manufacturing of blood collection tubes

manufacturing of blood collection tubes …the 2 most trusted factory

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in manufacturing of blood collection tubes; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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manufacturing of blood collection tubes

manufacturing of blood collection tubes by plastic injection machines, as this giant project is distinguished by its accuracy and accuracy in production and there are a limited number of factories producing blood collection tubes where the majority of merchants prepare by manufacturing of blood collection tubes.

blood collection tubes manufacturing process

Hospitals and laboratories with these tubes by importing them from China, India or other countries. Among the companies that provide sale and installation services for blood collection tube factories and blood transfusion pipelines production lines.

blood collection tubes manufacturing process
blood collection tubes manufacturing process

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blood collection tube manufacturing machine price

  1. The Turkish Farr Company

is one of the 9 companies in the world that provides “turnkey” services, as it provides integrated services that include selling, installation and operation and provides training courses for staff The technician operates and manages the factory for a period of not less than 3 months, and that make them best manufacturing of blood collection tubes.

You can communicate with blood collection tubes supplier through their site to know the price. Uses of blood transfusion tubes that made by manufacturing of blood collection tubes : Transfusion tubes or blood collection tubes are used in collecting and transporting blood to the laboratory to detect a specific condition in the blood. The majority of blood collection tube uses are in medical laboratories and hospitals.

blood collection tube manufacturing machine price
blood collection tube manufacturing machine price

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blood collection tube distributor

  1. Hebei Xinle Science & Technology Co

Established in 2005, (Hereafter referred to as Xinle) is an ISO and CE,FDA certified company. Equipped with independently made fully automatic assembly line and independently developed production management software system, Xinle production starts from raw material including xinle blood collection tubes ABS, PP,PET and metal material with quality management as well as passing value to hundreds of millions of people around the world.

 capillary blood collection tubes is mainly used in collection, storage, pretreatment and transportation of capillary blood specimen. It is suitable for other patients who are not able to collect venous blood (like those with bad burn) and newborn babies, infants, prostrate patients in ICU.

blood collection tubes sizes and types:

Number of blood collection tubes colors: There are currently 6 colors for blood collection and transfusion tubes that are used in medical laboratories and hospitals, and we will mention different colors of blood collection tubes for you, including:

Red Tube

Yellow Tube

Green Tube

Blue Tube

Lavender Tube Purple Cap

Gray Tube

blood collection tube price

CE certified OEM approved tube medical blood collection container

$ 0.02-$ 0.03 / Piece

5000 pieces (min order)

Now we enlighten you with color code for blood collection tubes, an explanation of each color of blood collection tubes, places of use, and what materials are placed inside:

  • Red Tube

The red blood drawing tube is a tube that is usually transparent and has a red cap. This type of tube is completely dry and does not contain any “anti-clotting and other” substance.

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blood collection tubes with gel

  • Yellow Tube

The blood drawing tube with a yellow cap contains an anti-clotting substance. This gel is placed in the inside of the yellow tube in a simple and unfocused manner to prevent blood clots and also to separate the serum.

$ 0.042 – $ 0.065 / Piece

10000 Pieces (min order)

  • Green Tube

The green blood collection tube is used to measure blood gases, electrolytes, hormones, and amino acids, measure the concentration of therapeutic drugs, test for the enzyme hydrogenase glucose-6-phosphate, and also in the cyto genetics department. And placed inside the tube to draw the green blood one of the two substances, either sodium or lithium heparin.

  • Blue Tube

 Is one of manufacturing of blood collection tubes product. If the blue color, the blood collection tube is used for blood clotting tests, such as the fibrinogen factor test and the prothrombin time and Partial prothrombin time, Sodium Street is placed inside a blue blood drawing tube.

  • Lavender Tube

The purple blood drawing tube is used for blood and immune tests, blood bank, chemical tests and also when needed For blood imaging elements such as erythrocytes and WBCs. The tube of purple blood contains sodium, and this tube is completely mixed with the blood collecting, where it is mixed uniformly Quiet and smooth, so that the anti-clotting substance is fully distributed over the tube components.

High Quality Purple Cap Blood Collection Bowl Edta K2 K3 Tube Vacutainer

$ 0.01-$ 10.10 / Piece

50000 pieces (min order)

  • Gray Tube

A gray blood drawing tube is used in medical laboratories to determine the glucose level, as the tube contains a substance Potassium fluoride, which prevents the change in glucose concentration by stopping the breakdown of glucose in blood cells.

common blood collection tubes

Most blood collection tubes contain an additive that either speeds up blood clotting (clot stimulator) or prevents blood from clotting (anticoagulants). Here is the best of manufacturing of blood collection tubes, the tube is made from virtually unbreakable and highly transparent polypropylene which you can import from turkey.



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