importing from Turkey to Sierra Leone

Tips of importing from Turkey to Sierra Leone

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importing from Turkey to Sierra Leone

Importing from Turkey to Sierra Leone was and still is one of the gates of getting rich. Many importers in various parts of the world were and are still buying various products from Turkey, in terms of high quality and reasonable prices, to sell them later in the local markets, realizing a lot of financial gains.

You, too, can join this rich category and import from Turkey what the local markets need, and then sell and profit. It’s a simple business, but you buy from the best place rather than the nearest place. Below the Importing house platform will show you how to import from Turkey very easily and in a way that saves you a lot of expenses to increase your profit margin every time you import goods from Turkey.

Imports from Turkey to Sierra Leone

Importing from Turkey is definitely a profitable business, but for those who know well how to choose the products that suit the local markets and know how to get them from the Turkey sellers with the appropriate specifications and at the best prices, in this way they guarantee their sale easily and in a way that guarantees high profit margins. Therefore, if you want to import from Turkey in the right way that will bring you profit, it is necessary first to study the local markets to know exactly what you need from the products.

Shipping cost from Turkey to Kenya
Shipping cost from Turkey to Kenya


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– Wholesale clothing stores in Istanbul

In this paragraph you will find a detailed answer to the question of where to buy wholesale clothes in Istanbul. We will share with you the companies that sell wholesale cheap clothing, wholesale underwear, wholesale women’s clothing and men’s clothing, especially in certain regions of Istanbul, in this way you will be able to easily find clothing products High quality, cheap, and communication wherever you are.

Perhaps you enter the textile industry for the first time or maybe you have not bought products from wholesale stores and Turkey suppliers before, Istanbul is emerging as a city of great importance in wholesale clothing, the main reason for this is that you can easily find high-quality, different and cost-effective products in Istanbul. This region is particularly clustered in some regions of Istanbul, which is the center of wholesale retail trade in the clothing sector.

  1. Marter Market:

Importing from Turkey to Sierra Leone from Marter Market is one of the best markets in Istanbul for clothes where you can get everything you want, including a large number of shops and malls that contain more than two thousand showrooms, and have a lot to satisfy all tastes, and everything you want clothes produces industry in Turkey . Marter Market is one of the cheapest wholesale markets in Istanbul, where many people go to buy goods at cheap prices for trade, and there are also many customs clearance and shipping companies in the market that enable merchants to finish their work easily.

  1. Baghdad Street

Baghdad Street dates back to the era of the Ottomans, and is considered one of the most famous streets in Istanbul that toy can find imports from turkey to sierra leone main and this street is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, with a length of about 6 km, where it includes many local and international clothing stores, in addition to the presence of many small commercial buildings for shopping.

  1. Osman Bey Market

Osman Bay is one of the most prestigious areas in Istanbul, as it contains the best Turkish clothing brands in Istanbul. Osmanbay market includes the most famous international brands, offices of famous designers, manufacturers and owners of local brands, in addition to shopping centers for cosmetics, and all this places them among the best bale clothing markets in Turkey. Prices in Osmanbey market are higher than other markets because of the high quality it offers, and the refined tastes of the most famous international and local brands, and it is famous for Turkish veiled clothes, and men’s clothes as well.

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What website can I use to import goods from Turkey

There are some Turkish wholesale sites that are available in Turkish only, if you do not know Turkish or English, it is preferable to use Google Translate to translate the site, or use the translation option available in Google Chrome browser or computer.

There are only stores and Turkey wholesale website that provide shipping in Turkish territory, and to bypass that obstacle you can resort to services such as (Shop and Ship) or any of the shipment collection companies that provide you with the same service, which is the service of obtaining a Turkish address to ship your purchases to, and then The service provider resends the shipment to your original address in your country.

sites to import from Turkey to Nigeria
sites to import from Turkey to Nigeria
  1. Baterty

A very cheap site, and supports the Arabic language, which is another Turkish shopping site that is no less important than its counterparts from the Turkish shopping sites listed in this article, and as required, the store has a rich list of Turkish towel wholesale suppliers and Turkish fashion pieces and accessories for both women and men along with groups of Matching cable clothing and clothing with sizes starting from 20 Turkish pounds, equivalent to 11 Saudi riyals, with the availability of an Arabic speaking support team and the ability to browse the site in three languages, Arabic, Turkish and English, with shipping available to almost all countries.

  1. Modanisa

Modanisa is a Turkish women’s site that sells veiled fashion, in addition to a range of accessories and other shoes, the store includes several sections, including a section for veiled dresses, which is the most prominent section in this store and also another section for large-sized clothes suitable for large bodies, and the store provides several methods of payment, including credit card and PayPal Payment, which are two payment methods that can be used for shopping in all countries in addition to other methods.

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  1. Abbey Brands

Distinctive support for the Arabic language: If you are looking for a Turkey wholesale market online that provides you with many basic and indispensable benefits such as shopping from Turkey and payment on receipt as well as shipping to the Gulf Cooperation Council countries with full support for the Arabic language and the correct price, then you are in the right place, then with In Abi Turkish Brands website, you will have access to a group of the most famous Turkish brands such as Gant, Nautica, Oksit, Avva, and others, which provide you with an impressive list of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories for women and men in addition to a variety of other products.

  1. ADL

ADL is a Turkish women’s shopping site that offers a wonderful range of women’s clothing, accessories, and Turkey major imports and the store is distinguished by its availability in both English and Turkish languages, which makes the shopping process easier, as it is characterized by very attractive prices offered, as we find that the prices of clothes start from 19 Turkish liras, or about 5.14 USD Approximately 19.27 SAR based on the current exchange rate and secure credit card payment.

For buying wholesale clothes online by turkey cheap deals the site provides free shipping for purchases that exceed 150 riyals, it has the ability to track shipments, but unfortunately the site does not provide direct shipping service outside Turkey, so I recommend using the famous shipping services to get its address also inside Turkey.

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Best products to import from Turkey

Regarding the guide for traders to import from Turkey, Turkey exports $ 139 billion of goods every year, and is currently ranked 25 among the largest export economies in the world. The International Monetary Fund defines Turkey’s economy as an “emerging market economy,” with a total GDP of 857 billion Dollars and per capita GDP of $ 10,787.61, according to World Bank figures.

The top 5 Turkish exports of goods are the value of goods (annually) gold 8.25 billion dollars, refined oil 2.65 billion dollars, iron ore, 2.62 billion dollars, flour, 1.08 billion dollars, citrus fruits, 893 million dollars, Turkey’s other notable exports, 8.32 billion dollars, delivery trucks, 4.57 billion dollars for spare parts. Vehicles, $ 3.81 billion shirts, $ 2.91 billion, buses $ 1.5 billion

Turkey is the second largest exporter of shirts and wholesale wedding dresses with an 8.5% share of the annual market of $ 34 billion and the five largest export destinations for Turkey are Germany ($ 14 billion), the United Kingdom ($ 11.7 billion), Iraq ($ 7.46 billion), Italy ($ 7.58 billion) and the United States, America ($ 6.62 billion).

Among the most prominent products supplied by Turkey’s suppliers of other products are the home supplies from Turkish furniture factories and cars : $ 9.84 billion, scrap iron $ 3.95 billion, broadcast equipment $ 3.06 billion, packaged medicines $ 2.61 billion, and machines like sugar filling machine Turkey’s iron ore is the largest exporter of iron ore rods in the world and controls 24% of The annual export market, which is valued at $ 11.1 billion, and its closest competitor, with a market share of 9.6%, is Italy, and Turkey is the fourth largest exporter of oppy seeds import from turkey and citrus fruits with a 6.8% share of the export market, which is valued at $ 13.1 billion every year, and you can see the most prominent products You can rely on exporting to Turkey via the Internet.

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How to ship goods from Turkey

By searching on Google for shipping agents in your country, you will see several options from companies that can be contacted to compare prices and shipping time provided by each company.

– The freight forwarder in your country sends to the shipping agent in Turkey the details of importing from turkey

– The shipping agent in Turkey will contact the factory or source from which the goods are obtained and sent to the specified place,

– You can follow the itinerary of shipping goods from Turkey with a shipping agent within your country,

– You will pay the costs after receiving the bill of lading from the shipping agent in your country, and here the process of shipping the goods from Turkey import companies will have ended and you must wait for it to be received on the date specified in the papers.

– As for freight rates, they are variable prices determined by the shipping agent who owns the means of shipping (sea, air, land) that you will choose after the shipping agent offers it to you.

– As for the appropriate shipping method, it depends on the type and size of the goods such as baby clothing wholesale Turkey and the freight forwarder is also the one who offers you the appropriate means for that.

Finally … you should know that getting to know the information of importing from Turkey to Sierra Leone and careful research and asking for help from people who are experienced in selling Turkish products such as Turkish rugs wholesale will save you a lot of expenses and make you import from Turkey at very competitive prices.

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