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importing from Turkey to South Africa

Trade exchange between Turkey and the countries of the African continent – including the importing from Turkey to South Africa – recorded a remarkable growth during the period between 2010-2019, reaching by the end of last year, to approach 186 billion dollars, and according to information obtained by Anatolia from the Turkish Statistics Authority.

If the total trade exchange reached 185.5, 65 percent Of the total trade exchange, the equivalent of $ 122 billion, it went to the countries of the northern African continent, and during the same period 2010-2019, Turkey’s exports to the countries of the continent amounted to $ 126.7 billion, compared to importing $ 59.8 billion, so the Importing house platform will the best companies.

Import from Turkey to South Africa

The city of Istanbul includes a group of ancient wholesale markets, in addition to its popular markets and centers.

  1. The luxury commercial area, and the Fatih area is famous for many famous wholesale markets, which are frequented by Arabs and Turks owners. Shops and merchants, and in this topic we will learn about the most important wholesale market in Turkey  First: Othman Bey Street Markets:
  2. Osman Bey Street is one of the famous streets in Istanbul, which includes many shops which sells clothes wholesale, as it includes many varied shops in which there are different goods,
  1. Among the features in Othman Bey Market:
  • There are many wholesale shops selling high-end ready-to-wear clothes in Othman Bey Market.
  • Othman Bey Street includes many large companies and wholesale clothing suppliers in Turkey which are specialized in the field of textiles, It includes more than fifty different companies, which have a wide reputation and supply their woven industries all over the world.
  • In Othman Bey Street, veiled clothes of all kinds are available, which differ in brands.
  • Othman Bey Street also includes many shops that sell cosmetics. Second: Wholesale stores in La Li:
  • La Li district: is located in the old part of Istanbul, with many wholesalers in Turkey and shops along the tram line and in the inner streets, you will find distinctive stores with different prices, and there are also shops for shoe leather, and the bags are at a competitive price to the rest of the prices in many areas in Istanbul.
    • The La Li market included many different shops, which numbered in the thousands.
    • It is characterized by the fact that it is located in wholesale, as well as retail.
    • There are many products and baby clothing wholesale Turkey with local brands and international brands at Lalla Li Market.
    • There are many shops in the market lanes, La Lee, that sell bags.
    • Also, shoes made of the finest types of leather with high quality and reasonable prices.
  • In the market there are many wholesale shops for Turkish goods for children, women and men clothes.
  • There are also many shops in La Le Lee market that sell renewed wedding dresses every year.

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  1. Third: Marter Shops:

It is located in Istanbul in the Marter district and includes shops that sell products at wholesale price, and it is a privileged area for its proximity from the industrial area of ​​the city. And this market is characterized by the fact that the prices in it are appropriate and less expensive than the Osman Bey’s markets, which makes many merchants go to it. Marter Market includes many shops, which have the latest Turkish goods for sale

  • The Marter Market includes many shipping companies, which make it easy for merchants to move their things quickly and easily.
  • It also includes customs clearance companies, which facilitate a lot of work for traders and importers.
Turkish goods for sale
Turkish goods for sale
  1. Fourth: Al-Fateh Stores:

In the famous Fatih district in Istanbul, there is a large group of shops, which are considered among the famous wholesale markets in Istanbul, and among the most important features of Fatih markets:

  • In Al-Fateh Wholesale Market, there are many shops that include women’s clothing, and if want to import wedding dresses from Turkey you will there what you want.
  • In Al Fateh Wholesale Market, there is also a large group of shops selling wedding and evening wear at very reasonable prices.

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Import and export companies in Turkey

Turkey is the 28th largest exporting country to the rest of the world. As the value of its exports amounts to about $ 153.6 billion, and when you are asked about what are Turkey’s exports, it exports cars, auto parts, iron ore bars, delivery trucks, jewelry, clothes, foodstuffs, and textiles, and among its most important partners in the export business: Germany, which is Germany. Its exports account for 9.3%, the United Kingdom by 7.3%, Iraq by 5.9%, Italy by 4.8%, the United States of America by 4.5%, and France by 4.1%. As for the method of importing from Turkey there are many import and export companies from Turkey, but among the best of these companies are:

1- Granty Logistics Company

This company provides its customers with an import and export service through which you can now, while you are in your place, you only have to inform them with information about the shipment or goods or parcel from Turkey to South Africa and the company takes care of the rest of the matters of the progress of transactions, customs clearance and others.

2- Al-Anwar International Company

Al-Anwar International Company provides its valued customers with an import and export service from Turkey without coming to it, by sending information, models or catalogs about the type of goods such as wholesale plastic bottles that will be exported outside Turkey, regardless of the country.

Where Al-Anwar provides its own crew to serve its customers through its own factories or factories and companies in Turkey, where they search and investigate the required goods and choose the best quality and prices in the Turkish market and the companies like office furniture companies in Turkey and send sufficient information to its customer and then ship to the Turkish port via containers to be exported abroad. The shipping company delivers the container to the customer’s place in his country after clearing it from customs.

3- ABF international company

This company is one of the international companies specialized in shipping used children’s, men’s and women’s clothes only from wholesale shops in Turkey and it can also transport some used luggage. It also provides you with the prices of clothes in Turkey and a set of clothes as samples in order to view them before the transfer is completed so that the ordering from them is easy for you.

4- Elnema Company

This company specializes in carrying out the supply of used clothes, but it does another job, which is to recycle fabrics and present them in the best condition, which you can deal with directly and from anywhere in all countries of the world besides that all the products that it provides to all its customers are original and have Its own official site.

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Trading companies in Turkey

The following companies are the most famous:-

  1. Comindusa Corporation

It is one of the companies that work on importing clothes and that enjoys the best discounts of clothes in Turkey and delivering them to anywhere in all countries of the world besides that it supplies clothes, furnishings, shoes and leather, as its prices are in the average prices of everyone and it is one of the internationally known companies. I will mention to you the largest group of various Turkish shopping sites between cheap Turkish shopping sites for clothes and shopping sites from Turkey.

  1. Language:

To bypass the language obstacle, you can use Google Translate to translate websites, you can only enter, add the store link and choose the language, and Google will translate the entire site. Clothing shopping sites:

  1. MODANISA – Arabic + International shipping available.
  2. SEFAMERVE – English + International shipping available.
  3. NAUTICA – English + International Shipping Available.
  1. LIDYANA – English
  2. KOTON – English
  3. LCWAIKIKI – English – Direct Shipping
  4. Shoes and Bags Shopping Sites:
  8. Food and sweets shopping sites:
  9. KARAKOY GULLUOGLU to have what you want like imported chocolate wholesalers in Turkey

Electronics shopping sites:



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Import duties from Turkey to South Africa

A new additional customs tax has been imposed on more than 400 products in Turkey. The 20 percent implementation will be implemented by September 30th. Among the products on which an additional customs duty is imposed are ovens, blankets, and precious jewelry. The Turkish President’s decision on the import regime was published in the Official Gazette.

Accordingly, this tax came to include weaving, molding and welding machines, presses, agricultural and harvesting machinery, pumps, ship cranes, trailers, rope weaving, citric acid, glasses, firebricks, seat belts, adhesives, weighing tools and devices, cables Snow plows, iron and steel tools, and other products up to 400 products with a rate of up to 20 percent variable on a product basis temporarily until September 30th, this tax will be reduced to 10 points and applied after that date. It is reported that additional customs duties were imposed on more than a thousand products in two separate decisions.

Turkey clothing suppliers South Africa
Turkey clothing suppliers South Africa
  • The papers required of importing from Turkey

– Commercial or industrial registry

-Tax card

-Import Card (Import License)

– Payment document by the bank (document proving the transfer of the invoice value outside the importer’s country)

– A general authorization for the customs broker certified by the Chamber of Commerce or Industry

  • The papers required to export any shipment

– Commercial invoice

– Certificate of Origin

– Shipping Policy

– Packing regulations

– Fumigation certificates for wooden products

– Health certificates for food products

-Quality certificates are required in some countries, but not in all countries, such as Algeria, China and Morocco

  • A brief overview of the customs clearance method

– Shipping from turkey to South Africa The arrival of the ship with the container to be released The ship starts unloading its cargo from the containers on the harbor floor.

– The customs broker shall withdraw the receipt of the container from the shipping company carrying the shipping company based on the bills of lading submitted by him.

– The customs broker submits the commercial invoice, packing regulations and certificate of origin for the container to the customs in order to know the customs duties of the goods

– After submitting the invoices to the customs, a scout is sent by the customs to inspect the goods if they match the papers presented by the broker

– After the customs inspection process and ensuring that they match the invoices, the customs duties value will be determined

– There are certain goods, such as food commodities, and the inspector may request to send a sample of them to the competent authorities for analysis and approval and to ensure that they comply with the specifications specified in this country

And after all the information about importing from Turkey to South Africa and exporting from Turkey has been listed, it is one of the most well-known matters in huge trade projects, and we hope that you have found everything you are looking for on our website, and we wish you successful projects.

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