Turkish towels wholesale turkey

Turkish towels wholesale turkey … List of best suppliers

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Turkish towels wholesale turkey

Turkey is one of the first countries to export textiles around the world, and among the types of textiles are Turkish towels wholesale turkey , next to clothes and home textiles, so if you are thinking of opening a project to sell Turkish towels and want to know the best Turkish companies selling towels, in the importing house platform we offer you important information About the best companies.


Wholesale Turkish towels

Choosing Turkey to buy towels and textiles from them is a very good option, as Turkey has a great reputation and is good in the wholesale trade of pads, in this paragraph we present to you the best companies that sell Turkish towels wholesale turkey.


Best Turkish towels wholesale turkey supplier. They have solid material foundation in showcasing, trades, sourcing, item advancements in different materials Home Textiles, Towels, Bathrobes, Bed Linen, hammam towels wholesale, Pillow, Quilt, Technical Fabrics, Textile Composites.

To surpass the desires for their retail clients by spearheading and advertising the most energizing, inventive and esteem based home improving items to the burning-through public.

Textile Warehouse is an online objective for clients looking for uplifting home inside material items and brands. They give their clients remarkable consideration and administration with an extensive scope of marked items offered at serious costs.

 Their scope of inside materials of wholesale towels from turkey for all zones of the home motivates and offers quality and incentive at all degrees of moderateness. They invest heavily in Turkey produce and have their own nearby assembling office for their own image, Creative Living. Textile Warehouse is continually advancing.

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Best Turkish towels wholesale turkey supplier. TEHUCA has been famous for its Quality and Superior Service to its customers since 1993. Apparel best companies to work in Turkey, Promotional Textile Products, Hotel linens, towels and Hotel Slippers Hotel are producing.

 They have a fully equipped model shop working on a computer system and an automatic fabric cutting machine that increases the quality of their products. Any product that is not approved is not put into production.

 At TEHUCA, they produce wholesale towels in bulk, Hotel Textile Products, Hotel Linens, Bedding Sets, Pillows, Hotel Towels, Hotel Slippers, Workwear and Promotional Textile Products.

 Their mission is to provide you the best quality and best service in the given time. By combining their production with understanding the products you want very well and delivering them to the right place at the right time and by closely following the developments and demands in the sector, they anticipate your demands and fulfill them.

Turkish towel market


Best Turkish towels wholesale turkey supplier. Their company was founded in 2009 by cenk gur, who started working in the towel production and planning department in the textile sector in 1994 and then continued with the marketing department. The annual towel production capacity of their company is 600 tons.

The production of wholesale towels capacity of bathrobes is 50000 pieces per year. Their company has set its target to export since 2016 and continues on its way with its existing customers in Europe ‘Middle East’ and Africa.

 Their company, which has a wide range of products, has become a manufacturer that is trusted day by day with its high quality understanding. Their company, which always takes care to serve with a principled, honest, visionary perspective, aims to be among the trusted manufacturers of the sector, who try to behave principled in quality management.

 Under today’s competitive global market conditions, they are working with all their strength to provide the best solutions to the needs, their goal is to be a preferred and trusted company by offering the best quality product with the best service quality to all their customers who prefer them. Thank you very much for choosing them.


Best Turkish towels wholesale turkey supplier. November textiles as home textiles, baby products and bath linens & bath accessories serving as producers & suppliers of the product groups, tiled bathrooms, including their accessories üzeret products from Turkey in üretilmektedir.uz year professional managers as after their work by establishing their own company information and their experience their own company They aim to serve their customers and evaluate them.

 As a company, consistency and quality among their main targets, customer satisfaction and comes to service quickly to their customers, according to Turkey and other countries, they aim textiles and bath emphasize the positive divergence between groups of products such as towels on sale, their industry quality, the country is fast production times and the advantages such as shortness of time in shipping delivery They plan to increase their exports by using.

They are still aiming to differentiate from their competitors by making collections with unique designs suitable for their retail customers and export customers in their country. Since today trends and needs are constantly changing, they follow the trends by participating in fairs around the world and develop their collections accordingly.

Turkey towel manufacturers


Best Turkish towels wholesale turkey supplier. Their company, which was established in 1995, started its product portfolio with weaving and expanded its product portfolio by starting to produce Towels, Bathrobes and later on Home Textiles. With Onbaşıoğlu Textile Brand Aylin ® Collection and its employees, their goal is to produce the best quality products and offer them to their customers.

towels stores online have become a brand in the towel and bathrobe sector thanks to their 13 years of experience in the Domestic and Foreign Market Sector. The mission of their company is to provide quality and the most accurate service to their valued customers in the fastest way.

 Their company is to continue its services with its values ​​that do not compromise on quality, sensitive and respectful sections in every field of the environment and society, with the principle of justice, honest and reliable work team.


Best Turkish towels wholesale turkey supplier. Founded by Nurettin Kapalıgöz in 2003, Çetinkaya Deri ve Tekstil Ltd.Şti. Started its business life first with leather trade and then their developing and growing company started to operate in the textile sector.

Towel company which has rapidly expanded its investment in the textile sector, is a considerable supplier today and supplies towels, bathrobes and textile products to textile stores. As Çetinkaya, their mission is to achieve a sustainable customer satisfaction by continuing their innovations in the globalizing and changing world structure.

 Their company produces textile products and services at international quality standards in order to provide value for the success of their customers, provides solutions with the right technologies in the textile sector, at home and abroad, adapts rapidly to technological developments, directs change, keeps user and employee satisfaction at the highest level, domestic and foreign business It aims to be a global company in its sector, preferred by its partners.

Turkish towel supplier


Best Turkish towels wholesale turkey supplier. They are a home material assembling organization set up in Denizli. With over 30 years of material experience, at long last, they are offering their encounters to their clients in their own organization. They run creation for Ladies, Men, and Children they accept they can show you solid assortments from consistently changing assortments in their showroom.

 The plan groups are sourcing and growing continually. Experienced specialized direction at processing plants stresses quality. To create a large number of results of excellent, it gets critical to execute quality control across manufacturing plant creation innovation and the board.

Towel supplier LENORA is focused on meeting as well as surpassing all client prerequisites. Consequently guaranteeing a 100% quality objective that is completed all through each progression of the assembling cycle. The final product prompts the total fulfillment of each client and improved the development and achievement of the organization.

A profoundly talented and energetic labor force makes progress toward downright greatness underway, quality, and administration. On the off chance that you need them to Show their conceivable outcomes in turning out to be accomplices with you please acknowledge their desire to meet you soon.

 LENORA connects with its solid showcasing blend of top notch items, a serious value system a considerable rundown of fulfilled clients.

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wholesale towels from turkey
wholesale towels from turkey


Best Turkish towels wholesale turkey supplier. To be a bride; It is the first step towards happiness in the long journey before saying yes and then to a new beginning. Dreams begin to come true by keeping the purity and the promise given to the lover.

 It continues to be the most glamorous in the most special night. Outside of habits, in a process where everything is full of innovations from beginning to end, mixed feelings are blended with happiness, joy and excitement.

 At this point, Reveblanc towel production turkey confronts the bride-to-be. In realizing their dreams, in the acceptance of a new beginning and in the first step towards this beginning, Reveblanc has made all the support they need as a vision.

Reveblanc, with its power that steers the fashion, takes into consideration three basic situations that are very determining factors in the selection of wedding dresses for brides-to-be.

 Reveblanc helps brides-to-be with all kinds of questions and problems by applying a free communication support program to the bride-to-be in order to best meet the demands and expectations of the bride-to-be brides who will step into a new life.

 In the second program, to make the bride-to-be look flawless with the most suitable wedding dress for their body type.


Best Turkish towels wholesale turkey supplier. Their company is the  best place to buy towels,  they was put into operation in 1986 in Bursa Old Gökçen Office, by their founder Cafer SÖYLER. Murat Söyler Textile has always aimed to offer their valued customers the best product at the most affordable price and satisfactory service since 1986.

Today, this service continues to increase with 5000 m2 closed area and 5000 kinds of products on Yalova Road. The primary goal of Murat Söyler Tekstil is customer satisfaction.

Thanks to you, their valued customers, in order to meet the needs of home textiles, they expand their product range and offer their products under the guarantee of Murat Söyler Tekstil. CAFER SÖYLER Murat Söyler Tekstil Chairman of the Board.

Towel factory in turkey


Best Turkish towels wholesale turkey supplier. Turkuaz Tekstil was founded by Nihat ZEYBEKCİ in 1994 and started to manufacture towels and bathrobes. it’s the  cheapest place to buy towels The manufacturing process involved loop weaving and the processing of woven products by apparel.

 In order to meet the increasing demand and to control all production processes, Turkuaz Tekstil established its own embroidery business Turkar Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., equipped with the latest technology and equipment, in 2005.

 In their main facility with a closed area of ​​13,500 m2, Turkuaz Textile Group employs 290 people in total.

 Turkuaz Textile wholesale suppliers in turkey exports all of its production to countries such as Italy, Spain, America, England, Japan, Greece, France, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria.

their vision; To be a leading company that creates value for their country by providing their customers with the best quality service model with a professional management approach, to ensure their continuous satisfaction and to continuously develop ourselves in accordance with new technological and social developments.


Best Turkish towels wholesale turkey supplier. The DEL COTONE brand created by MCS TESKTİL is the reflection of their company’s experience in the field of textile. Denizli Textile MCS engaged in manufacturing duvet, blanket, towel, especially sheets, many yapmaktadır.

mcs textile production center in the field of home textiles such as bathrobes conscious that is found in Turkey is constantly grow up and developing a textile company.

MCS Tekstil, which has been renewing and developing itself in the field of home textile apparel in Denizli since 2000; It continues to work by incorporating Mcs Yarn in 2015.

 It has been providing the best service to many of its customers since the day it started production. MCS Tekstil offers its quality and distinguished products to domestic and foreign markets under the brand name of Del cotone, which it produces within its own structure.


Best Turkish towels wholesale turkey supplier. Yorka Textile established in 2014. Located in Denizli / Turkey as a digital printed textile manufacturer company. their team has experienced in textile sector over 10 years. They are doing all production processes in their facility.

 Fabric manufacturing, sewing, printing and packing all processes doing in their facility. Now, they have 5,000sqm factory area.

 Their  priority is customer satisfaction. They respect to environment. They don’t use harmful materials in their productions. They have Oeko-tex 100 class 1 certification and SEDEX pillar 4 audit reports. They increase their capacity with innovative new technologies.

 They always keep brand new their machineries. Their Main Product range:

  • Printed beach towels.
  • Printed Fleece Blankets.
  • Printed Cushins.
  • Printed kitchen prducts.
  • Printed prmtinal textile prducts.
  • Suitcase cvers, bags, ect. Printing capasity: 150.000 m2 in a mnth.
  • Prductin capasity: Abut 100.000-150.000 pcs.
  • twels in a mnth.
  • Als, they prvide unprinted blank white materials custmers which have digital printing machineries.

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Towel price in turkey


Best Turkish towels wholesale turkey supplier. Their company was funded by Saim GÜLBAHÇE in 1986 and stepped into the sector with the production of varius types of hand kerchiefs to import towels from turkey.

Since then, it has been a pineering role in the kitchen textile sector by creating the AYSEN brand with the changes it has made to constantly renew itself and adapt to the current market conditions.

Gülbahçe textile napkins with excellent quality AYSAN effectively with a wide range of products in Turkey and continues to offer the world.

 To integrate the principled and sincere trade image of their company with the AYSEN brand and t catch the best place in the top catogry range in the sector.

To be the best in the kitchen textile industry as Gülbahçe Tekstil.”  Unconditional customer satisfaction, Closely follwing and applying technlgical developments, Superir quality productin, Continous new pattern design, To work in accrdance with the principles of respect for the environment and people.


Where can i buy towels? They are a company established in Denizli, since 2007, on the export of home textile products, mainly towels and bathrobes, bed linens, loincloths, blankets.

They currently export their products to various countries of the world under the brand Everest ©. They can produce the products you want (with / without logo or with / without text) as you wish.

 In addition, they can find a faster solution to your requests with their stock products of various color, pattern and quality. They will be pleased to meet your needs in home textile products in your sales.

 If you can write information such as color, pattern, quantity, dimensions, weight, fabric type as clearly as possible in your orders, they can offer more suitable offers on prices.

 For more information, please check their website: www.dznmntekstil.com or visit their Instagram account: instagram.com/everest_homee For other questions, please feel free to consult them. You can direct all your questions about your orders via our e-mail address.

In this article we produce you the best turkish towels wholesale turkey to import from turkey.


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