Shoes wholesale market in Turkey

Shoes wholesale market in Turkey … best 4 shoes wholesale dealers in Turkey

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Shoes wholesale market in Turkey … 

Are you looking for Shoes wholesale market in Turkey ? There are many Turkish shoes wholesale markets and Turkish shoes wholesale factories, and we will show ways to import them from Turkey.

Do you like knowing shoes factories in Turkey ? Why imported in Turkey import from Turkey is the best choice for you ? Are you looking for the  best prices for shoes in  Turkey ? Over Importing House  platform you can know the shoes wholesale markets and factories and all the details you need.

Shoes wholesale market in Istanbul

Do you need to buy shoes wholesale through best companies and suppliers?

There are are lots of Turkey wholesale market in Istabul and you can find everything that you need in these markets. Wholesale markets in Istanbul are one of the most popular markets in Istanbul and the best shopping destinations in Turkey that locals, tourists coming to visit the city and even merchants do to get the best fabrics and shoes of all brands, along with consumer and household goods, foodstuffs, etc., and we can  We remind you of the best and most famous Istanbul markets, the cheapest shopping places in Turkey, Istanbul, which have been tried and tested  :

1_ Osman Bey Street markets

Osman Bey Street is one of the famous streets in Istanbul, which includes many shops that  sells clothes wholesale wholesale clothing market in Istanbul, as it includes many varied shops in which there are different goods.

Shoes wholesale market in Istanbul
Shoes wholesale market in Istanbul

Among the features in Othman Bey Market :.

  • At Osman Bey Market, there are many wholesale shops selling high-end ready-to-wear clothes.
  • It includes more than fifty different companies, which have a wide reputation and supply their woven industries all over the world.
  • On Othman Bey Street, veiled clothes of all kinds are available, which differ in brands.
  • Othman Bey Street also includes many shops that sell cosmetics.

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2- Wholesale stores in La Li Li

La Li district is located in the old part of Istanbul, it embraces many wholesale shops along the tram line and in the inner streets you will find distinctive shops with varying prices, and there are also shops for leather shoes Turkey wholesale shoes and bags whose price is competitive for the rest of the prices in many areas in Istanbul .

  • The La Li Souk included many different shops, which numbered in the thousands, It is characterized by the fact that it is located in wholesale, as well as retail.
  • There are many products and clothes with local brands and international brands at La la Li Market.
  • There are many shops in the market corridors at La Lai Market, which sell bags, as well as shoes made of the finest types of leather with high quality and reasonable prices.
  • In the market there are many wholesale shops for children, women and men clothes.
  • There are also many shops in La Li Li market that sell renewed wedding dresses every year.
Turkey wholesale shoes
Turkey wholesale shoes

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3- Merter Shops

It is located in Istanbul in the Merter district and includes shops that sell products at wholesale price, which is an excellent area for its proximity to the city’s industrial area.  And this market is characterized by the fact that the prices in it are appropriate and less expensive than the Osman bey markets, which makes many traders go to it.

  • Merter market includes many shops, which have the latest Turkish fashion wholesale shoes in Turkey.
  • The Merter market includes many shipping companies, which make it easy for merchants to transport their things quickly and easily.
  • It also includes customs clearance companies, which facilitate a lot of work for traders and importers.

4- Fatih shops

In the famous Fatih district of Istanbul, there is a large group of shops, which are considered among the Shoes wholesale market in Turkey, and among the most important features of Fatih markets:

  • In Al-Fatih Wholesale Market, there are many shops that include women’s clothing.
  • In Al Faith Wholesale Market, there is also a large group of shops selling wedding and evening wear at very reasonable prices.
wholesale shoes in Turkey
wholesale shoes in Turkey

Leather shoes factory in Turkey

  • Are you searching for the best leather shoes factories in Turkey?
  • We will give all the information that you need.
  • Looking for leather shoes factories best leather shoes in Turkey is possible for a person to invest in the shoe trade from Turkey, where a person can import shoes from Turkey.

importing from Turkey can be  in various shapes and forms, whether it is women’s or men’s shoes, sports shoes, classic or modern, Turkish genuine leather shoes, or even children’s shoes, then you supply the market  The Saudi market needs this product, nourishes commercial traffic and helps the citizen to obtain different tastes with high quality and at a low price Istanbul .

Turkish industries are one of the most pioneering industries at this time, and they include the Turkish shoes industry , which is characterized by its high quality, and its various brands that satisfy everyone.

Turkey has excelled in producing the finest and best Turkish shoes, as the leather industry is one of the most important national industries in Turkey, as there are many factories best shoes factory in Turkey to produce the best Turkish bags and shoes, at special prices.

As factories produce according to international standards, and in compliance with health and environmental standards, about 90% of production is based on health and environmental standards.

The leather industry is one of the leading export sectors in Turkey, with exports of the leather sector (including shoes) for the year 2017 amounting to about US $ 4.1 billion.

The production of Turkish shoes has reached more than 315 million pairs, including sports shoes, long shoes, plastic shoes, and slippers, about 50% of the total number of companies operating in Turkey, they are centers for the production of Turkish shoes, among the most famous shoe factories in Turkey are the following:

best shoes factory in Turkey
best shoes factory in Turkey

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1_ Levoss shoes

Levoss shoes, is a manufacturer / producer, founded in 2010, and it operates in the women’s shoes sector.  It also operates in the sandals, women’s shoes, leather shoes and women’s boots.  It is based in Konya, Turkey.

2_ Sahra kundura

The company Sahra kundura, manufacturer / producer, operates in the men’s shoes sector.  It also operates in the comfortable footwear sectors, leather shoes, men’s shoes and women’s shoes.  It is based in Konya, Turkey.


CC AYAKKABI, a manufacturer / producer, operates in the women’s shoes sector.  It also operates in the women’s footwear sectors, women’s shoes, suede, footwear manufacturing, and leather footwear.  It is based in Izmir, Turkey.

4_ Nil shoes

Nil shoes , a manufacturer / producer, operates in the women’s shoes sector.  It also operates in the women’s fashion footwear sectors, ballroom dancing shoes, comfortable shoes and leather footwear how to buy shoes.  It is based in Izmir, Turkey.

5_ Yener shoe

The company, Yener shoe, operates in the footwear sector.  It also operates in the leather footwear and shoe leather sectors buying shoes.  It is based in Izmir, Turkey.

6_ Ayaktaki

AYaktaki, a manufacturer / producer, was established in 2006, and it operates in the women’s shoes sector.  It also works in sectors and leather shoes.

7_ Onen shoes

ONEN SHOES, a wholesaler, operates in the men’s shoes sector.  It also operates in the women’s footwear sectors, leather shoes, men’s shoes and sandals.

how to buy shoes.
how to buy shoes.

8_ Kral Alexander leather market

Our company has been serving the leather industry for 30 years and has a wide range of leather products.  We provide our services in line with customer demands.  We export raw lambs and calves hides all over the world.  We provide our customers with competitive rates to satisfy our partners.  Our company has a trade route between 4 continents and 9 countries.  Our philosophy is honesty, efficiency, durability and customer satisfaction.  We also manufacture finished products as requested by clients.

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Shoes price in Turkey

The prices of shoes in Turkey vary according to the brand, as well as the place and suppliers Turkey shoes suppliers , as buying from wholesale shoes sales offices differs from buying from the factory directly, and prices vary in terms of shoe sizes in Turkey, or children’s shoes, or elderly shoes, or men’s shoes, so if  You were going to buy wholesale shoes from Turkey, you must determine the type and quantity of shoe factories in Turkey to know the cost before taking this step, and this makes it easier for you to open a shoe bale project, one of the most famous of these brands :.

1_ Hammer Jack

It is considered one of the best Turkish brands that have international specifications, and you will also find that brand in Turkish shopping sites a lot Turkey shoes brand , and it produces a range of types of shoes, including sports shoes, as well as various leather shoes, and it is the best Turkish brand of shoes for women, girls, men and also children.

Also, that brand is located outside the state of Turkey, and that is among many shops, and that for agents, as well as providing the possibility of online purchase through some e-commerce platforms.

2_ Derimod

It is the most famous as well as the most important brand in the world for leather products, as well as the company specializing in selling leather shoes only buying shoes, as well as bags, and also coats as well as belts as well as many other leather accessories.

And it is distinguished by the use of the original leather materials, which are of very high quality and as they are at competitive prices, which is compared to the rest of the world.

urkey shoes brand ,
urkey shoes brand ,

You can also buy Turkish shoes online shopping shoes online at the best prices, from the most famous of these sites:

Modanisa site

It is a Turkish site specialized in women’s shoes and veiled clothes and offers a distinctive fashion for veiled women, and offers large sizes for women who want to do so, and they can shop in it from all countries.

Civil shoes website

It is one of the wonderful and useful sites in case you want to buy shoes for your children, you must find many suitable products for you, shoes for young children and also babies, if you are waiting for a new birth, and there is a section for pregnant women in which pregnant women can shop the demands of the child.

Civil shoes website
Civil shoes website

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Adwhit website:

It provides you with the Shoes wholesale market in Turkey and forms of modern shoes and luxury models for young women shoes for women, so do you have a child that you want to shop for online, you can now choose what is suitable for your child from many brands of shoes for women, men, children and teenagers.

Thus, we explained to you the most important places to buy shoes wholesale in Turkey and the best markts and factories in Turkey. And also we have explained the best prices for shoes in Turkey. I hope it useful for you .

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