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The Best 5 office furniture companies in turkey

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in importing wholesale furniture from Turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

Office furniture companies in Turkey

Although office furniture may look the same, but choosing a good company to buy from is your first step for special products, in this article we present to you the most famous office furniture companies in turkey .

 Office furniture factory

If you’re looking for an office furniture we examined avoid Turkey’s best for your office furniture company. If you are going to get a special decoration service for your office, be sure to read and evaluate it.

  1. NURUS

Nurus is a office furniture supply companies that has branded itself in the sector with its special office furniture models that consider office furniture as works of art. Working with designers who are renowned in the furniture industry in office furniture designs, Nurus offers her own special Nurus solutions under the name of “Digital Chain”. Taking part as an office furniture online manufacturer in many large projects such as Hepsiburada and Istanbul airport, Nurus will offer you quality office furniture and decoration solutions.


It is an Office Furniture and Decoration company that you can buy office furniture for home  for them and has successfully delivered many large projects at home and abroad with office furniture, offers free interior architecture services to all its customers, and can design and produce completely customized office furniture. Living Lab, Zeytinburnu Municipality, Turkey in many projects such as the HUB STARTERS international design award for the IBIS-IBIS TEHRAN They also carried out a successful project implementation.

They do their designs and complete office decoration applications with a perspective that looks at offices not only as a working environment but also as a living space. Besides the private office furniture and office decoration services it offers, OFİS & OFFICE, which has designed and implemented its works for online office furniture sales, can also develop solutions at more affordable costs than other office companies in special projects.


Office furniture companies in Turkey
Office furniture companies in Turkey


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Office furniture showroom

You can find the most important companies that offer a showroom for their products in their stores:


This is exactly what can you import from turkey Another office company, Zivella, where you can get quality solutions for custom design office furniture and decoration projects. Zivella Ocean Colleges, stating that they designed the offices of the future by blending the relationship between space, aesthetics, user and product with the understanding of “benefit” in offices, has signed many corporate office projects such as İnan Makina.



In addition to selling online office furniture, ÇAĞIN BÜRO Istanbul Tax Inspection Directorate, which has carried out many office projects in Turkey and abroad, has done office decoration projects in many public and private sectors such as İsbak. There are also large office manufacturers such as Doxa, Detay Ofis, Bürotime, but these companies produce standard fabricated products and offer services through their sub-dealers.

Office furniture companies in Turkey
Office furniture companies in Turkey


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Office furniture store istanbul

On of the most famous office furniture store in Turkey is:

  1. Teknik:

The company established with the principle of “Unconditional Customer Satisfaction”, started its policy foundations in 2007. Since 2010, they serve with the official title. They would like to be an indispensable solution partner in your business life with their service, policies, way of working and smart solutions. They know all aspects of your business life such as stress, workload, inefficient work life and economy. They always improve themselves and their team on these issues for the empathy culture. In addition, they find the economic approaches of all business enterprises, individuals or institutions reasonable. That’s why they are here to be office furniture stores that offer a solution partner that gives you confidence with their way of working, workforce and competitive price policies.

They appeal to all individuals, institutions or organizations that want the solution partner to consider elements such as design, quality, ergonomics and economy. They organize the working and hospitality rooms within the scope of business life, and they are instrumental in reflecting your corporate identity with their furniture in the best way. They produce office furniture shipping service and the office furniture your business needs. They design products for offices, directors and staff rooms, starting from the top. They create areas where your entire team can work efficiently. They strive to optimize your working, hospitality and reception areas with our wide range of products.

They provide personal and institutional (boutique) furniture designs, corporate identity furniture and decoration services. They undertake the furniture projects of large enterprises, organizations or public institutions, and carry out large-scale Turnkey Projects such as Hotel, Bank, Hospital or Factory.

Office furniture companies in Turkey
Office furniture companies in Turkey


Their storesL

In Masko Mobilyacılar Sitesi, they  serve office furniture design in 2 separate stores with a total of 3000 m2. They display the most interested products from their product range, and they endeavor to offer you a wide selection by accommodating as many varieties as possible. If you are going to have a special decoration project, we recommend that you work with companies or interior architects that offer interior architecture services, import from turkey, 3D modeling and complete decoration services offered by the companies mentioned above.

Turkish office furniture manufacturers

Turkey has a large number of furniture factories, especially office furniture, which is used in many projects such as offices, hotels, conference halls, and schools. Importing from Turkey requires you to know the factories and suppliers of office furniture in Turkey, with whom you can contact to buy large quantities in bulk and cheap office furniture Istanbul follow the following


They are a manufacturer and exporter of home and office furniture in Turkey, with more than 20 years of experience exporting to more than 20 countries, where you can import furniture from Turkey in quantities


Founded since 1994, we specialize in manufacturing office furniture, including work offices, office storage products, and entering into private and governmental projects locally and internationally from Turkey to the Middle East and Europe.

  • MADES:

It is one of the largest office furniture companies founded in 1972, modern office facilities in Mades correspond to the current and innovative needs of customers who use modern designs in one of the colors, as they always seek to satisfy customers, quality and innovation are their priorities through ingenuity in woodworking and metal processing. They export to the European Union, the Middle East and Africa.


Founded in 2007 in Istanbul, it strives to provide the best to customers. Its products include executive offices, employee tables, banks, interior office partition panels, drawers, file cabinets, receptions, as well as furniture for schools and youth hostels.


It manufactures and exports office furniture such as folding and nesting multiuse flip top tables of various sizes and metal furniture such as metal-legged tables, office chairs and foldable seats used in conference centers, educational institutions, hotel business centers and offices.

  • TUGRA:

It is a company specializing in the manufacture of project furniture such as office and hotel furniture as well as home furniture and they are also office furniture wholesale distributors.

  • Basco vanity:

Specializes in manufacture and trade wooden supplies for homes and offices. Provides the finest types of furniture and office furniture such as chairs and office disk carefully selected from the best types of wood and they have shipping to anywhere in the world.

  • AGK:

Provides bespoke office furniture and multi-use foldable tables, supplies chairs for cafeterias, restaurants and cafes, and manufactures metal furniture and accessories such as detailed library units, shelves, etc.

  • Buroist:

It is a manufacturer of office chairs, producing about 150,000 chairs and 20,000 sofas, they produce according to EN 1335 and Bs55459 European and British standards.

  • Viola office:

Specialized in office furniture since 1998, they have more than 19 years of experience, they export to more than one country around the world. They do not use any product that lacks quality.

Turkish office furniture online
Turkish office furniture online

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Turkish office furniture online

There are some websites for famous online stores in Turkey through which you can buy office furniture in Turkey, whether new or used, they offer reasonable prices and amazing offers.

  • Souresa: They have a wide range of unique Turkish office furniture designs and colors, including office furniture; they have chairs, conference tables, drawers, filing cabinets, shelves and reception desks.
  • Istanbul office furniture:

This company provides prestigious office furniture at reasonable prices; they have an online office furniture website that includes pictures of a wide range of types and shapes of wooden furniture such as office chairs, desk office and others, it provides a professional service for your office furniture needs, which makes the work environment dynamic, comfortable and enjoyable. Their products are found in many European countries such as Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Austria, Denmark and others.

  • IKEA: It is a site specialized in office furniture for home designed in a comfortable and elegant way. It has a wide range of furniture and home accessories from living room furniture to storage units and home decorations.
  • CAGIN: It is the online website of company leading in office furniture companies in Turkey. They design each group carefully in line with modern fashion and customer requirements. They have all kinds of office furniture from CEO’s offices, employee furniture, office chairs, tables, desks and office partitions. CAGIN products are Comfortable, high-quality and affordable products, and this combination makes the furniture particularly attractive to investors. Each model is unique design, smart, functional and comfortable furniture.
  • ERSA: It is one of the leading brands online in manufacturing wooden furniture in Turkey.

Furniture in turkey with prices

You can establish your home in Turkey without much hassle depending on your budget. There are several options, either to buy new ready-made furniture, or to order furniture, or second-hand furniture. If you do not want to spend a lot of money only, then the option to buy used furniture is the best, but you have to know that used furniture stores accept cash payment only. There are a few stores that accept credit cards and these stores exist in every region, especially Istanbul. There are websites through which you can find used furniture, but in the case of buying used furniture, it is better to visit used furniture stores yourself to evaluate the quality of the furniture and make sure of the product you want.

There are popular furniture stores in Turkey, which are most popular and have reasonable prices, such as IKEA, ENZA home, Bellona, Mudo consept, Kelebek, adore Mobilya, Istikbal, kilim, Ipek, Tepehome. And they all have websites that you can visit and shop on. Custom-made furniture is the most expensive option available for buying home furniture and it must be specified the type of wood, shape and size you want, and you should choose a good craftsman

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