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11 shops and factories sell turkish rugs wholesale

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in turkish rugs wholesale; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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 turkish rugs wholesale

Through this report, we will show you the most important and famous turkish rugs wholesale factories, and we will explain the city that is most distinguished by selling the finest types of carpets in Turkey, in addition to showing the most important carpet markets in Turkey, follow Importing  house platform.

turkish rug suppliers

Now we will show you the best carpet factories in Turkey, follow us:

turkish rug suppliers
turkish rug suppliers

This factory is considered one of the most famous and best turkish rugs wholesale factories in Turkey, as this factory produces and manufactures the finest types of turkish carpets Istanbul with the highest quality and the best prices, the headquarters of this factory is in Gaziantep in Turkey, so you can import from Turkey.

  1. MY HALI:

 This factory is also considered one of the most important and finest carpet factories in Istanbul, as it manufactures and distributes the best types of turkish rugs wholesale at the best prices and with high quality, and this factory is located in Istanbul in Turkey, and you can search for them with the best types of Turkish carpets with pictures.

  1. EMAT:

One of the most famous and best manufacturers of carpets and household materials in Turkey, as it manufactures and produces rugs made in turkey , carpet brushes, plastic materials and household items with the highest quality and best prices, as they determine the prices of Turkish carpets, and the headquarters of this factory is in Ankara, Turkey.


 This factory is considered one of the most famous carpet factories in Turkey, as this factory produces and manufactures the best and most famous types of turkish rugs wholesale in Turkey with the highest quality and the best prices. Shapes and materials of handmade carpets at the best prices, and this factory is located in Manisa, Turkey.


 This factory is considered one of the most important, famous and oldest carpet factories in Turkey, so if you want to import from turkey import from it as it manufactures turkish rugs wholesale in Turkey from the nineteenth century.


This establishment works in the manufacture and sale of the best types of turkish rugs wholesale at the best prices, as this institution is known as wholesale trade in some sectors, including carpets and home textile products, this establishment is located in Istanbul, Turkey.

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wholesale turkish rugs

Do you want to know the city famous for selling the finest carpets in Turkey? Do you want to import carpets and are you looking for the city of turkish rugs wholesale in Turkey to import from? Do not worry, we will now show you the most important information and details about the city that is famous for selling  kilim rugs and carpets in Turkey, follow us:

turkish rug supplier
turkish rug supplier

Carpets are considered one of the most important local industries in Turkey, as tourists frequently accept them, so carpets are always sold in souvenir shops. How many order carpets from Turkey, there are now two types of turkish rugs modern available in Turkey, handmade carpets and this is more expensive in terms of price due to its quality Carpets made within factories and this is lower in price, turkish rugs wholesale are considered one of the oldest handicrafts in the country, and their manufacture has developed over the ages and took various forms, including flowers and geometric shapes, and in the fourteenth century took animal shapes, so many import Turkish carpets.

Currently, some Turkish cities are famous for making the finest types of carpets and large rugs including (Usak – Bergama – Konya – Fethiye – Antalya – Milas – Kayseri – Gordes – Kircher – Kula – Herc – Ladik – Nigde – Sivash – Isparta) These cities are also famous for making hand-made carpets as well as they take the Turkish carpets’ sizes in meters, where they manufacture hand-made carpets by two methods of spinning and flat weaving, and turkish rugs wholesale are made with several materials, including silk, cotton, wool and viscose, and among the most important types of hand-made carpets are (Shaklan – Kilim – Ushak) Kilim is the most popular and cheaper, while koshak are more expensive because of its scarcity.

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turkish rug market

Are you looking for the carpet market in Turkey? Do you want to buy carpets in Turkey and are you looking for the most famous markets to sell the best types of carpets in Turkey? Do you want to know the best types of carpets in Turkey to import from? Do not worry, we will now show you the best and most famous turkish rugs wholesale markets in Turkey to buy the best types of carpets from it. where to buy turkish rugs in Istanbul ?

buy turkish rug
buy turkish rug
  1. Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is one of the best places to sell cheap rugs for sale , how it is one of the most famous places that you can shop through, as it is famous for the presence of local products that are made with high international quality, and among the most famous of these products is turkish rugs wholesale, and among the most famous stores that are found in the Grand Bazaar, don’t ask after that are turkish rugs good quality ? Because the answer is always yes.

  1. “SISKO OSMAN” Turkish Carpet Shop:

 This shop is considered one of the most famous, oldest and most luxurious carpet shops in Turkey for selling turkish rugs wholesale. In the shop there is a precious collection of antique and modern Turkish carpets in colors and in many different shapes.

  1. “Ethnicon” Turkish hand-made carpet shop:

This shop is also considered one of the most famous and best shops for selling handmade carpets in the Grand Bazaar. This shop offers modern styles of handmade carpets, and thus they are considered the best carpet dealers in Turkey.

  1. Dhoku shop:

 This shop is also considered one of the most important, best and most famous turkish rugs wholesale shops in the Grand Bazaar, as it sells the finest handcrafted carpets at the highest quality and at the best prices, and it also sells Turkish carpets wholesale.

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turkish rug shop

Since its establishment, Haraka Factory started to produce furniture and curtains for palaces, and later weaved carpets, starting in 1891. And the production of carpets at the factory began under the patronage of Sultan Abdul Hamid II, where the most skilled craftsmen in the field of carpet-making were called from many Turkish cities such as Sivas, Manisa and Ladik.

The craftsmen began weaving the ready-made inscriptions that were sent to them from the Sultan’s palace, and later developed their level to devise a special style for the Haraka factory, and with this the first foundations were laid for the carpet weaving unit in the factory that was established to manufacture threads and curtains in its early decades.

What are the turkey carpet factory products?

The most prominent products of the factory decorated the palaces of the Ottoman sultans, and were presented as gifts to representatives of foreign kings, to take their place in European palaces as well. The Haraka district is located in the state of Kocaeli, near Istanbul, and the carpet factory was established there by order of Sultan Abdul Majid, in 1843, under the name “The Royal Factory”, with the aim of reviving the profession of weaving and knitting in the Ottoman Empire.

It’s a trade mark:-

Ushar Yilmaz, director of Haraka Carpet and Yarn Weaving Factory, said, “The Harka Factory stands as a witness to the manufacture of many carpets bearing a high symbolic and artistic value, and that the factory turned into a world-famous brand, as it was honored in a number of international exhibitions in each of Paris, London, Vienna, Brussels, Lyon and Turin. “

Yilmaz added to Anadolu Agency that “the factory is preparing these days to weave a giant carpet with an area of ​​between 70-80 square meters, for the special room that houses the sacred trusts in the historic Toubkapı Palace.” He pointed out that the carpet, which will be woven within one year by a team of weaving experts, “will contain inscriptions that take into account the simplicity and intangible importance of the sacred trust room.” Yilmaz explained that the Harka factory had previously weaved a carpet for the presidential complex in the Turkish capital, Ankara, with an area of ​​108 square meters.

turkish rugs
turkish rugs

– Huge carpet:

Yilmaz noted that the carpet that was woven for the presidential complex was used in the main hall where ambassadors of foreign countries are received and credentials received. Yılmaz explained that the factory weaved the largest carpet in Turkey, with an area of ​​468 square meters, for the ceremonial hall in the Yıldız Shali Palace, 120 years ago, which is at the same time one of the largest carpets around the world.

He added that the carpets woven in the Haraka factory- one of the best turkey wholesale suppliers  – and displayed in the greeting hall in Dolmabahce Palace (one of the historical palaces in Istanbul), are receiving great interest from local and foreign tourists. Yilmaz also explained that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited the factory on December 27th.

Yilmaz pointed out that the visit included an exchange of talks between the Turkish president and the managers and craftsmen of the factory about the progress of work. Yilmaz noted that Erdogan made some recommendations related to increasing the factory’s capacity and producing more carpets.

turkish rug price

Turkey is famous for its turkish rugs wholesale’ prices are somewhat high, but when buying wholesale and choosing the factory that sells at an affordable price works to reduce the price of carpets, but there are a number of factors that lead to the change in the price of carpets:

– Handcrafted turkish rugs wholesale are more expensive than the carpet that the factories produce.

– When dealing with the name of the manufacturer or store, the price is differentiated

– The size and area of ​​the carpet cause a change in the price.

– The raw materials used in the manufacture of carpets are from Turkey, where they are made of silk or wool or according to their type, and the types of turkish rugs wholesale that are widespread in the market are divided into salon carpets, silk carpets, lounge carpets, Turkish textile carpets, Turkish decorative carpets, Turkish corridors carpets or what is known Walkers, living room carpets, plush rugs and more.

how much does it cost to ship a rug from turkey ?

Turkey exports carpets to many countries of the world, where customers come to it from different regions of the world with many nationalities, from Italy, Iraq, America, Kurdistan region and Kazakhstan, as well as most of the turkish rugs wholesale are exported to Arab countries, but the largest importer of Turkish carpets in the Arab region is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, followed by The United States, and the reason is due to the diversity of carpet designs and the beauty of its shapes and colors, so it has become the most important popular export.

All this helped to facilitate import and shipping matters, in response to the need for merchants to transport their goods from Turkey to the sales outlets that they own in their countries, as there are many ways of transport and shipping and companies specializing in this field with the provision of many offers that make the prices appropriate, thus reducing the price Carpets when displayed in your store.

– Travel on your own

It is one of the distinctive ways through which you will be able to visit the factories that you have previously challenged, the heart of travel in order to visit it yourself and inspect the products that you have seen on the sites of those companies to make sure of their quality and will examine all forms of carpets and choose them carefully, especially if this is your first time in which you import and do a project turkish rugs wholesale, so you need to travel by yourself to make deals, inspect goods and agree with different companies so that they get to know you and become one of their most important customers and suppliers, and you become a priority.

However, one of the disadvantages of this method is that it is more expensive than other methods, in addition to the problem of difficulty in communicating due to lack of mastery of the Turkish language and the need for an accompanying translator, and you also need to obtain the import card, as it is one of the most important requirements and can be extracted easily.

– turkish rugs online

It is one of the easiest ways to buy and deliver, as you do not need to rely on companies to import carpet and look for other companies to deliver it to you. Many carpet companies and carpet factories in Turkey provide shipping and delivery service to the supplier, so each company creates a site to market Turkish carpets that it manufactures in order to introduce its products, and communicate with merchants and customers directly without the need to travel, so you can buy what you need from Turkish carpets for Through the website of each factory or company, put the email, phone number, and specify the port of shipment from which you will receive it, so that the company can contact you and supply the products to you.

 – Reliance on shipping companies:

It is one of the best ways that you can rely on it to collect the products that you have performed Hajj from different factories and companies, including modern turkish rugs wholesale, so that the shipping company then collects them in one shipment and repackages the products for safety and to ensure the safety of the carpet upon its arrival to you without any defects or damages, and it is also done.

And then the shipping company delivers the goods to the door of your store, and the carpets are shipped from Turkey, in several ways by land, air or sea freight depending on the budget you own and in the shortest time possible, and it is also one of the distinctive ways that provides you with many advantages, including the good price, High security during the transport of products and goods, and you can communicate with more than one shipping company in order to reach the best price from carpet factories in Istanbul.

 – Dealing with a broker

There are many people who work as intermediaries in transporting various products from Turkey to the place where you are, where they communicate with them in order to bring the goods and deliver them to you, so you determine the Turkish carpet models that you want and assign one of the people who travels frequently or buy them for you and transfer them to you when he is coming From Turkey for a commission to be agreed.

 The advantage of this method is that its costs are less than the costs of travel and of dealing with shipping companies, but at the same time the broker may not be able to provide what you need or may not care about the quality of the products.

turkish rugs wholesale have become the most famous in the Arab world, and choosing them to trade with them guarantees you profit because your audience is present, just choose the right side and start immediately.

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