turkish beach towels wholesale

turkish beach towels wholesale.. 18 companies present best product

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 turkish beach towels wholesale

Turkey has many diverse industries that have made it a market for many products such as turkish beach towels wholesale and today we will discuss the production of towel factories in Turkey and explain the most important factories producing in Turkey and the import methods used, let’s see with importing  house platform.

wholesale turkish beach towels

There are many factories and companies that specialize in manufacturing textiles for towels, which they sell to many merchants that request these towels constantly, and among the most important factories in Turkey for towels are:


Quilts, Pillows, Towels, Linens, Home Textiles, Bedroom Textiles, Bathroom Textiles, Kitchen Textiles, Baby Textiles, Mattress Pads, Mattress Cases, Pillows, Sheets, Quilt Covers, Shawls, Blankets, Towel, Bornes, Bathrobe, Sheets Bed Sheet Set Bath Towels Kitchen Towels Blanket. Akden Tekstil manufactures and supplies quilts, duvets, pillows, towels, linens, home textiles, bedroom textiles, bathroom textiles, kitchen textiles, baby textiles, mattress pads.


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  1. Başar

It produces and supplies towel spinning and weaving products, bathrobes, bathrobes, bath products, turkish beach towels wholesale promotional products, hotel textiles, beach towels, hand towels, towels.


The best turkish beach towels means AKAY TEKSTIL  it produces excellent Turkish Towels, Home Textiles, Bed Towels, Bed Linens, Bed Linen, Bed Linen, Sheets, Bed Linen, Sheet Set, Bed Linen, Bed Cover, Towels, Burnins, Bath Towels, Bathrobe, Bathrobe, Kitchen Towels, Hotel Textiles, Textiles, sauna, bathrobes, towel, baby towels, baby linens, bathrobe set, hand towels, face towels.

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beach towel manufacturers turkey

beach towel manufacturers turkey
beach towel manufacturers turkey

Turkish towels are found in several places and Turkish markets, and many companies produce them, most notably:-

  1. Perian Factory

Company Products:

– High quality cotton bathrobes for women.

beach towels wholesale

– Women’s pajamas.

– Women’s swimwear.

  1. nebulatekstil

Among the famous towel factories in Turkey that you can cooperate with to have beach towels on sale

  1. Baikan cotton underwear company in Turkey

Company Products:

– A Turkish manufacturer of towels and bathrobes to import from turkey the following products:

– Men’s underwear.

– Cotton underwear for women.

– Women’s pajamas.

– turkish beach towels wholesale

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turkish beach towel company

turkish beach towel company
turkish beach towel company

Before continuing the names of suppliers you should know the types of turkish towels :-

Sometimes, using a regular towel and turkish beach towels wholesale isn’t worth researching at all. You will need something better. And this is where these towels come in. It is made of cotton and is great for your bathrooms and beach-goers too. Made for all the jobs, looks very good and absorbs water very well. Turkish towels look vibrant with their different colors as well, and their types:

  1. Turkish cotton bath towel:

If you are looking for Turkish bath towels, look no further. It is made entirely of cotton and comes in 22 different colors. These are great for the bath or the beach. It is also easier to dry due to the made cotton. It looks very beautiful and elegant, and it will be perfect for anyone.

  1. Diamond weave Turkish towel:

If you want turkish beach towels wholesale check out this product. It is a very thick towel and comes in about 7 different colors. This model has the distinctive diamond pattern which looks amazing and also best to show off your guests. It is very absorbent, thus it absorbs most water molecules instantly. It can be used in the bathroom too.

  1. beach towels brands:

This is one of the best Turkish cotton towels you can have on the market as of today. It can be used in the bathroom or the beach. It also has a pocket to keep your belongings as well. It is very lightweight and easy to carry too. Also feels decent luxury too.

  1. Unique hand face towel:

Definitely one of the best Turkish hand towels you are looking for. It is very elegant, well made, and very dry quickly and easily. It comes in 8 different colors and is made entirely of cotton, the best way to replace whatever you wear with face or hand towels.

  1. Turkish Pestemal Towel:

If having one of the best Turkish towels is your goal, look no further. Made from all-cotton, these towels are very eco-friendly to say the least. It can be used as a scarf too. It can also work as a cap or shawl as well. Very beautiful and very elegant, it can be used every day. It has all the qualities that make it a great towel.

  1. Brix Corporation

It is one of the main sources of extra large turkish beach towels and bathrobes manufacturers.

Company Products:

– Men’s underwear.

– turkish beach towels wholesale

– Cotton underwear for women.

– Embroidered Turkish Towels

10.Beidou company in Turkey for cheap turkish beach towels

  1. Yeniinc Corporation.

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turkish beach towel bulk

turkish beach towel bulk
turkish beach towel bulk

The products of these factories can be found in the following markets:

  1. Friday Market in Istanbul:

Friday Market – From Friday to Sunday, which is one of the high-end linen stores and directly opposite the tram station in the bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey, there are vegetables, fruits, clothes, bags, shoes, home appliances, and turkish beach towels wholesale and textile products. The bazaar continues to operate from 9 am-7pm on Friday.

  1. Sunday market:

It sells food, vegetables, clothes, if you want to buy beach towels in bulk sweets and fish in Beylikduzu. The Sunday market operates only from 10:00 to 18:00 on Sundays.

  1. Marter Market in Istanbul:

It works Sunday from 8 AM to 8 PM every day except Sunday.

There is an upholstery fabric market in Istanbul.

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beach towel made in turkey

To import turkish beach towels wholesale or from anywhere in the world, an import and export company must be present to facilitate its legal occurrence, and clearing the port through the customs payment method requires the presence of the licenses, documents and papers necessary to register an import and export company.

Ways to import towels from turkey

Turkey holidays

In addition, wherever the country you wish to import turkish beach towels wholesale it is the best and most suitable option as you have the opportunity to visit many companies, factories and markets and thus you can closely examine the products and thus make comparisons between the different products in terms of price and design and in the end, you can choose the products that Fit the target market level of the source of supply that gives you the best price, and communication with the shipping company from Turkey.

Online imports from Turkey:

It is a common thing imported online from Turkey and it is more expensive, but you must be careful when buying from a company that has achieved a high evaluation by the recipient such as Alibaba as it is a chain that specializes in selling a variety of products.

– Importing towels in Turkey from beach towels companies through commercial intermediaries in Turkey:

This method is an import company from Turkey that must be appointed to buy what they need of products with basic features, so the companies will import them and bypass customs and you will get the necessary rest, but you will pay for the services provided in return and you pay the amounts usually a percentage, a percentage of the total price (Eg 20% ​​of the total cost).

– What are the benefits of turkish towels ?

A towel is not without a home, as it is versatile, some are used for the body and skin, others are used for the kitchen and for drying utensils and bathing, but it is an incubator environment for germs and bacteria, as it keeps moisture inside.

Kitchens and bathrooms are usually the dirtiest parts of a home or business, and those rooms are where you frequently use towels.

Kitchen towels can contain thousands of dangerous coliform bacteria, which are found in feces and lead to outbreaks of diarrhea and food poisoning, so what about the towels in the bathroom that are shared by family members!

– Here are some tips to keep in mind after buying wholesale beach towels supplier , whether in kitchens or bathrooms or beach:

– Wash the towels before using them: Soak the towels in a solution of water and white vinegar to keep the color pigment fast, then wash and dry them according to the manufacturer’s directions before the first use.

– Wash all towels frequently: You have to wash turkish beach towels wholesale at least twice a week, but if someone in your home is sick, you should increase the number of washing times, as the towels are an environment incubating germs, and they can be easily transferred from one person to another, so keep the water temperature above 130 degrees Fahrenheit when washed so you can kill influenza and other dangerous viruses.

– Do not share towels with anyone: You should not share towels with others, as this may expose you to several diseases.

– Wash the turkish beach towels wholesale after they are dry: Allow the towels to dry before putting them in the washing machine so that bacteria do not multiply inside them due to moisture.

– Buy the Towels Suitable for Your Needs: If you buy a low-quality towel, it will not give you the results you want, you have to choose the towel that is made of 100% cotton.

– Cleaning face towels after each use: To avoid bacteria from entering your sensitive pores, replace the towels that you use on your face after each use.

– Set the washing machine to the highest temperature: Hot water can get rid of bacteria in the towels, any temperature above 90 degrees Fahrenheit will be good to provide you with protection against germs, but using a temperature of 130 degrees Fahrenheit will guarantee you better results.

– Wash towels alone: ​​Keep turkish beach towels wholesale separate from other fabrics such as clothes or sheets. Regular clothes do not usually need to be washed at a high temperature.

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turkish towel price

turkish towel price
turkish towel price

There are many towels and textiles stores in Turkey, and the prices of Turkish towels in these stores are not expensive, but rather in the average income of everyone. There are many shops and places that sell turkish beach towels wholesale at the wholesale price and sell first-class towels in quality, prices and embroidered shapes, and they are in several places and stores, including:

– The Covered Market (the maskof bazaar)

– Mahmoud Pasha Market is a ( wholesale market in turkey )

And in the stock exchange there is a market dedicated to towels close to the silk market, and its prices are excellent, obtained from the most famous and largest towel factories in Turkey.

where to buy cheap turkish towels ?

  1. Peria, a women’s clothing manufacturer in Turkey

Company Products:

– Premium quality cotton bathrobe for women

– Women’s pajamas

– Women’s bath clothes

– turkish beach towels wholesale

  1. The nebulatekstil women’s home clothing manufacturer in Turkey

Company Products:

– Women’s pajamas

– Women’s bath clothes

  1. Baykar Company for the manufacture of cotton underwear in Turkey

Company Products:

– Sources of Turkish towel and bathrobe manufacturers.

turkish beach towels wholesale

– Mens underwear

– Cotton underwear for women

– Women’s pajamas

Bahatekstil, a manufacturer of ladies’ home wear in Turkey

– Company Products:

– Women’s pajamas

– Pregnant mother’s clothes

  1. Bostaji General Trading Furniture Company

Company Products:

– Bathroom, and turkish beach towels wholesale

– Bedroom textiles

– Women’s bathrobe 2020

3 pieces bridal gown + bathrobe + stander slippers wholesale only

– A Turkish wholesale company that exports to all Gulf countries, sells all kinds of towels, all sizes are available

– Baby bath clothes

are turkish beach towels good ? Yes, it’s good, but don’t forget:-

Towels “pads” are usually an essential part of our hygiene routine, but according to one expert, they can do more harm, which leads to the accumulation of bacteria in turkish beach towels wholesale In some cases, bacteria and germs available in the stool and urine concentrate on the “pads” due to the lack of hygiene, according to for what was published by Daily Mail.

Therefore, health expert Professor Philip Tierno, professor of clinical research in the Department of Pathology and Microbiology, New York University School of Medicine recommends washing the towels after only three times of use to avoid any infection from pigeon germs.

Professor Philip said, “If there is an odor coming from the turkish beach towels wholesale or the bath towel, this is due to the increase and accumulation of microbes, and it must be washed immediately,” adding that personal towels or towels have many essential ingredients to host microbial life, which are water, warm temperatures, oxygen and neutral pH levels.

“Philip” pointed out that these germs, many of them come from the toilet, multiply between the warm, moist fibers of the towel, although most germs on the “pads” are harmless because some of them cause serious diseases.

In a study conducted in 2013 by researchers from Arizona State University, they found that fecal bacteria is one of the types of bacteria that can be present on turkish beach towels wholesale causing outbreaks of food poisoning and diarrhea, and studies said that these bacteria are found on kitchen towels by 98% and bathroom towels by 25.6% .

Professor Philip recommends washing the towels at the highest possible temperatures to ensure effective disposal of germs, and by washing the turkish beach towels wholesale separately from other clothes with half the usual amount of detergent because too much soap can damage the towels, and to dry the towels as soon as they are finished washing them. To prevent mildew, put it to dry in the sun.

In conclusion, we advise importers to communicate with the safest and highly rated shipping companies, so that the import processis done quickly and contact turkish beach towels wholesale factories in Turkey to find out the prices.

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