carpet factory in turkey

carpet factory in turkey .. 11 famous suppliers for success business

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carpet factory in turkey

Turkish carpets are characterized by their glory and high quality, like most of the textile carpet factory in turkey located in this area, and are mostly used to decorate the house and make its form better and nicer. And the concept today is focused on importing where you can naturally import Turkish carpets from Turkey like an ordinary person, depending on several methods that we will later mention in t And we’ll provide you with all the knowledge you can need by entering the importing  house platform.

And In addition to knowing who are the most important importers and who are the most important traders with factories in Turkey, before importing, you need to carry out a market study and also know the amount of production and the amount of demand of the customer.

carpet factory turkey

Are you shooting for carpet factory in turkey? Will you like to get to know the most famous carpet factories that Turkey can buy from them? It’d be fascinating for you to read: sourcing fabrics from Turkey… Quick interference from these producers:

carpet factory turkey
carpet factory turkey
    1. ENSAR HALI SAN. VE TIC: This plant is one of most popular carpet factory in turkey, respected and oldest carpet factories producing carpets in 19th century Turkey, making it one of Denizli, the oldest and most experienced factories and headquarters of the industry in Turkey.
    2. KRC CARPET:: This organization is one of Turkey’s most successful and best carpet manufacturers, where the factory designs and makes the finest carpets at the highest quality and best prices in Turkey. This plant is located in Ankara, Turkey, so you can buy it from Turkey for that purpose.
    3. Eastern Pearl Of TheThis company was founded in 1989 in the town of Gaziantep, being one of the most prominent Turkish prayer carpet companies of all sorts, thanks to the long experience of Gaziantep.
    4. The reason for the company’s success and prosperity is to become one of the world’s most profitable businesses selling prayer carpets because it has an infrastructure that helps it to expand and deliver an exceptional product area perfect for brushes of all sizes and shapes from all regions.
    5. If you are searching for carpet factory in turkey This organization is a Turkish shipping and air freight company worldwide and is considered one of the most popular producers of carpets where you work with the largest businesses in Turkey and have a long background in the industry.
    6. ÖZKUL CARPETS:: This company is one of the most famous carpet factory in turkey, where the factory manufactures and produces the finest and most common carpet types in Turkey with the highest quality and the best price, so it is named the best carpet factory in Turkey, and the most renowned aspect of this factory is that it works in the crafted carpet industry and makes great ca ca. and it considered one of the best carpet manufacturing companies in turkey


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  1. MY HALI:: one among Istanbul’s most precious and classiest carpet factory in turkey, where the finest types of carpets are produced and sold at the lowest prices and of the highest quality, is also known to all the producers. This factory is located in Istanbul, Turkey, where it is possible to find the finest varieties of Turkish carpets.
  2. Away from Shalishkan Co.Shalishkan Carpets began manufacturing carpets in 1980, has significant experience in the carpet industry from 1987 to the present, and has skilled and integrated staff in this sector.
  3. Shalishkan Manufacturing & Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 2017 in Gaziantep, Turkey, as one of the best prayer carpet companies in Turkey, as it manufactures carpets for local and international customers at the highest quality with colourful and decorative choices. And it is a successful carpet factory in turkey
  4. Its Yasin Kaplancarpe carpet factory in turkey: Along with several other leading companies renowned for its high performance and competing to increase its output all the time, exceeds the normal output efficiency of the company by approximately 30,000 square metres at a rate of 750,000 square metres per month and 9 million square metres a year which means that the overall output of the spinning plant is approximately 30,000 square metres annually.
    And it is also a famous successful carpet factory in turkey

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carpet prices in Istanbul

Turkey is known for its relatively high Turkish carpet costs, but the price of carpets decreases by buying bulk carpets and selecting a factory that manufactures carpets at an acceptable price, but there are a variety of factors that lead to a change in the price of carpets and also carpet wholesale price:

carpet prices in Istanbul
carpet prices in Istanbul

The handmade carpet is the most expensive of the carpets and Turkish wholesale etsy rug produced by the suppliers and carpet factory in turkey. Price distinction when associated with the name of the plant or store The quantity and size of carpets are caused by a shift in price. Items used in the manufacturing of Turkish carpets made of or in the shape of silk or wool and in the types of Turkish carpets sold on the market are known as salon carpets, silk carpets, salon rugs.

Among many others, Turkish decorative carpets, Turkish carpets, Turkish hallway carpets or what is known as walks, living room rugs, Klim and Bast. And the price of rugs depends on whether And now we’re going to explain how to import from Turkey from carpet factory in turkey: After completing market research and recognizing the value of importing Turkish carpets, you will start looking for the most important factories in Turkey selling products of high quality and with numerous designs.

And charges, such that you sell and earn a lot of money at the normal selling price, and that you will know the addresses of the plant and know its output and prices. In addition to the views of some consumers, you can search through Google and find some factories, you can also communicate with some importers in other fields to give you advice and guidance, and if you can fly and scan your budget from there, it is not too expensive to travel to Turkey for the record, And this is a feature that lets you fly wherever you need to. There is far more than one effective and productive process, and we will remind you of each method’s benefits and disadvantages:

  1. Travel by yourself: it is the best way to be guided from inside factories and recognise and pick the accuracy of all the materials carefully, and what is wrong with them is that in addition to other aspects, it is more costly than some means, you will find some difficulties in interacting with some people and you would mostly require an accompanying translator besides you.
  2. 2- Broker: means that you chose the Turkish carpet models you like and cost to order them for you for a commission agreed with you by one of the people who fly regularly or one of the import offices, and this strategy is differentiated by the cost of less than the travel cost, but at the same time the broker would not be able to save just whatever you need.
  3. Shopping online: You can order what you need from Turkish carpets from the website of each factory, and this method is differentiated as being very low in cost terms, but once they reach you, you will not be able to search the products as the options before you are not as many as other forms.The main objective is to purchase at acceptable rates to ensure that you profit from retail or wholesale at higher costs, and we keep the sales step assuming that the import step was successful, and this is not a difficult step as the market report prepared in the past tells you the level of demand and places where supply declines. As such, you can go to those markets and supply stores and suppliers there to gain a higher profit margin, in addition to relying on other selling techniques, such as advertisement and advertising.Firstly, you must know who are the most important importers, who are the most important traders with factories in Turkey, as well as the scale of production, the size of the market, and who are the future buyers. But what was achieved after the complete market review and calculated the feasibility of exporting carpets and rugs imported from Turkey? You should start searching on your own for the most important factories in Turkey in order to get the best quality goods.You can contact some importers in other regions to get some general guidance and advice on importing from Turkey, as you should know that one of the benefits of travelling to Turkey is that the travel costs are not so high that you can travel whenever you want, there are many efficient ways to focus on carpets imported from Turkey, and we can reassure you of their ads in any waa And now if you’re hunting for a turkey wholesale market, here are a few of it.
  4. Via their manufacturers and also to reduce expenditures and pick factories selling high quality items and numerous designs and reasonable rates, you can sell at the regular retail price and raise a lot of money for the Turkish rug project and can find factory information and their value and prices by searching for a place to sell Turkish rugs online.

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best carpet shops in Istanbul

And here, too is the way to market Turkish carpets after you purchase them from Turkey.


best carpet shops in Istanbul
best carpet shops in Istanbul


    1. Dhoku Shop: It is one of the most common and popular rug shops in the Grand Bazaar, selling the finest woven rugs at the highest quality and at the best prices, and offering Turkish rugs in bulk, and is one of the best shops offering wholesale turkey carpets.
    2. Ninovacarpet  It has also been found to have a wide range of classic carpets, ushak carpets, pale carpets, baht carpets, Turkish klim carpets, and a distinctive Turkish carpet collection.. It is one of the most famous carpet factory in turkey specialised in the Turkish carpet industry and since 1989, has been headquartered in Gaziantep, Turkey. This company also offers all types of carpets that you can photograph of all sizes to clients, and has polypropylene pcf carpets, thermal carpets, frieze carpets, shaggy carpets, acrylic carpets, Viscon carpets, and it also manufactures rugs and has been able to develop and flourish to become the largest industrial company that controls its goods.
    3. The corporation has an infrastructure that enables it to manufacture and create excellent quality space suitable for furnishing all spaces of all sizes and kinds. Throughout the industry the company relies on the use of a blend of traditional and new tools, modern machinery at different finishing stages such as building, fabric, dye and cutting to create distinctive shapes and styles that differ from modern to unique, elegant to find a wide variety of forms All kinds of painted carpets of all sizes and colours can be imported and sold it is one of the best place to buy turkish carpets in turkey.
    4. SISKO OSMANTurkish Carpet Shop:
      one of the most famous, oldest and most luxurious carpet factory in turkey and shops in Turkey that sells Turkish carpets, with a precious selection of antique and contemporary Turkish carpet shapes and Turkish rugs for offer.Search in Turkey for the origins of carpets and seeking to buy cheap carpets? Will you want to purchase carpets from Turkey and look for carpet factories to make them? Do not be scared, the most important facts and specifics about the city famous for selling carpets in Turkey will be revealed to you where you can easy find carpets for sale.
    5. Through the years, in the fifteenth century, and its production has evolved and taken on numerous types of flowers and geometric shapes and animal parts, so many Turkish carpets are imported, so many Turkish carpets are imported.In Turkey, Carpets City.And as far as the designs, they are varied and vibrant, and they are manufactured in Turkey by Bedouinand professional workers, where it is called Anatolian carpets and the nodes in the square inch differ between 40 and 100 knots, and also what separates the use of their producers from Turkish carpets hand ID for the bright red colour of the carpet all or a large part of it, and there are several manufacturing factories
    6. The Istanbul Grand Bazaar Turkish rugs are considered one of the most beautiful and luxurious carpet styles in the world, where it is made of silk and fed with cut and gold thread, and it is dominated by its Islamic decoration style inscriptions, with some carvings in Ottoman letters that make the person finally get a piece of art that is proud to be acquired in your opinion, One of the benefits of this industry is the ability of the merchant to create a special pattern or to select various colours, new Turkish rugs and requirements, both in terms of colour, fabrication and others, and is sent to the factory via the Internet and printed as the carpet has become trendy.
    7. Both of these areas are known for the development of woven carpets and modern Turkish carpets and considered wholesale market in turkey as well as the scale of Turkish carpets in metres, where handmade carpets are crafted in two ways: wool and flat weaving, carpets are made of many materials like silk. The most popular varieties are cotton, wool and viscose, and the most substantial carpet styles (two types-. klim-oshak) and klim.
    8. Carpets are one of the most popular workplaces in Turkey, where tourists often welcome them, so carpets are often sold in souvenir shops, so many carpets are sold from Turkey, there are now two kinds of carpets, hand carpets, and because of their excellent quality and carpets made in factories, this is much cheaper, this is higher in price.

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turkey carpet market

  • The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul: It has been one of Turkey’s top locations for selling carpets, as it is one of the most famous places to shop from where it is considered to have globally high-quality local goods, Turkish carpets are the most prominent of these products, and one of the central market’s most popular shops and Turkish rug wholesale and carpet storesVia this article, we have showed you the most famous carpet factory in turkey and wholesale turkey rugs, and we will also show you the most decorated city with the best carpet sales in Turkey, as well as the most important carpet markets in Turkey you can know through importing-house

Turkish carpets have become the most common in the Arab world, and as your audience is there, you profit from your decision to exchange them, only use the right side by know carpet factory in turkey you can import from turkey and start directly.


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