wholesale shoes in turkey

wholesale shoes in turkey … Map of the top 11 outlets

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wholesale shoes in turkey

Istanbul is globally distinguished by many industries that have gained great fame in it, and from the industries that Istanbul is famous for is the manufacture of wholesale shoes in turkey and you find many shoe factories in Istanbul, which are exported to all countries of the world, so traders rush to import shoes from Turkey.

turkey shoes suppliers

There are many suppliers of wholesale shoes in turkey, where there are hand-picked and best brands in the world, and their prices are very good and suitable for import as: UGG Australia is the most famous shoe store in Turkey and is a footwear, clothing and accessories brand owned by Deckers Outdoor Corporation in the USA. UGG’s most popular product is classic style sheepskin wholesale shoes in turkey, but the collection has expanded to include turkey shoes for sale, sandals, sneakers, slippers, gloves, hats, jackets and more.


shoes for sale
shoes for sale



It is the most famous brand as well as the most important in the world for leather products, and also the (Dairy Mode) company is specialized in selling leather wholesale shoes and bags in turkey, and also coats as well as belts as well as many other leather accessories. It is distinguished by the use of genuine leather materials. Which is of very high quality and as it is at competitive prices and that is compared to the rest of the world.



One of the largest and economical turkish shoes brand list, and it is the best brand we recommend to you when importing wholesale shoes in turkey, as well as it is one of the most popular brands shoes made in turkey online that are popular with young people, because it will offer comfortable as well as modern sports shoes as well as at competitive prices, that are published inside as well as outside Turkey, and it is one of the most famous names of shoe stores in Turkey.



wow wholesale turkey is a supplier of wholesale in turkey clothes for your store, store or e-commerce project. It distributes the top quality and original brand products. Also wow brand have many categories to shop including women’s mixed wear, dresses, blouses, shoes, coats and much more..

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 turkey shoes factory

The most important feature of those factories that design and manufacture stylish wholesale shoes in turkey as: There are a number of factories and companies in Turkey for men’s shoes, men’s accessories and formal shoes, and they are as follows:


Company “Eser”:

It is one of the most famous turkey shoes made manufacturers, it is the giant of the footwear industry in Turkey, to join many shoe companies in Turkey, and is characterized by using genuine leather materials, which are of the highest quality and competitive prices compared to the rest of the world, as well as selling leather shoes, as well as Handbags as well as coats, belts and many other leather accessories.



Manufacturer of men’s slippers and men’s shoes.



The manufacturer of mens shoes in turkey and accessories in Turkey. It manufactures formal men’s shoes, men’s casual shoes, and footwear factories in Istanbul, Basaksehir.



offers its products of various turkey shoes for ladies and children with different tastes, requirements and financial condition, and these products are spread in more than 43 countries outside Turkey within the branches of the chain (Flo), the most famous Turkish brands specialized in selling shoes.



shoes and bags manufacturer in Turkey, men’s wholesale shoes in turkey, men’s formal shoes and men’s casual shoes.


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turkey shoes price

The prices of shoes in Turkey vary according to the brand, place and suppliers, and the prices differ in terms of the sizes of shoes in Turkey, or children’s shoes, or elderly shoes, or men’s shoes. So if you are going to import from turkey wholesale shoes, the type and quantity must be determined in order to know the cost before Take this step. And the prices of Adidas shoes in Turkey are different from others, as shoes are at cheap prices in the istanbul shoes market as Marter Market in Istanbul:

One of the most famous wholesale markets in Istanbul with the Arabs, as it offers many products for veiled, children and men’s clothing with high quality and very cheap prices, within more than 2000 exhibitions for the sale of Turkish products, and what distinguishes the wholesale market in Istanbul is that it contains companies specialized in customs clearance, which helps merchants To facilitate their task in the process of purchasing and shipping with minimal effort and cost.


turkey shoes wholesale companies

Yavuzlar provides genuine Turkish leather shoes for men, women, children and sports that meet all kinds of needs. It is one of the most important shoes exhibitions in Turkey that meets the needs of all types of stores in Turkey. And in the past two years the market opened to Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Russia and Greece.

Ozil AYACPM Company: it is one of the most important reasons for import from turkey. It is very useful for them to start their business by introducing Turkish girls’ shoes and comfortable shoes for consumers, offering more than offer, and the company provides an example of special shoes at reasonable prices.

In the end, we recommend importing shoes from Turkey, as there are different models of shoes at reasonable prices.

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