rugs from turkey wholesale

rugs from turkey wholesale.. 9 factories and shops to sell

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rugs from turkey wholesale

rugs from turkey wholesale are characterized by accuracy, sophistication and attractive colors, so no one can resist having it in his home, and its reputation has spread globally, and importing carpets from Turkey has become one of the best projects that many resort to, and with time this work has evolved to be the work of hundreds of people in the Arab region as well. Very profitable, and does not require experience, but what matters here is the moderate capital that will enable you to import more than one room for your exhibition or trade, regardless of its size, so importing – house platform will provide you with all possible information about this matter in the following lines.

rugs made in turkey wholesale

In the beginning, it is necessary to know who are the most important turkish rugs ‘ importers and who are the most important traders who deal with factories in Turkey, as well as knowing the size of supply and the volume of demand and who are the potential customers. But what after completing the full market study and determining the feasibility of selling carpets and rugs imported from Turkey? Here you can start searching for the most important factories in Turkey on your own to get the most quality products from its factories and also to reduce costs and choose factories that offer high quality turkish rugs wholesale , various designs and reasonable prices that ensure you sell at the normal market price and achieve a lot of profits for the Turkish carpet project and you can know the addresses, quality and prices of factories By searching online for a Turkish carpet selling site.

You can contact some importers in other fields to get some instructions and advice in general in the field of importing from Turkey, and you should also know that one of the advantages of traveling to Turkey is that the travel costs are not so great that you can travel whenever you want, and there are many effective ways that you can count On it in the case of importing carpets from Turkey.

rugs made in turkey wholesale
rugs made in turkey wholesale

Here are the wholesale rug suppliers in Turkey:-

There are many Turkish factories specializing in carpet manufacturing in industrial zones and in the cities of Istanbul and Bursa, and all of these rugs from turkey wholesale factories are working hard to produce a product worthy of export outside the country. The carpet industry in Turkey is one of the industries that have many secrets with secrets, starting from the formation and installation of carpets, which are Always a renewable industry, and its secrets are not known to many either.

There is also a lot of ancient and modern engraving, and a number of materials that Turkish carpets come from if you want to import from turkey such as wool, silk and others, and some may think that this industry is simple and easy, but it is not so and requires a lot of effort and accuracy in work, the carpet industry is one of the environmental industries that use wool Pure and natural, which in most countries of the world depends on the local materials available in each country, as it is manufactured according to the drawings, pictures and inscriptions in which the craftsman creates a fabric in his imagination that combines colors and images as this industry is one of the ancient traditional industries associated with Bedouin life and herding, and it is an old industry.

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turkey rug manufacturers

There are carpet companies specializing in the high-end and distinctive Turkish carpets, and among those companies we review together:

turkey rug manufacturers
turkey rug manufacturers
  1. Ninovacarpet Corporation

It is one of the most famous companies specialized in the Turkish carpet industry and has been operating since 1989 in Gaziantep, Turkey. This company offers customers all kinds of turkish rugs and carpets that you can imagine in all sizes as well, and it has PCF carpets, thermal carpets, frieze carpets, shaggy carpets, acrylic carpets, Viscon carpets, and it also manufactures rugs and has been able to expand and spread to become the largest industrial company that owns its products It is mainly engaged in international trade and exports abroad.

The company is distinguished by its infrastructure that makes it manufacture and produce turkish rugs Istanbul in all different sizes and sizes suitable for furnishing all spaces. Throughout the industry, the company relies on the use of a combination of traditional and modern tools, and modern machinery in different stages of finishing such as design, weaving, dyeing and cutting to reach distinctive shapes and designs that vary between modern and modern classic and elegant traditional to create a great diversity of turkish rugs large and small that enable you to import and sell all types Carpets decorated in all shapes and colors. They have a wide range of carpets from classic antique carpets, Ushak carpets, faded carpets, faded carpets, Turkish kilim rugs, and they also found they have a distinctive collection of Turkish carpets.

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where to buy turkish rugs in Istanbul ?

Oriental and Arab carpets have scored a summit in excellence and elegance with their drawings and designs since approximately the eleventh century, and the carpet industry today is highly important by the industrial and marketing circles at the global level. There are many cheap rugs factories in Turkey’s carpet city, Gaziantep, which is the sixth largest city in Turkey, there are about 350 carpet factories in this city, and it is an industrial city with many different factories. This city has the best rugs wholesale factory in Turkey, with large factories of 70 and 80 machines, and small factories like Turkish carpet factory, ranging from 5 to 15 machines.

Here the supplier or customer can design the design or pattern that he wants to turn into a carpet with the choice of the color he wants as well as the specifications and size and send it to the factory via the Internet and then print it because carpets have become today among the things in which tastes differ according to the different furnishings between classic and modern, as well as the customer can Design the pattern he wants in Photoshop.

buy rugs direct from turkey
buy rugs direct from turkey

rugs from turkey wholesale customers in Trabzon come from every place in the world to buy rugs direct from turkey such as Italy, Iraq, America and the Kurdistan region, and each town has its own characteristics, for example Italians and Americans choose small areas not exceeding 250 x 350, and this size is considered in the Gulf countries and in Saudi Arabia a very small size and in Iraq Iraqi merchants compete in importing carpets of all kinds of modern Turkish carpets in pictures, and one of the traders mentioned that most of the products in Iraq are from Turkey, especially carpets and rugs, as he says that carpets in Iraq have huge sales and the demand for them is increasing.

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turkish rug suppliers

Types of rugs from turkey wholesale that are manufactured in Turkey are made of different materials such as silk, cotton, and wool, or it is a mixture of more than one type of yarn, history indicates that the oldest types of Turkish carpets were known in Konya, Sivas and Kayseri, where they were made from a variety of colors. And the beautiful decorations, throughout the ages, Turkish carpets have taken different and varied forms, so it is possible to find an attic such as animals, flowers and decoration and to see the texture, color and design of the carpets you can know from which region in Turkey these carpets come from, for example carpets coming from the Anatolian plains are characterized by designs that contain Plants and carpet-making centers in Turkey, including Sparta, Melas and Usak.

Turkish carpet companies are spread everywhere in Turkey, which will enable you to easily reach your goal to obtain original carpets, and you have many opportunities to choose the best for you in terms of price and quality from the names of carpet factories in Turkey to the names of carpet factories in Turkey.

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wholesale markets in turkey

The most famous shopping places in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul: Turkey is famous for many local products made with international quality, and among these products are Turkish carpets, leather goods, Turkish clothes, Turkish textiles and bathroom accessories, Turkish pottery, decorative tiles and Turkish antiques. Carpet Shops in Turkey In the Grand Bazaar, there are many shops that sell these products and they have been famous for many years, such as:

  1. “SISKO OSMAN” rugs from turkey wholesale Shop, one of the most famous Turkish ancient stores for selling Turkish carpets, is an old store that has been passed down to several generations and contains many valuable carpets.
  2. Ethicon shop for handmade Turkish carpets includes many different forms of handmade Turkish carpets. It is characterized by simplicity, elegance and sophistication as it is very precious. You can also find distinctive and professionally manufactured carpets in the carpet market in Turkey, where you can find in the markets a lot of varied carpets of different shapes and different materials, and you can also find all models and manufacturing method, whether manual or machines, so the rugs from turkey wholesale market in Turkey is distinguished due to its great diversity.
  1. Othman Bey Street: It is one of the streets famous for wholesale trade, as it contains more than 55 companies lining the two sides of the street. These companies export products to all parts of the world.
  2. Wholesale shops in Lalali Market: One of the famous markets that contains all what you need, and it is one of the most famous wholesale markets in Turkey.
  3. Marter Market Shops: It is the wholesale market in Turkey and it is the largest market for wholesale products.

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turkey rug factory

The prices of Turkish carpets are somewhat expensive due to the high prices of raw materials and Turkey imports raw materials for carpets and rugs from Saudi Arabia from the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC). In Turkey, the customer can print any drawing of all sizes. The Hannover Fair is held every year and is one of the most important in Germany and in the world. This exhibition that is held in April of every year is the largest exhibition of industrial products in the world, including carpet factories and most carpet factories take care and preserve new carpets or new patterns as well as raw materials to display and sell in this exhibition distinguished exhibition, where he visits this exhibition every year More than a million people, factory owners display their rugs from turkey wholesale and gain new customers from different countries of the world. Factory owners are interested in this important exhibition for them. Here some factories to choose from:

  1. MONO PLASTIK SANAYI VE TIC FACTORY. A.S was established in 2016 in Gaziantep and is engaged in the manufacture and production of local Turkish carpets.
  2. KRC CARPET is one of the most famous rugs from turkey wholesale factories in Turkey, with various models, and it is based in Gaziantep.
  3. ÖZKUL CARPETS Factory The factory produces carpets and handmade carpets, giving higher value to its products and is based in Manias / dimeric.

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turkish rug price guide

You might think that the distinctive rugs from turkey wholesale cannot be tampered with and deceived, but in order not to be exposed to that, here are the best specifications of Turkish carpets and how you can know the original ones. In the recent period, non-original types of Turkish carpets have spread and others are made with poor materials and methods and are sold as original rugs from turkey wholesale , and to avoid all this, you can identify carpets from these points. The original Turkish carpets are among the best types of carpets, and they are exported to many countries around the world, and it is classified to four types according to the drawings on it.

We hope that we have provided you with sufficient information about how to import rugs from turkey wholesale and what are the prices of Turkish carpets. Carpet prices vary in Turkey whether you buy rugs online or not, as the raw materials used in the production of carpets vary, and you also find that there are handmade carpets that are very expensive due to the time and effort spent on it, and there are rugs from turkey wholesale to me in the specialized factories and companies so you find carpet prices varying and you can find what suits you easily.

You can learn about the places and prices of Turkish carpets for sale by entering the Turkey Trade Directory website, which is a Turkish site that supports the Arabic language and provides you with all the data that you want to know about all products, suppliers and factories in Turkey. You can also get mosque rugs from turkey wholesale in bulk at excellent prices by entering the Alibaba website, which provides you with the best materials at the best wholesale prices and provides you with shipping service to the door of the house, and the site requires that you take a certain amount of products for each product a specific number to calculate the bulk cost .

how much does it cost to ship a rug from turkey ?

If you contact rugs from turkey wholesale suppliers and order carpets from Turkey, you have to communicate with shipping companies to send the shipments to you, and among the most famous companies in this field: Al Fares Lojistik, a Turkish shipping company that ships to all parts of the world, has a fixed shipping line from Turkey to Riyadh, and provides land, sea and air freight services and is characterized by punctuality and professionalism at work.

Adoit Lojistik is one of the international companies that has a distinguished team that is keen on delivering shipments on time and helps you get rugs from turkey wholesale with ease. Halablioglu Company, one of the Turkish companies working in the field of international shipping, is distinguished by the shipping of fresh food and has great professionalism in dealing to ensure that shipments arrive safely. You can find many Turkish import and export companies that export rugs from turkey wholesale to all countries of the world, including Saudi Arabia, and here are some Turkish carpet export companies:

– MARKETY ECOMMERCE IMPORT EXPORT LTD, a company specialized in import and export, including the export of Turkish carpets, based in Istanbul.

– KARTAL HALI TEKSTIL SANAYI VE TICARET A.S, a factory that produces and exports carpets, industrial carpets, rugs and other shapes, is headquartered in Gaziantep.

– INNOVIA CARPET, a company established in 2008 in Gaziantep, imports and exports rugs from turkey wholesale of all kinds to all over the world.

Turkish carpets are among the best types of rugs from turkey wholesale in the world, and many strive to obtain them, so it is one of the most profitable projects. So initiate your project and it will succeed, God willing.

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