Turkey clothing suppliers South Africa

37 Trendy Turkey clothing suppliers South Africa

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Turkey clothing suppliers South Africa

If you want to know Turkey clothing suppliers South Africa and we want to save your money we are here to save your money and guide you. Through importing house platform you will get the information about shopping from Turkey .

Turkey clothing suppliers:

Turkey sells wholesale business women’s wear dresses like pencil shirt, jacket suits, casual business jackets for ladies, and ladies jeans from Turkey to buy Turkish clothing you must check distributor in your country.

  1. MSC:

It’s a Turkish clothing companies.


It’s a clothing manufacturers in Turkey , it’s characterized by the quality of products and industries of all kinds and clothing is one of the important Turkish products.

leather jacket suppliers in turkey
leather jacket suppliers in turkey

It’s the best clothes markets in Turkey , it offers basic and general tips to get textile products generally and women’s clothing, kids clothing, men’s clothing, sports wear.


It’s a jeans manufacturer in Turkey , it provides customized crewing solutions to the country’s ship owners, it was established in 2003, it also collaborates with the other V.ships offices around the world, deploying skillful and qualified seafarers throughout the world.

Jeans manufacturer in turkey
Jeans manufacturer in turkey
  1. Turkey menswear:

it offers jeans from Turkey wholesale.


it’s a company offers high quality of service to its customers with its qualified and experienced team, it’s a jeans factory in Turkey .

  2. ISTANBUL SHIPPING: It’s a famouse Turkey clothing suppliers South Africa it was established as a ship owner and technical management company in 2011, who has the experience of 30 years in shipping sector, they aim to provide a first class maritime.
  3. FIMKA 3.
  5. PESHTEMAL: it produces the finest variety of cotton towels with all high quality attributes, Turkish cotton if the most luxurious type of cotton available in the market, but it’s considered the best choice for linen, especially when someone looking for the bath towels.
  6. HERMES.
  8. AKCAKAYA TEXTILE: it was established in 1995, it is a manufacturer and exporter of knitted ready wear garments for women, men, children and babies, it’s a green factory located in the industrial zone with a space of 10.000 m2 and is fully compliant with international standards.
  10. It offers a variety of package for all drop shippers, it has a large collection of men fashion, street style and best selling items..

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Importing clothes from Turkey to south Africa:

Turkey is a country in the middle east, according to Turkey import data, value of import shipment recorded 200.5$ US billion. Turkey is one of the fastest growing markets for imports into south Africa averaging 39 million US dollars a year, main imports include automotive products and spare parts, synthetic woven and knitted textiles and yarns, home appliances and electronic goods.

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Cheapest courier from Turkey to south Africa:

If you are looking for a cheapest courier service from Turkey to south Africa then we are here to help you.

  1. YOLLANDO: It’s the best Turkey shopping online sites, if you are still paying too much in south Africa for products which are importing from Turkey , you won’t pay too much any more, because yollando is here to save your money, sign up on yollando and you will get delivery address which you can use while you are shopping from Turkish websites.
  2. AIR CARGO:it’s one of the reputable firms in aviation sector which offers Turkey republic of south Africa cargo service with on-time delivery and problem free organization.
  3. UPS: from packages to pallets and local to global, get reliable, and affordable shipping solutions that fit your business.

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Turkish online shopping worldwide shipping:

In this article, we have focused on some of the best Turkish online shopping website, where you can drop ship, buy bulk wholesale clothes and import from Turkey .

    1. FIMKA STORE: it was started in 1984, it has a total of five separate companies that operate in the field of textile and tourism, the company manufacture, supply and wholesale women’s clothing, and Children’s clothing wholesale suppliers Turkey , as well as offering quality products and nice options for boutique owners outside Turkey .
    2. CLUPFASHION: it has jeans, women’s sports wares, coats, veiled clothes, men’s clothes, children’s clothing wholesale Turkey and much more at wholesale price then this is the place for you to be, they have developed their own mobile app, that you can use.
    3. TURKOPT: They focus on online shopping from Turkey to worldwide, it’s among the best and leading Turkey online shopping store, offering a large selection of clothes for women, baby clothing wholesale Turkey and gentlemen, their fashion trends change from comfort wear, fast order gathering all in one.
    4. WOW- WHOLESALE: If you are looking to buy wholesale clothes for your e-shop, boutique or any other established clothing business or company, then wow clothing wholesale is the best place for you, they distribute wholesale clothes all over Turkey , they have wholesale products that are originally branded and are available at cheap wholesale prices.
    5. WHOCIT: This Turkish clothes wholesale site offers you the opportunity to purchase their clothes products at a comparatively lower price than any other site, you can also order the clothes at bulk, you just need to register yourself on their site and start enjoying the great deals.
    6. HEPSIBURADA: This Turkish online shopping website is the leading wholesaling and drop shipping e-commerce website in Turkey , with more than 100.000 suppliers, they have a mobile app that has over 9 million downloads, the apps lets you order products from their website directly.
    7. N11.COM: This name doesn’t sound even like a shopping site, but trust me it’s one of the most established Turkey online shopping stores, they have a wide selections of products to choose from, when it comes to clothes, then they have the best, ranging from men’s clothing, women’s clothing, and children’s boutique clothing at wholesale prices.
    8. BRESHKA: It focuses on producing and wholesaling clothing products that target young people and also focusing on the interests and needs of this public, their shops have spaces that are intended for various products lines that it offers, in each section, the products are arranged according to their style.
    9. DDFS: It’s a Turkish clothing online store located in Istanbul, the store offers a different group of clothing which includes men’s wear, women’s wear, kids wear, accessories.
    10. CLOGS CLOTHING SUPPLIER: This is a leading wholesaler and drop shipping, from this site, you can wholesale some of the best men suits, their subcategories include classic suit.

modern Turkish clothing online:

Turkey clothing market is one of the biggest markets in the world, they produce one of the best clothes in the world, which are then wholesaled and drop shipped at affordable prices by Turkish online shopping websites. Turkey has some of the best suppliers and manufacturers of clothes, you are assured of quality products that will satisfy your customer’s demand and needs.

Turkish fashion websites:

If you want a profitable and guaranteed project, here are sites for wholesale Turkish clothing that you can import and ship from and achieve the best profits by investing and selling at the best prices and highest raw materials.

Jeans manufacturer in turkey
Jeans manufacturer in turkey
  1. ADWAIT WEBSITE: It’s one of the famous websites which you can reliable on it in purchase and shipment, you can find all the goods of clothes and other things, but the website is not responsible on any mistakes resulted from accelerated product inspection.
  2. VATIRTE: It’s another Turkish website no less important than its counterparts from Turkish shopping sites, it’s a Turkish wholesale hijab shop, the store contains a rich list of Turkish fashion and accessories for both women and men.
  3. MODANISA: It’s the most famous website for wholesale hijabs from Turkey , in addition to a group of accessories, and shoes, the store includes a lot of sections such as a special section for ladies dresses, and it’s the best selection in the store, you can buy from this website the best fashions in Turkey .
  4. CLUB FASHION: It’s the best shipping website, and it buys the Turkey women’s clothing wholesale, and you can find all the famous brands, the best thing in this website that they have mobile app you can use if you don’t have enough time to use the computer, and you can order from this app.
  5. VEEY BRANDS: If you looking for a website which offers a lot of features which is indispensable as shopping from Turkey and paying on receipt as well as shipping to south Africa with full support for the English language so you are in the right place, where you can find Turkish brands.

Turkish clothing brands in Istanbul:

Turkey is a country that bridge western Asia and eastern Europe, it’s located in one of the world’s most special places, this place have shaped the tradition which we have in our modern day.

  1. MAVI: It’s a brand of denim and jeans, founded in 1991, it’s based in Istanbul, the company manufacturers Turkey clothes wholesale, and jeans for women and men.
  2. LTB: It’s a brand of denim jeans founded in 1994 by little big and its head quarter is in Istanbul, it’s one of the biggest denim company in Turkey .
  3. DERIMOD: It’s a brand which its goal of combining lather and fashion, and it has been the pioneering figure of the brand new life style and elegance by embodying grace of leather in fashionable models.
  4. LC WAIKIKI: It one of most famous Turkey clothing suppliers South Africa that target every generation with its fashion and prices that are incomparable to many brands, beside serving the best quality there is to offer, from baby clothes to adults clothes, today it’s trades in 848 stores in 38 countries, the stores of this brand are scattered everywhere and in every part of the city.

Now, you can confidently buying clothes from Turkey to south Africa, if you are planning to drop ship and wholesale from Turkey don’t waste any more time, the facts are already laid out for you, depending on whether you are a resident of Turkey or not, you can still order your clothes in bulk, stock clothes Turkey , and have them shipped and delivered to your shop.


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