a4 paper factories in turkey

the 3 most perfect a4 paper factories in turkey to deal with

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a4 paper factories in turkey

Turkey is one of the most important industrialized countries in the world, and the demands on Turkish products have increased dramatically in the recent period, the most important of which is a4 paper factories in turkey due to the great progress that Turkey is making in manufacturing with high quality, and in this article you will find best place to deal with and import from..

a4 paper factory in turkey

 In Turkey there are many factories responsible for the manufacture of paper, and the most famous of those factories are in the manufacture of good and thin photographic paper, and there are paper companies in Turkey dedicated to the production of all types of a4 paper in turkey, and through the next paragraph you can learn about the methods of importing paper from factories and companies Turkish:

1.Zambaq Company.

2.Saica Pack Turkey Company

3. Eko Çanta Company. How to buy a4 paper made in turkey  To complete the process of purchasing printing paper from Turkey, two basic steps must be taken: Choosing the Right Printing Paper Company:


a4 paper factory in turkey
a4 paper factory in turkey


a4 paper company in turkey

At this stage, the required goods are selected, and their request is made through the printing paper companies located in Turkey, as these companies are distinguished by providing services to customers in Arabic, and printing paper companies provide the required products at very competitive prices

.Choose the appropriate shipping company to deliver the goods to you All you have to do after purchasing the required goods from the printing paper company, is to choose the shipping company and agree with it to ship the products, customs clearance, and deliver them to your warehouse in your country.

Al-Anwar International Company for turkish trade and Investment conducts receiving and delivery transactions (financial transactions) and ensuring the shipment is complete and shipped in addition to the clearance service even from the receiving country through our offices around the world (optional) What is the financial guarantee to a4 paper import from Turkey?

The shipping company usually plays the role of a financial intermediary, so you deposit the value of the goods at the shipping company office in your country, and in turn the shipping company does not deliver the amount to the printing paper company in Turkey until after receiving the required goods. What are the most famous and trusted shipping companies in Turkey

:Al-Anwar International Company for Trade and Investment We definitely recommend that the first time you buy a4 paper wholesale from Turkey, you visit the factory, and get to know the stages of work directly, and in subsequent times, you can order the products you want remotely through Al-Anwar International Company.

a4 paper price in turkey 

There are many types of paper found in Turkey, there are colored paper, compressed paper, and paperboard, and many types of paper used in our daily life, and we can learn about the price of paper today in Turkey through the most famous electronic a4 paper market sites that display famous Turkish products, including Sites such as Souq.com, Amazon, AliExpress, and other Turkish sites that display their country’s products. The minimum order quantity is 1500 boxes

. Each box contains six pieces of A4 paper envelopes. The price of each box is 150 Turkish lira Print paper a4 80gsm turkey double-sided office A4 paper, price from 5 to 99 reams of paper is $ 4.19.Cheapest A4 / A3 100gsm transparent sublimation paper suit for desktop printer, price 1-19 packs is $ 1.85.

a4 paper manufacturer in turkey

Paper industry in Turkey in the past was manufactured manually, but now, after the industrial revolution, we find that paper manufacturing is carried out using large machines dedicated to the production of paper. In the past, paper making was done by using the papyrus stems and gluing them and pressing them together to form a page.

This was about the pharaohs, while in China the hollow stems of the bamboo plant were used with old pieces of cloth, herbs, wood bark and hemp, and the ingredients are washed, then the mixture is pounded by a grinder of his own So that the ingredients become like soft dough, and water is added to it and then filtered, and the dough is placed on a surface to expose it to sunlight, and starch and flour are used to polish the paper and then dry it.

As for the modern method of manufacturing paper that has made it easier for paper a4 paper shop to manufacture paper and produce a lot of paper and the variety of its uses and forms of paper.Crush the wood and compress it into a very thin slice. Turkey is one of the most important countries that manufacture many industries, and among those industries is copy paper in Turkey. Copying or printing paper is exported and imported from Turkey.

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Paper industry in Turkey:

The import of photocopy paper is an important economic enterprise, that never falls, and not all government, and private institutions can do without photocopy paper, as it is a common daily item. If you want to know how much it costs to set up a paper factory, it is not considered to be an expensive, successful, and profitable enterprise, as it is the foundation of all libraries. It is important to know the business process requirements of a printing plant. Ottoman Turkey Department Production resumed at the “Sica”.

paper factory SEKA: It has been closed for more than 19 years, and the process of recycling scraps of paper, and turning them into usable paper began. In a speech during the inauguration of the plant, Turkish Minister of Industry, and Technology Mustafa Warank said: “A private company has invested about 140 million euros in the factory. This will provide imports.

Production begins only after the old paper mill “Sika” has been rebuilt from scratch. Paper production takes place again about 19 years later. The Facility can produce up to a thousand of a4 paper brands out of a thousand tons of paper every day.”

 Warren clarified, that by expanding paper creation with the assistance of the private area, Turkey wanted to increase domestic paper production, and reduce its dependence on imports. It was once a waste. This is, also an investment associated with the Zero Waste Project, which aims to dispose of waste through utilization, and recycling. They aim to provide cheapest a4 paper in markets.

 We would like to develop in Turkey the waste collection, and use of scrap paper without the need for imported scrap paper in line with the “Zero Waste” project. In this sense, it’s going to make a big contribution to the economy, it’s not a cellulose factory, it’s going to recycle scraps of paper.”

Reproduction work at the new plant began in 2013 and was finished for the current year, he added: “The mill, after its trial production, is producing corrusted cardboard, and wrapping paper. It is expected, that the plant will provide 2,000 jobs, and types of new products, that will be shaped according to market needs.

The a4 paper price in Turkey. Many traders wanting to import printing paper from Turkey have to realize, that the lowest order of a stack of photocopy paper is about 1500 boxes, each containing 6 A4 pieces for a price of about 150 lire. The paper business is one of the most successful projects, as evidenced by the number of kiosks, and bookstores, as well as universities, and schools, for printing all kinds of paper.

Paper size in Turkey:

A4 is the paper size of ISO 216 by the International Standards Organization. The sheet size is 210 x 297 mm (approximately 8.27 x 11.69 in). This is the size of a page of regular paper for home, and commercial use all over the world, except for the states. Of all types of paper formats found in the world, the most common is A4. It is on these printers a standard paper focus. This format is used for printing documents, and educational, and scientific works. Writing data, and much more.

Paper formats A4 represent the A. Group, standard a4 paper size used in most countries of the world, introduced in the 1920s at the initiative of the German engineer, and mathematician Walter Portsmann, one of the creators of the DIN standard system.

The standard A4 paper is 297, and 210 millimetres (29.7 by 21 cm) wide. In inches, paper sizes for this metric heading are not measured.

a4 paper quality
a4 paper quality

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Paper traders in Turkey:

paper from Turkey. Are you thinking of a new project? How about photocopy paper from Turkey? You have a background in this field, and you have heard about the quality of Turkish products, don’t worry We tell you the best providers, of what you’re looking for, the best companies, prices, and how importing from Turkey, just read this article.

 Paper in Turkey has now become among the countries of the world one of the most important countries in the manufacture of photo paper, as has emerged in recent years an increase in demand for Turkish products, after it won the confidence of many consumers in many countries, especially in the Middle East, due to the a4 paper quality, and their appropriate prices, and one of the most important of these products is Turkish printing paper, and this is Turkey’s endeavor to achieve quality in manufacturing at the global quality level, by encouraging manufacturers in Turkey to open more factories, and invest in products, that are highly imported.

  6. SANAYI IMALATI VE TIC A S: sells a4 paper for sale.
  14. KAGIT MATBAA GIDA KOMBASSAN VE TEKSTIL SANAYI TICARET A S: is one of wholesale a4 paper suppliers.
  21. AHSEN KIMYA EV VE KISISEL BAKIM SANAYI URUNLERI VE TICKS: Is one of the most. significant a4 paper manufacturers.

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