carpet companies in turkey

carpet companies in turkey guarantee you quality and price

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in turkish towel wholesale suppliers ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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carpet companies in turkey

If you looking for carpet companies in turkey , here you will know everything you are looking for. In our platform importing house we give all the information you need to know about carpet company in turkey.

carpet company in turkey

If you want to know the most important carpet company in turkey, you should give this article a read. The magic of beauty, pattern and color lies in turkey’s carpets. Not only because it adds an amazing touch to every home, and admires any women, but also because it tells the story of thousands of years of high-quality. Turkish industry pride. Turkish carpets have a long history. All companies have turkish carpets for sale. Telling stories of the past and present.

Prerionsly, pure wool or cotton was dominated by it’s materials and soo new materials were introduced, such as silk while it’s drawings developed from primitive to become well_studied and elaborate forms. furniture company in turkey uses a turkish carpets. carpet companies in turkey is the largest exporter of carpets in the world, as it produces about 40 % of the carpet parts in the world, due to the availability of raw materials for the manufacture of carpets. And directory of companies and factories for types of carpets in turkey… there are many turkish carpets in turkey for sale. Senka kadife company: this company for the manufacture of cloth in turkey. Sinka kadif started it’s work in the field if home textiles with it’s 30 years of experience. This is in istanbul.

turkish carpets in turkey
turkish carpets in turkey


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  1. Royalhali company: this company is one of the important carpets Companies in turkey. The royal haley company was established in 2005, and the company started providing it’s services in the field of carpet production. Can buying turkish carpets in turkey with good price.
  2. Atlashali company: this company for the manufacture of cloth in turkey. Atlas was establiched in 1967, and the company started providing its services in the field of carpet production. Where company offers its customers a wide range of carpets with many designs .this company have carpets market for sale carpets.
  • Zemmort
  • Sina
  • Gliva
  • Tiva mosaique
  • Lokum
  • Petunia
  • Sevapi
  • With long experience.
  1. Isik kadife company: this company is one of the most important carpet companies in turkey. A world-glass service for its client. There are in this company carpets and rugs for sale With cheap price
  2. Boyteks company: this company produces luxurious turkish carpets of high qualityvandvexcellent. Where the company pffers: alarge selection of carpets- salon carpets- carpets for bed and living rooms- carpets for kitchens and bathrooms. This company have best carpets in turkey
  3. Kasmihali company: this company is very good and produces many of carpets and one of best carpet companies in turkey.
  4. Mrenos company: this company is one of the most important carpets companies in turkey and sale carpets with cheap price.
  5. Afandy company: this company have turkish carpets online and many of price.
  6. My hali company
  7. Acme company
  8. Sacli company

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wholesale carpet turkey

We offer the best wholesale pices and largest selection of authentic handemade turkish carpets, turhish patchwork carpets, oriental turkish carpets and poverdyed turkish carpets. Turkish carpets are one of the best raw material, high quality and excellent and in turkey there are many wholesale carpet dealers and they sell them at different prices and there are cheap and expensive. There are in turkey a lot of wholesale suppliers in turkey. And some prices…

  • Wholesale heat set rug: this price wholesale is 3 $
  • Custom designed machine made carpets wholesale carpets: this price whole sale is 3$
  • Elegant designs wholesale price turkish floor catpets rugs purple: this price wholesale is 1.200 $
  • Best factory wholesale bcf yarn rug and rug design: this price is 3$
  • There are many turkish carpets wholesale in many markets at different prices some of which are expensive and cheap..

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turkish carpet suppliers in turkey

If you want to know the turkish carpet suppliers, you are in the right place, here we will get to know many suppliers who supply carpets from turkey. This suppliers is … many of pepole import from turkey a carpets

  1. Carpet: this supplier from gaziantep, turkey
  2. Heatset turkish machine made carpets.
  3. Bcf supplier: this supplier from gaziantep, turkey
  4. Turkish 100% .polyester 100%. Carpet turkish 100%
  5. Alas home magazacilik supplier: this supplier from turkey
  6. Unit weight 302 gr
  7. Baby and teenage room carpet: this supplier from Bursa, turkey.
  8. Baby and teenage room carpets the goods made by imitation leather and 100% micro-poy fabric
  9. Soner carpet
  10. Yagmur carpet
  11. Kirmany carpet: this supplier take carpet from one of the most important carpet companies in turkey. This company sale turkish rugs direct. from turkey
  12. Non-slid printed carpet
  13. Shaggy carpet
  14. Anti slip carpet
  15. P.P machine made carpet

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turkish carpet prices in turkey

If you want to know the most prices of turkish carpet, You should this article a read…

  • Geometrical and traditional turkish : 3.75$
  • Carved wool carpets and rugs for bedroom: 4$
  • Whole sale heatset rug carpet: 3$
  • Turkish carpets best price floral pattern wool: 199$
  • Modern design luxury oriental blegium carpet rugs: 6$
  • Eghan carpet collection: 4$
  • Custom designed machine made carpets wholesale carpets: 3$
  • Reyhan carpet collection: 3$
  • Cheap price tirkish killim manufacturer wholesale: 1.30$
  • Wholesale p9rayer rugs machine made pp carpet: 3$.

In this article we make a list of best and plush carpet companies in turkey you can import from.

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