chocolate manufacturing companies in turkey

List of the finest 11 chocolate manufacturing companies in turkey

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in chocolate manufacturing companies in turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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chocolate manufacturing companies in turkey

Chocolate is one of the most beautiful foods that everyone loves, particularly from luxury styles such as Turkish, so trade in it and import it your way to a good project and at the same time delicious from the best chocolate manufacturing companies in turkey , so you find the best factories that you can cooperate with in the next row.

chocolate manufacturers in turkey

Look for suppliers and chocolate manufacturing companies in turkey? As well as operating in the chocolate industry, there are businesses specialised in the chocolate industry in Turkey, including plain chocolate, dark chocolate, Turkish chocolate pistachio nuts and others, and the most popular of them are ….

chocolate manufacturers in turkey
chocolate manufacturers in turkey
  • AVET GLOBAL: A chocolate maker based in Istanbul, Turkey, operating in the sugar, chocolate and chocolate bar sectors.
  • -Aduja Artisanal Chocolate-: is the Ankara-based manufacturer and producer of chocolate in Turkey, involved in the chocolate and cocoa field, established in 2019.
  • TURKISH ARAB GATE: It is a famous chocolate manufacturing companies in turkey based in Konya and is involved in the cocoa and chocolate business.
  • BIND CHOCOLATE: The manufacturer and maker of chocolate in Turkey, with its headquarters in Istanbul, is involved in the cocoa and chocolate industries.
  • ERTAY GIDA: Operating in the plain chocolate, hazelnut and cocoa chocolate sectors, it is the maker and supplier of chocolate in Turkey, based in Istanbul.
  • ÜCLER GIDA TEKSTIL SAN: The Gaziantep-based chocolate maker and supplier in Turkey operates in the chocolate and cocoa business.
  • ALPER MAKINA: The chocolate manufacturing companies in turkey and maker of chocolate in Turkey, with its headquarters in Ikitelli, is involved in the cocoa and chocolate industries, in agricultural machinery and equipment for the manufacturing of chocolate, in machines and in confectionery.

And now we will show you list of shipping companies in turkey In Turkey, are you looking for a chocolate company? The best chocolate companies in Turkey live. In Turkey, chocolate such as dark chocolate, hazelnut chocolate, pistachio chocolate and others are made, among the most popular turkey chocolate business

  • Akay: The main hub of the company is based in the district of Şehitkamil in the city of Gaziantep. The company is involved in the chocolate and biscuit industry and trade.
    The organization sells its commodities to more than 15 nations worldwide. The firm has its own warehouse fitted with the new technology, selling turkey chocolate bars, stuffed chocolate, ladies, desserts, coffee biscuits and chocolate stuffed biscuits, with a total area of 20,000 square metres.
  • MHBH: A group created in 2017 by a Syrian business and trade specialist with many registered trademarks for the food industry in Turkey and manufacturing dipped biscuits and stuffed with Turkish chocolate chocolate where to buy and other articles and here you can find best chocolate in turkey
  • ROYAL DAMAS: A major corporation in the manufacture of all sorts of chocolate. In 2012, the company’s latest branch was launched in Turkey, producing chocolate, cookies, wafer biscuits and Turkish coffee with its wonderful flavour, good quality and fair prices, and the company works all days of the week. The company aims to penetrate the Arab and European market, working to offer high-quality chocolate at reasonable prices while building trust.
  • HAZAL BISCUITIt is a chocolate manufacturing companies in turkey based in Karaman, which manufactures cookies, sweets, Turkish dark chocolate, crackers and candies in the chocolate market in Turkey.

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chocolate factories in Istanbul

In Turkey, are you hunting for a chocolate factory and chocolate places in istanbul? It is one of the world’s most popular chocolate factories because it has fun trips for the world’s children , adults, women, and then all chocolate enthusiasts, in which there is Turkish chocolate delight …

The factory founded in Turkey in 2015, it is a factory with an area of 25 thousand square metres, as it has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Istanbul, as it attracts the interest of children and adults, mainly women, due to the presence of several quantities of sparkling chocolate, in which children have a special fun ride, as they learn how to make chocolate

Visitors see a waterfall of hot chocolate and wholesale chocolate in istanbul available for tasting at the beginning of the trip at the factory in Istanbul, several figures of animals and plants, a candy house, and all this appears to the spectator as actual, but it’s chocolate From the Chocolate Doors, visitors see historical relics made of chocolate and the most popular mosques, Sultan Ahmed Mosque, known as the Blue Mosque and Maid Mosque. With sculptures of individuals, such as Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, Commander Mustafa Kamal, and Jalal el din Al Rumi, who have had a distinctive influence on the world.

wholesale chocolate in istanbul
wholesale chocolate in istanbul

For each and every individual who applies to set up a task to sell desserts, you should speak with chocolate manufacturing plants in Turkey, where the best and most delectable kinds of chocolate are found, and today we will discuss the sorts of Turkish desserts, how to import them from Turkey, and how the undertaking of the candy store is found.

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Chocolate companies in Turkey

Chocolate improves your state of mind, likewise help with weight reduction if it’s kind of dull chocolate, and in the event that you are searching for best of chocolate company in Turkey which you can purchase chocolate wholesale, here is some of it.

  1. Tayas Tr:

They started in Konya in 1965 out of a little workshop and proceeds in Gebze-Kocaeli where they moved in 1991. Presently, they become one of most significant makers of chocolate, candy and chocolate items in Turkey and around the world. While making incredible progress in global business sectors, importing from Turkey they can target various tastes kinds of chocolate with an item range including in excess of 250 unique assortments.

Tayas owes its involvement with fare to the high caliber and cleanliness control standards that are applied without bargain. Tayas is authorizing for consistence with FSSC 22000, BRC, IFS, HELAL and ISO 22000 principles. With its capacity to consent to the strictest food codexes of various nations and execution of itemized food examination, Tayas makes genuine consumer loyalty its rule and keeps applying this effectively.

The “Gold Star Quality” reward given in Geneva-Switzerland in 2000 has demonstrated Tayas’ prosperity and fortified its flourish for flawlessness. One of the fundamental highlights of Tayas, aside from quality, is constant turn of events. In accordance with the Marketing Department, Research and Development just as Production Development offices assume controlling parts for new items, and key jobs for the improvement of existing items.

With 33,000 m² indoor space, Tayas gives work occasions to 1000 individuals, running a creation limit of 150 tons for every day of which 90% are sent out to 130 nations around the world. In the neighborhood market, Tayas isn’t just providing the chain stores, however has additionally begun to supply the conventional channels through a circulation framework.

wholesale bulk chocolate
wholesale bulk chocolate
  1. Kawaf Group

They have begun to create chocolate in Turkey by an expert group prepared locally and universally. They are making cheapest chocolate with interesting taste and unrivaled creation strategy, chocolate utilizes the best cocoa spread, cocoa mass, cocoa powder sugar and milk. The Premium fixings are basically blended and refined to make the chocolate in an appealing bundling to additional improve the general quality by offering need to high caliber and sanitation.

Their food item produced using crude cocoa beans, and different groceries, including sugar, milk, margarine, nuts, dry natural products, and different fixings and flavorings utilized in numerous kinds of chocolate, treats, drinks and even nourishments, and it is accessible in a few sorts, including milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate it’s a good place to buy chocolate online from.

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Import chocolate from Turkey

Turkey is portrayed by the presence of numerous chocolate for sale in bulk in Turkey with a wide standing, and we will show you that a few companies have picked up wide popularity.

  1. Ulker in the Middle East and North Africa

Ulker figured out how to prevail upon buyers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) district when it initially extended, in light of the fact that it is the least expensive chocolate. In 1974 the area put resources into the Gulf locale to build its creation and constructed one of the biggest. Their plants in the district as indicated by the most recent principles applied in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Ulker Factory was opened in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and started delivering staples in November 1999.

  1. Baki cake, chocolate and roll arrangement

In 2003, Food Industry Corporation was ISO 9001: 2000 ensured and Analysis System Certification.

  1. Sagra Company

At the point when you show up at the Sagra Gallery, you will be amazed to see the enormous number of hazelnuts just as different sorts of hazelnuts on offer, you can purchase, analyze and make certain to taste the best nuts on the planet! The show likewise presents a one of a kind hot cocoa marked down filling machine with the assistance of a tap-like spout, you can get what you need and you and your youngsters will appreciate watching it fill your eyes and you can buy chocolate online cheap from them.

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Turkey chocolate online shop

  1. Vega Gıda:

It’s a mechanical that produces items, candy – toy and chocolate, cocoa – hazelnut creams and candy store item gatherings, proceeds with its exercises in a region of 8,500 m2, 6,000 m2 of which is shut territory in Istanbul Omerli in Turkey. They add the nature of the crude material, the work and eagerness of its representatives to the items it produces; too they keep on attempting to carry its quality to a more extensive customer bunch with its expanding item assortment, to advance in the area with the correct speculations.

They give their clients better quality which you can purchase Turkish chocolate for sale with moderate costs to guarantee that their items are reached at each deal point and to offer better support. Planning to be companion of the wellbeing of you and our kids, who are proceed with their endeavors to offer you the best tastes and to arrive at the absolute best with their quality administration theory and to fill further in the field of creation and promoting.

  1. Evliya tr:

It has been set up in 1960 in Turkey, they are delivering delicate, hard confections, compound chocolate, fondant, jam treats, genuine covered Turkish chocolate biscuits in their line, being aware of food area, they give best quality items and administration. It has wide web in homegrown market that covers 80% of Turkey, their items are conveying in Aegian, Marmara, Central Anatolia, dark ocean, Eastern and Southeast locales of Turkey, they trade their items to in excess of 50 nations on the planet.

  1. Ergun Chocolate:

The company set up in Gaziantep in Turkey. It is one of the Turkish chocolate brands their creation is chocolate covered wafers, cream chocolate filled bar loaded up with delicate treats verities and furthermore beat. In 1992-year they began distributer business. In long term, they start to chocolate producer. Their creation showcasing % 75 fares to world % 25 interior markets, they update their company and their ability.

Now if you want to import from turkey Thus, the most important chocolate factories in Turkey and the best chocolate firms in Turkey have been clarified to you. We’ve also clarified that the most chocolate manufacturing companies in turkey in Istanbul is going to be beneficial to you, we think.

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