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 Turkish olive oil price

Turkish olive oil price from the best affordable price Comparison to other countries, Turkish Olive Oil Industry is the second biggest olive cultivator in the world and is also is among the top five countries in olive oil production Turkey is one of the manufacturing countries that have embarked on an aggressive marketing campaign in the Asian region for the promotion of its unique olive oil Extra virgin olive oil price in turkey with best qualityof trusted suppliers this information and more will know in Importing House platform just follow us…..

Price of olive oil in Turkey

Today, Turkey exports olive oil to the more than 90 countries such as USA, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, U.A.E. and very few countries are left that have not experienced the good taste and fragrance of Turkish olive oil Edible olives are exported to 65 countries on average, containing pre-eminently Romania, Bulgaria, USA, Germany, Iraq The price of half a liter of olive oil, resulting from a total of 22 thousand Turkish liras, is about 6 thousand, 46 dollars, and the price of olives in Turkey is about 4000 dollars.

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Arnas family has been growing with the crops of the soil, trees and vineyards in the Mesopotamian and Aegean region for more than 350 years and they work on their experience to today. Dealing with the soil and agriculture is them biggest passion.BestTurkish olive oil found in this manufacture. they combine them agriculture traditions with modern production technologies to create unique 100% natural products.

They produce high quality brands of olive oil, olives, coffee, handmade soaps, coconut oil and other beauty products.

Their brands are:

  • Riccolivo Premium Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • The Mill – Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Natural fermented black table olives – High quality green brine olives – Tahini and tahini halva – Molasses – Specialty Coffees (Classic Turkish and 5 other special coffee types)
  • The Soap Factory – 100% herbal handmade soaps – 100% natural vegan bath salts – 100% pure edible coconut oil
  • Rosebella beauty products – Anatolian Rose extract face cream – Rose water Rose extract cleansing milk of Anatolian – Hand Cream with Anatolian Rose extract.


Salvation Olive Oil is an ultra extra virgin olive oil premium, of protected geographical indication (PGI). The olive harvest usually takes place at the early stages of growth, allowing the olives remain rich in phenols and antioxidants During olive harvesting, they do them best to avoid damaging the fruit. That’s why they only use modern olive harvesting equipment with soft and flexible plastic ends, so that the olives remain intact and the olive trees are not harmed. When the precious oil of the year’s crop is ready, them sole concern is to come up with an exclusive end product:

the best quality extra virgin olive oil you deserve to taste day after day.Them pledge to the consumers of Salvation olive oil is that they will always aspire to provide them with the finest extra virgin olive oil, excellent in all aspects. At present, they are the sole distributors and exporters of Salvation olive oil.Theirgoal is to make it available for anyone in any part of the world who hope to taste extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, the core of the world-renowned Mediterranean diet.

Bulk olive oil Turkey

The decreased production of olives in the Mediterranean Countries in 2013 will bring benefits to manufacturers in Turkey, according to the Chamber of Agriculture of Aydin, an important area for the production of olives near Izmir.

Turkish producers are relieved considering that the season began badly. Prices were very low, below the production costs, that growers had decided to avoid to pick the olives.


Dalan is one of the biggest producers and exporters of soap and personal care products of Turkey%70 are exported to 5 countries with brandsDalan, Diana, Nancy, Cindy, Alara and Roxy Beside producing %100 olive oil soap by traditional methods Dalan produces bar soap, liquid soap, shower gel, lotion, conditioner, shampoo, hand and body cream, shaving cream and industrial products such as glycerin, soap noodles, etc.


KESKİNOĞLU TAVUKÇULUK VE DAMIZLIK İŞL. SAN. TİC. A.Ş.Keskinoglu Group is one of the major producer and exporter of Chicken (%30 of total turnover of the company came from exports, leading exporter in Poultry sector) , eggs and chicken related products in Turkey (Every year 200.000 tons of Chicken meat, further processed products and 1.5 billion eggs capacity) .

They have good organic Turkish olive oil. The manufacture is one of the most integrated within the country covering all aspects of the chicken production process since 1963 Keskinoğlu is a company that takes its management standards from international comparatives, and has of course satisfied the requirements of ISO 9001 (General Management), OHSAS 18001 (Production and Labour Safety Systems), BRC( Global Standart Food Certification) and ISO 22000.

In 2003, the company has began to produce organic fertilizer from chicken manure and it was the first in Turkey (40.000 tons capacity anually) Akhisar is based in the Heart of Turkey’s olive oil region.

Olive oil price
Olive oil price

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Turkey olive oil production

Olives were collected from different districts of Turkey (North and South Aegean sub-region, Bursa-Akhisar, South East Anatolia region) harvested over seven (2001–2007) seasons. Study was to answer that is olive oil from Turkey good?

The aim of this study was to characterize the chemical profiles of the oils derived from single variety Turkish olives including Ayvalik, Memecik, Gemlik, Erkence, NizipYaglik and UsluThe olive oils were extracted by best press and three phase centrifugation from early harvest olives. Turkish olive oil quality known from many years Chosen quality indices contained free fatty acid content (FFA), peroxide value (PV) and spectrophotometric characteristics in the ultraviolet (UV) region.

According to the FFA results, 46% (11 out of 24 samples) known as extra virgin olive oils; whereas using the results of PV and UV, over 83% (more than 19 of the 24 samples) had the extra virgin olive oil classification.


ABALI FOREIGN TRADE CO. is a young, energetic company focused on producing and trading of high quality olive oil under OLIMARE brand in Turkey them headquarters are located in Istanbul, with them production facilities settled in the city of Antakya (Antioch), southern Anatolia Their product is pure olive oil in its most natural state, pressed and prepared without any further treatment.

The process combines the benefits of the traditional methodology with the upmost contemporary importance for food hygiene, and nutritional value. They use best Turkish olive oil machine in their company The cycle joins the advantages of the conventional technique with the highest contemporary worry for food cleanliness, and healthy benefit. They utilize best Turkish olive oil machine in their organization.

The creation is bundled in different measured glass bottles and is focused on both nearby and worldwide business sectors; especially on spots where valid, normal home-made items are supported.

Their olive groves are located in southern Anatolia, Mediterranean coast where olive cultivation goes back to thousands of years. Because of this location advantage, they can procure one of the best olive oil produced in the Mediterranean region.


This company, (VunariOrganik) is a family owned company located in island Gokceada (Imbros), in Aegean Sea, Turkey. This company is good if you need best olive oil from Turkey.

Created in 2007 and aiming to produce and export natural extra virgin olive oil, shielded and unshielded organic almonds and natural wine, Vunari Organik follows the ground rules for organic agriculture. contact for details Superior category olive oil came directly from olives and solely by mechanical means in early harvest Has certificate of Ecocert and IMO. Extra virgin wild olive oil is big demanded in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industry. them advantage is the acidity level which is low at 0.47 or 0.50. Samples give with test results upon request. Limited production.

olive oil distributors
olive oil distributors

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Turkish olive oil manufacturers

Turkey is the fourth greatest olive oil maker on the planet. Turkish olive oil is amazingly smooth and has a delicious taste. The best olive oils are hard to discover.

  • When you have tasted beautiful Turkish olive oil, your life will not be the equivalent.
  • Turkish Olive Oil is a main piece of The Mediterranean eating regimen which is extremely gainful for delectable and progressively agreeable eating.
  • Being the main vegetable oil that can be expended for what it’s worth crisply squeezed from the natural product, Turkish Olive Oil is a characteristic juice protecting the smell, taste, nutrients, and properties of the olive natural product.


They are a local virgin olive oil supplier and sell them oil to domestic market and now they market them oils to international brands of olive oil.Importers.Therefor they are looking for wholesalers, distributors, agentsbrokers who they can cooperate in exporting.

Imitate Food Trade Co. based in 2010 is a group of companies doing business in construction, food, beverage and olive oil supplyingselling and exporting.

For answer of  where to buy Turkish olive oil? Question is they sell to domestic market and export virgin olive oil & organic olive oil produced in Aydin- Aegean part of Turkey. The region is famous with its olives therefor they can find you the best selection of your specs. For more details, pls send them an email of your request, their production is ISO HACCP certificated.


History,from 1954, Taiba Company has been producing olive oil using a process called ‘Cold Process.

This company has bestTurkish olive oil brands. Company, continuously, they kept producing olive oil using other methods in addition to Laurel Soap. Since then; Taiba has been one of the best inveterate companies in Syria, Aleppo specifically in producing Laurel Soap. Present, In the mean time,to the recent incidents in Syria, TAIBA company has kept on producing Laurel Soap in Gaziantep, Turkey.

Service all other kinds of soap are also included within them products. it’s them pleasure to meet your demands In general they produce traditional Aleppo soap which is made with 100% natural olive and laurel berry oils, water and the relative concentration of laurel oil. It considered from best Turkish olive oil soap in turkey The famous laurel soap also known as Savon d’Alep, Aleppo soap, or Ghar soap, the Syrian word for ‘Laurel’, a handmade, hard bar soap. In addition they can provide you any other types according to your demands.

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