Towel factory in Turkey

Towel factory in Turkey.. 12 offers to choose

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 Towel factory in Turkey

We all use the towels in our homes, so towel factory in Turkey keens to produce all the types you want, for your bath, kitchen, the beach, and Gym, don’t go away importing house guides you to the most famous suppliers.

Towel factory Turkey

Although you may know it as a modern bath and beach item, the Turkish towel or Fouta has a long history dating back to the 18th century. The Turkish towels used traditionally in the traditional Turkish and African bath, are of flat woven fabric and usually striped design. Made from 100% cotton with extra long fibers, Turkish towels are incredibly versatile – most of the day. Because they’re lightweight, thin, absorbent and (of course) beautiful, they’re the perfect accessory for your bathroom, beach or even your dining room table. Whether you are ready to switch to towels from towel factory  in your home or are looking for a great alternative to the beachfront, we have rounded up the best Turkish towels for every occasion.

Towel factory Turkey
Towel factory Turkey
  1. Kakala Cotton Pestemal Turkish Towel

Whether this is your first addition to best turkish towels or you want to stock up, Cacala towel factory is our top choice. Cacala comes in 22 different striped colors ranging from soft gray to bright orange. Each one is 37 “x 70” so big enough for a picnic or beach day, but small enough to store in a guest bathroom. While the material is incredibly thin, observers say they absorb water better than most cotton towels. When hung, they dry quickly, making it difficult for mold or bacteria to grow.  Replace your worn out bathroom towels with Cacala Turkish towels to create a stylish bathroom feel in any bathroom. Whether you are looking for a beach towel or a bath towel, Cacala is generally our best choice due to its high quality and low price.

  1. Bosphorus Diamond Turkish nasg towels

A matching set of stylish Turkish towels is an easy way to refresh and give a bathroom a stylish look without much work. We love the set of Bosphorus diamond weave – they’re thick, absorbent and attractive. Each set contains four matching 30 “x 70” towels sewn with a distinctive diamond pattern. They come in seven colors, ranging from a subtle gray to a bright mixed pastel palette. Beautiful enough to show off, we love these rolled up in a basket woven in the bathroom or stacked on an exposed shelf. Owners love the products of Bosphorus factory because they are thicker than a standard Turkish towel, making it a great choice for use at home.

  1. Bahari by Turkish Beach Towel

While the best thing about any Turkish towel is its versatility, some make beach towels better than others. The Bahari Bay Turkish luxury towels are a great choice for water activities because it is reversible, with one side made of traditional flat woven cotton and the other made of terry cloth, giving you the best of both worlds. Bahari Bay is 38 “x 72”, the perfect size for a day at the beach or pool, and comes in pink, sea, and blue. It also has a built-in velcro pocket to store keys or cell phones out of sight while you enjoy the waves. Although it features a soft fabric, it is as lightweight and easy to store as any other Turkish towel, making it travel-friendly.

According to reviews, the Bahari Bay Towel looks luxurious and adds a few cushions when you sit on the sand or on a beach chair. If you are looking for a stylish Turkish towel for days at the beach, Bahari Bay Hotel is the best choice for your money.

  1. Nature is a gift of a queen size Turkish towel

Want to go bigger? The Nature Is Gift Turkish Sack Towel measures 78 inches by 98 inches, or nearly twice the width of a standard size. Like other Turkish towels on our list, it’s 100% cotton and has the typical fringed edges. Due to its size, many owners use the Nature Not Gift buying towels as a blanket or indoor throw, which makes it more versatile. It comes in five neutral colors like black, gray and navy, and features the traditional diamond pattern. Owners love nature is a gift because it is big enough for picnics, beaches, and even guest bedrooms. This queen size Turkish blanket is a great choice for indoor or outdoor use.

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Turkish towel company

Turkish towel company
Turkish towel company

In this part, we continue the companies that you may buy from:

  1. Riviera Towel Ombre Print Turkish towel

One of the best things about Turkish towels is how light and airy they are, which makes them easy to carry in a tote bag and take on the go. The Riviera Omel Towel has all the benefits of a great Turkish towel yet elegant enough to wear every day. Whether you use it to keep warm on a cold plane or wear it as a blanket when you run out in the day, the bold ombre pattern looks great with any outfit. Made of 100% cotton and measuring 33 “by 63”, the Riviera towel factory produces towel comes in blue, yellow or lavender and burgundy. Both are made with low-impact nitrogen-free dyes, so they are good for the environment and won’t work.

Owners say this towel looks great as a wrap or shawl, and works well if you want to keep it on the beach. While many of our options would be great for travel, the Riviera Foil Company Ombre Print Turkish Towel is our top choice because it is attractive enough for everyday wear.

  1. LaModaHome hand towel set

If you want to import from Turkey especially from towel factory to upgrade your tea towels or bath towels, Turkish towels are a great choice. Because it dries so efficiently, it leaves behind no residual odors of moisture. LaModaHome hand tissue set is our go-to choice if you’re looking for Turkish hand towels – they are stylish, well-made and at good prices. At under $ 25 for a set of four, LaModaHome towels come in eight different styles, ranging from black to red. They have a slightly simpler pattern than some of the other Turkish towels, but we love the bold block look in kitchens or bathrooms. It measures 15.5 “x 31.5” and, like every pick on our list, is made of 100% Turkish cotton. Some reviewers even use LaModaHome as a baby towel because it is so soft and absorbent. Replace your tea towels or face towels with these clothes, and they will add a stylish touch to your home.

  1. Yogalo Beach Towel

While most Turkish towels are made of cotton or linen, towel size guide advise you to choose the best factory Yogalo, because it is also a popular choice. Yogalo Beach Towel looks like a bold version of a traditional Turkish towel, but it’s made from 50% bamboo and 50% cotton. Bamboo, like cotton, is very soft and absorbent but is also very environmentally friendly, because the bamboo stalk grows quickly and serves as a source of naturally regenerating. Yogalo measures 35 “x 75” and comes in four different brightening patterns. The more you close them, the smoother they are.

Owners love yoghulos because they repel scent and damp scent, and they look great as a clothing accessory or beach wear. The company also offers a 90-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason. With so many uses and many options, Turkish towels are a great addition to any linen wardrobe.

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towel manufacturers in Turkey

towel manufacturers in Turkey
towel manufacturers in Turkey

At first glance, it might not seem like there is much to disperse one bath towel from another. In fact, a lot of factors separate them, including absorbency, durability, softness, portability, and drying time. The best bath towel will vary depending on personal preferences, but keep these rules of thumb in mind: Cotton, or a cotton-silk blend, rules the top when it comes to absorbency and softness. Thicker towels with higher GSM, or grams per square meter, feel more luxurious, but they will take longer to dry. And if you need something that dries quickly, go for microfibre, but be prepared to compromise on that soft feel. Still overwhelmed? Here are seven tried-and-true bath towels that should please almost anyone.

  1. Pinzon Deluxe Heavy 820-Gram Bath Towel

Benson Deluxe 820g Bath Towel is from a huge towel factory in Turkey their pick of the best heavy cotton towel. It’s a solid option for anyone who prefers to purchase towels individually rather than groups of two or more. Once again, these are not lightweight towels at close to 2 pounds each, and they also feature two twin strands, which are meant to stay longer than their single-layer counterparts. Reviewers say they are very absorbent despite their thickness, and most like the large size. However, some are disappointed with the softness, while others indicate some panic, especially at first.

The towels in bulk wholesale luxurious Penzone towel is 100% cotton and comes in blue, gray, green, ivory and white. It measures 30 by 56 inches and has simple piqué borders. It does not require special care, but like thicker towels, it may require some extra time in dryer. Reviewers caution that this towel stays wet for some time when air dried.

  1. Hammacher Schlemmer

– The Plush 900 Gram Genuine Turkish towel. Experts at Hammacher Schlemmer have reportedly tested these 100 percent Turkish import towels from Turkey  against other fancy towels on the market and considered them the heaviest and denser available. This particular towel strain survived nine rounds of washing and drying, and this aforementioned gram weight of 900 GSM. Better yet, the softness of these towels is enhanced with subsequent washing as the strings “unfold”.

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Wholesale websites Turkey

  1. AmazonBasics Quick-Dry 3-Piece Towel Set

If you’re not looking to spend money this set of 3-piece towel from Amazon gives you a bath, hand and tattoo everything at a bargain price. And just because you pay low prices doesn’t mean you sacrifice quality, this set is made of 100% cotton, lightweight, dries quickly and virtually absorbs moisture unlike other competitors. As you know Amazon is the best towel online store and other products. The bath towel measures 54 “x 30” with a hand towel that comes in at 28 “x 16” and a piece of 12 “x 12”. The collection is available in eight colors from white to deep purple, so be sure to find something that suits your style.

Turkish towel store

For every bride looking for elegance and beauty with the best materials, a soft cotton feel and sophisticated designs, and distinct models made of the finest types of cotton, the model consists of a short-cut bathrobe with wide shoulders decorated with white lace, featuring lace embroidery on the perimeter of the lower part of the robe and on The length of the robe from the front, a small towel and a middle towel adorned with white lace on the edges, shoes and soap, a complete set that will spare you everything you need for a refreshing bath, different sizes, colors and designs of bath towels, sources of Turkish towels and bathrobes manufacturers so that you can choose what brings you happiness of between it:

Turkish towel store
Turkish towel store
  1. Bostaji General Trading Furniture Company

A towel factory that exports to all Gulf countries, sells all kinds of towels, all sizes are available.

Company Products:

– Bathroom textiles

– Bedroom textiles

– Women’s bathrobe

– 3 pieces bridal gown + bathrobe + stander slippers wholesale only.

  1. Karaca Home brand

It’s a towel factory and produces Women lace bridal set – karaca-home, as we know it’s a Turkish wholesale towel shop that exports to all Arab countries, sells all kinds of towels. All sizes are available in all kinds of bins.

what are the best type of towels to buy ?

When you keen to buy a new towel, pay attention to the following:

1- To be of long-lasting color.

In other words, stay away from the darks because they fade quickly and choose the lights because they have proven color from the darks. You can choose white – beige – lemon – light green – cyan and others…

2- The weight of the towel.

Do not choose towels according to their softness, as most companies add special softeners to attract the consumer, and it is better to test them by weighing them, so the heavier they are, the better.

3- Knots the towel.

The more knots there are, the better and stronger.

4- Its uses.

It is better to have several towels of different sizes, the small one is for the face, the larger is for the hands, and the other is for guests, for example, so that the towels do not consume much and stay longer.

  1. High quality bath towels.

Three materials are good materials used in designing bath towels, which are bamboo, Egyptian cotton, and organic cotton.

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  • Bamboo:

Bamboo is an environmentally friendly raw material that is used to make some household items, and bamboo is used in the manufacture of some textiles, and bamboo is characterized as a soft yarn that is close to cashmere, as it is a very strong fiber, and also the bamboo is anti-bacterial, which makes the towels made. It is resistant to mildew and bad odors, so it is a good choice for people who suffer from allergies, and one of the advantages of the bamboo bath towels is that they are water absorbent and economical.

  • Egyptian cotton:

In the textile industry, Egyptian cotton is the best type of cotton available in the market, so the bath towels designed from Egyptian cotton are soft and more absorbent, and the towels made of Egyptian cotton and bamboo are more able to absorb dyes well, so when you buy bath towels You can be sure that the towel is made of Egyptian cotton through fixed and bright colors, at the same time that the towel is very soft and its absorbency is high.

  • Organic cotton:

Organic cotton may be grown using environmentally friendly standards, as the United States and Europe have issued strict regulations on how to grow cotton, as it is grown without adding any chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and this means that the textiles available in the markets made of organic cotton do not contain harsh chemicals, that causes sensitivity to some people. Bath towels may have many shapes and sizes, including the embroidered and the embossed ones, and some of them are also large, including medium and small, and there are special bath towels for children, so they have shapes and drawings of children.

Don’t Forget: A recent University of Arizona study revealed the importance of washing towelsand personal towels that you bought from towel factory regularly, and considering them an essential part of our hygiene routine. According to the German magazine Focus, the American study confirmed that the private belief that a bath towel can be used for a week before changing it is wrong. Because even if a towel appears clean and not dirty, it can still be a great place for bacteria to collect.

In order to get rid of bacteria effectively, German cleaning expert Roxana Belka offers four important tips:

  1. Wash the towel every three days at 60 degrees. Belka recommends adding an antiseptic if needed.
  2. Make sure the towel is completely dry before using it. It may be necessary to use a dryer.
  3. Do not place the towel in a wet condition next to other dry clothes, because that will transfer bacteria to it.
  4. It is preferable to change the towels completely and replace them with new ones every once in a while.

Finally, we hope you chose the best towel factory in Turkey from above.

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