Carpet producers turkey

carpet producers turkey… best 7 choices in Turkey

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in Carpet producers turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

Carpet producers turkey

Turkey is one of the leading countries in the manufacture and export of carpets, as Turkish carpets have a very large position around the world due to their quality, if you are looking for carpet producers turkey, importing house platform will help you to reach them.

carpet factory turkey

By knowing the best carpet production companies in Turkey and knowing the most important carpet producers turkey, you can get the best and highest quality products.

carpet factory turkey
carpet factory turkey

Gulseven Tekstil which began its exercises by delivering yarn, the primary crude material of floor coverings, for the business’ driving organizations by setting up coordinated yarn plant in 1997, has effectively kept up this mission through numerous years by methods for its quality items, its best carpet shop. It has brought the Gulseven Hali brand to the area by joining its information and experience picked up in this cycle with the incorporated electronic and modernized rug office speculation, and began to deliver one end to the other covers just as the yarn.

Gulseven Hali, focusing on a further developed degree of notoriety it has picked up as a yarn maker in the business with its new image, proceeds with its exercises with the mindfulness that a quality item arises utilizing quality materials. They are best turkish carpet design, the nature of the administrations it gives underway, deals and after deals measures with the attributes of the material had been utilized, is the biggest supporter for Gulseven Hali to accomplish its objective of turning into the business chief.


Their organization, Okur Zemin, was set up in 1990. Their regard and care for their work, to offer the best support to their customers, to empower great quality and strong item are among their fundamental directors. In the creating carpet wholesale market, they are following the items, intently, that will be applied to business and local locations both in homegrown and worldwide levels.

Okur Zemin, has the chief to meet the correct item to the market requests, ideally and proceeding with its steady development. Particularly about rug tiles, their organization has stayed aware of the creating market. Okur Zemin is advancing with sure strides while in transit to be a main organization in the area without trading off from regard and resilience.

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carpet manufacturers in gaziantep turkey

Best carpet producers turkey here:

turkey rug shop
turkey rug shop

The organization work with USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Cad, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United States of Arabia, Umman, Kuwait, Endonasia, Kirghizistan, Iraq ext and buy all types of turkish carpets. They produce 450.000 m2 item in a month. They are exporter organization from Turkey, they have warehoses in US, UK and Russia. They are creating and selling. Floor coverings, Textiles, Kids Outdoor Toys, Furnitures, Outdoor Patio Furnitures, Hotel Amenities, Breakfast Corn Flakes and some more fare items from Turkey. Also, they can give any sort of items from Turkey.


Their organization having a rich item range with PP Heatset scope of tones and plans with acrylic yarns and has the ability to meet all sorts of client requires both at home and abroad with limitless size assortment in various characteristics. Mirac Hali best carpet dealer began creation exercises in 1989 with 3 single weaving looms. After 1990, it began sending out to abroad. In 2006 Mirac cover unfamiliar exchange was set up.

Their creation is made with high innovation. Presently they fare to Arabia, Russia, Poland, Romania and Turkish Republics. Mirac cover items are traded to the market. Since Mirac began to introduce its items to the fare market, they have picked their models and plans by various nations. Their specialty secure their plan for each client and change their choices into an assortment.


They are the best carpet producers turkey. Their story in New Zealand sheep is eliminated and a couple of Captain Cook to the island starts. Afterward, these two significant for the creation of sheep fleece will be no visits predecessor. Atlantic Carpets, floor coverings renowned conventional Turkish hand sets up an industrial facility in Kayseri. This conventional foundation, will be a world chief in the Atlantic in best turkish carpets. Today, Atlantic items are being sent out to in excess of 60 nations. ISO 9001 confirmed floor coverings, vivid homes with high caliber and long haul guarantees for a long time.

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carpet making in turkey

You can find out the best carpet producers turkey:


It’s a carpet online shop. Their organization was set up in 1986 in Gaziantep by Fayat ULUTAS the organizer of their organization. Between 1986-1998 Ulutas Hali was set up. Between 1998-2005 their organization changed its title as Ozulutas Hali. In 2005 their organization proceeded in Uzbekistan and turned into an assessment champion multiple time. Their organization proceeds under Behram Hali Their objective is to have a superior market on the planet and substantiate ourselves.


It is carpet shop in turkey, occupied with the creation and fare exercises in Turkey, is trading the item bunches recorded beneath. They are among the significant provider organizations in Turkey and driving a Turkish organization that can offer you the best cost and ideal quality.Their organization KARE TEKSTIL DIS, an individual from TurkishExporter, is occupied with creation and exchange Turkey. Made in Turkey items they are providing are as per the following: rug and style Turkey cover stylistic theme Turkey enlivening floor coverings Turkey.

You can now import from turkey from the best carpet producers turkey.

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import from Turkey
import from Turkey


Carpet suppliers in Turkey

There are no more than carpet and carpet factories and companies in Turkey, whether the major companies and factories that depend on the use of the latest machines and machines in the manufacture of carpets and rugs, or the workshops and factories that manually manufacture carpet Turkish which are more expensive.

– These companies differ in the designs, patterns, colors and decorations that they offer, with different prices, so you need to know these companies and communicate with them to get a table and offers with the prices they provide to merchants and suppliers.

With attention when communicating to be in the name of your store or company until you get offers according to the number The pieces you will get.

– The reason for the demand for Turkish cheap carpet rolls is that it is one of the most luxurious and luxurious types of carpets in the world.

 As it is made of silk and inlaid with brocade and golden threads, and its carvings are dominated by the Islamic decorative character.

– Some writings in the Ottoman letter are also added to it. As for the colors, it is varied and bright. .

– Turkey is the largest source of carpets in the world due to the availability of raw materials for the manufacture of carpets in addition to the efficiency of workers in the city of wholesale carpet in carpet weaving and technicians who work on carpet machines and Turkey is close to export markets.

 And most of the carpets are sold to Arab countries and it is the largest importer of Turkish carpets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia And the United States and Kazakhstan, where the variety of carpets and the beauty of the carpets made in Turkey are among the most popular exports.

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We offer you the best and most famous carpet factories and companies in Turkey:

  • Ninovacarpet

– To deal with major carpet producers in Turkey, which have a long and great name in the market, is what you find with that ancient company, which was established in 1989 in the city of Gaziantep, and thanks to the company’s long experience, it has become one of the most famous Turkish carpet companies of all kinds, where you find wide assortments of Carpet polypropylene PCF.

Thermal carpets, frieze carpets, shaggy carpets, acrylic carpets, viscose carpets, and high-quality carpet making, and the best carpet 2020

– The reason behind the company’s success and prosperity to become one of the most important companies exporting abroad is due to its possession of an infrastructure that makes it manufacture and produce an area of ​​excellent quality and of all different sizes and sizes suitable for furnishing all spaces.

– The company relies in the manufacture of carpets and rugs on a combination of traditional and manual style in the industry, and on relying on modern technology by owning the latest advanced machinery in different stages of finishing such as design, weaving, dying and cutting in order to reach distinctive shapes and many designs that vary between modern, modern and classic And elegant traditional, to find a great variety of shapes, you can import and display the most beautiful and finest pieces.

– The company is distinguished for being one of the best carpet brands and having a wide range of carpets from classic antique carpets, Ushak carpets, excessive carpets, faded carpets, Turkish kilim carpets, and they also find they have a group of distinctive Turkish furnishings that match their design with carpets from cushions and Suzani fabrics available for display in their stores Or view it on their website.

Turkish rug importers

  • Istanbulcarpet factory:

– It is also the ancient and ancient companies in Istanbul that have gained international fame, a long history in the carpet industry owned by that company since its establishment in 1970, which made it have extensive experience in wholesale trade, manufacturing, renovation and repair of hand-made carpets, carpets and Turkish kilims.

– As for if you are looking for buying carpets in Istanbul then this company is your destination, as it is famous for selling both wholesale and retail.

You can contact the company through their website where it deals with merchants from different countries, and export the best different carpets to sell in their local markets, by visiting their wholesale carpet online website.

Best place to buy carpet in Turkey

  • Carpet city in Turkey:

– The city of carpets in the city of Gaziantep is famous for its many carpet factories and workshops in Turkey. In this city there are about 350 carpet and rug factories, and it is an industrial city with many different factories.

There are very large factories for carpets and rugs in this city, as well as a factory for prayer rugs in Turkey. The size of large factories reaches 70 and 80 machines, and small factories range from 5 to 15 machines.

– As for the most important characteristic of Carpet City is your ability to meet the special requests of your customers, where the supplier or customer can design his own pattern or choose special colors and specifications, whether in terms of color or design, etc. and send them to the factory via the “Internet” and they are printed because the carpet has become today Fashion and taste

– The customer can design any engraving through various design programs, send it to the factory, print it, and he can modify it and it is private for the customer or the supplier, and it is kept in the client’s file in the factory. By, and presenting distinctive pieces that the customer alone owns without similarity with anyone.

In another words, if you want to import from Turkey you should go to this city.

Turkish rug importers
Turkish rug importers

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