prayer mat wholesale turkey

prayer mat wholesale turkey .. 34 companies to find high quality products

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prayer mat wholesale turkey

Please kindly read this article to know prayer mat wholesale turkey suppliers, it will help you to know the products and suppliers. Through importing house platform you can find what you need.

prayer mat manufacturers turkey:

prayer mat wholesale turkey manufacturers is engaged in the production and export activities in turkey such as:

prayer mat manufacturers turkey
prayer mat manufacturers turkey
  1. GULSEVEN HALI A.S: it started its activities by producing yarn, the main raw material of carpets, for the industry’s leading companies by establishing integrated yarn plant in 1997, has successfully maintained this mission through many years by means of its quality products.
  2. KETS TEKSTIL KADIFETEKS: It’s engaged in the production and export activities in turkey, it’s among the major supplier companies in turkey and leading a Turkish company that can offer you the best price and perfect quality.
  3. KARTEKS TEKSTIL LTD.STI: it’s engaged in the production and export activities in turkey, it’s among the major suppliers companies in turkey and leading a Turkish company that can offer you the best price and perfect quality.
  4. MELIKHAN CARPETS: it’s one of the leading company in carpets industries, it produce a lot of kinds of carpets such as Acrylic, Shaggy, it produce a great group of different colors, which distinguish with the sophistication and softness of strands.
  5. SALMA COMPANY: it established in 2014, it has an experienced team with 2 million upholstery fabric and prayer mat wholesale turkey in year since its foundation, It produces products for exporting to all over the world.
  6. GOZDA COMPANY: it’s one of the greatest companies in turkey, it established in 1980, its factory continues to make all kinds of investments by strengthening its position in the textile sector in its new location, now it become a trust symbol.
  7. BEYAZIT: it was established in 1965, it’s one of the best factories in turkey, it continues its activities such as domestic sales, import and export in Istanbul, considering the principle of complete customer satisfaction with its trained and experienced employees.
  8. BERAT COMPANY: It produces velvet carpet, textile and carpet with 20 years of experience, it’s one of the best manufacturers in turkey which marketing its products in the velvet related market as well as exporting to different countries.

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turkish prayer mat wholesale:

if you want to buy or import Turkish prayer mat wholesale from turkey so you should read this article.  Prayer mat is a kind of prayer mat wholesale turkey with traditional and beautiful designs for some particular use, the sizes often 70cm×110cm and the weight is based on the raw material itself, prayer mat is often used as praying items, so it’s popular in middle east, and other Muslim countries in the world, mean time you can use it to decorate your home and make your home more classic.

turkey prayer mat factory:

prayer mat wholesale turkey factories have a strong production capacity and can produce 10000 pieces in one day. Turkey is one of the best place for industry luxurious fabric in the world, and in the recent period the demands on Turkish products from all over the world have increased dramatically, includes prayer mat wholesale turkey due to the great progress that turkey has made in the textile industries, so we will show you the best factories in turkey:

turkey prayer mat factory
turkey prayer mat factory
  1. TIANJIN ATTRACTION CARPET CO.LTD: it located in Tianjin, it was founded in 2011, with a construction area of 20000 square meters, it has more than 2000 employees, it has a strong production capacity and can produce 10000 pieces in one day.
  2. SELAM KADIFE: It was founded with 35 years of experience, in 2014, its production continues within its 3000 square meter of indoor space, it has the capacity to produce 2 million square meter of velvet fabric and prayer mats annually.
  3. SHALISHKAN FOR CARPETS: it was established in 2017, it has the best carpets in turkey, it has a lot of choices with a great colors and decorations for domestic and foreign customers, it started producing carpets since 1980.
  4. ISTANBULCARPET: it’s an old and ancient company in Istanbul, which won international fame.
  5. MOLDIVAR: prayer rug samples are carefully prepared in many different ways from past to present, so when people pray they will use some thing clean and designed very well.
  6. NINOVACARPET: It’s one of the famous factories in carpet producing, it was established in 1989, it present all kinds of carpets which come to your mind of all sizes, and it making rugs from PCF polypropylene carpet.
  7. YASIN KAPLANCARP: it was established in 1983, it’s one of the best factories in turkey, it has must appreciated since its foundation.

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turkish prayer mats price:

you can get prayer mat wholesale turkey for a good price.

  • You can get 3d oriental mosque printed floor rug royal Moroccan outdoor Muslim prayer mat from TIANJIN ATTRACTION CARPET CO.LTD for 3.59$/square meter.
  • You can get high quality velvet Islam prayer mat wholesale turkey 2019 for 1.60$/piece.
  • You can get white Turkish Islamic prayer mat wholesale turkey, embossed Islamic gift, Turkish Anatolian traditional prayer rug mat from 4.00$/ twenty-foot container.
  • You can get high quality Islamic prayer mat wholesale turkey from SELAM KADIFE for 1.30$/piece.
  • You can get prayer rug hit pin travel prayer mat with compass pocket sized carry bag and attached compass prayer rug portable nylon for 1.50$.
  • You can get high quality velvet Islam prayer mat for 1.85.
  • You van get special high quality prayer mat for Muslim for 111.1$.
  • You can get high quality velvet mini Islam prayer mat for 0.59$.
  • You can get Turkish prayer rug Islamic gift prayer carpet mat, travel Muslim Turkish prayer rugs carpet for 3.00$/twenty-food container.
  • You can get white Islamic prayer rug, Turkish traditional prayer rug, authentic ottoman prayer rug mat for 6.00$/ twenty-food container.
  • You can get customized color Muslim prayer mat for kids for 0.59$.
  • You can get purple ethnic prayer mat, Turkish Muslim prayer rug, traditional fabric prayer rug for 7.00$/ twenty-foot container.
  • You can get non-slip Turkish Muslim prayer carpet/mat/rug for 1.50$ .
  • You can get pink color Turkish prayer mat, travel Islamic chenille prayer rug, Islamic gift prayer rug for 7.00$.
  • You can get red embossed Islamic prayer rug, this is an elegantly designed high quality prayer mat, Arabic Muslim prayer rug for 7.00$ / twenty-foot container.
  • You can get non woven prayer rug prayer mat from turkey for 15.00$/ square meter.
  • You can get 100% polyester washable prayer rug made in turkey for 13.50$.
  • You can get wholesale prayer rugs for Muslim made in turkey for 1.55$.
  • You can get 40×80 prayer rug for 0.80$.
  • You can get cheap prayer mats printed 100% nylon for 4.50$.
  • you can get SELAM prayer mats colorful for 1.70$/ piece.
  • You can get rugs prayer black, size length from AMAZON.COM for 19.99$ it’s premium quality fabric-prayer rug large size.
turkish prayer mats price
turkish prayer mats price

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prayer mat suppliers turkey:

prayer mat wholesale turkey is a kind of small mat with traditional and beautiful designs, there are a lot of companies which provided you with the best quality and best price such as:

  1. the prayer mat company: it’s a prayer mat company which designed by a proud Muslim, it offers a range of fabric, colors and designs to suit all tastes and budgets.
  2. WUXI JOYDAY SILKROAD EL-CLOUD TEXTILE CO.LTD: it supplies the beautiful prayer rugs that can be used by Muslims, as manufacturer and wholesale prayer mat and mink blankets.
  3. Luxury prayer rug mat.
  8. DECARP.
  12. ISIK KADIFE: it presents its service in carpets industries, it provided a group of fabric, carpets, and prayer mats, the company has a special team to ensuring world-class service for its clients.
  16. SENKAKADIFE: It produces prayer mats, it started its activities in home textiles with its 30 years of experience, it provided the luxury fabric for upholstery, the company also offers a wide range of prayer rugs with distinctive designs.
  17. ROYALHALI: it was founded in 2005, and it started to present its service in carpet industry, it provided a great group of carpets with a lot of designs and colors, with using high technology in this field.
  18. ATLASHALI: it founded in 1967, and it started in presenting its service in carpet producing, it provided a range wide of carpets with a different designs with a long experience, and using high technology, and it continues its distinguish in this area.
  19. BOYTEKS: it’s one of the important companies in turkey, it started its industries with a large production, it provided carpets, prayer mats, in addition to a luxury fabric.

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turkish prayer mat online:

turkey is one of the important country which product the best prayer mat wholesale turkey, to buy prayer mat from turkey you should:

  • choose a suitable prayer mat company to buy from: you can choice products and request it from the carpet company in turkey.
  • Choose a suitable shipping company to deliver the goods to you: you can go to this step after buying the products. First the best companies in turkey such as:
  • TIANJIN ATTRACTION CARPET CO,LTD : it was founded in 2011, with a build area of 20000 square meters, it has more than 2000 employees, it has a strong production capacity and can produce 10000 pieces in one day.
  • JOANGSU IRIS NEW MATERIALS CO.LTD: It’s one of the leading manufacturers of blanket and blanket auxiliary, there are more than 25 years experience in production and development of various blanket (non-woven prayer mat, polyester blanket and etc).
  • PUJIANG CHAKMA COMMODITY CO.LTD: It’s a professional company engaged in research, development production, sale and service of mat & carpet, due to it’s rich manufacturing experience, it’s company has captured a share in the global market. You can buy prayer mat online store at a good price, the product has a large description, high-quality photos, specifications, customer reviews and accessories. Second the shipping companies such as:
  • ADWAIT LOGISTIC: it can ship the prayer mat.
  • ORIENTAL PEARL COMPANY: for sea and air commercial fright from turkey. And there is a city in turkey called the city of carpets, it has a lot of carpets factories, it has about 350 factory for carpets, and factories for prayer mats, and the most important thing of the carpet city in turkey its ability to meet the special requests of customers.

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luxury prayer mat:

you can buy prayer mat wholesale turkey as a unique gift for Ramadan gifts, Islamic gift, wedding gifts, engagement favors, hajj favors, welcoming favors, or any special days, there are a lot of prayer mat kinds such as:

  • Large xl personalized prayer mat: it’s an elegantly designed, it designed for modern Muslim living.
  • Royal luxury prayer mat: it’s an elegantly designed high quality prayer mat, it’s a unique gift for Ramadan, haji, wedding, birthday and any other special occasion.
  • Muslim prayer mat for kids: these small, light weight Muslim prayer mats are made of high quality Turkish velvet and can be used by all kids, girls, boys or any child outdoors or indoors as your child can fold and roll, buy with confidence from candy and balloon.
  • Royal elegantly designed prayer mat: it’s a high quality prayer mat, a beautiful gift for Ramadan, hajj, and wedding.
  • Islamic extra large prayer mat : it made in turkey, the source of most of the world’s Islamic prayer rug production.
  • Fireproof carpet: prayer mats should be fireproof to prevent the risk of ignition, poor quality carpets in the market catch fire easily and in case there is a potential danger the flame spreads quickly.
  • Anti-smell: it’s very important in our houses and our mosques, if our mosques don’t have high quality mats you can choice mats made of wood, which resist smells, specially in the summer months.
  • Anti per spirant: prayer mats should be anti per spirant, because there is no avoidance of sweat directly touching the carpet, specially when people barefoot.

modern prayer mats:

prayer mat wholesale turkey factories introduce new shape, the world’s first arch-shaped personal prayer mat, inspired by the beautiful arch in Islamic architecture, each of these mats have been developed in different textures and materials, from shabby canvas to cool denim. The prayer mat has been designed from the ground up, with a specially developed cushioning layer that is just right for added comfort for your feet and knees. The unique modified underside is made from a non-slip material, allowing safe use on smooth floors.

Import from turkey

Imported items are packed beautifully and crafted beautifully, these are the items not founded in regular market. Since 2018, when the Turkish lira plunged in value, import from turkey became even more profitable, in 2019 alone the value of imports from turkey to the EU amounted to 69.8bn EUR.

  • Some of the most often products included transport equipment, textile articles, machinery, agricultural products, and more.
  • It’s important to note through that when you import, you need to pay customs and value-added tax.
  • In 1995 turkey became a part of the European union customs union, what it mean that in most cases importers from turkey to the EU don’t need to pay customs, custom codes and custom rates for all EU countries are available.
  • to import from turkey you need a packing list sometimes also a certificate of origin or other documents.
  • While importing from turkey you must also have documents confirming the preferential status of goods, if you don’t have them, you can be forced to pay customs according to duty rates for third countries, most agricultural products and all products made from coal and steel require the EUR.1 certificate, the EUR-MER certificate, or invoice declaration.
  • It should be noted that even though due to the EU customs union you don’t need to pay customs, you are still obliged to pay a value-added tax, you need to check its value on a case-by-case basis.
  • Import from turkey to USA: firstly, it’s worth pointing out that the codes used in the EU and in the USA are not identical, the USA uses the harmonized traffic schedule (HTS) codes, which can be found on the official website.


prayer mat turkey:

prayer mat wholesale turkey is called “seccada” and these can be bought in so many shops, street stalls not just carpet shops, in carpets shops these will be hand made, possibly of silk (some are wool) and so cost a lot of money, if you want a cheaper mats you will buy it from street stall. There are in Islamic houses at least one prayer mat, in some houses there are a lot of prayer mats, that means there is a great demand for prayer rugs.

Finally, turkey has the best turkish prayer mat, all kind of carpets, such as carpets, floor mats, bedroom mats, living velvet mats, wool carpets, non-slip mats, children carpets, handmade acrylic carpets and other professional production.

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