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A List of famous turkish rug wholesaler’s

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turkish rug wholesaler’s

Like the rest of the textile industries located in this region, Turkish carpets are distinguished by their glory and their high quality and are often used to decorate the house and make its form better and nicer, and for turkish rug wholesaler’s the concept today is based on importing where you can naturally import Turkish carpets from Turkey like an ordinary individual, depending on several methods we will list later in the section and you will know all details through importing house.

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turkish rug wholesalers

Selling carpets in Istanbul is one of the locations where carpet making takes place for turkish rugs wholesale in Turkey.

carpet companies in turkey
carpet companies in turkey
  1. Yasin Kaplancarpe plant, one of the prominent companies renowned for its high volume, where it competes to raise it all the time, the regular output productivity of the firm hits about 30 thousand square metres, at the rate of 750 thousand square metres per month, and 9 million square metres a year, which means that the spinning factory’s total production is about 2500 tonnes per m per year.
  2. In Turkey, the Carpet CityOne of the benefits of this industry is the ability of the trader to create a special pattern or select various colours, new turkish rugs and requirements, whether in terms of paint, design and others, and is sent to the factory via the Internet and printed since the carpet has become trendy and tasteful and the buyer can design any engraving via different design programmes and send it to the factory.turkey rug factory
  3. There are several carpet turkish rug wholesaler’s devoted to prayer in Turkey, and we are going to tell you about the best factories there are the following factories which you can deal with if you want to imported turkish rugs:
  4. As for the colours are diverse and vivid, and they are made by Bedouinand professional workers in Turkey, where it is called Anatolian carpets and the nodes in the square inch vary between 40 and 100 knots, and also what distinguishes Turkish carpets hand ID the use of their suppliers for the bright red colour of the carpet all or a large part of it, and there are many carpet manufacturing factories in Turkey.

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  1. It is the best place to buy turkish rugs in Istanbul ,Turkish rugs are known as one of the most elegant and luxurious styles of carpets in the world, where it is made of silk and fed with cut and gold thread, and it is dominated by its inscriptions islamic decoration style, with some carvings in Ottoman letters that make the individual finally get a work of art that is proud to be acquired in your store and sold to people who visit
  1. Eastern Pearl Of TheTurkish prayer carpet mills, shaggy carpets, plastic carpets, scone carpets, and high quality carpet making, as he had done with the base case.The reason for the company’s growth and growth is to become one of the most successful businesses exporting prayer carpets internationally because it has an infrastructure that lets it manufacture and deliver an outstanding product area suitable for brushes of all regions of all sizes and shapes.
  2. This group is a global shipping and air freight company from Turkey, where you work with the largest companies in Turkey and have a long history on the market, this company was started in 1989 in the town of Gaziantep, becoming one of the most popular Turkish prayer carpet companies of all types thanks to the long experience of the company, where there are wide varieties of Polypropy.
  3. ÖZKUL CARPETS:: This factory is one of the most prominent carpet factories in Turkey, where the factory manufactures and produces the finest and most common carpet styles in Turkey with the highest quality and best price, so it is called the best carpet factory in Turkey, and the most renowned feature of this factory is that it works in the handmade carpet industry and produces successful carpet factories in Turkey.
  4. From Shalishkan Co.Shalishkan Carpets began manufacturing carpets in 1980, has great experience in the carpet industry from 1987 to the present, and has seasoned and integrated workers in this sector.
  5. Shalishkan Industrial & Commercial Co. , Ltd. was founded in Gaziantep, Turkey, in 2017, as one of the best prayer carpet companies in Turkey, as it manufactures carpets at the highest level for local and international customers through colourful and decorative choices.
  6. ENSAR HALI SAN. VE TIC:: This production plant is one of the most prominent, famous and best turkish rug wholesaler’s, manufacturing carpets in Turkey in the 19th century , making it one of Denizli, the oldest and most experienced factories and factory centers in Turkey.

It is really easy nowadays to import carpets from Turkey, where you can meet with merchants and turkish rug wholesaler’s directly to buy or import from turkey as much as you want.

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Turkey carpet market:

If you’re reading this, you will be able to have an eye on a Turkish carpet, we will help you get the unique item you’re seeking.


It’s a primary choice of buy carpets online for the highest quality and the most exclusive carpets.


It sells bulk buy carpets and kilim, you will find there modernized versions of antique Anatolian rugs and kilims, it worked to create something new and modern.

  1. GODES:

It is offering not only carpets but also gold and silver jewelry, watches, wholesale rugs, and leather goods.


It is selling high quality Turkish and Persian carpets.


It offers a remarkable selection of unique antique Anatolian kilims and carpets, storage bags, pillow, old Caucasian kilims and old Uzbek kilims for every budget.

  1. NAKKAS:

They have huge collection of carpets, which stretch a wide range of styles and designs to suit any taste and budget.


It has been in the carper business since 1966, and has been collecting one of a kind kilims and carpets from all over Anatolia since then.


It regarded as one of the foremost experts on Turkish kilims, it’s one of a fourth generation family business, it also has its own private collection in the store.

Best places to buy rugs in turkey:

If you looking for rug shops in Istanbul, here’s the best places to buy them.


It will charge you much higher prices than most other areas, it’s worth a visit to have a look, but don’t expect to find any bargains here.


It’s a small little shop, it present the best service and the best prices for Turkish rugs.


It sells discounted rugs, the guys in this shop are friendly enough and the prices aren’t ridiculous.


It’s a professional carpets and rugs manufacturer and rug wholesalers, based in turkey, they designs, manufacture, wholesale and export machine made carpets and rugs since 2008.

  1. POLZLU:

Since their beginning in the 40’s, they bulk buy rugs, they have dedicated their selves to provide one of a kind handmade rugs with glamorous and impeccable design.


It’s a very successful direct wholesale rugs importer and wholesaler, TUNC TOGAR, the owner, was born and raised in Istanbul, after graduating from the university of Istanbul,  he started working as a rug salesman.


They have worked hard since 1970 to bring you the best kilim and rug industry, it’s a rugs online shop, you can find handmade Turkish carpets and Anatolian kilims all made of wool.

Turkish rug prices
Turkish rug prices

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Turkish rug prices

if you will visit turkey in some time of your life, you will be happy to buy a Turkish rug by a salesman skilled in the art of persuasion For thousands of years, Turkish rugs have been the gold standard in floor covering everywhere from nomadic huts to grand palaces a Turkish rug will last for hundreds, if not thousands of years, becoming a family heirloom passed down for generations.

Rugs for sale:

Turkish rugs and carpets are one of the most popular souvenirs Turkish carpets and rugs have their unique designs and colors, they represent the colorfulness of the middle eastern culture perfectly, these bright and colorful rugs and carpets represent many things in the lives of the Turkish people.

Rugs and carpets:

Carpets have been created as valuable pieces of decoration for the homes of the nomadic Turks, there are two main types, there is a kilim, and knotted rugs Village women wove carpets for private use, between the 12th and 19th centuries The most exclusive rugs are made of naturally dyed, 100% silk thread, and buying one is considered a serious investment, due to the thread’s thickness.

For centuries Anatolian women used traditional patterns dyes and motifs to tell their personal stories, and made a mark on a product that was meant to be passed onto the next generations.

Rugs and carpets for sale:

The Turkish people who weaved the carpets channeled their emotions and artistic views to these pieces, they started to learn more about wools and natural dyeing Turkish people were living in locations very close to the silk road It was proven that Turkish people made the first carpet in the world, in 1948, Russian archaeologist SERGEI RUDENKO founded the first carpet ever made, the rug was called the PAZIRIK CARPET.

The carpets started to be made by nomad Turkmen, and they got popular by travelling with them and attracted the attention of many civilizations One of the most prominent Turkish empires, Seljuk’s gave a great deal of importance to these crafts, carpets brought to Iran from Anatolia by Seljuk’s, and the very first carpet workshops were established in Konya in this period.

The carpets made in the Seljuk’s period were mainly inspired by the lively and dynamic structure of nature After Seljuk’s, the ottoman empire continued this tradition willingly and enthusiastically, with the advancements in technology and mechanics, larger carpets were being made Turkish rugs attract the attention of many people around the world, handmade Turkish rugs are made differently from rugs anywhere else in the world, Turkish rugs can be made of silk, although they are filament-thin, they are one of the strongest natural materials known to man.

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