How to import clothes from turkey to Nigeria

How to import clothes from turkey to Nigeria

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How to import clothes from turkey to Nigeria

The Turkish market witnessed a remarkable recovery over the past years in the import and export market- so everyone asks how to import clothes from turkey to Nigeria – which encouraged investors from traders and industrialists to set up their companies in Turkey in pursuit of participating in a market with great profit and returns, as Turkey is an important destination for imported goods in many major countries such as Germany, Russia, Italy, France and China, so the importing house platform will show you the details.

Buying clothes from Turkey to Nigeria

The Turkish-Nigerian Business Council was established in 2011 with the aim of supporting cooperation potentials between Turkey and Nigeria and improving bilateral trade between them. In this year, the council held its meeting between13-14 January, in the presence of the Turkish Minister of Trade, “Rohsar Bekjan”. The meeting’s agenda reflected the possibility of increasing and expanding joint economic projects. Nigeria, with a population of 200 million, is one of Turkey’s largest trading partners in Africa, it is Turkey’s sixth trading partner, and the second among sub-Saharan Africa. Nigeria also chairs the Economic Community of West African States due to the steady growth of its economy.

Importing baby clothes from turkey

Many of those wishing to work in the clothing trade are interested in searching for wholesale clothing factories in order to deal with the source directly, and in this article we will show you the best wholesale children’s clothes from Turkey in order to achieve the highest possible percentage of profits through the selling price difference between the wholesale and retail sectors Just follow the next part with u to know from where and how to import clothes from turkey to nigeria.

  1. Bamina Kids

One of the best turkey suppliers and best baby shops and baby clothes factories in Turkey in Turkey in general, and this shop has five stars on the Internet where it is admired by all customers. In order to get the best names of children’s clothing stores in Turkey, you can find this in the best shops to buy the best Turkish clothes and despite the well-known quality of clothing brands in Turkey, it is necessary to be careful in choosing the brand from which to buy because it is the source of the quality of the piece that you buy. Among the most important Turkish baby clothing brands and brands are the following:

  1. LC Waikiki

It is one of the most important companies that you can shop from Turkey to Nigeria because it produces inexpensive clothes in the Turkish market and this famous company was established in France in 1985 and after 1988 the company continued as a Turkish brand and it is one of the cheap stores in Istanbul, in 2009, the company opened its first store in another country and today Waikiki displays its products In 567 stores in 27 different countries.

  1. Colizione

Founded in 1978 and had its first branch in Bakirkoy Istanbul, Kolezioni is one of the most important and leading brands in the apparel sector of Turkey t shirt wholesale

  1. Coton

This company was established in 1988 in Istanbul and opened its first branch outside Turkey in Germany in 1996, and it provides more than 293 branches in Turkey and 100 branches outside the country as well as providing distinguished women’s, men’s and children’s clothing.

  1. Hotiç

It was established in 1938 and was its first branch in the Kadikoy district in Istanbul, and it is one of the oldest stores in Turkey, and it is one of the most important and best names for clothing stores in Turkey. This brand is known as a wholesaler in Turkey for its modern clothes for men and women that are compatible with the contemporary lifestyle.

  1. Cevahir Mall in Istanbul:

Wholesale children’s clothing from Turkey importers can choose the buying process from Cevahir Mall, it is a symbol of elegance for children’s clothes and the stores there depend on the most important, famous and best Turkish brands for children, and the stores always pay discounts in line with the Turkish market and the Turkish citizen at the same time, the best quality of clothes in these stores is Turkish winter clothes For children, as winter clothes for children have a special taste in Jawaher Mall stores.

  1. Max Kids

One of the coolest kids stores in Taksim.

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Sites to import from Turkey to Nigeria

Sites to import from Turkey to Nigeria
Sites to import from Turkey to Nigeria

Importing from Turkey through wholesale clothing sites has become a common thing and it is the most abundant money, but you should be careful to buy from companies with high ratings by buyers so that you do not regret. For example, there are major commercial sites that include a number of Turkish companies specializing in the trade of ready-to-wear clothes from Turkey as well as various types of goods such as the Turkey wholesale website Turkishexportal in addition to Tradekey as well as the famous Alibaba website that includes a large number of exporters from different parts of the world, including Turkey.

– Where to buy Wholesale wedding dresses for retailers

The choice of materials for the manufacture of wedding dresses is according to the budget and the general shape of the dress, as all dresses are made of fibers and linen mixed with plastic, and this is due to the availability of materials for the fabric, the ease of embroidery, and is characterized by its average prices, the most expensive types of wedding dresses are cotton and processed silk, and they differ in Manufactured from all other types.

  1. Bimali Dresses:

It is a wedding dress factory in Turkey and the factory manufactures about 60 new styles of dresses every year, and since it exports to more than 50 countries around the world, the company implements everything related to design, including cutting, sewing and finishing the dress with quality It also integrates delicate craftsmanship such as embroidery, embossing, embellishment and more in the design process and monitors the design quality from start to finish, to show the product very perfect and beauty.

  1. Factory brand Novapilapridal:

This brand that is popular among Turkish brands is one of wholesale suppliers in Turkey this factory also produces the most beautiful Turkish evening dresses, with amazing and attractive details that make you at the top of elegance and beauty, as this factory designs dresses according to customers’ choice, where the most beautiful Turkish wedding dresses are available from groups of the finest fabrics , Designs for designs in bright and modern colors that help women to choose the perfect evening dresses and the manufacturer ends the dress with tulle, as well as satin.

– What are the prices of wedding dresses in Turkey

The prices of wedding dresses in 2020 are suitable for shopping in Istanbul, Turkey as they are available in different materials of cotton or linen fibers, etc., as each material has a different price in addition to the embroidery used as well as the types of designs, drawing or writing that give it a good and attractive look, and wholesale clothing prices also range Turkish from 190 dollars made of mixed fibers with plastic, and increases between 200 to 240 dollars for dresses embroidered with tools and machines or by hand, as for the prices of wedding dresses made of Turkish cotton and linen, they come at high prices starting from 400 dollars to 30 thousand dollars due to Turkey distributors which are It varies with different regions and models as well as different materials and decorations.

Turkish clothing prices are low, and clothes prices reach (20-300) Turkish liras, and the price increases based on the type of piece and its materials.

You can buy Jackets, and coats at a price ranging between 200-350 pounds

  – Cotton sweaters prices between 50-90 pounds,0

  – The shoes range from 30-100 liras

  – Women’s bags cost 200 pounds.

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Best products to import from Turkey

Best products to import from Turkey
Best products to import from Turkey

Raw materials, grains, legumes and their derivatives can be imported from Turkey:

  – Flour, yeast, semolina

  – Pasta, rice

  – Bulgur, sugar, wheat

   – Corn, beans

  – Lentils, chickpeas

  – Beans, peas

  –  Sumac spices, black pepper

   – Sumac, black pepper

   – Cloves, cinnamon

  –  Anise, cumin

   – Red pepper, saffron

You can also import from Turkey the following:

There are a number of Turkish products that can be imported, such as dried fruit and sweets and various food products

– Nuts, pumpkin seeds

– Hazelnut, sunflower seeds, pistachio.

  – Milk, cheese

  –  Butter, dignified, meat broth

   – Pudding, chicken stock

   – Biscuit, cream

 – Ready soup, honey

The wholesale markets in Turkey and industries of construction, construction, pipe making, iron and steel industry, and metals such as

– Pipes and fittings, PVC vacuum and drainage

 –  You can buy from Turkey wholesale suppliers of Mixers, sinks, sinks and accessories, windows

 – Pprc PPR drinking and heating water pipes, uPVC UPVC panels for doors and windows

 – Anti-rust steel fittings, metal and wood shelves

– Construction iron, tin, and galvanized articles

  – Chains, wires, metal mesh, nails, salons and screws.

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Shipping company from turkey to Nigeria

Shipping company from turkey to Nigeria
Shipping company from turkey to Nigeria

1- Adoate Logistics Company:

To send multiple purchases, combine them into one shipment, and send them straight to your doorstep. It’s Fast and safe transfer of any shipment. The price of a kilo of freight decreases with the increase in the weight of the shipment, safe credit card payment. You can buy from more than one site shopping and a Turkish shipping quantity in large quantities, through easy-to-use interface, thus providing international shipping price, fast and safe shipping, to all Arab countries on your doorstep in less than one week.

2- TNT Company:

Land and air freight to various countries around the world and it’s a Nigeria shipping agent in Turkey the service gained confidence and was marked by orange color which colored logos and the covers of packages and shipments. 24/7 customer service, offering discounted rates for heavy shipments, and there are branches in most countries of the world. Shipping different types of goods such as wholesale hijabs from Turkey experience and learning from importing furniture from Turkey in a short period of time, and meet different customer requests and in broad daylight and can put the customer’s confidence in this company, where it is safe to deliver shipping, and secure payment cost by credit cards.

3- Halablioglu International Shipments:

Many years ago this company is working hard to provide the best services in Turkey such as from wholesale market in Turkey and several countries in the world, with the aim of customer satisfaction, according to competitive prices, quality and efficiency, speed and safety in transportation companies shipping companies in the prestigious Istanbul Turkey Halala Ihsanoglu. It has an air, sea and land fleet for door delivery. Up all documents of any kind to the consignee in complete secrecy without being opened from any point, and receipt of shipment in Istanbul and delivered to anywhere in the world do not matter the distance.

4- Eastern Pearl International Shipping Company in Turkey:

Founded in 2012 and since its inception has worked continuously to provide the best and fastest shipping services and customs clearance in various fields of transport land, sea and air. Live the experience of sending furniture and receiving children’s clothing wholesale suppliers Turkey to Saudi Arabia according to the best and most powerful services to satisfy and improve customers.

We hope you knew the answer of how to import clothes from Turkey to Nigeria, and You must prepare papers to enter the following customs shipment from Turkey to your country soon, through the payment of customs duties on Turkish goods.

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