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3 factories to buy high quality honey filling machines

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honey filling machines

honey filling machines is very rare, but you will find the factories and all types with us now, by just reading the following report, let’s see together with importing – house platform.  


automatic honey filling machine

Bee honey is a medicinal and food substance that is produced by worker bees, and it contains several chemical elements; They are: amino acids, yeasts, various vitamins, minerals, sugars, especially one-sided, and essential oils that give it smell and taste, and color, mineral salts, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. The honey produced by free-range bees in nature is called wild honey, and when there are no flowers next to the bees. Workers collect honeydew honey from the honeydew secretions of some insects of a homogeneous order such as aphids.

 Uses of honey are used in prescriptions for some diseases. It is used in cooking and baking recipes. Apply sweets to give them a delicious taste. It is added to some drinks as a substitute for artificial sugar. Honey bee manufacturing companies in Turkey:

automatic honey filling machine
automatic honey filling machine
  • Yavuzbal company for the production of honey in Turkey:

This company was established in 1977 by Mr. Hassan Yavuz, and this company is considered one of the companies working on honey production in Turkey.

  • Anavarza Bal:

This company carried out research and development operations that took a lot of time, until it reached the manufacture of honey powder, and this process is unique and for the first time in Turkey. You can see many names of honey manufacturers The best place to sell honey in Turkey:-

  • Original Taji Honey Company:

This company was established in Syria in 1977 and it has a long-standing name in Syria, and then Syria has exported honey through this company to 9 Arab and Western countries, and this company is now present in Turkey, and it has many experts specializing in choosing the finest and best types of honey, Among the most important areas in Turkey that produce honey are the Anatolian plains and the Taurus Mountains.

It also seeks to provide the rarest, best and finest types of honey while providing it to the consumer at reasonable prices, and it works to be among the international companies producing honey, as well as it is considered one of the honey shops in Istanbul.


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Types of machines:

  • Automatic honey filling machine

The high viscosity liquid filling machine is suitable for filling high and medium viscosity liquids as well as high temperature liquids with very high filling accuracy.

Products: Oil, chocolate, jam, honey, juice, ketchup, mayonnaise, tahini, sauce, jam with strawberry pieces, jam with fig pieces, jam with raspberries, mango juice, strawberry juice and natural fruit juice, tomato sauce, ghee, paints and detergents.

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semi automatic honey filling machine

The semi-automatic liquid filling machine is suitable for filling liquids, Suitable for filling high, medium and low viscosity liquids with very high filling accuracy. Products: Oil, Chocolate, Jam, Honey, Juice, Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Tahina, Sauce, Jam with Strawberry Pieces, Jam with Fig Pieces, Berry Pieces Jam, Mango Juice, Strawberry Juice and Natural Fruit Juice, Tomato Sauce, Ghee, Vinegar, Water Cheese, milk, paints, detergents, and liquid soap. Types of honey recognized in the world:-

semi automatic honey filling machine
semi automatic honey filling machine
  • Clover honey

It is extracted from clover flower, and honey contains volatile oils, as well as Cofarin extract, it is light yellow in color, and has multiple benefits, this type is considered a tonic for the body and energy, It treats digestive disorders, relieves pregnancy and childbirth pains, reduces acidity, and is an effective treatment for irritable bowel syndrome.

– Sidr honey

Wild honey, and it is considered the best type of honey in the whole world, it is extracted from the Sidr tree before its fruits are laid, it is dark brown in color and has a good smell that differs from other types of honey in taste and density, and it can retain its quality for two years and It is one of the most expensive types of honey in the world and due to its scarcity production, it is found in certain seasons. This type of honey helps treat liver and digestive diseases, anemia and general weakness and is ideal for children, pregnant women and infants.

– Citrus honey

It is extracted from citrus trees such as (orange trees – lemon – tangerine and others) It is white in color, low in density and contains a high percentage of ascorbic acid, which is also an antioxidant It is very useful for children, especially in cases of diseases such as influenza and cold, because the benefits of these citrus fruits are transferred to honey, so it obtains its advantages and is ideal in cases of anemia and strengthening of memory as it works to prevent cancer diseases.

– Sunflower honey

This honey is extracted from the sunflower flower, and it is yellow and golden in color, and upon crystallization it becomes amber in color, has a slight smell, and a slightly sour taste, and this honey helps reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood, and contains several vitamins and minerals such as Zinc, iron and phosphorous.

– Cotton honey

It is extracted from the flower of the cotton plant, it has a beautiful aroma, tastes delicious, and its density is light. It turns white when it freezes, and it helps in the treatment of anemia.

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honey bottle filling machines

In the last ten years, the Turkish industry is experiencing a state of recovery and vitality, with the high quality of Turkish products and their rise to international standards in a number of industry fields, which has been witnessed by a number of international quality inspection organizations.

About this, the head of the machine industry department of the Turkish Association of Independent Businessmen and Industrialists “Musiad” Torgay Gazar told reporters in October of last year, where he pointed out that the machinery industry is one of the most strategic industrial sectors in the world, explaining that the advanced machinery’s ability to Achieving commercial industrial sufficiency for a country, and thus liberating it from dependence on other countries, which costs it and its citizens exorbitantly.

honey bottle filling machines
honey bottle filling machines
  1. Semi-automatic cheap honey filling machine

Price: 19,500 TRY

City: İstanbul / Başakşehir

Release date: 20/09/2020

Listing ID: 00148980

Section: Packaging machines in Turkey

Machine condition: new

Year of manufacture: 2020

Manufacturer: Lionmak

Payment method: cash, bank transfer, money transfer company, and commercial broker

Advertiser: the manufacturer

Language of communication: Turkish, Arabic, English

– Company profile: If you want to import from turkey Import from lionmak, it’s a Manufacture and establishment of food and chemical production lines in addition to industrial refrigeration equipment.

  1. Harkom

Harkom was established in 2011 in Turkey, to manufacture packaging machinery. In particular, our product vision encompasses everything from screws to engineering solutions, leading to completed machines. The company manufactures grain filling machines and powder product packing machines, and condiment packing machines, nut filling machines, legume and candy packing machines, mini honey filling machine powdered and cereal products, pasta, etc. They also install machines for packing these product groups, and honey bottle filler their domestic and international customers also prefer our filling machines, due to the original service understanding and solution focus. They are like a family at work, and they have been in the machinery industry for over 6 years.

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honey filling sealing machine

Jazar stated that Turkey has made remarkable progress in the last ten years in the field of machine production, as it produces 51% of the machinery it needs today such as small honey filling machine , after it produced only 27% before the AKP came to power in 2001. Jazar explained that the machinery production sector in Turkey ranks second after the land logistical transport sector, in terms of its contribution to Turkish exports, as last year machine exports accounted for 9.2% of total Turkish exports, which amounted to nearly $ 144 billion.

Jazar added that these percentages are good, but they need a larger development plan, so that Turkey can compete well in this sector, stressing that many industrialists around the world want to use Turkish machines, because of their high quality such as European quality and moderate prices such as machines Chinese.

honey filling sealing machine
honey filling sealing machine
  1. sdbz

It produces Automatic piston pump filling machine or honey jar filling machine for sauce, jam, paste This machine is specially made for all kinds of viscosity materials, such as chocolate paste, peanut butter, honey, butter, Mayonnaise, ketchup etc. All the contacted part with the chemical oil is high quality stainless steel. The machine adopts piston pump for filling. By adjusting the position pump, it can fill all of the bottles in one honey stick packaging machine, with quick speed and high precision.


  • No bottle no filling
  • Drip-proof filling nozzle
  • Easy cleaning structure
  • Jacket hopper for hot filling products
  • servo motor driven, HMI control

honey filling machine price

Before knowing the price, you should know that, the Turkish Exporters Union states, on its website, that Turkish machines have reached more than 150 countries, indicating that Turkey ranked 26th in the world and sixth in Europe for the year 2014, in terms of the amount of machine production, such as honey filler                   According to the union, the main objectives of the Turkish machinery industry are as follows:

– Manufacturing advanced technological machinery that has the ability to compete with the ten industrialized countries.

– Establishing a business partnership with the largest possible number of investors and importers in the global markets.

– Delivering the machinery industry’s share of Turkish exports to $ 500 billion, to reach the fifth rank in the world in terms of machine-exporting countries by 2023, within Turkey’s strategic vision.

– The union stated that the advantages of Turkish machines are as follows:

– Trained engineering cadres equipped with periodic educational and research courses supported by the government and provided by distinguished local and international experts in this field.

– Intense care for quality.

– Assigning the production process to specialized technicians and administrators, which increases the volume and quality of production.

– Industrial zones that provide the two elements of cooperation and competition at the same time.

– The development of the industries sectors related to the machinery industry sector.

  1. Armin Makine

It produces filling machine for viscous liquids full automatic, 2 nozzles.

Price: 14,000 EUR

And the price of the used honey filling machine is less than that.

City: İstanbul / Ataşehir

Release date: 06/11/2020

Listing ID: 00162739

Section: Packaging machines in Turkey

Machine condition: new

Year of manufacture: 2020

Manufacturer: Armin Makine

Payment method: cash, bank transfer, money transfer company, and commercial broker

Advertiser: the manufacturer

Language of communication: Turkish, Arabic, English

honey packaging bottles

According to the Federation, the training and advisory courses provided by the government are the largest factor contributing to the development of the production process.

The union has classified the most productive Turkish machines in Turkey as follows:

– Heating and cooling machines.

– Motors and small machines.

– Drying and irrigation machines.

– Machinery used in construction and mining operations.

– The pumps, such as honey filling pump

– Military machines, “tanks, artillery, etc.”

– It used in agriculture.

– The machines used in the production of foodstuffs.

  1. samkin

It’s a prominent & leading Manufacturer from Ankleshwar, we offer food packaging bottle & jar, hex shaped squeeze bottle, with non drip vale, 50 gm pet jar, pet jar for honey 50 gm and pet jar 20 gm honey.

– Product Details:-

Use:  beverage, Food

Material:    Plastic

Feature:     Eco-Friendly,Folding,Stocked

Cap Type:  Screw Cap

And if you want to sell honey imported from Turkey, have a look at this part:

Buy honey wholesale from Turkey: Recently, the demand for food products in Turkey has increased significantly, and among these products is the increase in the demand for honey from Turkey, and therefore because this product is characterized by its excellent quality and delicious taste, Turkey has become very famous for this product, and importers have been asking to buy honey. From Turkey because of its advantages that distinguish it from others. In order to know the places that have Turkish honey for sale, you can visit this link and get to know all the details you are looking for.

– Honey apiaries in Turkey

There is no doubt that beekeeping is a very difficult profession, and use automatic and manual honey filling machine Therefore for those who want to enter into a project to establish beehives, they must have sufficient information to help them establish these apiaries.  Among the most important information that helps beekeepers in raising bees and creating a honey apiary are as follows:

– He should have information about the nature of the bees, the -types of flowers from which honey is extracted, and the dates of the flowering season.

– He must have knowledge of how to continuously inspect the hive and extract honey from it.

– He must have knowledge of the diseases that can be infected by bees and methods of treating them.

– The place where the apiary is established should be far from the residential area and not have any trace of noise, odors, or lighting; As this affects bees.

– It is better if the place is close to clean water, or it is possible to make a basin with water and be near the apiary.

– To protect the bees from overheating, especially in the spring, it is necessary to make a bee umbrella, preferably from bee fronds.

– It is better if the direction of the apiary is the northeastern side, because through that the sun shines on it in winter.

– To maintain the balance of the bees’ flight during the wind, windbreaks should be made approximately 1 meter high.

– Take care to choose the strains that are good, have the ability to cope with climatic conditions and make sure of the honey filling machines they use, and also have the ability to produce honey strongly, and are also fast growing.

Dear reader, after a search through the sites, we gathered for you everything about honey filling machines’ factories in Turkey, simplified and concise, and explained through it about the most important areas in which honey is produced, and we also talked about the factories that sell honey.

The methods of importing honey and the prices of honey, as we explained in general The benefits that a person can benefit from by consuming natural honey, and it is known that honey dates back to ancient times, as the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Assyrians, Romans, and Greeks used it, and there is no doubt that honey occupies a very big position among Muslims. Because it was mentioned in the Holy Qur’an is saying of God Almighty: “There is a drink of various colors coming out of its stomach, in which it is a healing for people ﴾[An-Nahl)


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