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Turkey baby clothes manufacturers

If you want to search and communicate with Turkey baby clothes manufacturers, this article is the best fit for you. On importing house platform you find the most important information about Turkish baby clothes dealers and suppliers.

Turkish baby clothes manufacturers

  1. Cigit

They have always wanted to design and produce their products with this awareness, with the instinct that the peace and purity of childhood is not spoiled by any defects. As they saw and watched that trend, fashion destroyed that pure and immaculate subconscious, they realized that they were not willing to accept this. They have seen that every color and every detail in nature contains this natural balance and maintains this peace and purity. They produce baby clothes size buying guide.

While designing products specific to this purest and simplest period of human life, they were also inspired by their deep roots, delicate prints, embroideries filtered from their traditions, reinterpreted shades of blue, dried rose, mustard, the most natural state of cotton, natural knits, vibrant and the unique harmony of pastel colors, superior craftsmanship, qualified materials, fine details, timeless, passionate, poetic designs.

HERE IS baby clothes online shop Turkey STORY:

Their company, aiming to offer high product quality at very reasonable prices by going beyond the standard molds with the CIGIT brand in 2010, has gained a great momentum in a short time with its dynamic structure and innovative approach Their company, which produces at an affordable price without reducing the product quality with the Smart Cost Method it applies, has made significant progress in this field.

Their company, which encountered a great customer interest after starting production, expanded its wholesale network in order to reach wider and different segments and opened wholesale stores in Yeşildirek, Zeytinburnu, Laleli and Merter, one of the important wholesale clothing centers of Istanbul, in Ankara, Bursa and İzmir provinces, and offer best baby clothing wholesale prices.

When it comes to perakendeleş 2017, their company with the goal of creating a brand known throughout the world and Turkey and has decided to withdraw gradually from wholesale. working on a new concept, their company has edited the sample included children’s retailing concept in Turkey. In this direction, in addition to the children’s clothing collection, it has also added the distinguished and original designed bedroom, bathroom group, doll toys, children’s room lighting and children’s room decorative products to its product range.

Their company, which received the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certificate in 2018, also produces organic products. Their company one of Turkey baby clothes manufacturers, which tries to offer baby clothes outlet sale and store with a retail concept, has opened retail stores in İzmir Mavibahçe Shopping Mall, Ankara Optimum Shopping Mall, Eskişehir Espark Shopping Mall, Bursa İnegöl Shopping Mall and Kahramanmaraş Piazza Shopping Mall. Their company aims to bring a new breath to children’s retail merchandising with its unique concept, and at the same time, it aims to establish a chain of children’s concept stores spread at home and abroad.

wholesale baby clothes turkey
wholesale baby clothes turkey

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Baby clothing factories in Turkey

You can find all children’s clothing products that adapt to the colorful world of children and are prepared with quality fabrics on cigit website. Specially designed for both girls and boys, the designs stand out with their elegance. You can also find models prepared for babies in this collection, which has a stance in line with fashion and all trends of the year at baby boutique clothing bulk.

Prepared with perfect workmanship, children’s and baby clothing products can preserve their colors even after washing them repeatedly. Designs that allow for long-term use without being deformed stand out with their vibrant colors and patterns. Where to buy baby clothes wholesale? Clothes made of skin-friendly fabrics adapt to the sensitive skin structure of babies and children. Among the designs, there are also models with cute prints.

You can meet your child’s needs among these stylish designs by examining clothes, t-shirts, sweatshirts, trousers, shorts, sweaters and many more different product models together. Children’s and baby clothing models, which can be put on and taken off in a practical way, also include designs that children can use in their daily life. Immediately start browsing the designs made of cotton fabrics that provide a comfortable day.

You can buying baby clothing wholesale and find designs that can also be used as school uniforms on the site. You can also easily prepare the most stylish combinations with the designs they offer you. They offer you an extremely wide range of options. You can create your order by adding the models you like to your basket with just one click. Take advantage of attractive prices and payment facilities that make you smile. They deliver the orders sent through the site to your address in a short time.

wholesale children's clothing Istanbul
wholesale children’s clothing Istanbul

Natural and Stylish Toys:

Games do not just give children an enjoyable time. At the same time, games and therefore toys are of great importance in terms of their ability to acquire fine motor skills and enable them to continue their development in a healthy way. Of course, children’s toys should not threaten their safety. You can find a variety of toys that meet all these expectations from the website.

They offer you a baby clothes brands in Turkey and an elite range of mismatches that you cannot find elsewhere. On their site, you can find many products from rag doll toys, all of which are their own domestic production, to various cloth fruits made of cotton muslin fabrics, from colorful elements that are all wooden to wooden sets with stories. Wooden toys that children enjoy are among your alternatives. Wooden toys, which stand out with their durability and health, can accompany children’s games for many years.

They have not neglected to offer you cloth toy varieties in this collection. Cloth toys prepared with perfect workmanship and high quality materials are appreciated by carrying the favorite figures of children. Cloth toys, which can be played safely by young children, can be the favorite of the little ones with their cute looks.

There are also activity toys and baby clothing wholesale Turkey suitable for use in various events. Among the activity toys that create a great ground for children’s games, there are also tent types. The tents, which can be easily installed in the children’s room, can be removed practically when desired. All of their toys are among the most beautiful gifts you can buy for your children and your relatives on their special days. They recommend you to take a look at the wooden swing types and children’s tents on the site. All these designs make you smile with their attractive prices.

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Baby clothes shops in Istanbul

Delivery Conditions at cigit website:

Your orders will be delivered to cargo within 24 hours (Monday-Friday) after the bank approval. The delivery address is CGT TEKSİL İNŞAAT VE TİC.LTD.ŞTİ. The courier company will deliver your order within 1-3 days, depending on the distance. Delivery times of special production products vary according to the production time. Delivery information and times of such products are specified on the product pages. In case of a mishap caused by wholesale websites Turkey you will be notified based on your membership information.

That’s why membership is complete and accurate information is important. Delivery is not done on weekends and feast days. All of the products you choose will be delivered to you by the cargo companies we have contracted with, with a shipping guarantee. The products you have purchased will be notified to you with a confirmation e-mail. If any of the products you have selected are not available in stock, an e-mail will be sent to you and you will be notified of the date the product will enter the first stocks.

cigitconcept is an online retail shopping site. It allows multiple users to shop at the same time. In rare cases, it is possible for the consumer to buy the same product and the product is out of stocks. If the product you paid for over the internet is not in stock, there is a waiting period of at least 4 (four) and at most 30 (thirty) days. If the product cannot be delivered to the consumer between these dates, you can choose a different product for the missing products and complete the shopping or the fee will be refunded.

Wholesale childrens clothing in bulk in Turkey
Wholesale childrens clothing in bulk in Turkey

Baby clothing made in Turkey

More than 1 million babies born every year in Turkey, where the mother and increase the awareness of parents, children, the desire to grow healthy “babies economy” is growing day by day more. Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI), according to data from last year, 1 million 309 thousand 771 babies were born each year and over 1 million babies are born. The volume of the “baby economy” is expanding in many sectors from clothing to tools, toys to care products.

The sector is getting bigger day by day with the increase in the level of consciousness and the fact that mothers and fathers start to spend more with the desire to raise their children healthy. its assessment on the issue of Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporters’ Association (IHKIB) President Hikmet Tanriverdi, Turkey’s population of about 3 million of that takes place in the 0-2 age group Recalling the global market in baby and children’s clothing apparel of the highest growth potential with a category as stands out that, it noted the increase in the income level of baby clothing that Turkey also become an important sub-sector, that’s why there are many trader want to import from Turkey.

Turkey mainly focused on Turkey baby clothes manufacturers, the export and domestic market, which operates in over 150 Tanriverdi stated that no company, said: “Approximately 50 of these companies meet with the consumers in the wholesale clothes Istanbul market with their own brands. Moreover, many international brands have been operating in our country with their baby clothing stores for years due to the dynamic nature of the baby clothing market. Even though foreign brands entered the market first, our domestic brands started to give importance to the baby category.

We can say that the share of foreigners is still higher in organized retail, especially for baby clothing. There are more local importing from Turkey companies in regions and cities where population growth is fast and intense. We reach a volume of billion TL.When we calculate the population of approximately 3 million in the 0-2 age group, we can say that the baby ready-to-wear market volume is 500-600 million TL. Spend”

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