Turkish  hand towels wholesale

Turkish  hand towels wholesale  from 8 most respected places

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in Turkish  hand towels wholesale; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

Turkish  hand towels wholesale

Turkey is an economically advanced country with many factories, the most important of which is towel factories in Turkey. As the proportion of merchants importing from Turkish  hand towels wholesale towel factories in Turkey or other products from Turkey has increased in recent times. Through importing house platform we will mention all the information about where to buy hand towel, and the most important well known certified Turkish  hand towels factories, and their manufacturers of textile which producing Turkish  hand towels in turkey.

hand towels made in turkey

Importing from Turkey has become a feature of the current era and the demand for Turkish  products has become great. In Turkey there are many factories for towels wholesale, also, there shipping companies and offices outside Turkey, for you, we decided to talk today in this article about the most important factories and products that are in great demand and are shipped in large quantities, so follow us …

Turkish  hand towels have a very good reputation in the world and in Arab circles in particular, there is no Arab home without Turkish  towels, and the biggest reason for this great demand is its good materials, wonderful designs and high-end colors, so you can now start your business in importing hand towels to your country in more ways we will mention it in this article too.

Through shipping companies that help you import and facilitate this task, in this article important information about Turkish  towels and how to import and distribute them.

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turkey towel factory

turkey towel factory
turkey towel factory

And the most important and best Turkish  towels factories to import towels from turkey are as follows:


Selin Tekstil  is best turkish hand towels wholesale started its journey in 1986 – as weaving manufacturers – under the leadership of its experienced entrepreneurs, Selin has both the Oeko-Tex 100 Standard and ISO 9001-2008 Certificate.

So, it has emerged as a compliant and customer-focused organization, Selin Textile determines the vision of manufacturing home textile products in accordance with international standards, developing customer-oriented marketing strategy and competing in global arena through high value-added products accompanied by continuous innovation, their capacities for towels 500.000 pcs / per month, for bathrobe 10.000 pcs / per month.


Aks Tekstil is dealing with textile business for 30 years. Their Products are: Towel, bathrobe, promotional towel, company logo towel, beach towel, baby hooded towel, sauna, spa towel, healthcare towel, baby blanket, throw blanket, cotton towel, microfiber towel, digital printed towel, company logo towel, organic towel, terry towel, and kids towel. And massage towel, garden towel, gift towel, chair towel, bath towel, picnic towel blanket, hooded towel, sanitary towel, medical towel, hair towel, hospital towel, lounge chair towel, beach skirt, handmade towel, bar towel, apron, golf towel, sport towel, fitness towel, velour towel, round towel, kitchen towel, embellished towel, serviette, and hand towels manufacturer.

Also, bath mat, jacquard towel, yarn dye jacquard towel, terry jacquard towel, relief woven towel, double pile towel, hair bonnet, custom design towel, pique bathrobe, waffle kimono bathrobe, vat dye towel, bathrobe, pique bathrobe, kimono bathrobe, shawl collar bathrobe, baby hooded towel, bonnet, hotel towel, bath mat, cosmetic towel, pool towel, and tea towel.


They entered the textile sector with yarn trade in 80s and started to produce towels and bathrobes with weaving loom investments. The company has adopted the principle of providing the continuity of the company with new products and supporting the economic power in their region and in their country by creating employment. In addition to these, they have started to produce in accordance with the Global Organic Textile Standards with their organic production certificate to produce fantastic products of wood, metal and sand by exceeding thier limits in our towel and bathrobe production. In line with the demands of our customers, we made a first in our company with our bamboo, modal and micro modal products.

The factory has 2000 m² open and 7000 m² closed field. Dobby and Jacquard Looms Sizing Machine V-Warping Machine Sectional Warping Machine Products that they produce: hand towels from small Turkish  hand towels to big size and Bath Towels, Hand Towels, Kitchen Towels, Sports Towels, Spa Towels, Micro Cotton Towels, Bamboo Towels Bathrobe, cotton fiber bathrobe and Organic Bathrobe.

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Turkish  towel companies

Turkish  towel companies
Turkish  towel companies

Asven Trade as a leading foreign trade company in the field of Home Textile and Packaging and Printing in Istanbul Turkey. they have serious contacts with almost biggest manufacturers in Turkey Aspiring to be “Your Global Supplier”. They collect all serious client demands and offers the best prices and quality. their major business contacts were concluded with enterprises in Europe, North America and Middle East

Their main products are: best hand towels, bath towels, kitchen towels, hand towels and beach towels, PP Woven Bags, PP Sacks. With their huge web of contacts with manufacturers in Turkey, they are there to supply all type of your products demands with their broad style of textile and PP collection and technology. also, they accept all kinds of OEM-ODM projects in accordance with customized request.


They are a company in Turkey, that employs itself with the production of terry and velour products like beach towels, bath towels, wash gloves, baby bibs, baby towels, adult bibs etc. They will be able to produce every kind of towels in high quality according Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class. this company is also member of BSCI.


They perform the best service for its customers with a very rich line of goods. the company is one of the leading manufactures and exporter of Hotel Textile and Hospital Textile products. Their customers are composed from hotels, hospitals, airline companies, cruise ships and thermal facilities. Hotel bathrobes, towels, restaurant textiles, etc. All their products are certified by international quality standard, hygienic and quality control, their fabric products are manufactured 100% cotton.

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Turkish  towels manufacturers in istanbul

Turkish  towels manufacturers in istanbul
Turkish  towels manufacturers in istanbul

Textiles and towels in particular have their own laboratories and the towels are manufactured in them. There are many different types of hand towels and raw materials that are made with them, including what is made of: (hand towel fabric, cotton – linen – bamboo).

– The cotton towels are always completely soft and thin and able to absorb any moisture, and it is preferable that the cotton fabric be organic, because it is grown without adding chemical compounds, and this fabric is environmentally friendly.

– The linen products are like most, because they are characterized by high strength and long service life. These towels, when in contact with the skin, create a slight massage effect.

A lot of hand towels made of materials such as bamboo have appeared recently, as they attract attention for their soft texture and beautiful appearance, due to the presence of a small gloss, which gives them elegance and originality. Of course, when dealing with towel factories in Turkey and importing from there, then you will need a Turkish  commercial translator to be able to deal with them easily.

There are many wholesale markets in turkey sell towels and textiles in Turkey, and the prices of hand towels in these stores are not expensive, but rather in the average income of everyone. There are many shops and places that sell towels at the wholesale price and sell first-class towels in quality, prices and embroidered shapes, and they are in several places and stores, including:

  1. Friday Market in Istanbul:

The Friday Bazaar is located in the Fatih area, and there are hand towels, towels, furnishings and bed linen shops in Istanbul opposite the tram station, the bazaar contains vegetables, fruits, clothes, bags, shoes, appliances, household and textiles, the bazaar operates on Fridays at 9 am to 7 pm.

  1. Marter Market in Istanbul:

Merter Market Istanbul is located in Merter, next to an area called Zeytinburnu, and the shops there include exhibitions that sell all types of hand towels of all sizes, and they also sell wholesale towels in Turkey, as most of the products sold are wholesale, this market works on a daily basis except on Sunday, from 8 in the morning until the clock 8 p.m.

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Turkish  towels manufacturers in istanbul price

Turkish  towels manufacturers in istanbul price
Turkish  towels manufacturers in istanbul price

Before creating this project, there are several basic conditions and concepts that must be followed in order for it to be successful. These basic conditions and concepts include the following: To study the local market while working in this field of hand towels, start studying the local market in a good way to facilitate the import and sale of the products that you will buy in Turkey. As there are a group of local markets in which all kinds of best hand towel brand must be abundant, and other markets must be It contains Turkish  towels of various colors, types and quality, and knowledge of the supply and prices distributed in the markets to divide the work.

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wholesale Turkish  hand towels

Importing from Turkey was and still is one of the gates of getting rich. Many importers in various parts of the world were and are still buying various products from Turkey, in terms of high quality and reasonable prices, to sell them later in the local markets, realizing a lot of financial gains.

You, too, can join this rich category and import from Turkey what the local markets need, and then sell and profit. It’s a simple business, but you buy from the best place rather than the nearest place. Below we will show you how to import from turkey very easily and in a way that saves you a lot of expenses to increase your profit margin every time you import goods from Turkey. We will show you some import methods and offer information and advice on the best profitable goods to import hand towels in wholesale price and to buy hand towel from Turkey to reach the best reliable and safe import companies:

Information and tips for importing from Turkey:

Do not think that the first basis in the import process in general is capital, as people spend a lot of money on imports to fail and lose what they put in the import project. You must consider the quality of the product that you will import in order to ensure its sale in the market and how to monitor the quality standards of import companies. If not. You have sufficient experience in examining Turkish  family sheets and imported goods, you can use some inspection companies and inspect imported goods that examine the compliance of companies and factories with quality standards and tamper with them, and one example of these companies is SGS that specializes in this.

Start importing from Turkey in small quantities so that you get to know the market more and sell it faster, which gives you liquidity that you can get rid of, one of the very important things that some overlook is not mentioning the country of origin or source and this leads to rejecting your goods in customs and a fine is also imposed. You must pay attention to this matter carefully, for example: if the goods are from Turkey, there must be a phrase made in Turkey to avoid any penalties and fines.

There are 3 way to import Turkish  hand towels: –

  • Importing from Turkey by traveling to it:

Whatever country you wish to import from, travel to that country is the best and best option. Where you have the ability to visit the largest number of companies, factories and markets and thus you have the ability to closely preview products. Thus, you can make comparisons between different products in terms of prices, designs and quality, and finally, you can choose the products that are most suitable for the target market from the source of supply that gives you the best price.

But what is taken about the way of importing through travel is that it is the most expensive among all the methods of importing from Turkey, so you need to obtain a visa to travel to Turkey (not a requirement for some countries), and you also need round-trip air tickets in addition to a hotel for stays for a period ranging from 7 to 10 days.

  • Importing from Turkey by the Internet:

Importing from Turkey via the Internet is common and lowest cost. You must buy from a company with high ratings by buyers. which there are major commercial sites that include a number of Turkish  companies specialized in selling different types of goods. Such as the Turkish  Exporter site, Trade key, and Alibaba, which includes plenty number of exporters from different parts of the world, including Turkey.

Online purchases are similar in terms of the method, you enter the site and register as a new subscriber, and start browsing the goods to add some of your products to the shopping cart. You pay money via credit card to complete the purchase. And then the seller ships the goods to the specified port that you choose during the purchase process, so that the shipment will arrive during the period specified by the shipping company, and then you clear it customs by presenting the documents of the company and the shipment, to be received and then sell.

  • Importing by intermediary:

It is called the import method for the benefit of others, and this method depends on assigning one of the imports and export companies that work in particular in the field of import from Turkey “with long experience” to buy what you need from products with the required specifications, so that the company carries out the import and customs clearance process. As it guarantees quality, accuracy, speed and comfort. But in return you will pay money for those services, and the amounts paid are often a percentage of the total price (say 20% of the total costs), and this reduces your profit margin of course.

We recommend relying on the method of importing through intermediaries in the absence of owning an import and export company which sells bulk buy towels, and in the case of importing for the first time. However, we do not recommend relying on it all the time. You must have your own experiences and save the largest amount of money to make your profit margin high.

Steps to import from Turkey: –

  • Search electronically in the aforementioned sites at the point of import from Turkey via the Internet or by relying on Google, or even by traveling to Turkey “if things are appropriate” for the supplier, company or factory that offers you the desired products at the best possible price (never hurry and spend Lots of time researching to find the best possible source of merchandise.)
  • When communicating electronically with any of the Turkish factories and companies to obtain a quote, it is necessary that you communicate in the name of your company, not personally, as communicating with the name and email of the company guarantees the seriousness of the dealings.
  • You must have full knowledge of the specifications of the products you want to import, you must specify everything related to the products such as the quantity, types, hand towel size, quality of fabrics and colors, so do not leave such matters to the sellers.
  • You have to specify the port of shipment for the seller to send to this port, and it is necessary for you to have documents related to the incoming shipments to prove ownership of the shipment.
  • You pay the customs dues on your shipment, and then you will get if that shipment is released and then you can transfer it to a store or a safe place to work on distributing it to the merchants agreed with them, or start marketing it to the targeted retailers.

In the end, we hope that you have benefited a lot from the information about Turkish  hand towels wholesale in Turkey and some of the import methods from Turkey. We wish you the success of your own project.

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