country depends on for its overall economy. The Turkish industry has recently become one of the main and greatest global industries characterized by its great quality, which led to a remarkable attendance of many merchants to import from turkey. Here is some famous turkish carpet factory that you should have a look at if you love trying new fashion trends, as well as that will skyrocket your trades:

rugs turkey manufacturers
rugs turkey manufacturers
  1. MY HALI The factory: is one of the most chief and handpicked carpet factories in Istanbul, as it productions and distributes the best types of carpets at the best carpet making in turkey and with high quality, and this factory is located in Istanbul, Turkey.
  2. ÖZKUL CARPETS: This factory is considered one of the most famous carpet factories in Turkey, as this turkish carpet factory produces and manufactures the best and most famed types of carpets in Turkey with the highest quality and the best prices so it is considered the best place to buy carpet in turkey and what distinguishes this factory is that it works in the hand-woven carpet sector and produces the best Shapes and materials of handmade carpets at the best prices, and this turkish carpet factory is located in Manisa, Turkey.
  3. KRC CARPET: This factory is considered one of the most famous and greatest carpet factories in Turkey, as this factory produces and manufactures the best types of carpets in Turkey with the highest quality and the top prices, the headquarters of this turkish carpet factory is in Gaziantep in Turkey, so you can import from Turkey.
  4. Yasin Kaplancarpe Factory: One of the well-known manufacturers known for its enormous production, the daily production efficiency of the factory reaches about 30 thousand square meters, at a rate of 750 thousand square meters each month, and 9 million square meters annually, which means that the production ability of the spinning plant is about 1350 tons each month.
  5. DEGER TEKSTIL: This establishment works in the manufacture and sale of the superlative types of carpets at the best prices, as this institution is known as wholesale carpet turkey trade in some sectors, including carpets and home textile products, this establishment is located in Istanbul, Turkey.

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turkish carpet company

In Turkey there are many international companies to import carpets wholesale and deliver them to other countries, but each company has a set of advantages that make it shine among other companies, and among these carpet companies in turkey that work in the field of importing carpets to many countries of the world:

turkish rug suppliers
turkish rug suppliers
  1. Atlashali carpet manufacturer in Turkey: Atlas was established in 1967, the company started to offer its services in the field of carpets production, as the company offers its customers a wide range of decent turkish carpet with many designs with long experience and the use of the latest technology. The company continues to shine in this field. The company offers a large portion of its products through its representatives to many zones in Europe.
  2. Kasmirhali carpet manufacturer in Turkey: Kashmirhali Company was established in 2005; the company started providing its services in the field of buying carpet in turkey as the company offers a wide range of large and medium-sized carpet designs. The company owns its own turkish carpet factory prepared with the latest technology, with an area of 75,000 square meters, in addition to more than 1000 sales centers in Turkey.
  3. Boyteks carpet manufacturer in Turkey: Boyteks, which is one of the vital companies in Turkey, has its work in the field of large manufacture of carpets and home materials, where the company offers: a wide range of competitive Turkish carpet such as salon carpets – wall to wall carpet turkey – carpets for kitchens -bathrooms – carpets for offices and villas. The company owns its own turkish carpet factory, with a total area of 11250 square meters. The company includes 1200 dedicated and integrated work team to ensure a world-class service to its clients.
  4. Royalhali: a luxury carpet company in Turkey. The Royal Company was established in 2005, and the Turkish carpet dealer started providing its services in the field of manufacture modern turkish carpet making in turkey for sale. With the use of the latest technologies and the company includes an inexperienced work staff. The company continues its distinguished work in this field. The company offers a wide range of turkish carpets with many designs and colors to suit all full room carpet of homes.
  5. My home textile products manufacturer in Turkey: My Home turkish carpet company started its work in the carpet field more than 49 years ago. Its products have different and advanced designs: delicate carpets – Ottoman design carpets – thread carpets – classic carpets – wool carpets – leather carpets – distinctive rugs – hand woven carpets. The main headquarters of the rug company is located in Basaksehir, located in Istanbul.

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carpet manufacturers in gaziantep turkey

Carpet is one of the most important local industries in Turkey, as it is widely accepted by tourists, so carpets are always sold in souvenir shops. There are now two types of carpets available in Turkey, hand-made carpets and this is more expensive in terms of price due to its high quality and carpets made inside factories and this is lower in price, carpets are considered one of the oldest handicrafts in the country, and its industry has developed through the ages and took different forms, including flowers and geometric shapes and in the fourth century Ten took animal shapes, so many import Turkish carpets.

turkey rug shop
turkey rug shop

The most famous carpet market in Turkey is in the city of Gaziantep, which is the largest crowd of workshops and factories in Turkey, where there are more than 350 carpet factories, and the size of the large turkish carpet factory reaches the possession of 70 and 90 machines, while the small turkish carpet factory range from 5 to 15 machines, when demanding carpets From Turkey. There are cities are also famous for making hand-made carpets and  import furniture store as well as they take the Turkish carpets’ sizes in meters, where they manufacture hand-made carpets by two methods of spinning and flat weaving, and carpets are made with several materials, including silk, cotton, wool and viscose, and among the most important types of hand-made carpets are (Shaklan – Kilim – Ushak) Kilim is the most popular and cheaper, while koshak are more expensive because of its scarcity.

One of the most advantages in this market is the dealer’s ability to design his own pattern or select different specific colors and specifications, whether in terms of color or design. They are sent to the turkish carpet factory through wholesale websites turkey and printed, because the carpet has become stylish and tasteful. And the customer can design is, engrave it through different design programs, send it to the turkish carpet factory and pattern it, and it can also be modified and it is for the customer or the trader and it is saved in the client’s file in the turkish carpet factory, as he can request it at any time he wants.

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where to buy carpet in turkey

The Grand Bazaar is the most famous shopping place in the Turkish city of Istanbul. This market is the largest and oldest market in the world, where thousands of tourists visit it daily, the market extends over an area of 30 thousand square meters in the city of Istanbul, and includes 60 streets with about 400 stores and shops, and this requires visiting markets in turkey many times. Turkey is famous for many local products that are manufactured with international high quality, and these products include Turkish carpets, leather goods, Turkish clothes, Turkish textiles, and Turkish antiques. And in the Grand Bazaar carpet wholesale market there are many shops that sell these products and have been famous for them for many years, and these shops include:

  1. Ethnicon Turkish hand-made carpet shop: This shop is also considered one of the most famous and top shops for selling handmade carpets in the Grand Bazaar. This shop offers modern styles of handmade carpets, and thus they are considered the best carpet sellers in Turkey.
  2. Sofa Art & Antiques Turkish-made antiques store: This shop is one of the most famous antiques shops in Istanbul, and it contains everything related to Turkish antiques, such as antique prints, historical maps, ceramic pieces, antique carpets and silver utensils.
  3. Dhoku shop: This shop is also considered one of the most imperative, most famous and top carpet store in turkey and in the Grand Bazaar, as it sells the exclusive handcrafted carpets at the highest quality and at the best prices, and it also sells Turkish carpets wholesale.
  4. SISKO OSMAN Turkish carpet Shop: This shop is considered one of the most famed, oldest and most luxurious carpet shops in Turkey for marketing Turkish carpets. In the shop there is a precious collection of antique and modern Turkish carpets in colors and in many different forms.

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import carpet from turkey

After completing the market study and knowing the feasibility of importing Turkish carpets, you can start looking for the most main turkish carpet factory that provide products with high quality, various designs and reasonable price of carpet in turkey that guarantee you selling at the normal market price and achieve a lot of profits. You can know the addresses of factories and know their quality and prices about through the Internet, by searching on Google, you will find turkish carpet factory in addition to the opinions of some of those who deal with them, also it is possible to communicate with some importers in other areas to provide you with advice and guidance, and if your budget allows travel, you can do that and search from there, for the information, travel to Turkey costs are not a lot and this a feature that enables you to travel whenever you want. Among the best import methods:

  • Traveling on your own: It is the greatest way as it is characterized by that you will visit stores and the factories from the inside and know the level of their quality, and you will examine all your goods and choose them carefully, and what is wrong with it is that it is more expensive than other ways and means in addition to that you may face some difficulties in dealing with some people and you will need an accompanying interpreter in addition to you will need to extract the import card, and this is not a defect, but it is a requirement and can be extracted simply.
  • The mediator: meaning that you specify the Turkish carpet models that you want and assign one of the people who travel frequently or one of carpet suppliers turkey to buy them for you in exchange for a commission agreed upon between you. The advantage of this method is that its budgets are lower than the travel budgets, but at the same time the mediator may not be able to provide what you need correctly.
  • Online purchase: You can buy online from Turkish carpets on the website of each company, and this method is characterized by being very low in terms of prices, but you will not be able to inspect your goods until after it reaches you, as the options in front of you are not as many as other ways.

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shipping carpet from turkey

The shipping company plays the most important role in importing as it plays the role of a financial mediator between the importer and the turkish carpet factory in Turkey, where the importer deposits the value of the goods at the shipping company office and supplies the amount to the turkish carpet factory in Turkey after receiving the carpets from it, and the company surely that the imports conform to the specifications and they should have turkey container tracking. It is one of the best shipping companies in Turkey for shipping goods:

  1. TNT Company: Land and air shipping to various countries of the world, a service that gained confidence and was distinguished by the orange color that colors the logos and the packages of packages and shipments. They offer customer service, offering discounted rates for heavy shipments, and there are branches in most countries of the world. It ships different kinds of goods, experience and learns to import furniture from Turkey in a short period of time, and satisfy the demands of different customers.
  2. Halablioglu International Shipments: For many years this company has been working hard to provide the best services in Turkey and several countries in the world, with the aim of satisfying the customer, according to competitive prices, quality, efficiency, speed and safety in transportation from companies. It has an air, sea and land fleet for delivery at the door. All documents, regardless of their type, reach the consignee in complete secrecy without being opened by any one, and the shipment is received in Istanbul and delivered to anywhere in the world, and the distance does not matter.
  3. Adoate Logistics Company: To send multiple purchases, combine them into one shipment, and send them straight to your doorstep. The price of a kilo of freight decreases as the weight of the shipment increases, safe credit card payment. You can buy from more than one Turkish shopping site and ship the quantity in large quantities, through an easy-to-use interface, thus saving the price of international shipping, and fast and safe shipping, to all Arab countries at your doorstep in one week.

Sea transport is one of the best shipping methods between Turkey and the Arab countries. Because it is the most economical in terms of money, despite the low cost of road freight, the large volume of goods loaded into containers through sea freight largely compensates for the cost difference, and it can be said that sea freight has become one of the methods currently used by alone to transport goods From Turkey to Arab countries, because it saves costs, the more goods, the lower the shipping cost.

In the end, we remind you that Turkey is one of the best countries that manufacture elegant carpets, as it is one of the most important sources of luxurious fabric, and recently the demands on Turkish carpets have increased due to its turkish carpet factory that will not you can find it only in Turkey.



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