bath towel suppliers turkey 

10 Bath towel suppliers turkey for 100% cotton products

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bath towel suppliers turkey 

Turkey has many companies and suppliers of bath towels, and in this article, the importing-house platform provides you with the most important bath towel suppliers turkey , and the most important services that these companies or suppliers provide to foreign or local merchants.


Turkish bath towel company

Turkish companies and factories make the towels from the finest types of cotton so that they can absorb water easily.


as DURUTEX TEXTILE they are the organization situated in Denizli, Turkey. They produce and market best towels wraparounds and waffle piques.

They are glad to introduce you the best choice of bath towel made in turkey, towel and bathrobes. Their waffle arouses, shower robes and towels are solely planned and created in Turkey utilizing parched characteristic top quality Turkish Cotton to give you Premium solace and heavenly quality.

They will be satisfied to introduce their Jacquard and non jacquard selective line of ladies’ men’s and youngsters’ wraparounds ; home, lodging and sea shore towels to you.

You will simply cherish the delicateness, receptiveness styles and different sizes unrivaled anyplace else. Only the best, with respect to material and craftmanship, have been united to deliver the gratest wraparounds and towels you will ever have. They will happily asist you with your prerequisites and statement you their best cost.

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Karacan Home Textile, is a turkish luxury collection bath towels producer/exporter organization set up in Denizli-Turkey in 1983. They produce cotton, bamboo, velvet towels and shower robes for home utilization, inn and spa’s.

They have been working in a 2650 m2 plant shut region with 4 weaving machines, 6 weaving looms. Also they have 70 tons month to month creation limit with their 70 workers. Karacan is the enrolled brand name of Arabacilar Textile Company.

Karacan Home Textile over the 35 years experience advances to future with quick and certain means with creation and providing understanding that never makes concession from quality, conclusive consumer loyalty, creation quality , master staff , social obligation and advertising the board. Notwithstanding the items arranged by their creators in their reality, they can likewise make exceptional solicitations from their clients effectively.

 Other than the high caliber and administration, their solid plan division gives the bit of leeway to their clients to lead the market by making inventive items and oddities.

 Quality is the significant key to their business. From the creation till the shipment, their quality group guarantees the best expectations are exceptionally satisfied.

Their quality of Turkish bath towels office is equipped for examining their own special in-line and last investigation. They expect to convey the best quality under all cases.

The best approach to progress goes past the fulfillment of the client and accordingly they have embraced the quality as a way of thinking of life.

bath towel made in turkey
bath towel made in turkey

Best Turkish cotton bath towels

The best types of pads are those made from the finest types of cotton, and you will definitely find them at the following brands.


THE WROPAN COMPANY WAS; Established as a feature of Abalıoğlu Metal Inc. They are an organization that intends to add an alternate point of view to the warming frameworks and best bath towels.

As Wropan , they mix their craft with the warming frameworks and plan to have an aesthetic touch to your homes. They produce designed radiator and warmed towel rails on crude impeccable steel.

The plans on their items were roused by the nature and karma itself and similarly also, accompany a huge assortment of tones. %100 Pressure; TestEach radiator has been applied on pressure test after the welding.

 Surface Patterned; Before the radiators are painted, all radiators are gone through the surface therapy process. This measure comprises of 3 phases. 1. Oil denitrification (55-65 °C)2. Phosphatization (55-65 °C, pH=4.8-5.5)3. Three phase flush ( diverse conductivity levels).

Painting at bath towels store Eco-accommodating preliminary covering is applied at 160°C, with water based epoxy ester paint. At that point it is exposed to excellent powder painting measure.

In painted radiators RAL9016 which is at European Standart, has been applied at 180°C. Bundling and Labeling; The side fronts of the radiator, stuffed with cardboard backings to ensure itself against to outside impacts, All the radiators are pressed with stretch film to proctect them from residue, dampness and the rain.

Additionaly all board radiators are covered with baloon nylon against the knocks.

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Since 2003 they began producing shower materials with the brand name Talesma. They are a provider to the absolute biggest bath towels on sale and merchants all through Canada and the United States.

 Since 2003, they have been giving their joining forces merchants admittance to huge stock, just as complete strategic support of their customers’ offices, from their stockrooms in Vaughan, Ontario and Buffalo, New York.

 In the start of 2014 they likewise settled in Istanbul, Turkey stockroom to stock their lines prepared to deliver prompt to Turkey, Middle East and Europe.


Berrak Towel is the exceptionally specific towel maker in Turkey for over 12 years experience.

It’s been a notable terry towel provider in Turkish market with “Berrak Towel” Brand to buy bath towels online. They have their own weaving, weaving and sewing machines in their plant.

Berrak Towel can satisfy the entirety of your necessities with fast reaction and consistently offer sensible cost with a high caliber in an exceptionally short conveyance time. Berrak Towel’s offer an extraordinary assistance send your plan and they will transform it into excellent weaving.


Turkish brand bath towels

What distinguishes your purchase from brands with brands is that you guarantee the high quality of your product, and you can also return or exchange the product in case you do not like it or you do not find it of good enough material.


They right now flexibly carefully assembled Turkish towels known as peshtemals, robes, cloaks and tosses in 100% cotton. They additionally have unadulterated silk and fleece items suchs as scarf, wraps and cloaks, bath towels wholesale.

They give quality, solace, style and extravagance not just with their own plans, likewise with exceptional creation. They set up Silk and Cotton Store with a craving of giving the quality, extravagance, solace, office and contrast molded on account of Anatolian experts and craftsmans in Turkey.

 As their items convey the Anatolian’s long stretches of conventions and procedures, they decided to name them with the city names of old Anatolia. With long periods of involvement with material market, they have the well consciousness of regarding to their planet by utilizing every single common material.

 Every one of their items are carefully assembled and made of 100% cotton strings. Other than being ecofriendly and having high caliber, their items offers you the extraordinary experience of handmade craftsmanship and design.


Varol Tekstil San. Spasm. Ltd. Şti. purposes to play out the best assistance for its clients with an exceptionally rich line of merchandise.

 VAROL has the limit of creating of textures. Their organization is one of the main fabricates and exporter of Hotel Textile and Restaurant Textile items to import towels from turkey. Their clients are formed from inns, medical clinics, carrier organizations, voyage boats and warm offices.

 Lodging wraparounds, towels, materials, café materials, expendable clean drying shoes, aleza… and so on clothing sacks, shoes packs and shoe shiners utilized in lodgings are among their wide scope of items.

Their quality standard is their fundamental objective underway, the entirety of their items are confirmed with BC EN ISO 9001: 2008 quality norm. Furthermore, every one of their items are ensured by global quality norm, clean and quality control.

Their texture items are produced 100% cotton. They custom weaving and print as indicated by clients explicit necessities with new models.

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bath towels wholesale
bath towels wholesale

Turkey bath towel price

You can find the best prices with the following companies:


They are maker of towels and shower robes. They produce any sort of towel or terry items for modified special purposes. Their limit is about 80tons every month with 22looms. The foundation of their organization is 1993.They are weaver for casual weear cotton mixed textures.

wholesale suppliers in turkey montly limit is 550.000mt and 600.000mt month to month with 60 weaving machines. Definitely they have huge involvement with weaving the textures with the high technologic looms. 36 of them are actuated in 2012 and end of 2011.

 The creation territory is completely climated for providing great quality and efective weaving. You are invited to visit their site.


They are working in their occupation with a 18 year-old experience. As Inanc material, they are doing creation with plants that are specialists in their fields. They are offering an explanation to the desires for their clients with their quality and their quick assistance.

As the pioneer processing plant of Denizle they prescribe you to attempt the administration of Inanc Textile. Their items by quality; T-shirt: in plain or weaving or engraving or compressed Sweat shirt: in plain or weaving with/without zipper Pyjamas: in plain or jacquard Towels: Plain, Embroidery, Jacquard in Relief or Bordure jacquard, yarn colored yacquard or engrave or Compressed Velour or Terry quality.

Bathrobes: plain, Embroidery, jacquard Velour or Terry Quality Childrens articles: Baby Bibs, wraparounds, towels in weaving or jacquard Slippers: Ground sole plastic, upper made by Terry texture in plain or Embroidery Bedding sets: Ranforce or Satin quality engraving or jacquard Blanket: Fleece or wellsoft in plain or Embroidery Socks: Knitted altered logo on.

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They are an Exporter and a Manufacturer Leader organization at Yatching Textile, Hotel Textile and Home Textile Sector. Their Factory has been situated in Denizli/Turkey.

They have two actual shopping are in Turkey They Supply in Australia , EU Countries and in Turkey. Their overall Categories are as underneath: Hotel material items Yatchting material items Naturel home material items (Organic Certified Bamboo and Cotton Made)

Towels/Bath Robes Duvet Sets Pique and Pique Sets Peshtemals (Turkish Towels) Lace cushions Pillows Duvets Matras Protectors Accessories Towels/Bath Robes Duvet Sets Pique and Pique Sets Peshtemals (Turkish Towels) Lace pads Pillows Duvets Matras Protectors Accessories Yachting Upholstery.

You can now import from turkey  from the best suppliers.


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