Where can I buy baby clothes wholesale in Turkey

Where can I buy baby clothes wholesale in Turkey… the best 11 places in Turkey

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 Where can I buy baby clothes wholesale in Turkey

Where can I buy baby clothes wholesale in Turkey ? This question always asked from people concerned of clothes business, in this article I will reply to this question. Wholesale Kids Fashion, Wholesale Boy Clothes, Famous Brands, Variety of Models, Beautiful Wholesale Baby’s Clothing for Boys and Girls all of this are available in Turkey. Best Turkish baby clothes brands, Places of wholesale baby clothes Turkey, with best suppliers and high quality also lowest price, this information and more will know in Importing house platform.

Where to buy baby clothes in Istanbul

Best Children’s Clothing in Istanbul, Turkey

1- Aziz Bebe:

A.S which is one of the leading babies and Children’s clothes brands of Turkey since 1984 produces babie’s and children’s wear for 0-12 age group. Aziz Bebe has wholesale shops located in Osmanbey and Laleli Istanbul, showroom, office and warehouse in Moskow/Russia and distributors and agents mainly in Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Balarussia , Moldova , Saudi, Iran, Lebanon, Algeria , Turkmenistan with exports to more than 45 countries . Aziz bebe has 33 Concept retail shops in Turkey and 36 Concept retail shops abroad and 446 corner sales points all over the world.

Aziz Bebe A.Ş. is conducting all operations within its integrated facilities having 16.000 sqm area in Istanbul and Kirklareli with its high technology machinery and equipment, there are bulk baby clothes wholesale, these contain also production of fabric, knitwear and socks, Aziz Bebe produces collections suitable for babies and children by using nichel free non-carcinogenic raw materials, there are 480 employees.

Wholesale baby clothes in bulk in Turkey
Wholesale baby clothes in bulk in Turkey

2- Cemre Tekstil:

Has been producing carpet yarns and knitting yarns since 1990, our goal is to produce high quality yarns for the market, we use worsted production system. We can produce yarns between Nm.6 and Nm.50; these products can be 2, 3, 4 ply according to our customer orders, we use raw materials like Acrylic, New Zealand Wool, European Wool and Polyamide, our production is made with continually quality controlled. We use both carding system and Seydel fiber braking system, our goods can be sent to our clients through pallets or pp bags according to our customer needs. Goods can be produced as heatset or non-heatset; heatset is made with Superba and Savio Volufil machines. Also, we have our own dyeing facility yarns can be dyed or ecru as stated in order; we use stock dyeing system. Cemre Tekstil also has an important role in Turkiye’s wool import from New Zealand. It is known that New Zealand wool is the best, whitest, purest and cleanest wool in the world to be used in carpet. Besides our clear known customers in local market our yarns are being used in many countries like; Poland, Egypt, Italy, Belgium, USA, Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc…

3- Özk Kids Fashion:

ÖZK Kids Fashion is the admiration of a child since 1982 from today to the future. If you ask me where can I buy baby clothes wholesale in Turkey? ÖZK Kids is the best answer for this question. The establisher of the company, Kanber ÖZKAN, took its biggest steps to this industry by producing children shirts. Evaluating the choice of client and proposals with a great importance created a line of comfort and smartness which is appropriate to modern life style. Not only It is a quality brand which is extending from Mahmutpaşa to the countries of the world, but also It took its place between the major companies who choose to manufacture in Turkey, it is one of the best wholesale clothing in Turkey.

It is preparing Its Collection with best field experts, young and dynamic team in accordance with the modern fashion line, ÖZK Kids Fashion ,giving priority to quality in production, left its mark in children’s clothing industry.
ÖZK Kids Fashion meet its consumers through the domestic and global sales outlets. ÖZK Kids Fashion is walk on its way by adding new products to its collection every new season.

Also, there are wholesale ladies clothing in Turkey;

  1. Fimka 3
  3. Whole Sale Clothes Turkey
  4. Svelto Stella
  5. Wholesale Guitar Shop
bulk baby clothes
bulk baby clothes

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Turkish clothing online store

We have focused on some of the best Turkish online shopping website, where you can drop ship and buy bulk wholesale clothes. Turkey clothing market is one of the largest markets in the world. Turkish baby clothes online, best Turkish Online Shopping Websites ,the answer for where can I buy baby clothes wholesale in Turkey?, (Clothing Wholesale/ Drop ship);

1-Fimka Store.



3-Wow- Wholesale.





Turkish clothes where to buy

  1. Adam’s Fashion Turkish Style
  2. Turkish brands
  3. LC Waikiki
  4. Zara
  5. Prude & style
  6. Lacoste
  7. Lomy Fashion

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Wholesale baby clothes suppliers in Turkey

Top Deals at Factory Price, trusted Place Orders Online via Trade Assurance, 100% Refund. Most Popular, Quality Assured if you need all of this importing from Turkey.

4- KZM Trade:

is a shirt manufacture company in Turkey which produce his brand and also customer brand, one of best wholesale children’s clothing Istanbul, with its own factory and experience personal, it produces all kind of shirts with using various fabric, Mostly we use Cotton&Elastan, Cotton&polyester , Cotton and Linen on our products. Our company produce men shirts and kids’ shirts and sell to the nearly 30 countries in the world, Our Factory has high capacity to produce and if the request more than we have ability to raise our capacity too, Our vision is to produce quality and faster products for our clients.

5- Bebegin Sepeti:

was established as a baby child and adult textile store in February 2019, Our company; It aims to ensure customer satisfaction and to grow in the international market by offering quality products at an affordable price, Our principle of providing better service is our product range that is expanding day by day, Our store allows you to shop for quality at an suitable price, Our company continues on our way by considering your ideas, suggestions and opinions; keeps consumer loyalty and grinning face in the closer view.


Having been a reliable and competent manufacturer-exporter company in Turkey for 3 years we have pleasure to introduce ourselves as BEBEMEKAN which is manufacturer exporter company and to inform you about our scale of products, BEBEMEKAN broke a new ground in infants’ clothes in Turkey thanks to a wide range of products for the infants from 0 to 12 months. We have products under the name of BEBEMEKAN, Our goal is to meet the requirements of our customers in the most appropriate way and time.

7- Vakko:

wholesale women’s clothing in Turkey Vakko is considered to be Turkey’s most dynamic fashion label. Its items of clothing are meant to encourage the customers to live a young, excited, innovative and free-spirited lifestyle, for people who ask where to buy wholesale clothing in Turkey? the answer is from Vakko, the motto of its first store in Taksim, which was launched in 1982, was to become “Turkey’s most youthful fashion brand.” Vakko has clothing sections for women, men, and exclusive part for weddings. It also has a range of accessories on their board like home décor products and cosmetics.

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Turkish baby clothes sizes

The system of measurement used in Turkey is same as in the European countries, which is the metric system, and temperatures are expressed in degrees Centigrade, Travelers coming from the UK or USA may have problems with these units of weights and measurements as they may be a little less familiar. Also, in Turkey, decimals are considered a comma.

Baby clothing factories in Turkey

With highest quality and trusted deals.


We go on to our operations with 500+ stores in 30 countries. We continue our path as one of the top three companies in our sector in Turkey, Together with our experienced design team and business collaborators, we are bringing together affordable and quality products with global design trends, We are creating bespoke designs for countries where we operate thanks to our creative marketing strategies and a design office that provides significant added value in innovative perspectives, The experience we gained in a short time and our rapid growth acceleration prompted us to open up to foreign markets, we have all clothes wanted cheap baby clothes wholesale and all prices range ,Having the vision to become a international fashion brand since the day we were founded, we opened our first overseas store in Kazakhstan in February 2012.

9- Malkoc Konfeksiyon Tekstil Insaat Gida Temizlik Maddeleri Sanay:

ABOUT US We started our activities in Bursa with Malkoc Baby brand in 1991, Thanks to our credibility and rapid circulation of products, we manage to reflect our cost advantage to our customers and offer more than 15.000 models from 300 brands with very competitive prices, with more than 25 years of experience, we have many baby stores in Istanbul, Turkey, our company is one of the best companies in Turkey, we also serve our customers in 40 countries from 5 continents.

10- Korkmaz Triko Konfeksiyon Sanayi Ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi:

Founded in 1992, Korkmaz Triko has rapidly expanded and strengthened its structure with a wide range of products that follow quality and fashion trends in the men’s and women’s clothing sector, Korkmaz Triko, which designs its products in-house, has a production capacity of over 1,000,000 pieces per year, Korkmaz Triko has adopted the principle of providing good quality service to its customers with its 20 years of knowledge and experience in the sector. Our company carries out its production activities in its factory found in Bagcilar / Istanbul with a closed area of 3.500 m2. Korkmaz Triko, which prepares


Our company PEDIBEBE is engaged in the production and export activities in Turkey, is exporting the product groups listed below, We are among the major supplier companies in Turkey and leading a Turkish company that can offer you the best price and optimum quality, Our company PEDIBEBE, a member of TurkishExporter, is engaged in production and trade in Bursa.
Made in Turkey products we are supplying are as follows: Turkey baby clothes wholesale ,wholesale baby clothes scholarships Turkey wholesale baby clothing Turkey.

At the end of article my advice to a person who start his own business in clothes as general that import from turkey you will find what you need, I hope that I benefit you in presenting all information about where can I buy baby clothes wholesale in Turkey.

your child’s clothes.


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