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For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in chocolate factory in turkey ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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chocolate factory in turkey

If you looking for chocolate factory in turkey , here you will know everything you are looking for In our platform importing house we give you all the information you need to know about Plush chocolate factories.

best chocolate factory in turkey

If you want to know the most important chocolate factory in turkey, you should give this article a read. Chocolate factury in turkey deal with their chocolate products as a piece of art. The turkish statistics authority indicated that the arab countries accounted for more tgan half of turkey’s exports of chocolate products during the past year, as the value of chocolate exports reached 109 million dolars. There are a lot of  turkey chocolate market in turkey.

Turkey is one of the most important chovolate processing countries, there are in turkey many new factories and moder establishment, especially in the field of chocolate factory in turkey compete in creating distinctive and desivable types, among the most famous of these brand: Damac, etty, ulker, mica, billet, nutella, chocolate, kinder, nestle, laviva and internationally know brand, and all factories sellturkey chocolate price at a cheap and good price. There are a lot of chocolate turkey size in turkey.

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 And this factory is … Royal damas: this factory produces all kinds of chocolate, royal damas company for the manufacture of chocolate,throat, biscuits and turkish coffee with it’s wonderful and distinctive taste and reasonable prices, damas a symbol of quality and elegance. Bimo gida: this factory produces all kinds of chocolate, bemo chocolate and comfort. This factory has special prices and there are cheap and expensive chocolate

  • .Turkish chocolate exchangd
  • MHBH: this company produces sandwiched, stuffed and chocolate biscuits and several other varieties with several registered traemarks.
  • Emaar grup: biscuit and chocolate industry.
  • Altinmarka: this chocolate factor has a lot of chocolate making machines and makes the best raw materials and types of chocolate.
  • Etietieti
  • Mondelezinternational
  • Dorivachocolate: This is chocolate factory in turkey. And its prices are very good.
  • Seidoglugida
  • Melodi: this company in istanbul, this company one of the most famous chocloate company in turkey.
  • Hazalbikuvi: this factory has a container shipping company in turkey to ship chocolate to other countries.
  • Evliya
  • Bawella
  • Odulcikolata
  • Incibeyaz
  • Akgida
  • Akaybiskuvi: This company currently has its own factory it is equipped with the latest technology and had a total area of 20.000 square meters.

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chocolate price in turkey

If you are looking for the prices of all kinds of chocolate in turkey, here you will know everything you are looking for. There are all kinds if chocolate in turkey and there are a lot of prices, there are expensive and cheap chocolate. The globe celebrates world chocolate day 7 july, the date chocolate was first introduced to turkey. And chocolate turkey candy is considered one of the most important sweets.

It is able to draw a smile of satisfaction and happiness as soon as it appears in front of the old or the young any where in the different parts of the world. It is well know that chocolate is not only an excellent mood hancer, but it is avaluble gift international day to celebrate the prensence of chocolate in our lives. There are a lot of turkey chocolate online shop to sale chocolate.

Let’s get to know the chocolate prices:

  • Ice cream with a box of chocolate: this price is 19.40 $.
  • Banda spread with dark chocolate: this price is 2.15 $.
  • Chocolate spread cream bitter: this price is 10 $.
  • Torko chocolate banda: this price is 2.60 $.
  • Pistachio cream and cocoa cream: this price is 10 $.
  • Muster cocoa and hazelnut: this price is 3 $.
  • Turkish chocolate filled with cream: this price is 6.50 $ز
  • Milk chocolate chip with hazelnut: this price is 13.50 $.
  • Chocolate vanilla hazelnut: this price is 8 $.
  • Boom bubble hazelnut: this price is .18 $.
  • Milk chocolate with hazelnut: this price is 14.50 $.
chocolate turkey size
chocolate turkey size

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chocolate manufacturing companies in turkey

  •  If you want to know the most important chocolate company in turkey,  you should give this article aread.
  • Chocolate companies in istanbul deal with their chocolate products as a piece of art .
  • The turkish statistics authority indicated that the arab countries accounted for more than half of turkey’s exports of chocolate products during the past year, as the value of chocolate exports reached 109 million dollars. And chocolate companies in turkey is ...
  • Ayasofya group: One of the best companies in the production of arabic chocolate with excellent quality and high specificatios, and all of countries love turkey and import from turkey a chocolate.
  • Aslan group: This company works in the manufacture of granules and chocolate bars in turkey
  • Bawella company: This company is a biscuit and chocolate manufacturer in turkey.
  • Terasgida: This company in Istanbul. In this company there are  turkish chocolate exporters  exporting a broad.
  • Melody company: This company in istanbul, and has many of delicious chocolate.
  • Dima company: chocolate industry and trade.
  • Vigagida company: one of the most famous chocolate factory in turkey.

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stone chocolate suppliers in turkey

If you are  looking for stone chocolate suppliers in turkey, here you will know everything you are looking for… there are suppliers all over turkey. There are a lot of suppliers to chocolate turkey for sale in turkey

And suppliers is..

  • Trapez makina.
  • Sorag chocolate.
  • Mt royal.
  • Eli cikolata.
  • Sevel.
  • Parcao glu.
  • Cihan chocolate.
  • Alper makina.
  • Bind chocolate

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Turkish chocolate where to buy

By searching on the Internet, you will find hundreds of Turkish factories and companies that import chocolate in bulk, we brought some of them to you:

  1. Soray Gida:

A brand of Tatlısumak Confectionery in Turkey, under the leadership of their founder, it started its production life in 70s with the principle of being a brand sought by the consumer by producing quality products in a 300 m2 area with a small hard candy production facility. Turkish chocolate for sale as they started to produce soft candy in 1990, and chocolate and started to use the name Şoray in the same year. Şoray Chocolate Candy, is still in Konya Organized Industrial Zone to produce a total of 20,000 m2 in area with an extensive network of dealers and 5 continents in 40 to operate close to exporting countries.

  1. Kamila Chocolate:

Kamila chocolate wholesale entered into manufacturing chocolate in 2008 in Kosovo, improving market conditions and demands, it has become a remarkable brand in is market. The factory is located in Sakarya, Turkey on an area of 20.000 m2 where 7,200 m2 is indoor producing best compound chocolate by the addition of bars, biscuits with chocolate and candies. Kamila Chocolate is making production in European standards and exporting to more than 35 different countries including Middle East, Africa, South America and Europe.

  1. Nukka:

FMCG Trade Gida has more than 15 years of experience in the snack group of Turkish chocolate biscuits, cake, biscuit, chocolate and wafer categories. The company has founded in 2018, the company sells products specific to the market in accordance with long and global perspectives, they are providing a satisfying working environment.

They took a firm step towards becoming a world brand by minimizing the implementation processes with its innovative thinking, innovative approach. They offer quality products to its valued business partners with products suitable for the value chain in the markets of the countries it exports to, while the profitability and service quality differ and satisfy its business partners.

turkish chocolate companies
turkish chocolate companies
  1. Alyan Gıda:

This company producing unique and distinctive flavors of chocolate varieties using the best ingredients and offering them to you at prices that satisfy you. To be leaders in their industry and innovations is prominent in their factories in Turkey that operate within international standards and produce halal products. They are manufacturing under the brand names Alyan, Volume, Jogla and Labanh. At the Hendik factory, in the city of Sakarya, also they export to various countries of the world and their customers are located in the Middle East, Africa, America, and Europe.

  1. Detay Gıda Cikolata:

They offer over a dozen different varieties of high quality dark, milk and Turkish white chocolate, available in blocks, coins, chunks and drops, and across a wide range of different taste, color, texture and viscosity alternatives for flavoring, glazing, enrobing, filling or decorating for the finest chocolate confectionary, biscuits, pastries, ice creams and desserts.

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Turkish chocolate store

  1. Vega Gıda:

It’s an industrial that produces products, candy – toy and chocolate, cocoa – hazelnut creams and confectionery product groups, continues its activities in an area of 8,500 m2, 6,000 m2 of which is closed area in Istanbul Omerli in Turkey. They add the quality of the raw material, the labor and enthusiasm of its employees to the products it produces, as well they continue to work to bring its quality to a wider consumer group with its increasing product variety, to progress in the sector with the right investments.

They provide their customers with better quality which you can buy chocolates with affordable prices to ensure that their products are reached at every sales point and to provide better service. Aiming to be friend of the health of you and our children, who are continue their efforts to offer you the best tastes and to reach the most perfect with their quality management philosophy and to grow further in the field of production and marketing.

  1. Evliya tr:

It has been established in 1960 in Turkey, they are producing soft, hard candies, compound chocolate, fondant, jelly candy, real coated Turkey chocolate in their line, being conscious of food sector, they provide best quality products and service. It has very wide web in domestic market that covers 80% of Turkey, their products are distributing in Aegian, Marmara, Central Anatolia, black sea, Eastern and Southeast regions of Turkey, they export their products to more than 50 countries in the world.

  1. Ergun Chocolate:

The company established in Gaziantep in Turkey. Their production is chocolate covered wafers, cream chocolate filled bar filled with soft candy verities and also pulse. In 1992-year they started wholesaler business. In 2000 year, they start to chocolate manufacturer. Their production marketing %75 export to world %25 internal market, they update their company and their capacity.

Import chocolate from turkey

Importing from turkey Turkish sweets and chocolate is a project considered one of the most important projects preferred by many investors, because these products are considered one of everyone’s favorite products.

Where investors can import Turkish chocolate, and get a lot of profits as you must follow some of tips below:

  • You must take into account the quality of the products they get from the Turkish market.
  • Quality control standards in Turkish chocolate production companies,
  • Investors choose companies that have sufficient experience in this field.
  • Relying on inspection and monitoring companies that can be confirmed.

Also, there are many ways to import Turkish chocolate, and you as investor must choose the method that suits you, such as: Traveling to chocolate production companies or importing through intermediary companies, or through the Internet. when you will search on the Internet, you will find many companies that provide chocolate from Turkey export service to all countries of the world can compare the prices of various companies, to get the best chocolate materials at the lowest prices.

There are a lot of suppliers sales turkish chocolate wholesale.


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