Turkish towels Istanbul price

Best Turkish  towels Istanbul price

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in Turkish towels Istanbul ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

Turkish towels Istanbul price

are you interested Turkish  towels Istanbul price ? Enjoy the best price Turkish  towels  … In our importing- house we provide you with all the information you need to know about  towels price.

Through this article, we will show you best place to buy Turkish  towels in Istanbul, and explain to you the best Turkish  towel manufacturers in turkey, in addition to presenting the most important Turkish  towel store in Turkey to import through it buy turkey towels online.


best price Turkish  towels

Turkey is an economically developed country with many Turkish  towels, the most important of which is trade best price Turkish  towels. The percentage of merchants importing Turkish  towels from Turkey or other products from Turkey has increased recently. Importing from Turkey has become a feature of the present era and the demand for Turkish  products has become great. In Turkey there are many buy turkey towels online offices outside Turkey, so we decided to talk today in this article about the most important Turkish  towel manufacturers in turkey and Turkish  products for the most requested towels that are shipped in large quantities, so follow us …

Turkish  towels used traditionally in Turkish  and African traditional bath, from Turkish  towel fabric flat woven fabric and usually striped design. Made of 100% cotton with extra long fibers, it’s from  towels price incredibly versatile Turkish  towels – most of today.  your bathroom, beach or even your dining room table.

Whether you are ready to switch to Turkish  towels in your home or looking for a great alternative to the beachfront, or you are looking for towel dealer we have gathered the best  towels price the best for every occasion.

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Best overall: Kakala Cotton Pestemal Turkish Towel

Whether this is your first foray into Turkish  towels or you want to stock up on them, Cacala Turkish  Towel is our top choice. Cacala comes in 22 different striped colors ranging from soft gray to bright orange. Each one is 37 “x 70” so big enough for a picnic or beach day, Turkish  towels benefits but small enough to store in a guest bathroom. While the material is incredibly thin, observers say they absorb water better than most cotton towels. When hung, they dry quickly, making it difficult for mold or bacteria to grow. Replace your worn out bathroom towels with Cacala Turkish  towels to create a stylish bathroom feel in any bathroom. Whether you are looking for the beach towel or bath towel at the best  towels price, Cacala is our overall best choice due to its high quality and low price.

BEST SET: Bosphorus Diamonds Woven Turkish  Towels

It is one of the best  towels price matching set of elegant Turkish  towels what is a Turkish  towel used for is an easy way to refresh and give your bathroom an elegant look without much work. We love the set of Bosphorus diamond weave – they’re thick, absorbent and attractive. Each set contains four matching 30 “x 70” towels sewn with a distinctive diamond pattern. They come in seven colors, ranging from a subtle gray to a bright mixed pastel palette. Beautiful enough to show off, we love these rolled up in a basket woven in the bathroom or stacked on an exposed shelf.Owners love the Bosphorus Towel because it is thicker than a standard Turkish  towel, making it a great choice for use at home.

Best for the Beach: Bahari by Turkish  Beach Towel

 While the best towels to buy is their versatility, some make beach towels better than others  towels price. The Bahari Bay Turkish  Beach Towel is a great choice for water activities because it is reversible, with one side made of traditional flat woven cotton and the other made of terry cloth, giving you the best of both worlds. Bahari Bay is 38 “x 72”, the perfect size for a day at the beach or pool, and comes in pink, sea, and blue. It also has a built-in velcro pocket to store keys or cell phones out of sight while you enjoy the waves. Although it features a soft fabric, it is as lightweight and easy to store as any other Turkish  towel and buying towels in bulk , making it travel-friendly.According to reviews, the Bahari Bay Towel looks luxurious and adds a few cushions when you sit in the sand or on a beach chair. If you are looking for a stylish Turkish  towel for days at the beach, Bahari Bay Hotel is the best choice for your money.

Best for travel: Riviera Towels Ombre Print Turkish  Towel

One of the best things about () is how light and airy it is, which makes it easy to carry it in a tote bag and take it on the go. The Riviera Omel Towel has all the benefits of a great Turkish  towel yet elegant enough to wear every day. Whether you use it to keep warm on a cold plane or wear it as a blanket when you run out in the day, the bold ombre pattern looks great with any outfit. Made of 100% cotton and measuring 33 “by 63”, the Riviera Towel Company Towel comes in blue, yellow or lavender and burgundy. Both are made with low-impact nitrogen-free dyes, so they are good for the environment and won’t work.Owners say this towel looks great as a wrap or shawl, and works well if you want to keep it on the beach. While many of our options would be great for travel, the Riviera Foil Company Ombre Print Turkish  Towel is our top choice because it is attractive enough for everyday wear.

Best Hand Towels: The LaModaHome Hand Towel Set

If you Turkish  towels Istanbul price want to upgrade your tea towels or bath towels, Turkish  towels are a great choice. Because it dries so efficiently, it does not leave behind residual moisture smells. LaModaHome hand tissue set is our go-to choice if you are looking for Turkish  hand towels – they are stylish, well made and at good prices. At under $ 25 for a set of four, LaModaHome towels come in.Eight different patterns, ranging from black to red. They have a slightly simpler pattern than some of the other Turkish  towels, but we love the bold block look in kitchens or bathrooms. They measure 15.5 “x 31.5” and like every pick on our list, they are made from cotton Turkish  towels 100%. Some reviewers even use LaModaHome as a baby towel because it is so soft and absorbent. Replace your tea towels or face towels with these clothes, and they will add a stylish touch to your home

Best bamboo: Yougalo beach towel

While most Turkish  towels are made of cotton or linen and are some of the best  towels price, bamboo is a popular choice as well. Yogalo Beach Towel looks like a bold version of a traditional Turkish  towel, but it’s made from 50% bamboo and 50% cotton. Bamboo, like cotton, is very soft and absorbent but is also very environmentally friendly, because the bamboo stalk grows quickly and serves as a source of naturally regenerating. Uglow measures 35 “x 75” and comes in four different brightening patterns. The more you close them, the smoother they are.Owners love yoghulos because they repel scent and damp smell, and they look great as a clothing accessory or beach wear. The company also offers a 90-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason.With so many uses and many options, Turkish  towels are a great addition to any linen wardrobe.

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cotton Turkish  towels
cotton Turkish  towels

Best place to buy Turkish  towels in Istanbul

Cotton Towel – 4 Pieces Set – Size 120×60 – Viola

 359.00 USD

Zoza Cotton Towels, 4 Pieces, 55 cm by 115 cm – Love Drawings, Multicolor import from turkey towels price

180.00 USD

Lantech Plain Cotton Towel Set, 4 Pieces – Pink

427.00 USD

Mahjoub White Cotton Towel 4 Pieces set

260.00 USD

A set of multi-colored Turkish embroidered cotton towels, 4 pieces

299.00 USD

A set of multi-colored Turkish embroidered cotton towels, 4 pieces

299.00 USD

Turkish  cotton factory towels

Baby Towel Set 4 Pieces – Egyptian Cotton – Turkish  Design

240.00 USD

 A set of multi-colored Turkish  embroidered cotton towels, 4 pieces

299.00 USD

Mona Lisa Bridal Towel Set – 3 Pieces – Egyptian Cotton – Turkish Design

300.00 USD

Mona Lisa Bridal Towel Set – 3 Pieces – Egyptian Cotton – Turkish  Design

280.00 USD

Turkish  towel set 6 pieces

550.00 USD

Turkish  towel set from the best Turkish  towels brands the best  towels price  towels price 6 pieces 50×90

550.00 USD


Turkish  towel manufacturers in turkey

Towels manufacturers in Turkey

Turkey is an economically advanced country with many factories, the most important of which is better towel manufacturers in Turkey  towels price. Recently, the percentage of traders importing towels manufacturers in Turkey or other products from Turkey has increased.

Import towels from turkey has become a feature of the current era and the demand for Turkish  products are large, so Turkey has many shipping companies and offices outside Turkey. For you, we decided to talk today in this article about the most important manufacturers and products that are in great demand and shipped in large quantities,  towels price so follow us …

Towels manufacturers in Turkey

Turkish  towels have a very good reputation in the world and in Arab circles in particular, no Arab home is devoid of Turkish  towels with the best  towels price, and the biggest reason for this great demand is its good materials, wonderful designs and high-end colors, and you can now start your business in importing towels from Turkey to Your country in a way more easily through shipping companies shop towels that help you import and facilitate this task, in this article important information about Turkish  towels and how to import and distribute them, and the most important and best Turkish  towels factories are as follows:

Altin Basak factory

The best and most important manufacturing company towels company store Turkish  embroidered, the company operates in Denizli in the all-home textile sector from 1971, the company covers an area of ​​30,000 square meters, and produces turkey towel size embroidered towels, bathrobes, bed sheets, sleeping sets, printed fabrics, and also Unprinted, this company supports the quality of its production with TSE and ISO 9001: 2000 certificates and markets up to 50% of its production in foreign markets and also 50% in the local market. It always gives priority to customer and customer satisfaction, and always continues its activities using the highest modern technologies, without Approaching the principles of its quality, stability and confidence.

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Turkish  towel store

Towels Market in Istanbul

The city of Istanbul is the center and capital of trade in all fields, as it is an ancient city with many factories, markets, companies, and import offices, so if you want a specific product in Turkey, you will find  towels price that city and its markets are the most famous Turkish  products, for example Turkish  textiles have a great demand wholesale markets in turkey Therefore, you find in Istanbul more than one market for towels and textiles in general, for example there are:

1.Marter Market in Istanbul

Merter Market Istanbul is located in Merter, near an area called Zeytinburnu, and the shops there include exhibitions that sell clothes for children, women and youth as well, and also sell wholesale towels in Turkey Turkish  towel made in turkey Most of the products sold are wholesale, this market operates on a daily basis except on Sunday, from 8 o’clock In the morning until 8 pm.

Turkish  towel made in turkey
Turkish  towel made in turkey

Towels stores in Turkey

There are very many towels and textiles shops in Turkey,  towels price in these stores are not expensive, but in the average income of everyone, there are many shops and places that sell towels at the wholesale price  towels price and sell first-class towels in quality, prices and embroidered shapes, and they are in several places and stores, including:

The Covered Market

Mahmoud Pasha Market

On the stock exchange there is a market dedicated to towels close to the silk market, and its prices are excellent, which are obtained from the most famous and largest towel factories in Turkey.

There are many towel factories in Turkey, so what are the methods or requirements for establishing a factory for the production of towels in Turkey Turkish  towels Istanbul price ?, Establishing a small factory to produce high-quality towels at prices better than importers’ prices needs a lot of requirements, the most important thing in the factory project is a study The feasibility of the towel production project. Bath towels and towels must be manufactured in a different and beautiful way, and all materials used in the manufacturing process must be available from the designated factories. It is natural for you to need sewing machines and determine the work based on the proportion and pilgrimage of the production capacity you want on a daily basis.

The basis and elements of the economic feasibility study are also taken into consideration and attention is paid to determining the costs of towel factories in Turkey, production, the profitability of the factories and the annual return for that, if you want to establish more than one towel factory.

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Buy turkey towels online

1.hammam Linen 100% Cotton 27×54 Piece Towels 4 Set Cool Bath Gray Soft, Fluffy, Absorbent, Premium Quality Perfect for Everyday Use 1 Cotton Towels

197 USD

2.Amazonbasic Quick Drying, Extra Absorbent, Terry Cotton Sink, White – Pack of 24 Towels

101 USD

3.Amazonbasic Cotton Hand Towels, White – Pack of 12

117 USD

4.utopia cotton salon towels 16 inches x 27 inches, 24 packs, white

132 USD

5.luxury White Hand Towels – Soft Egyptian Cotton Circle | Highly made hotel spa bath towel collection | 16×30 inch | Set of towels 6

117 USD

6. Towelettes Kotopia White Cotton Bedclothes Set – Pack of 24 – 100% loop spun cotton, premium quality flannel face clothes, highly absorbent and soft feel towels

90 USD

7.utopia towels towel set, 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, 4 towels, 600 gsm loop spun cotton highly absorbent towels for bathroom, shower towel, (pack of 8)

138 USD

8.Amazonbasics 6-Piece Fading Resistant Cotton Bath Towel Set – Dark Blue

112 USD

cleanbear face-cloth washcloths set,100% cotton, high absorbent, 6-pack 6 colors, size13 x13-multi color

72 USD

10.exfoliating towel bath washcloth 4 pcs (green)

37 USD

11.upthrone 100% Turkish  Cotton Benzoyl Peroxide Resistant 4-Piece Makeup and Face Towel Set with Hanging Loops – Dark Blue (2 makeup towels and 2 face towels)

131 USD.

At the end we present you a value information about prices and suppliers in Turkey.


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