Importing from Turkey to Kenya

Best ways of Importing from turkey to Kenya

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Importing from Turkey to Kenya

Among importers in the Arab and global markets now and also international markets and even Importing from Turkey to Kenya , the notion of importing from Turkey has become obvious, and we will now talk about imports from Turkey to Guinea Bissau, due to the big invasion of Turkish goods on the markets, which in turn is due to the nature of the commodity and acceptable prices for most buyers from all over the world, so imports By doing a quick feasibility analysis, you can import and benefit from several Turkish goods.

And now through Importing house you can understand that all lucrative products on the markets are when importing such products such as food industries, agricultural industries, textile industries, cosmetics, heating industries, energy products, cables and school tools, particularly the Arab ones, so that all importers realize the value of importing, selling and trading Turkish goods because of their sure benefit, but naturally when man look for all this .

Import from Turkey to Kenya

We all know and admit that Turkey is consider number 1 for all the textiles, fruit, quality electronics imported into Kenya. We have been supporting our commercial clients not only with the freight but also with buying and procurement of goods. We recognize that no two consumers are the same and therefore give each customer a personalized approach, whether they are a wholesaler or a retailer.

Textiles, clothes, shoes, luggage, ceramics, shower systems, toilet units, baby goods, household equipment, manufacturing machinery, car parts and food, just to name a few of best products are the major commodity categories we have imported from Turkey into Kenya. To transport your cargo to Kenya, we use a large network of airlines, such as Kenya Airways, Turkish Airways and Emirates Airways. We have the right way to get the right solution, whether you have personal belongings, extra luggage or commercial cargo.

From Turkey and big cities such as Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Bursa, Adana and any other place, your freight to Kenya. In order to decide the goods, you want to buy, we will meet with you and then we will engage with the appropriate manufacturers/suppliers. Once we have selected the right manufacturer(s)/suppliers to go for, we will then compile the required details for you, such as catalogues and price lists. We will finalize negotiations on your behalf and the basics as soon as you have finalized your purchases.

importing from Turkey to South Africa
importing from Turkey to South Africa

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How to import from Turkey to Kenya

One line

It has become very easy to import online from Turkey to other international markets such as Germany and also to Western markets such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Dubai, Algeria and several other Arab countries with the opening of the Turkish markets to global markets. As about how to shipping from Turkey, anywhere the nation you want to import from either the simplest outcome to complete at least the import process is to travel to that country and complete your directly work. We see that if you equate it to other options, it is the right option for you because of its multiple strengths, and these advantages are summarized in that you will have the chance to visit the greatest number of businesses to compare goods in terms of consistency and cost.

And you can pick the one that suits the target market, but in this situation, you can worry of the cost of transport because this is the only downside of importing this way, so if you choose a cheap way, it will certainly be importing via the Internet and importing from Turkey via the Internet has become a popular trend these days, so by this way you will have to be careful to select a Turkey manufacturing products

You can take the third option, which is import by an intermediary, if the first or second solution does not accommodate you, because in this case you have to appoint an import company from Turkey to purchase what you need from goods with the requirements you decide, and the company can clear all customs procedures and so on and this solution is the most convenient for you as an importer, but it is the most convenient for you as an importer.

Shipping from Turkey to Nigeria Nairaland
Shipping from Turkey to Nigeria Nairaland

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Import clothes from Turkey to Kenya

Istanbul’s wholesale clothes markets draw many individuals, whether they are buyers or simply want to purchase at fair rates, and it includes the finest varieties of items at outstanding prices, making it a choice for the biggest investors. So, we’re going to show you the best Istanbul wholesale clothing market to keep reading to get to know.

1) Istanbul’s Fatih Market

The Fatih market is one of the major turkey wholesale markets or as it’s known best wholesale market in Turkey, as it provides all types of products, particularly Turkish Islamic clothes, and we have to say that this wholesale market has all the supply and demand success factors and items, making it one of the markets that consumers enjoy all the time.

2) Osman Bey Istanbul Market

Osman bye must be listed as one of the largest wholesale markets in the country, speaking of the largest wholesale market in Istanbul, and it is well known that it appears to specialise in some way in Turkish hijab clothing, which gives it a strong reputation in bulk Istanbul apparel here in this market you can get best clothes prices in Turkey.


3) Istanbul’s Lalali Market

This industry is popular with foreign tourists and even locals because it includes the finest varieties of wholesale garments for the rest of the markets with fabrics and affordable prices. You can find any form of Turkish clothing wholesale for sale in this area, which makes it easier and more useful to find the best wholesale shopping in Istanbul it’s the right choose if you want to get wholesale clothing in Istanbul.


4) The Modanisa

It is regarded the as first Turkish site to sell clothes online and this brand that specializes in women’s garments is enjoying considerable popularity, both locally and globally, and you can easily find the Turkish Abaya shop online.

5)Jubba Turkish

Turkish Jubba is a kind of classic men’s clothing and is also a popular turkey product. In some Arab countries, such as Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco, it is also popular with men because of its resemblance to traditional men’s clothing within these nations. And here you are a list of clothes company in Turkey.


It is one of the most important companies that produce clothes that are cheap clothes in the Turkish market. This popular organization was established in France in 1985, and after 1988 the company continued as a Turkish brand and it is one of the cheap stores in Istanbul. In 2009, the organization opened its first store in another country, and today Waikiki displays its products in 567 stores in 27 different countries.

. Colizione

This company was established in 1978 and had its first branch in Bakirkoy, Istanbul. Collezioni is one of the most important leading brands in the clothing sector in Turkey we could say it’s a factory outlet in Turkey. These stores offer high-quality clothing and accessories for men and women of international quality.

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This company was established in 1988 in Istanbul, and opened its first branches outside Turkey in Germany in 1996, and provides more than 293 branches in Turkey and 100 branches outside the country, and also provides distinct women’s and men’s clothing.

Mavi Jeans:

It was founded in 1991 in Istanbul, and now it has 427 branches in Turkey and abroad, and it is accessible for men and women clothes, but only for young people for ages from 16 to 40 years.


It was founded in 1938 and its first branch was in the Kadikoy area of ​​Istanbul, it is one of the oldest stores in Turkey, and it is one of the most important and best names for clothing stores in Turkey. This brand is known from Turkey wholesale stores for its modern men’s and women’s clothing that suits the contemporary lifestyle, along with unique designs and high-quality shoes and accessories this company makes wedding dresses also and you will find best prices of wedding dresses in Turkey in this company.

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Turkey wholesale stores

This brand is known from Turkey wholesale stores for its modern men’s and women’s clothing that suits the contemporary lifestyle, along with unique designs and high-quality shoes and accessories and wholesale hijabs. Turkey wholesale stores:

Ipekyol İpekyol:

Founded in 1986 in Turkey, Ipek Yol is known for its modern women’s clothing and fashion, and the company is a successful international brand. The organization displays its products in 130 stores in Turkey. This company was established in 1994, and it was specialized only in the textile sector, and in 2006, it produced women’s clothing for veiled women, and it now owns no less than 52 stores in Turkey if you are looking for shipping companies from Turkey to Kenya suer you can deal with this company.

Alvina for veiled women:

Founded in 1996, Fina now offers more than 800 products for veiled women, including a huge range of shops, which number more than 300 all over Turkey. In addition, it operates in 96 countries, and the prices for this brand are affordable and affordable for everyone.

Aydını for veiled women:

You can receive their products through a shipping company from Turkey to Saudi Arabia. It was established in 1965 and had its first store in Fatih district in Istanbul. Today, it is one of the largest veiled clothing companies in Istanbul.

Tuba for the veil:

It was founded in 1982, and has more than 40 sales points all over Turkey to manufacture clothes in Turkey in addition to the exporting countries.

Stream for veiled clothes:

It was founded in 1974 and it is one of the oldest Turkish brands, and most of its products are high quality abayas at reasonable prices. You can deal with all these companies for Importing from Turkey to Kenya

Through the above lines we have provided you with all information about the field of importing from Turkey to Kenya you can import from Turkey now and start your own business.


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