imports from Turkey to Sierra Leone food

Your guide to imports from Turkey to Sierra Leone food

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imports from Turkey to Sierra Leone food

In 2018 Sierra Leone was the number 159 economy on the planet regarding GDP (current US$), the number 158 in absolute fares, and the number 172 in all out imports. In 2018, Sierra Leone sent out $677M and imported $1.03B, bringing about a negative exchange surplus of – $355M. In 2018, Sierra Leone’s fares per capita were $88.5 and its imports per capita were $135. In 2018, Turkey positioned 43 in the Economic Complexity Index (ECI 0.57), and 29 in all out fares ($177B) .

That very year, Sierra Leone positioned 158 in absolute fares ($677M), and doesn’t have information with respect to Economic Complexity Index. Regarding GDP Per Capita, Turkey was positioned 80 with a GDP Per Capita of $9,370, and Sierra Leone was positioned 188 with a GDP Per Capita of $534. and in this article in importing house we’ll help you to know how to start importing…

Importing food from Turkey

In 2018, Turkey traded $51.7M to Sierra Leone. The fundamental items traded from Turkey to Sierra Leone were Raw Iron Bars ($18.3M), Cement ($10.4M), and Wheat Flours ($9.11M). During the most recent 23 years the fares of Turkey to Sierra Leone have expanded at an annualized pace of 28.1%, from $173k in 1995 to $51.7M in 2018. Rice is the main Sierra Leone food. During the post-war period, rice production increased steadily, nearing 700,000 tonnes during the crop year 2006/07 before dropping below 400,000 tonnes the following year (Chart 4.1).

Importing food from Turkey
Importing food from Turkey

With the implementation of the National Rice Development Strategy, production picked up, reaching its 2006/07 level again in 2011/12, before dropping sharply the following year. Rice production is essentially for the domestic market. There are some marginal cross-border exports to Guinea and Liberia.

Import from Turkey is an important source of domestic consumption (20% of domestic consumption in 2015/2016). The 2007 National Rice Development Strategy (NRDS) 14 is the main policy framework in the subsector. That is production of 1.5 million tonnes of paddy, by expanding of cultivated areas, and doubling productivity. 15 Action includes rehabilitating and constructing feeder roads in key locations; providing community service infrastructures from Turkey food suppliers, such as farm market centres, daily retail markets, and irrigation schemes; providing inputs and agricultural services, as well as making credit accessible.

The SCP includes a US$55 million component targeted at rehabilitating and developing small-scale irrigation systems for rice production. The programme is expected to rehabilitate about 18,000 ha of inland valley swamps (IVS). According to official statistics, 8,657 ha of IVS (47.6% of the target) have been developed or rehabilitated as of mid-2014. Rice imports are duty free you even can order turkish food online no need to travel by yourself.

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Food prices in Turkey

Turkey has been famous for exporting nuts of all kinds and delicious Turkish spices, and Turkey has recently been famous for producing natural honey with international standard specifications, and foodstuffs are imported from Turkey, such as fruits and vegetables of all kinds, they imports from turkey to sierra leone food, and import olive oil from Turkey is also famous because Turkey is famous for its high-quality types.

Food companies in Turkey

Foodstuffs are the materials found in nature, and provide the body with energy and vitamins, and among the most important nutrients that are you can import: –

*You can import nuts from Turkey

*You can import spices.

*Natural honey.

*Dried fruit.

*Vegetables and fruits.

* import onion from Turkey

* Olive oil and sunflower.

* Raw materials and grains.

* Canned foods.

* import chocolate from Turkey The import process from Turkey is a very profitable process, for those who know very well how to choose the products that fit the local market with appropriate specifications and at the best prices, and this method ensures that they are sold at the highest profit margin, and here are a turkish food companies list the “Nature Valley” factory works to export Turkish foodstuffs to more than 60 countries around the world. And our products are: – Dried fruits (apricots – figs – berries – raisins).

* Legumes (chickpeas – bulgur – beans). You can also import marble from Turkey and high quality food and chocolate from these wholesale markets in Istanbul. These markets are famous for their good products: –

  1. The Egyptian Bazaar Market, Turkey to imports from turkey to sierra leone food.
  2. Feriköy Organic Market.
  3. Kadıköy Balık Pazarı (you can find imported chocolate wholesalers in Turkey that allows you to get great prices)
  4. Beyoğlu Balık Pazarı.
  5. Beşiktaş Pazarı.
 imported chocolate wholesalers in turkey
imported chocolate wholesalers in turkey

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Here are some chocolate manufacturers in Turkey

It is not a secret for any visitor entering the city, Turkey’s interest in coffee and chocolate of various shapes and types, in various ways, closer to paintings more than just a drink or food.

List of the most famous brands of luxury Turkish chocolate.

  1. *Ülker
  2. *Damak
  3. *Mika
  4. Toblerone
  5. *Kinder chocolate
  6. *Nutella
  7. *Godiva Chocolatier
  8. *Nestlé
  9. *Ferrero
  10. *Pelit
  11. *Lindt
  12. *Eti Çikolata Keyfi
  13. *Bind
  14. *Alpella
  15. *Irasschocolate
  16. *Bitter Chocolate
  17. *Torku Çikolatalari
  18. *Pelin Karahan
  19. *Baileys Chocolate
  20. *Fin Carre
  21. *Willy Wonka
  22. *Frey
  23. *Mabel
  24.    *Merci
  25. *Ritter S
  26. port
  27.    *Toffife
  28. Cocoas …. These are top chocolate manufacturers in Turkey that anyone can imports from turkey to sierra leone food and chocolate.

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Shipping companies in Turkey

As Turkey was able, within a short period, to occupy the first ranks in the world in the quality of the foodstuffs it produces, as it provided a selection of foodstuffs with the best ingredients and the best Turkey wholesale prices, whether foodstuffs intended for sale in Turkey or intended for export, and these products and canned food varied from them or as raw materials , Spirit is the food exhibition in Turkey 2020, which is special for all food and beverages, and many Turkish and foreign companies go for turkish food brands.

And you can export through food export companies in Turkey, and a very large number of factories that work to produce these foodstuffs are allocated to them with high quality, and among the factors that have led to the prosperity of export there is the strict control imposed by the Turkish government so that the food products from Turkey that they manufacture obtain international quality And, the Turkish government opened the door to import to many countries, and facilitated import matters, so that it became a very easy step that did not need to go to factories, foodstuffs.

If you are wondering how to get best turkish food free shipping? The process of shipping foodstuffs from Turkey has become an easy matter from various ports and cities in Turkey, whether through land freight, sea freight or air freight, and the exported Turkish food products differed, so the presence of specialized shipping companies in Turkey ensured that these products reach the importing country. For more there are some chocolate manufacturing companies in Turkey :


They are searching for long haul business participations with invested individuals. You can reach them on the web on the off chance that you need chocolate ice cream parlor imported, wholesalers, and merchants. They are a one of the top manufacturers of confectionery products and chocolate companies in Turkey .

  1. *Evliya Chocolate and Candy

Being set up in 1960, Evliya Sekerleme (Confectionery) has been continuing contribution desserts for 50 years. Assembling items, for example, candy store, chocolate, cocolin, nut cream with cacao, offers their to customers two unique gatherings – delicate dessert shop and bonbon so if you need a chocolate factory in Turkey you can contact them.


They are an organization set up in the Gaziantep Turkey 2003. Produce numerous sorts of chocolates, drajes(chocolate candies) and powder juices with entirely reasonable costs and high quality. Their main point is to make their items in great conditions to get the fulfillment of the customers. You can easily contact withem if you are searching for a good chocolate company in Turkey .

Other thing that Sierra Leone imports a lot is the Sudanese sesame seeds so if you are interested to know more about it how to import sesame seeds, how will you find a good exporters for it. What are the prices of sesame seeds and what should you do to import it to Sierra Leone?

Sudanese sesame seeds exporters are a lot all around Sudan and the Sudanese sesame industry has ceaselessly developed after some time with right now over 2.5 million downpour took care of hectares of land for sesame development. In 2019 the nation created the 62000 tons of sesame. In 2015 Sudan was positioned second-biggest exporter of sesame after India with around 296,000 tons of sesame sent out. Fare of sesame seeds gave a financial transformation of $586 million during that year.

Sudan sesame seed price have expanded. Before 2018, one kg of sesame seeds was going for US$2.84 in 2015 and US$0.75 in 2017. In 2018 the fare value developed to $1.34 per kg, by 78.67%. The greatest costs in 2018 for Sudan sesame seeds per kilogram were for fares to Suriname, Jordan, Libya and Egypt Sierra Leone separately. Globally, Sudan is among the main 10 makers of sesame seeds, and, second in Africa after Tanzania. Here is a summary of the types of the sesame, what are the seasons of it so that you can be acknowledged of when exactly you can buy and import sesame from Sudan and the sudan sesame price not to get cheated easily in your trade :

Variety White sesame, red/brown sesame, mixed sesame seeds
Packing 25 kg gunny bags, double packed to avoid moisture
Size 1mm-2mm
Season May-June-planting October -November-harvesting
Storage In a cool, dry place Temperature below 18 degrees Celsius
Transport Conditions Relative humidity 89%-90%, temperature below 18 degree Celsius, and this creates a cool, dry place.

Now you have all the information you need to imports from turkey to sierra leone food any kind of food from Turkey to Sierra Leone and how to import a good Sudanese sesame with a good and affordable prices in this article.

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