apparel factories in turkey

the best 6 apparel factories in turkey to deal with

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in apparel in turkey ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

apparel factories in turkey

Through this article we will help you to know the best apparel factories in turkey , not just wholesale clothing market but also we will provide you with the best factories that sell this wholesale clothing, to make your search more easy, just complete this article to the end .

apparel manufacturers in turkey

1)  Fatih Market in Istanbul

The Fatih market is one of the largest wholesale markets in turkey, as it provides all types of goods, especially islamic turkish clothing and we have to say that this market has all the success factors of supply and demand which makes it one of the markets that enjoy customers all the time and you can also easy find apparel on sale  always in this market.

2) Osman bey Market in Istanbul

Speaking of the largest wholesale market in Istanbul,  Osman bye must be mentioned as one of the largest wholesale markets in the region and it is well-known that it tends to specialize in some way in turkish clothing for hijab  which gives it a good reputation in Istanbul wholesale clothing and that what made turkey apparel exports  increase in the last few years.

3)  Lalali Market in Istanbul

This market  enjoy wide and great  popularity   among  foreign visitors and even locals because it contains the finest types of wholesale clothing with materials and competitive prices for the rest of the markets . in this market you can find any type of turkish clothing wholesale for sale which make your process of searching to know best wholesale shopping in Istanbul more easy and useful . and that what made it on of the most  Wholesale garment markets in Istanbul attract many people, whether they are investors or just want to buy at reasonable prices, because it contains the best types of goods at excellent prices, making it a destination for the largest investors .

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apparel companies in turkey

Marter market in Istanbul

The marter market in Istanbul is one of the cheapest and largest wholesale markets, which includes all kinds of goods especially clothes that satisfy all tastes, at very competitive prices . this market has a good reputation, so it is said that if you enter it, you will not go out until you have found what you want and it is known that it contains many showrooms for men’s clothing that what makes it one of best best turkey online clothing stores

And here you some clothes brands that have online website since Istanbul contains many international fashion designers and is famous for its fashion industry, it is natural that it has many famous brands like ….

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apparel on sale
apparel on sale


it is considered the first Turkish website to sell clothes online and started going on the way of  Modern Turkish clothing online this brand that specializes in women’s clothing is enjoy with a great success, both locally and internationally and you can easy find Turkish Abaya shop online and turkish apparel online

Turkish Jubba

Turkish Jubba is a kind of men’s tradition  clothing  and also is a famous brand in turkey it is also popular with men in some Arab countries, such as Algeria,

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turkey apparel brands

the most famous apparel brands and turkish fashion brands in turkey are always have an online website to deal with there clients and here you are some information about that Importing from Turkey is the best solution for importers to get rich in the recent period due to the high quality of the product and its reasonable prices. Thus, the importer achieves a great profit by selling this product in the local markets at somewhat high prices.

Wherever the country you want to import from, the best solution to successfully complete the import process is to travel to that country and complete your work directly. We recommend this solution to you because of its many advantages compared to other solutions and these advantages are summarized in that you will have the opportunity to visit the largest number of companies and compare between The products are in terms of quality and price, so you can choose the product that corresponds to the target market, but in this case you will take into account the cost of travel and this is the only drawback in this way of importing, but if you want an inexpensive way, it will definitely be import via the net and import from Turkey Online is commonplace these days, but in this case you will have to make sure to choose a reliable company with high customer reviews.

In this article we have showed you best wholesale clothing Istanbul  to be able to know how to import from turkey and to make your searching process more easy we have provide you with the markets that sell fashionable and vintage clothing in Istanbul .

Clothing market Istanbul:

The smell of tourism in Turkey is revealed in all corners of the world, especially when shopping lovers and those looking for different brands, so shopping in Istanbul is a pleasure in itself that should not be missed. No wonder that Istanbul is one of the best places to shop in Turkey, especially for wholesale Turkish clothes, as the streets of Istanbul are adorned with bazaars and the modern, popular and traditional Istanbul markets and a maze of stalls and stores distributed throughout the city. You will find Turkey wholesale clothing market

Istanbul wholesale clothing markets are one of the most popular shopping places in Istanbul for clothes and the most visited, as many place buying clothes and trading in them at the top of their priorities. And for this reason, they go forward to Istanbul in search of wholesale Turkish clothes in it and choose what suits them from among the many options, brands and brands known to the least Prices, you can importing from Turkey wholesale clothes Here you will find a list of the 6 best Istanbul markets for recommended clothes.

  1. SISLI Istanbul drivers

At a time when most countries began to present their best in the field of tourism to gain the admiration of many and attract them to it, Turkey still maintains its place in the hearts and minds of many. There are many Turkish clothing brands in Istanbul in SISLI And at the present time, tourism in Istanbul, this city that centers on the continents of Asia and Europe, continues to attract everyone looking for new discoveries and experiences, especially in shopping. In the wonderful Istanbul bazaars, especially the SISLI Istanbul markets, you will find textiles of all kinds, spices, precious metals, and elegant leather goods, just as the Istanbul clothing market is world famous. There are wholesale clothing suppliers

  1. Gwalior Mall Istanbul

Gwalior Mall Istanbul is one of the best Istanbul shopping complexes located in the famous SISLI district of Istanbul, and it is one of the largest, most important and popular malls of Istanbul among tourists, Besides the diversity that the mall includes in the products and multiple outlets. It is also an entertainment place suitable for the family, and due to these many reasons, it occupied an advanced position in the list of the most important tourism centers in Istanbul The importance of the mall is enhanced by its location close to Maksim Square, where you can reach the Jaw her Mall from Maksim after only a 13-minute drive. In this market you will find clothes wholesale

  1. LEVENT Istanbul Mall

LEVENT Istanbul or MITRO City Mall Istanbul is one of the largest tourist destinations in Istanbul, distinguished and elegant, and one of the most distinguished and sophisticated malls in Istanbul, Turkey, which visitors constantly accept to do shopping in all its spectrums. City Mall Istanbul is located in the SISLI district of Istanbul and is considered one of the most important markets of SISLI Istanbul, and it was established in the year 2003 AD and consists of 4 floors connected to a 27-storey skyscraper dedicated to commercial businesses. Here you will find best wholesale clothing websites

It is also one of the Istanbul complexes that includes the shops of the most famous international brands in various products such as clothes, leather products, electronics, home furniture, cosmetics and skin care. Finally, the last floor of LEVENT Istanbul Mall consists of several international and local Turkish restaurants that contain the best types of delicious food and refreshing drinks.

best turkish wholesale clothing
best turkish wholesale clothing

Cheap clothes shopping in Istanbul:

The wholesale clothing trade in Turkey is one of the most famous markets that generate income in Turkey, which has strengthened the spread and fame of many clothing markets in Turkey at the world level. They recommend the best wholesale clothing sites from Turkey, and they are:


 Is one of the most popular online sites for selling clothes at wholesale price? If you are interested in selling women’s clothes, they recommend this site for you, which contains a variety of the finest clothes for the most famous brands, at reasonable prices and cheap than other sites. There are wholesale clothing vendors

  • Wow Wholesale site:

 one of the distinguished and wonderful sites in the field of wholesale clothing from Turkey, so you can easily order a different set at the wholesale price of clothes, shoes and accessories, it is one of its most important features that the merchant can get what he needs from one site, so it is an ideal site and a provider for many Traders in the field of clothing. Here you will find the best wholesale clothing turkey Istanbul

  • FIMKA Store:

Selling fashionable clothes at a wholesale price is what distinguishes this site from other sites, as the merchant can choose between a wonderful assortment of casual clothes and dresses at great and appropriate prices, and one of the site’s advantages is its attractive and simple design to easily see all product images, while providing offers and discounts to customers.

Clothes prices in Istanbul:

Turkish clothing prices are a little high compared to other countries, except that if you compare the quality that you will get at clothing wholesalers in Turkey, in addition to the increasing demand for Turkish clothes, you will put it at the forefront of the goods that achieve the highest profits.

And in Turkey many Turkish clothing agencies, where prices start from 20 to 300 Turkish liras, and the price increases or decreases depending on the chosen piece, and you can find sweaters, as women’s blouses range from 200 to 350 liras, while you find cotton blouses. Ranging from 50 to 90 liras. There are Turkey online wholesale clothing stores

 You can easily know the wholesale prices of children’s clothes in Turkey at the lowest price of children’s clothes in Turkey, starting from fifty pounds, but it is worth noting that the prices of children’s clothes in Turkey are suitable for all groups, but they also differ from one piece to another, whether that piece is short, long or Its size is small or large, and even the gender of the child makes a difference in determining the price, because if the clothes for a girl differ in terms of design and sizes. There are many factories where to buy wholesale clothes in Turkey

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