Turkish  cotton bath towels wholesale

Turkish  cotton bath towels ..best list of manufacturers

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in Turkish  cotton bath towels wholesale; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

 Turkish  cotton bath towels wholesale

Are you looking forward to buy and import in Turkish  cotton bath towels wholesale? are you searching for the most important Turkish  bath towel manufacturers, companies, and suppliers to import from them or the largest wholesale cotton bath towels markets in Turkey? Are you interested in importing cotton bath towels from Turkey are Turkish  bath towels the best that you can buy from turkey? are you curious about the fastest and most common way to import them from Turkey? just through importing house platform you will find what you really need.

Turkish  cotton towels wholesale

Turkish  towels have a very good reputation in the world and in Arab circles in particular, as you can see no Arab home is devoid of Turkish  towels, and the biggest reason for this great demand is its good materials, the quality, the comfortability, wonderful designs and high-end colors. And you can now start your business in import from turkey especially cotton bath towels from turkey to your country in a more way, Easy through shipping companies that help you import and facilitate in this task, in this article you will find important information about cotton bath towels and how to import, distribute them.

There are many cotton bath towels wholesale factories in Turkey, so what are the methods or requirements for establishing a factory for the production of Turkish  cotton towels? Establishing a small factory to produce high-quality towels at prices better than importers’ prices needs a lot of requirements, the most important thing in the factory project is a feasibility study of a project to produce towels. you must make bath towels and towels in a different and beautiful way, and provide all the materials that are used in the manufacturing process from the factories dedicated to it, and it is natural that you need machines for sewing and determining the work based on the percentage and Hajj of the production capacity you want on a daily basis.

And the basis and elements of the economic feasibility study are also taken into consideration and attention is given to determining the costs of towel factories in Turkey, production, the profitability of the factories and the annual return for that, if you want to establish more than one towel factory, you can get the experiences from these factories and suppliers we are going to mention it to you.

Turkish  cotton towel manufacturers

Turkish  cotton towel manufacturers
Turkish  cotton towel manufacturers

And the most important and best Turkish  cotton bath towels factories are as follows:

  1. Peshte-mal:

PESHTE-MALL exports Turkish  peshtemals, Turkish  towels, Turkish  blankets, Turkish  throws, bathrobes, kids towel located in Istanbul, Turkey. Their production and warehouse are in Denizli whereas their sales office is located in Istanbul. PESHTE-MALL aims to introduce from its origin Denizli to all over the World. They only use Turkish  cotton and give maximum importance to consistently manufacturing high quality products. Their products are woven with traditional methods. they offer their customers a wide range of different design hand loomed peshtemals, towels and blankets with different color and material options. Besides their own collections, they help customers with their private designs, focusing in customer satisfaction. they also, guarantee highest quality, fast delivery and competitive prices with great customer service.


Berrak Towel is the towel manufacturer in Turkey for more than 10 years’ experience. It’s been a well-known famous of terry towel supplier in Turkish  market with “Berrak Towel” a Turkish  brand bath towels. They have their own weaving, embroidery and sewing machines in their plant. Berrak Towel can fulfil your needs with quick response and always offer reasonable price with a high quality in a very short delivery time.


A manufacturer and producer of Turkish  cotton towels, founded in 2017 in Denizli, Turkey, and it operates in the bath towels sector. Afil Collection, which is an Uzman Tekstil brand, produces Cotton Peshtemal, Jacquard piqué, Buldan Cloth and produces authentic men’s, women’s and children’s clothes from the fabrics it produces and tries to renew itself according to the demands of the day. It exports and wholesale its products to the whole world by making domestic and international marketing.

The company, which produces Turkish  cotton bath towels wholesale, wholesale loincloths and wholesale authentic clothing, protects its products and new models with a Design and Registration Certificate. Our company, which has adopted the principle of meticulous work by considering the demands of the consumers, is open to all kinds of criticism.

  1. AKS TEX:

The company based in Denizli, Turkey, AKS TEX is manufacturer, marketing and producer in the bath towels sector. It also operates in Embroidering corporate logos sectors


Enterprise MUTCALI TEKSTIL, manufacturer, producer, and operates in the bath towels sector Turkey. It also operates in sectors Hotel towels, Textured napkins with dyed fibers, Cotton towels And the Towels – tissues. Mutçalı Textile has been producing all kind of towel, bathrobe and hotel textile products for more than 30 years.

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Turkish  bath towel company


Turkish  bath towel company
Turkish  bath towel company

Mudas Tekstil was founded on October 10, 2010 in Denizli Turkey. Their knowledge and experience have to meet the demands of their valued customers, the production site is located in the region of the largest textile tradition, they operate in the bath towels sector. And operates Towel fabrics, Towels – tissues, Cotton towels And the Sponge bathroom linens. They serve thier partners with the best quality and guaranteed trust to the desired till to place of delivery, the capacity of their company is 50,000 kg per month.


The company has been growing steadily since its establishment and expanded its production range to today’s level with baby home textile, baby bath textile, towels, bathrobes, home textile items, hotel textile and bed-linen group by opening its ready-wear in 2002. In 2014, its embroidery machinery was developing to provide new technology required. In 2015, the company made investments of digital printing and production started. In 2016, weaving department started to operate with the towel and cloth weaving machines.

Their knitwear production has started with their knitting machines in 2017, which is available at the service of their esteemed customers. Their main strategy is to ensure the customer satisfaction at the highest level by supplying high quality products, to become a leader in the sector and continuous innovation studies and to provide a healthy working environment that meets the international environmental.


They are Manufacturer and Designer of all kind of Towels, Bathrobes, Bedlinen, Table Linen for Spa, Hotel and Home in Turkey. They are an international textile company with multiple production capabilities. the company was established in 1998 in Denizli, Turkey by Mr. Isa Dal. Their team specializes in designing, product marketing, production, material procurement and quality control. They are ISO 9001-2008 certified by UKAS. Their standard production is based on the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100. They source and produce home textiles such as towels, bath towels cotton, bathrobes, bedspreads and clothing such as short-sleeved shirts and sports shirts.

  • They offer professional production solutions, as well as design development for the following items;
  • Bedspreads: Jacquards for printed fabrics, in all grades of quality cotton.
  • Terry fabric clothes: from Turkish  towels to bathrobes of various weights and degrees of quality.
  • Tablecloths: Table napkins to table linens.
  • Kitchen: Napkins to aprons. Institutional and hotel textiles: all types. Advertising textiles: all types.
  • Garments / Gowns: All types of shirts with short sleeves, sports shirts and long sleeves.

The company manufacturer, producer, and operating in the cotton and textile sector in Turkey, it also operates in sectors, Bath towels, Children and infants clothing, Thick jacket fabrics And the Organic cotton. their firm aspires to deliver fabrics to thier valuable customers by increasing their varieties and quality each passing day. They have been giving service as textile agency all types of fabric products,

  • As in Organic cotton of fabric products.
  • Fancy knitted in high quality
  • Standard and fancy woven fabric in high quality standards by a wide range of woven fabrics.
  • Special woven fabrics and (non-woven) fabrics
  • Wool and (non-pilling) fabrics
  • Printed and yarn dyed fabrics
  • Nightdress fabrics
  • Household linen and home textile fabrics

The company started production in 2009 under the name of Dila Towel in Denizli. the company has a wide product range become a trusted brand in the day with its high-quality standards. their goal is to be the preferred and popular brand by offering the best quality product with the best service quality to all of their customers who prefer them.

Their products: Bath towels, kitchen towels, bath robes, printed towels, Eva towel set, and Turkish  luxury collection bath towels

Most 9 fashinoable turkish clothing wholesale uk

bath towel suppliers turkey

bath towel suppliers turkey
bath towel suppliers turkey

They are great cotton bath  in  wholesale from turkey supplier. The DEL COTONE brand created by MCS TESKTİL is the reflection of their company’s great experience in the field of textile. Denizli Textile MCS engaged in manufacturing blanket, towel, especially sheets. MCS textile production centre in the field of home textiles such as best bath towels and bathrobes conscious that is found in Denizli, Turkey is constantly growing up and developing a textile company.

MCS Tekstil, which has been developing itself in the field of home textile apparel in Denizli, turkey since 2000; It continues to work by incorporating Mcs Yarn in 2015. It has been servicing to many of its customers since the day it started production. MCS Tekstil offers quality and distinguished products to domestic and foreign markets under the brand name (Del cotone).


DUNYA TEKSTIL specializes in the supply of clothing and textiles, as they are wholesale suppliers in turkey, they offer a variety assortment of products including T-shirts, towels, sportswear, pullovers, bathrobes, and petticoats. they also, focus on innovation and quality and this is the key to their success over the years. They are Import and export textile and constantly developing new designs and improving the quality of their products in line with current international standards to supply affordable products to their customers all over the world.


As Chaputs; they are always striving to be a global brand with innovative designs in search of great products, they are currently exporting to more than 20 countries throughout the World. They can offer you their exclusive products with their Chaputs brand by wholesale. You can supply all of their products with your own label and packing style. Also, they can produce your own designs. There is no better time to start working with them than right now in order to add more values to your brand, they want to serve you with the production of world-class towels without compromising their product quality and reasonable prices.

You can find bath towels online at Alibaba and Turkish  exporter page in the internet so you can find best cotton towels in turkey to order or try some sample from a company or a supplier leads you to what you need, which that you will meet a variety and plenty of suppliers there. And there are many of bath towels store in turkey markets you can go there and check it in turkey you won’t regret it.

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turkey bath towel price

Prices are different from place to place you can check it after you contact and deal with the foundation.

  • 100% cotton bath towel made in Turkey

FOR $ 1.52 – $ 5.5 BY Piece / Pieces

  • M Microfiber Bath Towel Set Walmart Microfiber Bath Towels

200 – 499 pcs FOR $ 3.00

500 – 1999 pcs FOR $ 2.40

2000 – 9999 pcs FOR $ 2.15

> = 10,000pcs FOR $ 2.05

  • Wholesale Sultan Towel Basic Peshtemal Hamam Towel Towels Bath 100% cotton made in Turkey

FOR $ 4.00 – $ 6.00 BY Piece / Pieces

500 – 999 pcs FOR $ 3.20

1000 – 1999 pcs FOR $ 2.90

> = 2000pcs FOR $2.75

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Turkish  cotton bath towels sale

Turkish  cotton bath towels sale
Turkish  cotton bath towels sale

Are you looking for offers and latest prices when you import towels from turkey? We know that Wholesale sales is a process of rapid movement of the capital cycle, that is, buying large quantities of various materials at a wholesale price, selling the same materials at a (fair) marginal profit, and thus moving the capital several times per fiscal year. So, Wholesale trade is through buying a large number of products, and selling them at a price that is slightly higher than the price that was bought by a small percentage, and thus the products are sold in full in a short time.

As you can see Turkish  bath towels on sale in many companies that offers great price at the end of your deal with them in some quantities that you required from them and it differs from place to place. Now, we’re going to show you the most popular ways to buy from Turkey:

Importing by flying to Turkey:

one of the cheapest ways to import Turkish  bath towels from turkey is considered, you can visit several Turkish  towel factories in turkey and shipping companies in Istanbul for the right cotton bath towels, and you can search the goods yourself so that you can get products from turkey for sale, we recommend you this option if you want to deal with turkey towel manufacturers face to face.

Online import:

It’s also known to be one of the most popular and simplest ways to import clothes from turkey, where you can pick the goods and things you want to sell online by looking for turkey cotton towels for sale or visiting websites of Turkish  cotton products or purchasing towels from online websites of turkey wholesale, when you agree with white towel companies and also how to ship via that, and one of the drawbacks of this solution is that you would not be able to verify the consistency of Turkish  towels for sale or visit websites for Turkish  towels and you can find a lot of turkey towel manufacturers and by this way you can easily solve the mater of importing and you can get whatever you want.

import by intermediary:

It considered a good way to import and it is known to be among the easiest ways you can import from turkey, since you assign a business to Turkey to procure the goods you want such as cotton towels, and it would also help you get rid of procedures, customs and shipping and all this for cash, so it is considered one of the easiest ways to import cotton turkey towels and all other types of towels that you want.

In conclusion, we hoped that we have mentioned enough information about Turkish  cotton bath towels wholesale and their manufacturers and companies with some prices in the wholesale market at some suppliers.

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