Importing clothes from Turkey to USA

 Importing clothes from Turkey to USA…different ways of shipping

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 Importing clothes from Turkey to USA

 Are you afresh investor ? Do you think about importing clothes from turkey to USA ? follow this report to know ways of shipping!  The idea of importing clothes from turkey to USA is not an innovative or new idea, but it remains one of the greatest business ideas, as clothes are basic products and are required by everyone, and Turkish products in particular are the most appropriate in terms of high quality, low import price, high profit margin, in addition to the good reputation of turkey clothes in USA and the local markets. Therefore, if you are considering entering the world of import, the idea of ​​importing clothes from Turkey is the most appropriate idea in terms of profitability, risk ratio, ease of distribution, and other factors. Below is an extensive guide on how to best implement the idea.

How to import clothes from turkey to USA

These shipping centers have been able to complete services from Istanbul to America and Canada, at reasonable prices and with standard delivery time.The United States of America is one of the important destinations for all Turkish shipping centers as Alfares Lojistik in America. Various shipping solutions are available to Turkish clothing store online, Cleveland … other American cities.

Due to the high quality and competitive prices provided by Turkey, many importers intended to import clothes, food products,Turkish furniture and textiles from Turkey, and Alfares Lojistik worked on the ignorance of the easy and orderly shipping process from Istanbul to America.

 Importing clothes from Turkey to USA
Importing clothes from Turkey to USA

Turkish clothing store in USA

Shipping companies worked to find integrated shipping solutions from Istanbul to America in line with the type and nature of these shipments, and also followed the best techniques to  import from turkey  by packing and packaging to preserve the shipments from the risks of shipping, and in the interest to provide the best services to its customers, they worked To provide the papers and documents necessary for the shipping process to run without any obstacles, with the ability to carry out all customs clearance procedures.

Sea freight from Turkey to America: Al Fares Lojistik ships commercial goods or shipments of large size or weight, through dedicated containers within shipping vessels and through Turkish ports to various ports in the United States of America, providing you with a competitive price and the most appropriate schedule especially for Wow wholesale Turkey for arrival with the provision of packaging services for the goods to ensure It arrives safely. They have also provided various sizes of marine containers in proportion to the size and weight of your shipment (20 feet containers or 40 feet containers), with arranging them inside the containers in a regular and accurate manner.  Air freight from Istanbul to America:  There are distinctive services in the field of air freight from Istanbul to America, as it provided door-to-door or door-to-airport shipping service within a specific receiving and delivery schedule at competitive prices especially for Turkish clothing for sale , as their services reach all American cities.

And in order to be the focus of the confidence of its customers, it has undertaken the freight operations within a record time in accordance with your desires.

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 Importing clothes from Turkey to USA
Importing clothes from Turkey to USA

Turkish clothing brands in USA

 KiwiMarka has strong relationships with the most prominent fashion insiders and the latest trends which have the greatest influence on the current trend and cooperates with them to provide the latest fashion trends to those interested in Turkish clothing for ladies.

 Kiwi Marka has signed partnership agreements with a group of the best export and import companies, warehousing and logistics services companies, and companies providing after-sales services from various parts of the world, In addition, they at Kiwi Marka have a distinguished team with distinctive capabilities, absolute dedication, flexibility and unparalleled experiences that appear through their daily work.

Kiwi Marka also provides customer service in multiple languages which is different to other Turkish clothing labels , in addition to many internet systems and e-marketing methods that suit the needs of our customers. At Kiwi Marca, they are proud that the number of our registered clients has reached 2 million so far. They also aspire to increase this number by opening new marketing horizons in foreign markets . Their customers can benefit from all the services we provide by simply placing a purchase order on their website.

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 Importing clothes from Turkey to USA
Importing clothes from Turkey to USA

Fimka Store

High quality Turkish women’s clothing for wholesale Welcome to FIMKA! They  are the premier online clothing wholesale supplier in Turkey, Istanbul and Laleli are among the best wholesale clothing suppliers, providing fashionable pieces to retailers and boutiques from all over the world. So let’s see a high-quality Turkish clothing wholesale boutique.  On their site you will find everything you need to stock your store with fashionable and high-quality wholesale women’s clothing – from Turkish dresses and Turkish clothing to accessories.

Turkish website for clothing

 More than a decade ago, FIMKA launched an e-commerce website to make purchasing women’s clothing wholesale as easy as retailing. Clients no longer have to travel to Turkey to do business with them. You can go online and order any item from our group with just a few clicks, which saves time and money. Browse the catalog, find something that you think will attract your customers, select the sizes, colors, and quantity you need. Turkey now exports to the world after it managed to break the stereotype of the traditional black dress through Renewal and diversification in bright colors while preserving the conservative character through models that appeal to all tastes.



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