chocolate company in turkey

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 chocolate company in turkey

If you looking for chocolate company in turkey , here you will know everything you are looking for, In our platform importing-house we give you all the information you need to know about chocolate companies.

chocolate companies in turkey

If you want to know the most important chocolate company in turkey,  you should give this article aread.Chocolate companies in istanbul deal with their chocolate products as a piece of art . The turkish statistics authority indicated that the arab countries accounted for more than half of turkey’s exports of chocolate products during the past year, as the value of chocolate exports reached 109 million dollars.A lot of countries  import from turkey chocolate, because this chocolate is very good.

chocolate companies in turkey
chocolate companies in turkey

And this companies are :

  1. Himalaya company: One of the companies that manufacture chocolate in the middle east, and its products have in most countries of the world because is excellent and creativity, and it sells wholesale chocolate online
  2. Ayasofya group: One of the best companies in the production of arabic chocolate with excellent quality and high specificatios.
  3. Aslan group: This company works in the manufacture of granules and chocolate bars in turkey. This company is wholesale chocolate for sale
  4. Bawella company: This company is a biscuit and chocolate manufacturer in turkey.
  5. Terasgida: this Company in Istanbul.
  6. Melody company: This company in istanbul, and has many of delicious chocolate.
  7. Bimo gida company: This company has many turkey chocolate brands , which are delicious and good .
  8. Dima company: chocolate industry and trade.
  9. Vigagida company: one of the most famous chocolate company in turkey.

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best chocolate factory in turkey

Turkey is one of the most important chocolate processing countries. There are in turkey many new factories and moder establishment, especially in the field of chocolate. Chocolate factories compete in creating distinctive and desirable types, among the most famous of these brands: Damac, etty, ulker, mica, billet, nutella, chocolate, kinder, nestle, laviva and internationally known brands. And all factories sell turkey chocolate price at a cheap and good price. And this factories is :

turkey chocolate price
turkey chocolate price
  1. Royal damas factory: this factory produces all kinds of chocolate.
  2. Turkish chocolate exchangd
  3. MHBH: this company produces sandwiched, stuffed and chocolate biscuits and several other varieties with several registered traemarks.
  4. Emaar grup: biscuit and chocolate industry.
  5. Altinmarka
  6. Solen
  7. Etietieti
  8. Bifa
  9. Mondelezinternational
  10. Dorivachocolate: This is turkey chocolate manufacturers. And its prices are very good.
  11. Seidoglugida
  12. Melodi: this company in istanbul, this company one of the most famous chocloate company in turkey.
  13. Hazalbikuvi
  14. Golda
  15. Evliya
  16. Bawella
  17. Odulcikolata
  18. Incibeyaz
  19. Akgida
  20. Akaybiskuvi: This company currently has its own factory it is equipped with the latest technology and had a total area of 20.000 square meters.

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chocolate market in turkey :

There are a lot of chocolate market and they are :

  1. Turkey confectionery- market assessment and forecasts
  2. Chocolate confectionery in turkey 2020 :market size comprises sales through all retail channels including direct to consumer narket size for chocolate confectionery in turkey.
  3. Chocolate, coCa and suger confectionery market in turkey to 2024: from 2013 to 2019 and forecasts until 2024 which makes the report an invaluable recource for industry executives.
  4. Chocolate and suger confectionery in turkey: the chocolate and suger confectionery market at a national level. It provides the lastest retail sales data
  5. Chocolate confectionery in turkey
  6. Market in turkey – out look to 2020
  7. Chocolate market in turkey 2016: market size comprises sales through all retail channels including direct to market size for chcolate confectionery in turkey is given in TRY. There are many chocolate company in turkey.
chocolate factory in turkey
chocolate factory in turkey

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chocolate turkey wholesale :

There are many markets that sell chocolate at wholesale price in turkey, there are a lot of wholesale chocolate prices, cheap and expensive.

Ther are a lot of wholesale chocolate suppliers in turkey.

  • Nutella and jo: this chocolate tasty and this price is special and cheap, this price is 1 $
  • Kinder bueno: this chocolate exists in chocolate wholesale This price is .6 $
  • Kit kat: there are in chocolate company in turkey, it’s tastey and this price is good
  • Snikers: this price is very good and cheap. There are in a lot of stire found and this time is tasty

After the electronic search is done on the sites of the producing companies for chocolate in turkey, the right company is chosen. You can contact this company to get quotations. The seriousness of this company, and the ivestor must specify the specifications.there are a lot of cheap shipping companies in turkey He needs it and agrees with the company on it and then on the investor to specify the port of shipment to which the chocolate will be sent. It is imperative that the investor be prepared and completed. The documents for the shipment of chocolate to be able to prove his ownership for this shipment, and that he must have paid all customs dues to acquire the permissions to release this shipment later on, he could transfer it to store. There are a lot of chocolate importer.

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Turkey chocolate suppliers

Chocolate improves your mood, also help with weight loss if it’s type of dark chocolate, if you are looking for best of chocolate company in turkey which you can buy chocolate in bulk from, here are some of it:

  1. Kawaf Group:

They have started to produce chocolate in Turkey by a specialist team trained domestically and internationally. They are making cheap chocolate with unique taste and superior production method, chocolate uses the highest quality cocoa butter, cocoa mass, cocoa powder sugar and milk. The Premium ingredients are primarily mixed and refined to make the chocolate in an attractive packaging to further enhance the overall quality by giving priority to high quality and food safety, they 100% follow the standards quality of ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001 AND halal’s instruction.

Their food product made from raw cocoa beans, and other foodstuffs, including sugar, milk, butter, nuts, dry fruits, and other ingredients and flavorings used in many types of chocolate, desserts, drinks and even foods, and it is available in several types, including milk chocolate, black chocolate and white chocolate.

  1. Tayas Tr:

They began in Konya in 1965 in a small workshop and continues in Gebze-Kocaeli where they moved in 1991. Now, they become one of most important producers of chocolate, candy and chocolate products in Turkey and worldwide. While achieving great success in international markets, importing from turkey they are able to target different tastes types of chocolate with a product range including more than 250 different varieties.

Tayas owes its experience in export to the high quality and hygiene control norms that are applied without compromise. Tayas is accredited for compliance with FSSC 22000, BRC, IFS, HELAL and ISO 22000 standards. With its ability to comply to the strictest food codexes of different countries and performance of detailed food analysis, Tayas makes unconditional customer satisfaction its principle and continues applying this successfully.

The “Gold Star Quality” reward given in Geneva-Switzerland in 2000 has proven Tayas` success and strengthened its thrive for perfection. One of the main features of Tayas, apart from quality, is continuous development. In line with the Marketing Department, Research & Development as well as Production Development departments play guiding roles for new products, and key roles for the development of existing products.

In the local market, Tayas is not only supplying the chain stores, but has further started to supply the traditional channels through a distribution system. Tayas continues its efforts daily to reach wider crowds with its growing product range, to improve its industry and to work for a sweeter world.With the pride of having always produced the very best, Tayas`s major goal is to continue producing the best.

One of the main features of Tayas is continuous development. In line with the marketing, research and development as well as Production Development departments play guiding roles for new products, and key roles for the development of existing products.

They provide work opportunities for 1000 people, running a production capacity of 150 tons per day of which 90% are exported to 130 countries worldwide, chocolate for sale online they aren’t only supplying the chain stores, but has further started to supply the traditional channels through a distribution system.

turkish chocolate companies list
turkish chocolate companies list
  1. Melodi Chocolate:

The foundations of Melodi Cikolata are laid in the year 1957. They started in 1968 in Istanbul and produced chocolate under the name of Melodi. they continued investments chocolate with its success, obtained the position of the leading boutique chocolate producer and chocolate supplier of Turkey.

Their factory is in Istanbul where the production of their chocolate brands gourmet chocolates, candies and Turkish delights with high quality in hygienic conditions. they have ISO 9001: 2008, BRC and HACCP Quality Certificates obtained from TUV, also have stores which are located in elite areas such as: Besiktas, Kadikoy, Sariyer and Fatih and warehouses in Turkey.

As boutique chocolate producers they are already selling their range of products to Five Stars Hotels, Luxury Chocolatiers and in the Domestic Market. they are selling Special Products to Burger King and Danone and they are at their main supplier list for all over the world, they surely export to many countries as well.

  1. Haci serif:

Hacı Şerif established in 1938 in Babadağ, Turkey Denizli it became famous primarily for semolina halva, and continued to produce: blending delight, chocolate and various fruit desserts with quality meticulously and reached today. Local flavors specific to the Aegean region of Turkey in 2011 to offer all e-commerce site has been established. With its 40 branches as they are offering you the most natural desserts.

It continues its production with the latest technology and still continues. With the HACI ŞERİF brand, it continues with the same quality from the production to the presentation to the customers.

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Turkish chocolate store

If you find yourself in Istanbul looking for some chocolate, here is a list of best places to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings:

  1. Bolçi:

Turkish chocolate where to buy? Bolçi one of great chocolate companies and well-known chocolate company that supplies many hotels and supermarkets with their delicious chocolate products. You can find the shop in Beyoğlu’s main shopping street İstiklal Caddesi, offers a vast variety of products with all types of chocolate, chocolate bars and famous mushroom-shaped chocolate candy.

  1. Çikolata Dükkanı (Asuman):

They were founded as Chocolate Shop in 2012 to introduce people to handmade chocolate, they pursued new chocolate recipes and the highest quality ingredients and created their own unique chocolate varieties. In time, they started making chocolate desserts and Asuman dessert was born. Their neighborhood Fashion ago, then-known worldwide after Istanbul and beyond the borders of Turkey have also started to become a legend, they also deliver their chocolates to their customers who cannot fall into their shops through their online chocolate stores sales site.

  1. Kahve Dünyası:

Kahve dünyası is a chain coffee shop that sells a variety of chocolate candies, they serve a chocolate spoon with every coffee served your choice of bitter or milk chocolate spoon to enjoy at home. Kahve dünyası is famous for chocolate-covered pistachio and chocolate-covered in milk, bitter or white chocolate filled with lemon, orange, coffee, pistachio, and hazelnut.

Turkey chocolate online shop

Here is some of online Turkish chocolate and candy shop:

  • Amazon tr

Turkey chocolate is characterized by many advantages, the most important of which are:

  • The rich and unique taste that distinguishes it from other food products.
  • Chocolates contain antioxidants, carbohydrates, caffeine and many nutrients that are beneficial to human health.
  • And Improving the blood circulation in human body.


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