Importing clothes from Turkey to UK

Top 6 brands ..  Importing clothes from Turkey to UK

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 Importing clothes from Turkey to UK

Turkish clothes are distinguished by the original quality, unique designs and good textiles, and the commercial factories are also known for their quality and the quality of their fabric, so there’s never been a better time to consider importing from Turkey to UK. This is a fast growing economy, direct trade routes and a government eager to encourage trade.

 Importing clothes from Turkey to UK

The 2017 trade agreement between Britain and Turkey means that many companies may consider importing from Turkey for the first time. This might be a good option as Turkey already has a lot of positives as a trading partner, including direct trade routes and the government eager to encourage trade. It is also ideally positioned to connect Europe and Asia. Importing Turkey clothes via the Internet is common and it is the most expensive, but you must be careful to buy from a company with high ratings by buyers, for example there are major Turkey clothes app and commercial sites that include a number of Turkish companies specialized in selling different types of goods.

 Importing clothes from Turkey to UK
Importing clothes from Turkey to UK

Clothes Turkey manufacturer

Industry in Turkey is one of the most economic and financial sectors that the Turkish country depends on in its general economy. What can I export to Turkey or What are Turkey’s Biggest Exports, Turkey main export products are Vehicles , Machinery , Iron & Steel. and the Turkish clothing industry has flourished remarkably, especially after the government decided to be careful and pay attention to economic reform, which led to a very significant improvement in industrial production and an increase Turkey exports to many From states. The Turkish industry has recently become one of the largest and greatest global industries characterized by its high quality, which has led to a remarkable turnout of many merchants to import Turkish clothes. The women’s and men’s clothing factories in Turkey are represented and where i can import from Turkey as follows:

  • Dominique Factory is a factory specialized in the manufacture of women’s ready-to-wear clothes, pajamas and cotton clothes. The headquarters of this factory is in Istanbul in the Zeytinburnu region.
  • Jan Camelot Factory: The Jan Camelot Factory is a factory specializing in the manufacture of men’s ready-to-wear clothes. The headquarters of this factory is in Istanbul, in the Lalali district.
  • Stylist Fashion Factory is a factory specializing in fashion products made of woolen coats for women and men in winter, in addition to summer coats as well, and this factory is based in Istanbul, Sariyar district where Turkey designer clothes.
  • Kimex Trading Factory is a factory specialized in fashion from women’s clothes, men’s clothing, underwear and swimwear for the latest modern fashions in the fashion world, and the headquarters of this factory is in Istanbul in the Kabatas area.
 Importing clothes from Turkey to UK
Importing clothes from Turkey to UK

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 Clothes Turkey brands

Here are some famous Turkey Brands that you should have a look at if you love trying new fashion trends, as well as the best whole sale Turkey shop online clothes that will skyrocket your sales:

  • LC Waikiki

Founded in France in 1988, LC Waikiki has turned into one of the best Turkish clothing brands since 1997. The clothing brand is now available in 45 countries, including Malaysia, Morocco and Saudi Arabia to name some of the leading 922 stores. It has clothing categories for women where to shop for ladies clothes in Turkey, men, children and babies. For the women category, items included include sweaters, jackets, shirts, blouses, jackets, dresses and skirts, while for men there are jackets, vests, shirts, jeans, chinos, and trousers in their store.

  • Desa

From producing women’s handbags to one of the big names in the fashion industry in Turkey, Desa is a global brand now. It has stores in Syria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Cyprus. It has women’s Turkey buy clothes categories which include leather jackets, leather coats, fur coat, suede jacket, leather skirts, etc., and for men, its category includes leather clothing, leather jackets, leather shirts along with other categories like travel and accessories.

 Importing clothes from Turkey to UK
Importing clothes from Turkey to UK

Clothes turkey wholesale clothing market

The first way is to travel and buy clothes on your own. One of the disadvantages of this method is that for the first time you will be inexperienced, as you will find difficulties in customs clearance, but you will gain experience with time. The second way is to ask someone who travels to Turkey constantly to buy you clothes, you can make him a partner for you or pay him an amount of money in return, recommend the person the clothes you want and the sizes you need and tell him what can be imported from Turkey, which is a good way. The third method is the most professional way, in which you have to assign a company to one of the companies that import clothes from Turkey, these offices have specialized agents, and these offices carry out all procedures from customs clearance to import papers and others. So, if you are planning to try Turkish clothing wholesale business or want to expand your business, we hope this comprehensive guide about clothing wholesale business in Turkey can help you.

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