carpet manufacturers in gaziantep turkey

carpet manufacturers in gaziantep turkey .. 65 biggest manufacturer

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in carpet manufacturers in gaziantep turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:


carpet manufacturers in gaziantep turkey

carpet manufacturers in gaziantep turkey prepared for all carpet customers around the world. Through importing  house platform you will find the potential manufacturers.

carpet manufacturers in turkey:

carpet manufacturers in gaziantep turkey develops solutions in its field and produces surplus value to be a company worldwide perception, these manufacturers such as:

turkish rug suppliers
turkish rug suppliers
  1. GEMON GIDA LTD.STI: its honest and high quality service oriented working principle, customer satisfaction oriented services, it supplies its customers with finding products, import export customs.
  2. MSD PROJE LTD.STI: It develops solutions that offer design, project, construction, production, installation and service processes to its customers, its structure and single interlocutory organization providing all turn-key products and services is a preferred from of work for its customers.
  3. TATCO MUNICIPALITY TRUCKS AND EQUIPMENTS: It’s a world brand for the engineering production of municipal vehicles, equipment and systems designed for the environmental of public and provide areas.
  4. SAMUR DIS TIC.LTD.STI: It established in 1995 under the name of “fidanlar foreign trade”, it has turned into “samur foreign trade” after deciding to separate from its foreign partners in 2001.
  5. GULSEVEN HALI A.S: It started its activities by producing yarn, the main raw material of carpet manufacturers in gaziantep turkey, for the industry’s leading companies by establishing integrated yarn plant in 1997, it has successfully maintained this mission through many years by mean of its quality products.
  6. OKUR ZEMIN KAPLAMALARI LTD.STI: it was established in 1990, its respect and care for its work, to provide the best service to its clients, to enable good quality and solid product are among its basic principals.
  7. BILIM ENDUSTRIYEL KIMYASALLAR LTD.STI: it’s represented in turkey with its experience and knowledge in cleaning and hygiene forty years ago with its great product, strong support of its great team.
  8. ANTDECOR CBEXPORTER: it works with USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, japan, cad, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, united states of Arabia, Kuwait, Indonesia, Kirghizstan, Iraq, it produce 450,000 m2 product in a month.
  9. MIRAC HALI LTD.STI: it have a rich product range with PP heat set range of colors and designs with acrylic yarns and has the capacity to meet all kinds of customer needs both at home and aboard with unlimited size variety in many different qualities.
  11. SENSEL TEKNIK LTD.STI: it was founded in 1984 in Istanbul, in early years it is specialized in work wears and textile promotions, in the following years it manufactures all types of woven and knitting garments with embroidery or printing.
  14. PIRMIT CARPET INDUSTRY LTD.CO: It was organized in Gaziantep in 1994, it has presented hundred kinds of quality carpets to local market and world markets since 1994, today 85% of its productions are used in exportation and 15% of them are used in importation via its sellers who are presents its products to its customers desires.
  18. AKAGUN TEKSTIL: It has offices in Istanbul, it was established in 1995, it has opened a yarn factory and also started to work as a manufacturer with its agency office, it has also jersey fabric dying factory in Istanbul, which was established in 1993.
  20. SHANGHAI JIUSHOU TRADING COMPANY: it’s a professional manufacturer and exporter for mats and stair carpet trends 2020 in turkey, it’s founded in 2012, who has more than 10 years experience in production of sales, it owned a standard supplier system for the mats and relative products.
  21. ALAS HOME TEXTILE: It’s the manufacturer company in home textile sector from turkey, its products is very suitable for marking, it is also very suitable for retail supermarket chains because it has great experience to work with it.
  22. BADE CARPET: it’s one of the major manufacturer and exporter of machine made rugs and carpets, it serves and exports to more than 50 countries all over the world, its mission is to translate creative ideas into innovative collections and to deliver quality products to its international customers.
  23. KETS RUGS: KETS DESIGNER RUG are inspired by electric mix of designs.
  24. ANGEL CARPET: it’s the manufacture of carpet manufacturers in gaziantep turkey and rugs, and it operate with mechanical, company is the latest technology in year 2000, 99% of its production is being exported, regions that it exports to are as follow: countries of Balkans, middle east, Europe and America.
  25. SENSER CARPETS AND RUGS FACTORY: It producing polyester carpets, digital carpet manufacturers in gaziantep turkey and cotton rugs.
  26. AKCAM TEKSTIL URUNLERI- CETIN AKCAM: it’s a manufacturer/producer, which operates in the textile, import and export industry, it also operates in the rugs, professional knitting machine, electronic knitting machine, and blankets industries.
  27. LIVIADORA CO.LTD: It’s operates in the rugs industry, it also operates in the rugs industries.
  28. GONUL KILIM VE HALICILIK TURIZM SAN.RIC.LTD.STI: It’s a manufacturer/ producer, which operates in the rugs industry, it also operates in the restoration and renovation- contractors, and carpets, handmade industries.
  29. KARAVAN HALICILIK VE EL SANATLARI SAN.TIC.AS: It operates in the carpet manufacturers in gaziantep turkey, handmade industry, it also operates in rugs industries.
  30. CAN HALI PAZARI SANAYI VE TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI: it’s a manufacturer/ producer, which operates in the rugs industry, it also operates in carpet manufacturers in gaziantep turkey, handmade industries.
  31. KLASIK HALI AS: it’s a manufacturer/ producer founded in 1989, which operates in the rug industry, it also operates in carpets, handmade industries.
  32. BEST KOLLEKSIYON HALI KILIM SANATLARI SAN.LTD.STI: it’s a manufacturer/ producer, founded in 1999, which operates in the rugs and carpeting industry.
  33. HAKKARI IPLIK SAN A.S: it’s a manufacturer, and producer, which operates in the rugs and carpeting industry, it also operates in rugs industries.
  34. SAFRAN CARPET WASHING MACHINES: it produces professional type cleaning machines suited to its own structure and purposes in line with the demands of the customer.
  35. AMASYA KILIM: they travel in Anatolia to collect premium carpets and kilims for producing their own vintage carpets, their products are all unique and made out of natural fabric such as wool, cotton ,hemp and goat hair.
  36. REYHAN CARPET: it’s a machine made carpet manufacturers in gaziantep turkey, it has quality ranges as follows: points between 160,000 up to million pile height between 9-12 mm weight between 1,50 kg up to 4,00 kg per SQM Chenille.
  37. IPEK CARPET: it’s a producer and exporters of carpets, it’s one of the leading carpet manufacturers in gaziantep turkey.

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turkish carpet prices:

If you are fortunate enough to visit turkey at some point in your life, it won’t be long after you arrive that you will be tempted, into buying carpet manufacturers in gaziantep turkey by a salesman skilled in the art of persuasion.On just about every tour of Istanbul and turkey’s smaller cities. For thousands of years, Turkish rugs have been the gold standard in floor covering everywhere from nomadic huts to grand palaces.A good machine made rug may last for decades, a Turkish rug will last for a lot of years, there are many examples of Turkish rugs intact after millennia.

turkish rug company
turkish rug company

Handmade Turkish rugs are made differently from rugs anywhere else in the world for one reason, Turkish rugs are double-complex, each piece of spin is looped twice through the textile, rugs elsewhere are tied with a single fiber per vertical thread. Turkish rugs can be made of silk, wool, and cotton blend, dyes are all natural, using every thing from rose madder to indigo to onion skin to attain subtle organic colors. The most valuable, beautiful, and costly Turkish rugs are made of silk threads, although they are filament-thin, they are one of the strongest natural materials known to man, silk carpets hold 400 threads per inch.

One of the most fascinating aspects of learning about Turkish rugs is discovering that the silk used comes from cocoons rather than silkworms, the waving of Turkish rugs is a traditional craft that young girls have taken up for centuries, taught by their mothers. In recent years, the Turkish government has sponsored through its board of education schools where girls can take weaving course, students come to better their skills and consequently earn more by producing finer rugs.

These schools are located across the country, and most are attached to a sales process, where a client can buy a rug directly from the place where it was made. Considering that Turkish rugs last more than a life time, these sales offices also accept and sell used rugs, there are also a beautiful rugs that been woven by nomadic women, a fine Turkish rug is valuable and its worth may increase over time.

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carpet stores in Istanbul:

if you going to turkey and thinking about carpet manufacturers in Gaziantep turkey, or carpet stores in Istanbul, you have to read this article we will provided you with the best stores such as:

rugs turkey manufacturers
rugs turkey manufacturers
  1. CINAR HALI: named after the world-renowned award- winning family or carpet-makers, the place is a primary choice of those seeking for the highest quality and the most exclusive carpet manufacturers in gaziantep turkey.
  2. DHOKU & ETHNICON: sister stores that sell patchwork carpets and kilim, you’ll find modernized versions of antique Anatolian rugs and kilims, you’ll find more contemporary but still ethnic patchwork rugs.
  3. GORDES: it is offering not only carpet manufacturers in gaziantep turkey but also gold and silver jewelry, watches, and leather goods, this place features antique USAK carpets, as well as over dyed ones and a range of textiles.
  4. HAKAN EVIN: with a long lost of loyal customers, both local and foreign, third generation shopkeeper HAKAN EVIN has made a name in the bazaar for selling high-quality Turkish and Persian carpets.
  5. HAZAL HALI: just steps from the lovely baroque mosque, it offers a remarkable selection of unique Anatolian kilim and carpets, storage bags, and pillows.
  6. NAKKAS: it has a massive collection of carpets, which spans a wide range of styles and designs to suit any taste and budget.
  7. RECEP KARADUMAN: It has been in the carpet business since 1966, and has been gathering kinds of kilims and carpets from all over turkey since then, in addition, you’ll find few pieces from Iran, the Caucasus, central Asia, and the Balkans.
  8. SISKO OSMAN: it’s one of the foremost experts on turkish kilims, it’s now a fourth generation family business, famous through the names in the bazaar, Osman also has own private collection in the store.

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carpet market in Istanbul:

carpet shopping in Istanbul is an intense experience, with an ever lasting amount of styles, sizes, and colors to choose from, picking the right one from the right shop can stress out even the strongest of shoppers.Buy a carpets in turkey is really a great thought, some of the world’s best craftsmanship on wool kilim rugs and detailed carpets is Turkish.

carpet factory in Istanbul:

if you’re reading this, then you have the chance to have an eye on a carpet manufacturers in gaziantep turkey, how ever, the process of buying them is no easy task, but don’t worry, we will help you to know the best carpet factories in Istanbul.

  8. DHOKU.

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shipping carpet from turkey:

Turkish carpet trade has become one of the most popular commerce in the world, Turkish carpets that made of wool, pure silk or cotton are identify by high quality and its design from east and west, it’s one of the most beautiful souvenir you can buy from Istanbul. Carpet manufacturers in gaziantep turkey have globally ranked second in after Iranian carpet in terms of quality production in the world. Turkish carpet has been famous for its geometric patterns, modern and classic floral decorations, exporting Turkish carpet wasn’t confined to only Arab countries as European countries have become one of the important importer of Turkish carpet learning the value and the beauty of it.

There are a lot of places and markets that offer turkish carpet like the grand bazaar and other galleries all over Istanbul and turkey, and you can buy directly from the factory if you want to buy large quantities with the best prices. When thinking about shipping carpet from turkey to the world countries, a good shipping company that can perform the process of shipment completely and to manner the suitable packaging for carpets must be chosen.

  1. ALFARES LOJESTIK: is one of the leading companies in carpet shipping from turkey has provides this service for its customers through sea, air freight to most Europe cities, Canada, America and most of Arab countries as fast as possible and with the least cost.
  2. Choosing ALFARES LOJISTIK company for carpet shipping from Istanbul and turkey to the world offers you with a lot of regular feature in providing the service and the safe delivery of your shipments.

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buying carpet in turkey:

all of us love turkish carpets, but it’s difficult to buy a simple piece of woven cloth because an oriental carpet is not simple piece of woven cloth. Many of the carpets on sale in turkey today are actually made by hand or by machine, their quality can be excellent, the carpet-seller is a professional he has performed this play hundreds or thousands of times, and is very good at it.

carpet in Istanbul:

the Turks are nomadic in origin and weaving the rugs and kilim that would provide their tents have been an important part of the culture for thousands of years. The women learned the craftsmanship, each carpet manufacturers in gaziantep turkey is unique, its diversity reflects both the personality of the place maker and the place. If you decided to buy a carpet from turkey, the most sellers will be happy to spend some time explaining the history of carpets.

modern wall to wall carpet:

with all the hard surface flooring out there, carpets still popular, in any case of the latest improve and invention of hard surface flooring, carpet remains one of the more popular flooring options out there. To be certain carpet is just as beautiful and effictive as other flooring options, carpet manufacturers are using technology to their advantage creating popular patterns and jaw-dropping new features.

It’s time to stay the first of the popular and began looking toward a new year of chances and the latest in carpet invention. In the end carpet manufacturers in gaziantep turkey offers the last technology carpet gaziantep turkey weaving and confection machines


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