Wholesale childrens clothing in bulk in Turkey

Wholesale childrens clothing in bulk in Turkey

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in Wholesale childrens clothing in bulk in Turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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Wholesale childrens clothing in bulk in Turkey

If you are looking for companies that offer you wholesale childrens clothing in bulk in Turkey, the importing house platform is your first place to reach the largest number of merchants who provide the best wholesale services.

Wholesale childrens clothing in Turkey

Your first step in dealing with wholesale companies selling children’s clothes in large quantities is to familiarize yourself with the list of products offered by these companies, and you also know the price list to know if their prices are suitable for the budget that you set for the project or not.

wholesale children's clothing Istanbul
wholesale children’s clothing Istanbul

Off-Price Show London, the # 1 trade fair in Europe for fashion stock Turkish clothes buy online, has been offering access to fashion products providers for retailers, sellers, wholesalers, boutiques, e-tailors and chain stores for 12 years. Today Off-Price is renowned for its unique trading environment; here you get the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices. The only event where you can find designer clothes, big brands, leftovers from chain stores, non-branded stocks and imported products with big discounts.


As Minisse, it is one of the leading Turkish baby clothes sizes companies in its sector, working to offer the best for you in line with its unlimited service understanding with its perfect policy, which has been customer-oriented and has signed important projects since 2004. Minisse Tekstil, which pioneers in wholesale childrens clothing in bulk in Turkey offer high quality and service without knowing any boundaries, is constantly developing in the Children’s Clothing sector, working to make a difference for you. The fabrics and accessories they use in their products comply with international standards and do not contain substances that are against health.


ACD TEXTILE and bulks of baby clothes started its activities in 2010 by Cihat ÖZ. It has adopted the principle of gaining customer satisfaction with its diversity in women’s, men’s and especially children’s outerwear by increasing the variety in its product range. In order to bring its collection to the forefront in its sector, it makes a special presentation to its customers with the qualities of Şanel, jacquard and dobby fabric designed by the R&D team.

The targeted digital printing investment was realized in 2014, and they continue their leadership and difference in the sector by combining the special fabrics they designed in today’s fashion with digital printing. By creating the targeted weaving department in 2016, they have also succeeded in producing fabric production within their own structure.


VERSCON Sports Fashion Club Kids-Junior VERSCON and cheap baby clothes bulk for sale, one of the leading companies in children’s clothing, was established in Bursa and manufactures ready-to-wear products for children between 6 months and 16 years old. Their collection, consisting of T-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, shirts, skirts, dresses, suits, etc., is appreciated both domestically and abroad with its designs suitable for current children’s fashion and its comfortable and functional features. Their products sold domestically with their own brands are also exported to European and Asian countries. As a result of their works that put customer satisfaction to the forefront, they continue their production by raising their bar every day since their establishment.

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Baby clothing suppliers in Turkey

  1. PATI

Children’s clothing manufacturer, especially girls’ clothing. They have been designing and producing girls’ clothing for over twenty years. Products: Spring coats; spring jackets; winter coats; winter jackets; skirts; blouses; sweat-shirts; running clothes; dresses and others. They design seasonal clothing for all seasons. Their cheap boutique baby clothes stand out with their original designs and production quality. Their garments are very popular both in their country and throughout Europe, thanks to their attention to the end products.

wholesale baby clothes turkey
wholesale baby clothes turkey

Welcome to m2fabricM2fabric, always improves itself, uses the newest equipment, proves the quality of its production by world famous certificates. They are confident at their working strategy. Because it is proved by customers’ positive reviews about their products, design and quality.

Turkish clothing online store`s vision is to increase its product range and quality by following the development and change. Their firm aspires to deliver fabrics to their valuable customers by increasing their varieties and quality each passing day. They have been giving service as textile agency all types of fabric products.

  • Organic cotton of fabric products.
  • Standard and fancy knitted in high quality standards by a wide range of round knitting fabrics.
  • Standart and fancy woven fabric in high quality standards by a wide range of woven fabrics.
  • special fabrics and (non-woven) fabrics
  • Wool and plush (non-pilling) fabrics
  • Printed and yarn dyed fabrics
  • Special night dress fabrics
  • Household linen and home textile fabrics.

Eyüp OTMAN, the founder of Cantoy Textile best Turkish wholesale clothing and the owner of the slogan of Brand in Wholesale, started business in 1979 with stationery. This commercial process continued with toy wholesale. And finally in 1996, he decided to do baby and kids clothing wholesale with his two sons.

“Cantoy Bebe” was founded with the support of his wife behind him, with his sons and the mother and father prayer who are always with them. Cantoy Textile is getting stronger every year as it is based on quality products, honest trade, customer, manufacturer and supplier satisfaction. With the R & D department it has created, it keeps its workbench fresh as it is instantly aware of the changes and innovations in the market. With the Online Sales Department it has established, it also provides its customers with the opportunity to shop from where they sit.

It participates in all fairs organized in Istanbul and Bursa regarding mother unique baby boutique child products. He introduces products to hundreds of local and foreign visitors he meets there and has a long-term trade with many of them. Turkey’s 81 provinces and districts from the world, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, England, mainly closely with clients from over 30 countries, is your concern them flurry always finding new and beautiful product. It has more than 150 brands, 20.000 kinds of products and a customer potential of reaching 7000. With a total of 60 qualified and young employees in two stores, it always strives to achieve better.

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Baby clothes Turkey companies


ALKIM Textile established in 1990, has proved superior quality and reached to supreme levels in production by cooperating with different brands of Europe and Turkey. With the experiences through years on baby wear production ALKIM Textile become a baby clothes specialist in Turkey. Head office located in Istanbul and production organized at the facilities in Yalova. Monthly capacity of production is 500.000 pieces. Çorlu ASB (European Free-Zone) facilities include tubular knitting machines for rib fabric, producing women, men and children underwear. ALKIM Textile produces baby textile for Fuar Baby and Mother Love brands in Turkish domestic market.

Wholesale baby clothes in bulk in Turkey
Wholesale baby clothes in bulk in Turkey

After 17 years of experience in Anatolia, they now continue in Istanbul. With their 17 years of experienced staff, they have been producing their quality Kids and Baby pantyhose products for well-known brands and major suppliers in the European and United States Market. With 50 computerized socks machines, they can produce approximately 1.5 million baby clothing wholesale Turkey socks per year. If you wish, they can produce antibacterial and soft touch socks in their washing unit. They can send you samples from their samples or in any pattern you want to see their quality.


They are continuing their business, which started with the textile industry in 1975 with draw frame, in the wholesale market in ukraine and kazakhstan. Until the 2008 crisis, they are an experienced company that has carried out wholesale and manufacturing baby-child clothing in Turkey. Their knowledge and experience in their underwear wholesale market in Turkey, they want to use. In this direction, they know that the only goal is to achieve the right jobs with the right people.

The choice of Turkish clothing brands wholesale should always be done carefully by the parents. There are many factors that should be considered when choosing a child’s clothing, such as the quality of the fabric and the child’s comfort in himself. Parents should find the right outfit, taking into account both their children’s happiness and the quality of their clothes. In addition, it is not the right attitude to make children unhappy by putting them in a race of elegance. Every child deserves the Turkish clothing wholesale that they feel comfortable and happy in. As Aslan Bebe family, they have been working for the happiness of both you and your precious children with wholesale baby clothing at affordable prices.

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Baby clothing factories in Turkey

  1. Aslan Bebe for Your Child!

Children’s and baby clothing is a very large sector that includes many product options. There are children’s clothes in every color, every pattern and every type of fabric, but the important thing is to have the right clothes at an affordable price. Instead of paying a lot of money for a few pieces of Turkish clothes wholesale, you can buy your child’s clothes wholesale for season and find the same quality at a more affordable price.

Baby clothes should be suitable for sensitive baby skin. It should be produced from 100% cotton fabric that does not sweat and irritate babies. In addition, baby clothes should be washed separately with special soaps and detergents in accordance with baby hygiene. Import from Turkey wholesale baby clothes with Aslan Bebe clothing products, which are produced with first-class fabrics and have dozens of pattern options that will make your children smile, and make a profit.

Patterns That Make Your Children Happy Are Here: They always want the best and the most beautiful of everything for children, their future, their most precious assets. With the awareness that children express themselves better with the clothes they feel comfortable in and are happier, they bring together both comfortable and high quality children’s clothes with you. They aim to accompany the colorful worlds of children with their colorful patterns and bring them together with the clothes they will feel happiest.

Aslan Bebe importing from Turkey is the only address of quality where you can find the most affordable wholesale baby and kids clothes! The happiness of your children is your happiness, your happiness is their happiness.

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