chocolate manufacturers in turkey 

Best 7 approved chocolate manufacturers in turkey

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chocolate manufacturers in turkey 

Are you interested in chocolate manufacturers in turkey ? Are you thinking for Turkey ‘s best chocolate factories to buy from them? Will you like to hear about Turkey’s largest and most popular chocolate companies? Do you want chocolate to be imported from Turkey and are you looking for the most important suppliers of chocolate in Turkey?

We will show you the most important chocolate manufacturers through this article to import chocolate from turkey from them, and we will describe the most popular and largest chocolate companies in Turkey, in addition to showing the best chocolate suppliers in Turkey to buy from them, follow us:

top chocolate manufacturers in turkey

Are you looking for top chocolate manufacturers in turkey? Will you like to find out about the best chocolate manufacturers to buy from? Are you talking about the most popular factories in Turkey for the manufacture of the most luxurious types of chocolate? Don’t worry, we are going to show you the best quality chocolate factories in Turkey, follow us:

top chocolate manufacturers in turkey
top chocolate manufacturers in turkey
  1. Azim Confectionery Factory: It is considered to be one of the most luxurious and largest producers of turkey chocolate, operating in the hazelnut and traditional sweets chocolate market, as well as in the canned fruit and jam sector, all of which are located in Sivas and are of the highest quality and lowest prices.
  1. Avet Global Factory: Considered to be one of the best chocolate from turkey factories, which manufactures and produces the best turkey and cocoa chocolate, the factory in Istanbul is characterized by high quality, cleanliness and fantastic prices.
  1. Özel Chocolate and Candy Factory: one of the largest and most important confectionery and chocolate manufacturers, which is known for its best chocolate brands in turkey, cleanliness, high quality and fair prices, and is located in Konya, and is distinguished by the processing and production of the finest types of wholesale bulk chocolate and bonbon.

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turkish chocolate companies

Are you looking for turkish chocolate companies? Are you asking about importing chocolate from Turkey from the most popular chocolate companies in Turkey? Do you want to visit Turkey ‘s biggest chocolate businesses to buy and import from them? Don’t worry, we’ll show you the best high-quality chocolate companies in Turkey now, follow us:

turkish chocolate companies
turkish chocolate companies
  1. Terasgida Company: Considered to be one of the most luxurious and important confectionery companies and best chocolate manufacturers in turkey, specializing in the production of the finest quality and lowest prices of the most luxurious varieties of chocolate wholesale and biscuits in Turkey, and is based in Istanbul.
  1. FMCG Company: one of the largest chocolate companies in Turkey, specializing in the manufacture of the finest chocolate turkey wholesale and biscuits at the highest quality and fair prices in Turkey, with its headquarters in Istanbul.
  1. Himalaya Company: one of the largest and best turkey chocolate producer turkey and chocolate brand companies in Turkey, where it is renowned for producing the highest quality premium chocolates and biscuits, and is also characterized by fantastic prices, based in Istanbul.
  2. Dima Food Company: Considered to be one of Turkey’s most prestigious chocolate companies, operating in the manufacturing and manufacture of the most luxurious turkey chocolate industry, and the chocolate price in turkey is very occasion as well as in the biscuit market, and distinguished by its luxurious quality, with its headquarters in Antakya.

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turkey chocolate suppliers

Are you looking for turkey chocolate suppliers? Are you interested in importing chocolate and looking to import chocolate from Turkey from the most popular chocolate suppliers in Turkey? You want to know the best suppliers of chocolate in Turkey to import from them? Don’t be afraid. Now we’re going to show you Turkey’s most popular chocolate suppliers to import from them, follow us:

  1. SIYAH BEYAZ MEDYA34: One of Turkey’s largest and most important wholesale chocolate supplies of sweets, which specializes in working with hazelnuts, cookies, candies, cocoa, caramel and other sweets in chocolate, all at fantastic prices and luxury quality, and is located in Istanbul, from which turkey can be imported.
  1. PETRA IC VE DIS TICARET: Based in Ankara, PETRA IC VE DIS TICARET: is considered one of the most popular and famous suppliers of Turkish sweets to import turkey chocolate, which works in the chocolate sector with hazelnuts to import chocolate, chocolate boxes and biscuits at the lowest prices and with a luxurious quality, through that you can import from turkey.

Through that, we have shown you the most important chocolate manufacturers in Turkey to import turkey chocolate, and we have also explained the biggest and most popular companies and best suppliers in Turkey that make the finest chocolate, we hope we have helped you.

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Chocolate stores in Turkey

If your find not only yourself but in Istanbul searching for some chocolate, here is a list of best places around the world to fulfil your sweet tooth thirst:

  1. Dünyası kahve:

Kahve dünyası is a coffeehouse chain that offers a selection of chocolate candies, offering a chocolate spoon for every coffee served to enjoy at home with your choice of bitter or milk chocolate spoon, here you can buy chocolate in bulk cheap . Kahve dünyası is famous for its sugar-covered pistachio and milk-covered chocolate, lemon, raspberry, coffee, pistachio, and hazelnut-filled bitter or white chocolate.

  1. Çikolata Dükkanı (Asuman):

If you want to buy chocolates you should know that they were founded as Chocolate Shop in 2012 to introduce customers to homemade chocolate, they sought innovative chocolate recipes and the best quality ingredients and developed their own exclusive chocolate varieties. They began producing chocolate desserts in time, and the Asuman dessert was born. They also offer their chocolates to their customers who cannot fall through their shops through their online chocolate stores sales page, their neighborhood Fashion before, then-known worldwide after Istanbul and beyond Turkey’s borders have also begun to become a legend.

  1. Bolçi: -Bolçi:

Where will Turkish chocolate be purchased? Bolçi is one of the great chocolate companies and a well-known chocolate manufacturer that sells its tasty chocolate goods to many hotels and supermarkets where they had best Turkish chocolate brands . The shop in Beyoğlu’s main shopping street, Estiklal Caddesi, offers a wide range of items including all sorts of sweets, chocolate bars and popular chocolate candies in the form of mushrooms.

turkish chocolate companies list
turkish chocolate companies list

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Chocolate made in Turkey

Looking for chocolate sources in Turkey? There are companies specialised in the chocolate industry in Turkey, as well as in the chocolate industry, including plain chocolate, dark chocolate, Turkish chocolate pistachio nuts and others, and the most common of them for importing from Turkey


A big organisation that manufactures all manner of chocolate. The new branch of the group was founded in Turkey in 2012, producing chocolate, cookies, wafer biscuits and Turkish coffee with its wonderful taste, high quality and equal prices, and the company operates during the week. The business tries to enter the Arab and European markets, operating whilst creating confidence to deliver high-quality chocolate at fair prices with best chocolates to buy.


Is a Karaman-based company producing cookies, sweets, Turkish dark chocolate, crackers and candies for the Turkish chocolate market.

3- Akay:

The company’s main centre is located in the Şehitkamil district of the city of Gaziantep. In the chocolate and biscuit business and commerce, the company is active. The organisation exports its goods to more than 15 nations worldwide. With a gross area of 20,000 square metres, the company has its own factory equipped with the latest technologies, offering Turkey chocolate bars, stuffed chocolate, girls, cakes, coffee biscuits and chocolate stuffed biscuits.

4- MHBH:

A company set up by a Syrian business and trade specialist in 2017 with several registered trademarks for the Turkish food industry and creating dipped biscuits and filled with Turkish chocolate chocolate where to buy and other products, and here you can find the best Turkey chocolate


In the chocolate and cocoa market, the Gaziantep-based chocolate producer and supplier in Turkey operates.


The Turkish producer and manufacturer of chocolate, headquartered in Ikitelli, is involved in the cocoa and chocolate industry, in agricultural machinery and equipment for the processing of chocolate, in machinery and in confectionery.And now we’re going to show you a list of Turkey shipping firms. Are you in Turkey looking for a chocolate company? The finest chocolate businesses exist in Turkey. In Turkey, among the most popular Turkey hocolate businesses, chocolate such as dark chocolate, hazelnut chocolate, pistachio chocolate and others are manufactured

turkish chocolate companies
turkish chocolate companies


A producer of chocolate based in Istanbul, Turkey, in the sugar, chocolate and chocolate bar industries.

8-Aduja Artisanal Chocolate-:

Is the Turkey-based chocolate maker and producer based in Ankara, engaged in the field of chocolate and cocoa, founded in 2019.


It is a Konya based chocolate factory and producer and is active in the cocoa and chocolate industry.


With its headquarters in Istanbul, the maker and supplier of chocolate in Turkey is involved in the cocoa and chocolate industries, they considered one of the best wholesale chocolate suppliers.


The producer and retailer of chocolate in Turkey, headquartered in Istanbul, operates in the white chocolate, hazelnut and cocoa chocolate industries. The plant, developed in Turkey in 2015, is a factory with an area of 25,000 square metres, as it has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Istanbul, attracting the attention of children and adults, especially women, due to the existence of many quantities of sparkling chocolate, in which children have a special fun ride as they understand how to create chocolate.

At the beginning of the trip at the factory in Istanbul, visitors see a waterfall of hot Turkish chocolates and wholesale chocolate in Istanbul, many figures of animals and plants, a candy house, and all this appears to the spectator as actual, but it’s chocolate From the Chocolate Window, visitors see historical relics made of chocolate and the most famous mosques, Sultan Ahmed Mos With statues of personalities who have had a distinctive impact on the world, such as Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, Commander Mustafa Kamal, and Jalal el din Al Rumi.

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